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Set country: Russian Federation

Hello! I am Anastasia :) I am a sociable, friendly, funny and creative person. I'd love to work worldwide

Victoria Gordon Breeden

Set country: United States

I am a middle-aged single parent of three children with more than 20 years' experience in event management, travel planning, and customer service. Now that my youngest child has left home for college, I am free to fulfill a life-long dream of traveling and living abroad!

I realize I am probably older than the typical volunteer worker, but I am in good physical health and adapt easily to new situations and environments. While I have worked in bookstores and universities for many years, I also have more "hands-on" volunteer experience clearing wilderness trails in Alaska and excavating native american sites in North Carolina as well as dinosaur fossils in Wyoming. In February I will be traveling to Nepal to help rebuild a school that was destroyed by earthquake.

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Set country: Russian Federation

Open mind, no homophobic or any racist person. Calm non-conflict. Non smoking, non drinking. Truly passionate about Europe and want to be part of it.

Marie-Eve Desrochers

Set country: Canada

Bonjour, My name is Marie-Eve and for many years, I tried to live a conventional life. Now I am exploring the nomadic lifestyle and appreciate it, especially for all the new people I cross along my way. I am a social, but independent person who aims to help you to realize your engaging and beautiful projects.

Vibha D

Set country: India

I am Vibha 54, f from India. Love to travel, make new friends, exchange cultures, particularly art, music and food


Set country: Japan

My Name is Luca, i come from Italy and i'm 31 years old. I used to work as graphic designer for 10 years in italy and berlin. I decided to take a 1 year break from my job and travel the world. I am in South Korea at the moment and I plan to go to japan from november. My passions are hiking, traveling, diy, playing/making/producing/editing/mix different styles of music and design artworks for several projects (bands/events/collectives/concerts).

Ivan Patrone

Set country: Argentina

Hi! I'm Ivan from Argentina, and I'm travelling with m girlfriend, Yenny, who is from Venezuela. We are a 35 years old couple who likes to meet other people and lear about their culture. We'd like to travel arround the world, working and volunteering.

Rene Rochlitz

Set country: Germany

I am a 55 year old man who quit his job last year to live full time in his camper van and travel the world again on my camper and bike or backpack

Dominic Margason

Set country: Bulgaria

From England and currently traveling, looking for any kind of work, I am confident, social, and hard working. I enjoy cooking, playing the guitar and talking with others


Set country: United Kingdom

Hello, my name is Jojo and I love nature. Because of that love, I did some wilderness courses and learned how to live with nature. But I'm also very open and curious and like to explore new places and meet new people. And I love to do things with my hands ;) and to use my body. Besides this, I study social work and I'm used to working outside in gardens because grew up in the countryside. I also love animals and like to have them around.

Kaua Rodrigo Erika

Set country: Brazil

Erica ribeiro dos Santos, sou Farmacêutica e tenho meu esposo e 3 filhos, gostaria de ir morar, em Portugal morar

Agaadh Singh

Set country: Bolivia, Plurinational State of

Hey my name is Jhonatan and I'm travelling around the world helping the people in all that i can. Since managing hotels and hostels, cleaning, language learning etc

Juliana Andrade

Set country: Italy


Joachim J. Yellowjackets

Set country: United Kingdom

Creating this account to look for some weeks-ish work in Ireland. Im a handyman, bicycler, couchsurfer and restless wanderer. lived abroad in Canada and Norway.

Lisa Aileen Sauer

Set country: Norway



Set country: Portugal

Olá, sou a Rita tenho 23 anos e sou portuguesa.
Sou licenciada em gestão de recursos humanos e sou formadora certificada.
Após algumas experiencias com o mercado de trabalho percebi que era importante aperfeiçoar e aprender novos idiomas, conhecer outras culturas e ter novas experiencias.
Adoro viajar e conhecer pessoas, sou uma pessoa descontraída .

Kaian Branco

Set country: Brazil

In my childhood I was raised by my parents who always gave me a lot of love and affection; I always studied in a public school, we couldn't afford a course or at least a college.
Since I was little, I have always loved technology and especially music, today I love to DJ and show people that we can be happy listening to any genre of music, I have studied music therapy for a long time, I love the area of psychology, I know very well the power that music has to heal people .
I am a very extroverted, responsible, attentive, hardworking person.
I'm totally adaptable to different situations, I find it easy to learn something new, I love teaching what I know, I'm a great listener, I've even been a speaker at school and class leader at school, I have great resourcefulness.

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Fabio Moura Silva

Set country: Brazil

Hello how are you . I'm Fábio Moura, I'm 36 years old, single, 2 and a half years higher course of Mathematics Degree, faithful student of English, Metallurgist (machine operator). I was in Ireland in March of this year 2022 for a period of 2 weeks to do my exchange, and I had to return to Brazil because I couldn't find housing accessible to my financial conditions. Today I am part of an online community ( Community Exchange ) a course for those who want to know how it works to participate in voluntary Exchange in Europe and in other countries around the world , and I was directed to this site to register and be part of alternative vacancies for volunteering .I hope that my professional and academic profile fits some of the positions that interest me. But as I'm new to the Community (V... Read more


Set country: Netherlands

Hi, my name is Ilona! I am 24 years old and I am from the Netherlands. I will be going to South Korea soon with the Work Holiday visa, so I am planning to spent around a year exploring the country, learning the language and more about the culture and cultural heritage. I am very excited about this since I know it will be very different from what I am used to, and I can't wait to experience this. I love meeting new people and listen to their stories, and especially in such a different country it will be so interesting. I have already participated in some (cultural heritage related) volunteer projects abroad in Europe and I always had such a great time with the other participants. I still keep in touch with a lot of them, and I hope to meet many new friends in this new adventure to South ... Read more


Set country: Libya



Set country: Taiwan, Province of China

Hello guys! I am Sarah from Taiwan. I am that fun, energetic and happily bubbly person who loves learning about other cultures and meeting new people.
I am fluent in both Mandarin and English, currently working as a receptionist at a bnb in Taiwan. I like painting, kitting, hiking and so much more! Overall I am a super active person who loves trying out new things! Hope I get to meet you guys soon :)