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Set country: United Kingdom

My name is Hareya and I am a 19-year old, first year medical student at University College London (UCL). I am currently looking for work exchange opportunities for this summer, particularly in France and Italy. I am a keen linguist—I have been learning French since I was in primary school and have been learning Italian for almost three years now, but want to improve my language skills and experience the culture by immersing myself into authentic local life. I would be willing to take on most tasks set and am an eager learner, so would be happy to try out new things as well! I also have experience with tutoring, so would be more than happy to help my hosts improve their English during my stay if they would like. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile! ———————... Read more

Cassidy Alexis Godwin

Set country: United States

My name is Cassidy, I’m from North Carolina. I’m just a broke, free spirit wanting to see all the beauty this earth offers. All I want in live is to live out my dreams and make great memories with great people! I love meeting new friends and learning about different cultures and lifestyles.

Damini Pal

Set country: India

I am Damini Pal, I love nature and like to explore new places. I like to travel and this is the beginning of my volunteering journey. I want see world from new perspectives.

Agostino Celora

Set country: Italy

Hi, I'm an Italian master student willing to experience 1 or 2 month working and travelling around. I'm into all kind of sports ( right now kung-fu, climbing, and one day surfing), nature and music.
I love meeting new people and share stories with person from all around the globe.

Graeme Skipper-Horton

Set country: Canada

My name’s Graeme, and I’m happy to meet you. I’m a 31 year old looking to meet some interesting people, learn of their interesting lives, and find a way to make myself useful in the meantime. Mostly I’m just looking to get myself vaccinated asap and have a working adventure. In terms of my personality, I’m a gentle, caring person with a philosophical/creative side. I absolutely adore animals and hope to connect with your pet(s) in the near future


Set country: United Kingdom

Hey I'm Oweis, I'm looking for something different this time of year, I am currently focused on advocating for the youth, I major in communications and politics and after I finish my semester at the end of April I would love to get a therapeutic experience and get to know people from around the world. I am very down to earth, love listening to stories and love to share my own, I am able to adapt to numerous jobs, I would love to join a welcoming family and help them out with all of my abilities.

PS: I am currently developing my own sustainable clothing line, hoping this trip would provide me with some motivation and inspiration for my collection.

I adore animals, I love listening to stories and telling some of my own I love getting to know people in general I think ... Read more

Josh Stephans

Set country: United States

Hey! My name is Josh. I am a hard working guy looking to see interesting places, meet new people and help out where I can. My greatest passion in life is learning about new subjects and skills which has made me quite the jack of all trades. I am a carpenter, baker, cook, outdoorsman, gardener, painter, handiman, animal lover and artist. I enjoy working with my hands and am as comfortable outside doing yard work as I am baking bread in the kitchen. I have high standards for my work, am internally motivated and a fast learner. I'm looking forward to meeting you! :)


Set country: Germany

Hello there, I‘m so glad you have decided to read my profile!
My name is Maja and I’m from Germany. I have just finished my final year of high school and have decided that I should put my skills to use somewhere else while acquiring new skills along the way. I am eager to get to know many new people and help with tasks that get me out of my comfort zone!
Since I was brought up in a bilingual household, I am fluent in German and Russian. I also speak English and French and teach both of those languages to children and teenagers.
In addition to that, I’ve helped out at a busy restaurant for a few months and love working in a fun team with others!
My hobbies have always been pretty artistic. Painting, drawing, making things out of clay, playing the piano and so on and... Read more


Set country: Egypt

انا محمد سامح محمد عندي 20 عام طالب جامعي ادرس في العام الثاني بكلية طب جراحة الفم والاسنان اعشق السفر ومعرفة الثقافات المختلفه والقيام بالأعمال الخيرية من أجل مساعدة الناس

Ugnė Aliukaitė

Set country: Lithuania

I'd like to meet new people, see new countries

Federica Almini

Set country: Italy

Hello everyone! I'm Federica and I'm 20 yo. I’m new on Workaway... after everything that happened in 2020, I decided not to miss any opportunities and to experience as much as possible. I am a young Italian student and I live in the city of Milan (Italy), but the sea is my happy place and I often feel the need to take refuge between waves and sand; I’ve never tried surfing or windsurfing but I’d love to learn! I also love nature, being outdoors and I always loved traveling, but the time in my life has been very limited because I did competitive swimming until last year. Now that I have much more time for myself, I would really like to get to know the world around me! Now more than ever I would like to make new experiences, feel new emotions, get out of my comfort zone, develop ... Read more


Set country: Sweden

I'm a student living in Uppsala, Swedens greatest student-town. I like outdoor activities & social activities like cooking together. I hope to meet and connect with new people, both by visiting your home and by sharing mine. Hopefully, we can cook something together and have a nice time! I've got some carpentry knowledge, and can also help with cooking and household chores.

Graziano & Ursula & Jamila

Set country: Portugal

We, Graziano & Ursula, are a mature Italian/Austrian married couple with a 18 y. old daughter, Jamila. Since about 30 years we follow the macrobiotic philosophy and nutrition. We are nature and animal lovers. We have been living since over 20 years in a motorhome, most of the time in Portugal. Our motorhome use to be a mobile restaurant: for over 10 years we cooked on music festivals in Spain and Portugal and for schools, seminar centres, birthdays, parties etc

Colm Connolly

Set country: United States

I am a 20 y/o college student and EMT interested in helping out with any projects! I play rugby and water polo, and have experience in landscaping, retain, and EMS. Reach out if you are interested! 1-510-339-7094

Alessia Gonzaga

Set country: Italy

Hello! I am an Italian student (currently doing my master's degree). My dream is to live abroad and why not doing it while helping people?


Set country: United States

Hello greetings from California! My name is McKenna and I’m currently living in San Luis Obispo attending college at Cal Poly. I’m graduating in a little over a month and looking for a productive and enlightening way of spending my summer! As covid is getting better and things are opening up I’m hoping to travel to some amazing places, meet amazing people, and do some amazing work! Things to know about me: I am a native English speaker, I am extremely dedicated and hardworking, and I am very flexible! I am an adventurous and active person and love to crack jokes and make people smile. If this sounds like something you’re looking for then I think we’d be a great match and I'd love to get on board!


Set country: India

6+ years of experience in business, marketing, project management and strategy development across India, China and USA. Worked across E-commerce, Tourism, Consumer Durables, Shipping & Logistics, Information Tech & Service industries. Accustomed to high paced, multi faced startup environment. Currently researching sustainable architecture & soil regeneration and focusing on environment protection.


Set country: United States

Hi I am Josh! I am a 19 Year old vegan male looking to travel. I am currently in college at West Chester University studying Finance and Economics. Excellent student who is not afraid of hard work. Friendly and willing to learn! I love to hike, cook vegan food, fantasy football, and playing volleyball.


Set country: Italy

Hello! I am an Italian 23 years old lady and I'm looking for a great travel experience in 2021/2022. Here there are some info about me: - I have experience as waitress, as a bartender (basic level) and as a receptionist in some events in my country (from 2016 to 2019) - I have a degree as Physiotherapist :) - Italian is my mother tongue, I have a high level of English (IELTS C1), I can understand a bit of Spanish and a bit of French and I am willing to learn to speak them too. Other (random) skills: - I like manual-artistic works such as restyling/painting/renovating - I can play the piano - I’m really keen on sports, nature and love adventures - as I live near the Alps, I really enjoy hiking. I LOVE learning new stuff and be surrounded by people! Greetings from Italy! Fra... Read more

Maria emie

Set country: Uganda

Am a single mum, aged 28years old, love adventure, am a very simple and polite lady who loves meeting new people and determined to work


Set country: Egypt

I like helping and charitable work as well as also cultural exchange


Set country: United States

I have worked as a teacher, an editor and have experience with some household projects. I enjoy the outdoors, meeting new people and like to pick up on good habits and practices.

Elena Benassi

Set country: Italy

Hello! I recently graduated from University and now I'm ready to travel and help people around the world!

Magdalena Chruściel

Set country: Poland

Looking for volunteering! I'm Magdalena and I'm an engineer and medical stuff from Poland. I work and volunteer in Warsaw Poland. I want to help people with my qualities and share experience. The country doesn't matter. I can teach polish, english, first aid and much more. Help at school, health center etc!


Set country: Morocco

Hi everyone , My name is Med I from Morocco , I'm 30 years old , i have joined in volunteer activities in my home , Now i'm planning to start having new experiences with different cultures , i have experience touristic working , farmer , i will be very happy to help, thank you .

Cherch Revolt

Set country: United States

Hello my name is Charlie Renquist. My friends call me Cherch. I am seeking a lifestyle more in tune with nature and living in a conscious way. I am new to the travelers lifestyle. Im working on bettering myself through daily meditation and giving back to my fellow humans. Looking for like minded people with off grid farms, organic farms, ranches, permaculture farms and intentional living communities that need hard working good hearted people. I want to learn to live off the earth through perma culture and organic farming. I am looking to make a permanent move to the right place with the right people. Weather its helping to maintain a existing farm or to help build a new farm i am ready for the challenge. I have tons of work and personal references. I have own transportation and money.

Nikolas Worst

Set country: Germany

Hello :))
My Name is Nikolas but just call me Nik. I always wanted to visit other places all around the world and learn new languages and gain cultural experiencies. If there wasn´t a pandemic i would a travelled the world a year earlier but better late then never.
I´m a 20 year old student who´s very kind and helpful. I´m extroverted, spontaneous and love to meet new people. :)
As a hobby i Photograph, do sports and since this year also driving motorboat.
Aswell i am open for any type of hosts and hopefully we can spend a wonderful time together. :)


Set country: Switzerland

I`m Jennifer , 36 years old. I`m taking my time finding a place I d like to settle down with my Boyfriend Heiko,42. I also spent some time finding out what kind of occupation I would like to be doing for my living. During that time I trained in biodynamic farming (living and working on different farms), alternative Medicine and nature pedagogy.
Before starting my journey I worked in a little farm community in Switzerland for 1 and a half years
I traveled with my boyfriend for the last one and a half years with the aim of getting to know different communities and places, learning more and sharing our experience and skills.
I love working outside, and am passionate about wild herbs and medicinal plants, I give workshops on how to make medicinal remedies and about edible wild he... Read more

Judith Mitchel

Set country: Italy

Hi, my name is Judith, I'm 25 years old and I'm a university student in Italy, Verona (Education Science). I was born in Italy to Sri Lankan parents. So, I lived my entire life between these two amazing cultures. I'm an active and optimistic person. I like meeting new people and culture. For the skills that I don't have, I'd like to enter this experience to also learn new skills. My motto is: life is one and you have to live filling it with as many experiences as possible.


Set country: Switzerland



Set country: Poland

NOTE: Due to fact, that I have some problems with hippohelp mailbox- please message me via Instagram: Hello everyone,

I'm working as a quality engineer and I manage my free time to travel as much as possible. My passion is to learn new cultures, visit new places and meet new people. I believe that every person can have a big impact on other people and on enviroment, that's why helping with enviromental projects is a big plus to me. I love to learn about science, new technologies, I love stargazing and on the other hand I'm a big fan of art (painting & scluptures), architecture and classical music.
I can help with photography& editing, gardening, cleaning, cooking. I'm great with people and animals, so I can be customer service and wo... Read more


Set country: United States

My name is Kiera. I am 19 and am from Seattle, in the USA.
I just finished my first year at University in Texas, studying acting and human rights! I am taking a break to travel and volunteer around the world. I love to meet new people, experience new cultures, and see different places.
My friends say I am bubbly, kind, and exciting to be around:)
I have a lot of experience in restaurants and am great with customers. I also love to work with children & animals, and while I don't have much experience with handiwork and cleaning, I'm eager to learn!
I look forward to hearing from you, and I hope to work for you soon!
Kiera Ohtake