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I'm Silvia from Turin where I work as banker. I'm 39 years old. My purpose is to improve english, I have short period for travelling, one ore two weeks. I'm also interested in cultural exhange and i have the desire to plunge in a country not like a normal turist. I'm sociable and I like working in contact with people. I speak Italian, French..English is to be improved! My hobbies are yoga, hiking and travelling


I'm a argentinian photographer/artist. I want to travel through Italy, and go now to spend the spring. I'm in Germany so I'm very close!
My family is Italian, I love eating and nature.


Hey, my name is Nils and im from Germany. I'm 19 and finished school last summer. Before i start studying, i want to travel and improve my English.


Hi I’m Ana from Guatemala! Love to travel and connect with people from whom I can learn how to become a better person, listen to their stories, share good moments and know through them more about the world. I really enjoy the simple things and little details, long talks, walks, outdoor activities, sharing a good memory or even a song. Currently I’m about to start my big adventure, a long travel with no return date. I love nature and animals, I enjoy about discover new cultures and languages. I would love to do some volunteer job. I consider myself a very optimistic and easygoing person, i love meeting new people and make friends, very caring, I get excited almost about everything (sunrise, sunsets, puppies, kittens, children, people smiling, the sea, a big cup of coffee...)

Taibi ezzegrani

my full name is taibi i was born in 1990
im single
I do not smoke
i want to take part in social work.i will very excited in assisting you in both your daily life and family needs as far
I will help you in
Cultivation of seeds and seedlings
All farm tasks
Milking goats and cows
Animal Care
Help you in all household chores
Help in the kitchen

as my family is concerned it is composed of three sisters i belong to a middle class family for my schooling.i finished my studies in 2009.i have got a diploma from vocationel shool major in aluminum carpatary.i have got enough experience in this feild about 7 years years working in diffrent companies.Also i worked as a waiter in a cafe and a hotel for 4 year in casablanca .

Travel, volunteer, animal and nature lover, community work, fitness


My name is Mustapha, i'm Tunisian and i live and work in Doha Qatar. Travelling is my passion always, and i've been to many countries around the World in the previous 4 years. I'd like to try new experience through hippohelp, meet new people, make new friends and enjoy helping them. I'm very friendly, honest, open and always available to help. I love nature, animals, electronic music and doing gym and outdoor sports.