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Gato Navarro

Set country: Spain

My name is Sergio. Im Spanish, Im looking for new challenges. Have my own house in Spain but i quit my job a month ago and now Im looking for new experiences.


Set country: United States

Social Worker, Army Veteran, Youth Mental Health First Aid Responder, Mother of two beautiful children, Grandmother of a vivacious 5 year old, Animal lover, Spiritual, Eager to learn everything this world has to offer

Ben Zineb

Set country: Switzerland


Andreea Lupu

Set country: Romania

I am a open minded and a joyful person. I am eager to know different cultures, people, personalities, type of country economies, etc etc...anything that comprise living in other country:) I am hard working, I enjoy cleaning, gardening, cooking, connecting with people and I am also eager to learn anything (building, woodwork, painting, animal care, art projects, crafts, etc etc). I also like children, I do not have one of my own, but I do play with the ones of my friends and family. And I looooove dogs:)

Jozz Bllue

Set country: United Arab Emirates

Catching Smiles.


Set country: Albania

Hello, I'm Camille. I'm a bike packer traveler and we are traveling with my boyfriend (Serim) all around the Europe. I'm from Belgium, I'm a professional cook (worked in pâtisseries, restaurants, bakeries) and I also studied philosophy.


Set country: Canada

Hi! My name is Maryam, I love traveling and having fun! I believe that the world is full of great people! I’m trying to have a unique style of life, to experience alot of things and learn alot of all kinds of cultures and languages of the world! I’m 18 and I’ve had accomplished so much that im proud of already.. I Would love to be your next volunteer !

Billie Morelli

Set country: Not set

Gypsy 21

Set country: India

Hey there, I've always thought of traveling the world and meeting new people, understands new culture and now that I'm traveling it's a wonderful journey. I hope there's much more to see.

Maram Kh

Set country: Saudi Arabia

Traveling to meet great people and share cultural experience, very good in IT and communication, very friendly welcoming attitude, reliable, hard worker, adaptable for changes. English speaker, 42 Years single lady I am good cooker also


Set country: United States

Hi I’m Kt, I am a very open minded, honest, driven, and compassionate free spirited soul. I enjoy all things to do with nature and being outdoors. I’m very passionate about holistic/healthy living. I have worked in a holistic health food store for 3 years! I have been living in Florida for a year now, but prior to that i was raised and grew up on a beautiful 50 acre farm in Tennessee. I have a wide variety of skills and am willing to help in any way I can. Contact me at 731-415-8869

André Cabrera

Set country: Panama

Interested in cultural exchange, practicing language, acquire new skills and traveling!

Beril Akin

Set country: France

Speaking English, French, Turkish and Spanish, I love yoga, art, painting and swimming.

Phoenix Elie

Set country: Canada

I want to travel the world


Set country: Germany

Hello! My name is Johannes and I am from Germany. I will graduate from High School in March 2020 and I would love to go to Africa afterwards, but I'm open to almost any suggestions as far as the location goes. I am fluent in Afrikaans, English and German as well as proficient in Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and French. Though I have also dabbled in a variety of other languages, such as Swahili, Swedish, Finnish, Italian and Mandarin Chinese. Generally I am interested in most languages and I would love to learn a new one abroad. I have also been a competitive swimmer for the past 10 years, a skill I would love to pass one, should the opportunity arise. I am very much into aviation (which I plan to pursue after school and my gap year), as well as photography and nature.


Set country: United States

Hi my name is Jordyn. My home country is the United States. I am an open-minded, optimistic, hard worker who is passionate for work that matters and can positively impact the community and the earth. I have an interest in meditation, permaculture, sustainable living, gardening, eco-living, yoga, art, and communal living. I am happy to be of service and have much attention to detail and will work until a project is done well. I am interested in learning other cultures and am very thankful for the opportunity to find and connect with community all over the world.

Lizzy Lambert

Set country: Nicaragua

Hi! I’m a bright and bubbly 24-year-old Aussie looking to help out around Central America.

Nechama Yasha

Set country: United States

Hey it's Nyx(28) and X(25) we are a married couple looking to be live on helpers(work/exchange) we offering gardening, caretaking ( for the elderly and disabled)Nyx is a caregiver and experienced medical assistant, , housekeeping,house sitting,heart centered energy healing and massage in exchange for housing,food,and kind hospitality


Set country: United Kingdom

I am a 32 years old and have a BSc(hons) in Public Health Nutrition. I have worked as a nutritionist within the UK to promote better understanding of malnutrition amongst vulnerable groups. I currently work for a charity in the UK managing their wellbeing service. I have extensive experience working with older adults and managing volunteers. I am currently taking a year out to to explore Nepal and India and would welcome the opportunity to be able to learn and share new skills.

Luciana Ceres

Set country: Argentina

Looking for a fair exchange for food and accommodation. I'm a well educated person, Teacher of English and alternative therapist with many year of experience. I'm willing to do what's necessary to help and stay in a nice place with nice people. I could stay for 6 months, I will require a hospitalita letter. PM me if my profile suits your needs. Cheers!


Set country: United States

Very well-mannered and silent young woman. Advertising was my career and have worked in advertising agencies and event production for years as well as tourism. Like to help out and am very organized with my things. I enjoy cooking, food in general and learning new things like building things and painting. I am a diver, love the ocean! Also enjoy red wine and beer on occasion :) I like reading, music, hiking and nature. Love talking a walk and an occasional nap! I love doing community and social work, and have been doing it since more than 15 years ago with homeless people, women in fragile situations and home constructions. I have worked non-stop for 12 years and I am on a professional break after being a General Manager in a big company with 100 people in charge, with my young age, I s... Read more

Sarah Greenham

Set country: Morocco

I’m a hard working, conscientious and reliable person. I’m married to a Moroccan national and would like to volunteer my time and work in exchange for accommmodation and food . Plus I want to learn darija

Bobakr K Bvb

Set country: Algeria

I am KETTAB ABOUBAKR my from old is 25 yours
master's degree in sports training

Guilherme Berlim

Set country: Brazil

Im Brazilian, travelling now throughout Brazil and othe Latin American Countries. I dont have problems with any type of work and i hope to find nice hosts in my way.

Zev Khee

Set country: Malaysia

We are a couple who love to travel around to learn the cultural of every single country


Set country: Latvia

Searching for my lives purpose, trying to get to know myself, soul searching. I am friendly and open to meeting new friends and experiencing new things.

Mohammed Medhat

Set country: Bulgaria

A student traveling the world


Set country: Algeria

Hi their, i'm karim, a traveler,volunteer and adventurer lover , i have a master degree in sport science and i work as un independent in sport sector ,i'm planing to open my own entreprise (specialised in sport event) .i had participated in a lot of international big sport event as a volunteer ,also cultural exchanges programs,.i like solo traveling when i can meet people and know them without any protocole, i like to be spantanious ,i traveled in 2 cotinent, Africa ,Asia ,,,my next plan is europe.


Set country: Japan

Hello all together! My name is Kevin Sid Mertens, I'm German and was born 07.06.1988. I'm living in Japan since around 6 years now, my Japanese could be better but I can understand and have easy conversations. I was married and had some different jobs already here. But now I'm divorced and try to start my new life here in Japan, because Japan grew on me and I would like to live here. It would be nice to meet new people and cooperate with others to help each other. Right now I'm looking for a place to stay in exchange for work. I hope that I can meet new nice people and I'm very thankful for help! Thank you in advance, Kevin Sid Mertens

Sander Latijns

Set country: Thailand

Hi I’m a 26 Year old Belgian backpacker travelling around the world and looking for some new experiences where I can share my knowledge and learn a lot from the places I go . I’m a chef by trade and worked already on different projects in Australia and New Zealand like renovation , environmental restoration , gardening , farming , ... and many more I’m open minded and have a very positive attitude


Set country: Malaysia

I'm good in all kinds of work. As long its not crimal work .Organised, reliable, flexible, fast-learner. Love to meet new peoples! I am passionate about music and believe in kindness.


Set country: United States

Joe, 28years old and from the east coast. Looking to travel and possibly settle down in the SF Bay area. Super laid back and very crafty when it comes to projects I take on.