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Ethan Stan

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Hello! My name is Ethan - 25 years old and from California. My girlfriend Emily and I are traveling across East and Southeast Asia for 9 months. So far, we've been using Workaway to find work trades and have racked up a total of 1.5 months of volunteer time in Japan. Now we're in China and excited to try out this new platform. Nice to meet you!

Zeb Mcgregor

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Vera Tsiuzhankina

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I am a nice and open-minded person, willing to meet new people, travel and help. I have master in sociology and 6 year experience on event planning as a project manager.


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Hello, my name is Ron and I am from Munich, Germany. I have completed my studies in mechanical engineering in May 2016 and worked at the university since then. However, I have the feeling that my time to start an engineering career has not come yet. So, I have quit my job and decided to go on an open-end journey around the world from October 2017. My goal is to learn about a different side than the one described by physical equations. I would love to get my handy dirty on farms and help in social projects, but also help families with their children and everyday life. In my opinion, this provides the best opportunities to get in touch with foreign cultures and lifestyles. Although I am not a religous person, I think that the golden rule, "whatever you wish that others would do to yo... Read more

Pietro-Felice Petrucco

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Adriana Cilente

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Hello! My name is Adriana. I am moving from the USA to New Zealand February, 2018 and am looking to help out! I am very eager to travel and explore new areas as well as meeting new people and learning as much as possible. I am a very energetic and honest person who is willing to help out as much as I can. I have experience in working with kids and really enjoy working with animals. I love working with other people and getting to know new people who share the same interest.

Victoria Jeffries

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Hi, my name is Victoria. I am currently exploring the Pacific Northwest. I started in Portland, Oregon WWOOFing at an urban farm. I am now in Hood River, Oregon at another farm for a couple of months. My current goals are to learn the different techniques farmers are using to live sustainably and also cultivate my passion for writing.


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A wanderer in the making
Over the last year, I have started to travel and realised its the only thing that makes me happy. Helping People, doing odd jobs, volunteering makes the travel experience worthwhile. Although I am new to the Travel and volunteer thingy but I am as determined as anyone else. I love kids, farms, green landscapes and villages. I would love to help you with whatever you want.


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Hi! I'm a 19 year old french girl who loves travelling. I'm an engineering student. I'm dynamic, willing to help, and I love culture sharing.


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Hello! My name is Jessi and I am a freshly graduated university student eager to experience other cultures, languages, and lands! I recently received my Bachelor's degree in art and anthropology, and plan on entering the field of education down the road. My hobbies include making art, hiking, swimming, reading, and surfing (the little waves ;) I consider myself a very diligent worker, and while my work experience primarily includes waiting tables and tutoring students I am no stranger to the outdoors and am always eager to learn more.

Nathan Swartz

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I'm a dad. I've got kids. They've got a gorgeous mama. On the road full-time since 2008.

Beckie Jones

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A 30-something Brit with an appetite for adventure and travel. I love to soak up local customs and culture whilst travelling and to give something back.

Allie Sullberg

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Hello! I am a solo female backpacker traveling around Southeast Asia with the goal of learning about different cultures and drawing and writing about my experiences. I recently graduated college with a degree in Fine Arts. One of my goals while travelling is to paint murals everywhere I go (at least one per country).

Giando Carparelli

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just a modern nomad who loves animals...

Massimo Ciampa

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Hello! We are Massimo e Zeno (Zeno is my dog). We're looking for a quiet place to share authentic life in contact with good people, nature and animals.  Ciao! Siamo Massimo e Zeno (Zeno è il mio cane), in viaggio verso la riscoperta di una vita autentica, a contatto con persone genuine, la natura e gli animali. 


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Hard-working 23-year old looking to travel, meet people who are passionate about the work they do, and learn about new places, cultures, and industries. I am happy to help out where needed, and approach all situations with empathy and a positive attitude. I love interacting with others, but am also happy to spend time alone.

Trik Trak

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Hi everyone! I'm Tarik, 26 y/o, and I was born and raised in the Netherlands. I recently finished my bachelor in socio-cultural anthropology and I finally have the time again to travel. My current aim is to fall in love with a place where I can contribute to the well-being and opportunities of local populations through the worldview of those people, instead of the views of outsiders. Therefore, I intend to spend some of my free time to conduct a field research as an independent researcher, possibly regarding the effects of ecotourism/sust. tourism on social structures and power dynamics. Aside from my life goal and academic interests, I'm a scuba diver, rock climber, and outdoor sports enthousiast in general. I play guitar, (vinyl/scratch) DJ, and have played piano for a long time (wh... Read more

Sheri Chan

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I am looking forward to helping locals with their projects. I have little or no experience in gardening or cooking but I'm enthusiastic and a quick learner. Love animals! Have a dog of my own and volunteered in various animal shelters in Singapore. Love kids! I help out in a Sunday school in my church every week and have a group of children below 12 years old under my care. Connecting with local families will be the highlight of my trip here in Australia, I hope!

Vikash Shah

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Helloh everyone ...heard a lot about cultural exchange programmes.its a good to help others and also travel . Although I am not an expert so I shall try my best to do the work least not to disappoint u becoz as of now I don't have much skills but believe me I can learn them pretty waiting to join a new culture...soon


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We both filmmakers and illustrators.
We are excited to set soon on our first big trip together to southeast asia!:) We are kind of slow travellers, we like to stay longer in some places and know better the local people. As our everyday life consist mostly of working on the computer and we basicly really tierd of it, we are looking forward to do sth totally different next months:) We both love to be in the nature and we are willing to work at the farms, to learn new skills like building and carpentery especially.

Sophia Olsson

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I am Swedish project manager who is currently travelling through South East Asia. The last few years I've worked in Sweden and Tanzania leading non-profit projects focusing on self-help, fundraising and self-leadership and teaching project management and organizational development to leaders of local non-profits.

I have previously also worked as an exchange student coordinator, which among other things involved planning and organizing both social and educational activities as well as tours to different tourist attractions all over Sweden for groups of 10-200 people ages 18-26 from all over the world. For the past six years I have also worked as an English tutor one evening every week.

A few years ago I volunteered as a project manager for a year for a Swedish non-profit ... Read more

Caio Vitor Cabral

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Hello, my name is caio cabral,I am a 21 year old, I was born in São paulo, Brazil but raised in the united states of america (3yrs- 13yrs), My list of places I have been include Brazil, USA, Panama, Belgium, United kingdom, France and Germany. I currently reside in São paulo. I am looking forward to an adventure and to discover the world while I have have the chance. I am currently an international trade/business administration student at one of the best private universities in Brazil (unversidade presbeteriana mackenzie). I've worked with all sorts of things, from construction, painting, horse stable maintenance to interning in fortune 100 companies such as Honeywell. My main goal is to see the world and absorb all the rich and different cultures from all places i go. My plan is ... Read more

Savannah Trifiro

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Federico and I (Savannah) will be traveling around Latin America for several months in the coming year. We have an idea of where we would like to go, but are very flexible with our plans. I am from New York but have lived and worked in Indonesia and Spain the past few years, and Federico is from Italy but recently finished his studies in Germany. We both hold university degrees, and for now simply want to take advantage of our youth to experience new cultures and people and lend a helping hand where we can!

Natalie Tenney

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Hi! We are actually applying as a couple. My name is Natalie and my husband’s name is Damien. I am 36 years old and Damien is 37 years old. We are both Australians and currently reside in Melbourne, Victoria. We have decided to spend a month visiting Hawaii and a few months in Central America. My interests include: yoga and mediation, reading, writing (I have a travel and yoga/ meditation blog), movies, swimming, and of course travelling. Damien's interests include: sailing, mountain bike riding, road bike riding, rock climbing, cars, photography, movies, swimming, and travelling. :)

Flávia Claro

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My name is Flavia, Born in São Paulo, I am a very easy going person , but getting ed increasingly impatient to live in the big city with traffic jams , polution, working in closed offices where you can not see if your day and not take advantage of the night , all these things made ​​me think a lot and I decided to take some time to look for some inner peace in a place where I can be more connected with nature and the environment. I love the beach, fields and mountains I am passionate about pets I closed the activities in the company where I worked and now want to live new experiences, to connect with another lifestyle, meet people from many different places and cultures. I am very useful , reliable and am willing to help in any kind of work.

Aimee Fenech

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My dream is to live on the land for the land, to reduce my dependency on the monetary system, embrace the gift economy, spend my life with others who share this dream and be able to teach others how to do the same. In the dream the land is big enough to support an intentional community that is open to others who want to learn or be part of it whilst understanding that for a community to be sustainable population numbers should be limited according to the capacity of the land. I also understand that we are custodians on the land that sustains us and our duty is not only to care for it but also to regenerate it. In the dream I am still connected to the world around me and using technology in a way that doesn't harm the environment but make working with the land and connecting with other... Read more

Anastasiya Piatrkovskaya

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Like travel and want to help people

Miklos Biro

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We are traveling with my partner Zsofia Rakovszky. I mostly worked as a building contractor so I'm pretty handy with all sorts of trades (carpentry, masonry, electrical, painting, tiling, etc). Lately I worked as a construction project manager in an architecture office that I quit for traveling. I have a degree both in Environmental Economics (MSc) and Civil Engineering (BSc) even though I very attracted to manual trades. I think of myself as an openminded person who loves meeting all sorts of people and learning other cultures. I worked and studied a few years abroad in English speaking countries and I also speak some German and Portuguese but not so fluently.


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A 25 year old male who grew up doing construction. I obtained my Mechanical Engineering degree, so I have experience as an engineer but also with marketing, website design, and app development. Outside of work I am physically active and like to run, play basketball, and socialize over a few beers.

Maria Galati

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I love to travel, even if I can do it only in summer....I love meet people from all over the world. I like listen to stories and to share experiences, I like gardening, cooking, nature!

Vale Cif

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Hello everyone! My name is Valentina, I am 25 years old (26, almost) and I live in Italy. What about my everyday life in few words? 2 jobs, 1 dog, lots of dreams. What about things I love the most? Cooking (my greatest passion), travelling (I have travelled to Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Croatia, Uk, California, China), writing, getting in touch with nature , meeting people from different cultures and sharing knowledges and feelings, hiking and running. What about myself in few words? Strong-willed, open-minded, keen, hard-working, outgoing, warm-hearted person. Why am I looking for a workway experience? I hardly believe in co-operation and in sharing emotions. I wanna meet new people and share with them knwoledges, experiences, dreams, ideas, happiness. I do not ha... Read more

Kelli Kiipus

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Hi! I'm Kelli from Estonia! in October i'm starting my long-awaited journey to Asia.

Kavelynn Khaw

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i am from Malaysia and currently studying in the University at Germany. I wish to see the world myself and getting more experience as i can.


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Hi everybody,

I'm Kevin Craig, a young Spanish boy who has just finished his degree in Physics in the 'Universitat de Valencia'.
My idea is to take at one year minimum to open my horizons and work in another country while improving my English. I have the First Certificate.

I am very polite and helpful. Cleaning or maintaining a home is not a problem for me as I have been doing it with my own home since I was a child. I'd love to work in something that involves socializing and contact with people.

I am good at maths and physics, i am teacher of those subjects at various levels. I can teach Spanish too. I am also good with computers and Android phones. I know some programming and o love new technologies. I am a very healthy and active person, I've played basketba... Read more