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Set country: Hong Kong

im a musician who travel and play arround theworld. I would like to meet many different people and try to understand a little their vision about the world and the topics they consider important, to practice languages together and also interesting experiences, if along the way I know other people with whom to make music and other projects would be very fun too .


Set country: Not set

I am a 26 year old guy from London. I just left the 'Rat-Race' after working 5 years in finance. The stress of day to day office working drove me into looking deeper within myself. I now practice Buddhism and have been vegan for 3 years - trying to eat only organic. I enjoy learning Japanese and meditating. My other passion is Gongfu Tea Ceremony 工夫茶. Let us sit down and I'll make us some tea, we can talk for hours as the sun goes down and the cicadas sing!


Set country: Not set

I'm an engineer by profession and passionate about exploring curiosities. I'm fluent in english, have already traveled to about 25 distinct places (and counting) and now looking to meet with locals instead of other hostellers.


Set country: Not set

We are a German-Lithuanian couple which is planning to take a break from work to go travelling. Normally Tomas is working as an engineer and Lisa in an outdoor kindergarten. We both love the outdoors, nature, camping & hiking and doing creative stuff from wood (Tomas) or handicrafts (Lisa).


Set country: Not set

Hi! I really look forward to helping locals with their projects! My name is Michelle, I'm Mexican and I´m 22 years old. I want to travel and have new experiences and being a helper sounds amazing! I love meeting new people, learning about other cultures, and exploring new places. I like kids (have some babysitting experience) and taking care of animals it's also fun for me. I'm very chatty so prepare some good talks.

Catherine Croustillon

Set country: Not set

Hi! My name is Catherine, I'm 29 and I am from Brussels, Belgium (yes the tiny country of chocolate, fries and beer stuck between very big ones in Europe!) :)
This is the first time I subscribe to a "work for food and accomodation" website so please excuse my profile if you find it incomplete!

I'm a biologist (mostly Marine biology), food lover, traveller and kind human being. I have 2 Master degrees and worked for several years in advocacy to protect the environment (I'm fluent in English). I decided to travel now a little bit before a career switch.
I love to watch movies, read, sing and dance and make desserts (especially with chocolate!). I have extensive volunteering experience abroad, such as Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Norway and Belgium too - mainly in the Environme... Read more

Sofia Moore

Set country: Not set

I have been traveling for the last year and I love doing it. I like to meet other people and get to experience different cultures.


Set country: Not set

I am planning a road trip beginning in September (2018) which will be geared towards exploring sustainable living. I hope to learn not only if this is the way of life that I want to pursue but to also learn sustainable living habits that I can apply within my own life now and for the future. I have a lot of ambition to learn as much as possible. And as a Marine veteran I am willing to commit to labor intensive tasks that may be required. I look forward to this adventure and any opportunity to meet fantastic people along the way!


Set country: Not set

We are Seth and Emy and we're a married couple who have a passion for travel, people, and living a simple - as organic as possible - way of life. We love artistic outlets also, photography and music are two of our passions. Seth plays guitar and piano and both Seth and Emy dip into photography. Emy writes on her blog and hopes to write about their travels and adventures along the way. We can't wait to launch our dream of traveling the world, working hard with our hands and minds and meeting new friends along the way!

Virgile Bellaiche

Set country: Not set

Hi ! I'm Virgile 22 y-o boy and currently studying art in Strasbourg, France
Most people describe me as very sociable, curious and friendly but I'm fine with shutting up once in a while. Learning keeps me happy and energetic: learning new things, getting new skills, meeting new people, discovering new places... I want to grow as fast as possible !
Love animals as much as homo sapiens, I try to be a creative person, and most foreigners say I have great english skills compare to other french people which is always nice


Set country: Not set

Hello I am a Korean-New Zealander currently on a working holiday visa in the Czech Republic. I love travelling, nature, cooking, learning new things and meeting new people. I would love to work somewhere where I can do all three things! I previously have worked in a hostel in the Czech republic and in many customer service roles and also teaching music. Look forward to hearing from you!


Set country: Not set

I'm Bri! I'm 24 and have never left the United States. I long to travel and explore the world while doing meaningful work.


Set country: Not set

Hello! I travelled a lot as a child, blessed to having circus artists for parents. As the pace of life changed and I grew older I've come to miss the dynamic life I had whilst travelling and as a dental student I've become very deficient in experiencing interesting things and places! Having been through tough situations as a family and myself I've come to appreciate how much of an impact simple acts of kindness can be and want to be of use to other people too. In fact, in an ideal world, I wish to volunteer for a living. I appreciate company but I'm no party animal and sometimes prefer to keep to myself. I am very passionate about leading a positive life filled with activity, sports and good will. Gymnastics is a particular skill I'd love to capitalise on and share with other people ... Read more

Ellier Leng

Set country: Not set

Hello, my name is Elly. I am Chinese-Canadian and currently work at an international high school in Nanjing, China as an economics and professional development teacher. I love learning new skills, meeting new people and exploring new places, so I thought something like HippoHelp would be a wonderful experience for me. Some of my other hobbies include playing musical instruments (e.g. piano, flute, guitar), playing sports (e.g. badminton, volleyball), working on arts and crafts projects (e.g. jewelry making, cross stitch, polymer clay) and reading. I speak English and Mandarin fluently and have a conversational level in French. I'm also currently learning Spanish!

Tyler Poole

Set country: Not set

Hello my name is Tyler Im 25 years old, with a degree in horticulture. I have a vast amount of experience and knowledge in various methods of growing plants. In the past I had the opportunity to travel and implement plant experiences in Dominican Republic, and that is truly what stems my passion to travel. Overall, I'd love the chance to help and improve a culture in their horticultural practices.


Set country: Not set

My name is Borja, I am 31 years old and I'm Spanish. My passions are the snowboard, hiking and doing sports. I've been working for the last 12 years as a body car repair so I'm also good at repairing stuff and I really enjoy doing this type of handy work. I am currently looking for new experiences around the world where I can practice my English because it's not so good YET, learn new skills and also meet new people. I am a really open minded person willing to learn everything I can and share my knowledge with everybody. I'm a non smoker person and I like animals.

Lebotse Thabiso

Set country: Not set

My name is Thabiso, a young man from a small country in southern Africa called Botswana, am currently an engineering student based in Surat, India. Its been my dream to travel the breadth of this beautiful and diverse country, India, north to south. What better way than to stay and interact with those who know it...

Danielle Marriott

Set country: Not set

Hi! I'm Danielle and I have been working in Canada for the past year and a half. Im from New Zealand and I am planning on travelling to Central/South America from June 2018.


Set country: Not set

My name is Grant, and my friend's name is Mark. We were housemates together when we went to school at University of California, Davis, and we just graduated this past spring of 2018. I studied Economics, History, and Religion and Mark studied NPB (neurobiolgy, physiology, and biology) and Spanish. We both want to find quiet and out of the way to spend a couple of months working on a farm and learning about Icelandic culture. We're pretty laid back and open to trying new things and our hope is to find a quiet place to immerse ourselves.

Dung Ho

Set country: Not set

Hi there! My name is Dung Ho and I am from Vietnam. As you know, as a typical Asian, I'm working really hard and responsibility with the work. I'm coming to Australia to live in 2 years. To make the best 2 years in Australia, I want to travel as much as places as I can, meet different travelers around the world and helping for people.

Dalit Landa

Set country: Not set

My name is Dalit, in originally from Israel but traveling already for 5 months. On the 03.06 I’m starting a course for becoming a yoga instructor in Montañita, Ecuador, and that’s why I have a spare time in Ecuador until then.

Lexsea Bradford

Set country: Not set

Howdy, readers! People address me as Lexsea, but you may call me whatever nickname you're comfortable with; I enjoy the simple variety and my feelings are not easily hurt... especially not by strangers from the internet. ;P I am 20 years old and was born and raised in a tiny town near the Ohio River. I come from a beautifully large family and am lucky enough to be the second oldest sibling of 10 children. My father and his wife rescued and rehabilitated hundreds of dogs and we would occasionally house up to 40 animals at a time (including dozens of Great Danes, deaf/blind cats and dogs, a goat, and a hilarious pot-belly pig.) I went to a specialty school for Culinary for a short period of time in high school and I absolutely LOVED it! Unfortunately, I did not complete the program a... Read more

Johannes Malchow

Set country: Not set

Hello, I am a german/ new zealand adventurer travelling the world. The places and people along the way I capture through photography and video to spread the beauty of this planet but also try and help/ preserve people and nature. I love being outside and active doing many different sports or trying things I havnt before. Through the many years travelling I have worked and helped with a variety of jobs, everything from gardening, renovating, guiding, building website/ media content, forestry, baby sitting, farm work, teaching english/ german and many more.

Raquel Sanchez

Set country: Not set

Hello!! My name is Raquel, I am 33 years old. I am a veterinarian and I am working on research from I finished my degree, in a more specific way in research about cancer in mammary gland from dogs. I have been worked on the University from 10 years on Spain. Moreover, I had worked in Italy also at the University, so that experience allowed to me to live out of Spain during 2 years. When I was living in Italy I performed many travels to many different countries. I love the animals, the nature and the childs. I like travelling around the world, so when I have a little free time I usually take my car or the public transport and I go out wherever. Furthermore, I prefer to travell in a way that follow to me to know the real life in the places which I am visiting, so I like to speak with nat... Read more

Eimonisn Neo

Set country: Not set

Born in year 1991.
Language speak & write : English & Mandarin (understands a bit of japanese)

I enjoy walking & exploring places
I practice short meditations.
Enjoys the feeling of being alive & wants experience life more.


Set country: Not set

I am a 19 year old New Zealander holding irish citizenship, looking for an interesting experience with volunteer work, mostly focusing on getting involved with outdoor work. I am currently planning on volunteering and/or working around Europe for a year before i study, though these plans are very flexible


Set country: Not set

Hello! We are second-degree students, who are studying completely different fields, Gosia - Cultural Anthropology, Kasia - Engineering and Production Management, but both in the most beautiful Polish city - Cracow. We are very interested in Asian culture, we already tried two programs: first - last summer in South Korea (work in hostel), second - a year before we took a part in volunteering project focused on youth suicides problem in Hong Kong. Since mid-school till now we are engaged in cultural exchange programs. Year by year we are looking for new places to discover, new people to meet and new memories to make. We can't wait to meet you and help you with everyday duties :)

Robert Morgan

Set country: Not set

Almost-retired couple looking for new experiences.

Axelle Berthiaume

Set country: Not set


Gabriela Garcez

Set country: Not set

Professional Photographer currently living and working in my hometown city, Rio de Janeiro - Brasil. Along with photography traveling is my second passion. Love to get to meet new people and cultures. Planning a 6 months solo trip to South east Asia beggining around October 2018.

Ben Sheridan

Set country: Not set

I am a 20 year old male from Ireland. I am an open minded person with a great passion for anything involving creativity. I love to paint and draw and get my hands dirty! I am eager to learn new skills, make new friends, memories and most of all experience new cultures! :)

Luan Piwke

Set country: Not set

Biologist travelling in bycycle around South América

Winifred Banx

Set country: Not set

Hey! I'am Fred, a vibrant woman in my early 40s ^^ ! 2018??? O_o ! That's time for me to live differently!! Kids are grown up ... let's go ! I've had many carreers so far and I've developped many many skills. If we meet, you'll see that I'm dynamic and funny, to say the least ... I love meeting new people, new cultures, learning about new ways of living. And I'd be more than happy to help and share my experiences with you. Work wise ... well, I can teach for I've been a teacher for a decade. I speak English, French (my native tongue), Spanish and Italian and quite ok and a little of German ... I can help with some building ... I'm quite handy as a matter of fact and a fast learner! I'm fond of art : diy furniture or deco, drawing, painting, photo, etc ...I'm really good with the IT... Read more

Sarah S. Ghaly

Set country: United States

Dear Mr./Ms., I am interested in an opportunity to volunteer . I have significant experience working in travel business, and would like to do more traveling, meet new People and explore new places. I have long term experience in Travel business, my last position at Abercrombie& Kent travel agency was an account Manager which gave me huge experience in Marketing, and travel business, make reservations and showing tourists around. Also I have worked in 5 stars Hotels as a reservation agent, and guest relations. I am originally from Egypt, and now visiting Los Angeles and will be around LA for the coming 4 months. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person, or through video calls to discuss any potential opportunities. Thanks for your consideration, and I look forwar... Read more

Mara Senzolo

Set country: Not set

humble and reliable person, smiling, flexible and open minded. Willing to meet people, learn different cultures. Hard worker