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Emiliano Pineda Bosque

Set country: Rwanda

Hi! I'm a traveler going around Africa on a motorcycle. An engineer by background, I can speak English, French, and Spanish, and am willing to provide any type of help!


Set country: United States

Businessman and Entrepreneur, Freelance Editor in English; websites, content, photo enhancements. I work and live 6 months a year in Prague, CZ. I am from Los Angeles, California, USA
I know how to say 'yes!'
Well organized with strong time-management skills
Creative; advertisements and promotions, consulting
Great communicator with people of various generations and cultures
Excellent time management planner. Advanced knowledge of digital 35mm cameras, video cameras, sound equipment. Lifetime of computer experience and use; Excel, Word Docs, Act! and Wordpress and others. Divorced, Dad of 2 amazing adult daughters.
HippoHelp referrals available.


Set country: Ireland

Hello hosts, I am an experienced traveler that had been to 32 countries. I spoke 6 languages. Due to current corona virus I cannot move around so intensively. So I would like to find a place to volunteer for a min and escape the crowd. All types of volunteer work welcomed. I have worked at kitchen hand and housekeeping before.

Ivan Todorov

Set country: Bulgaria

My name is Ivan. I am 17 years old and I am from the city of Ruse, Bulgaria


Set country: Poland

I am a young, open, creative and committed person. I am passionate about art, mainly contemporary music, and travels. I love meeting new people - that's the most important thing for me when I am traveling. Last year I've been in 14 different countries also decided to make my first solo trip by hitchhiking from Cracow to Porto - that was my biggest adventure. I hope this website will help me to make a bigger next step. I've been working in many different places(2 times abroad) From Gardening, warehouses through the Restaurants and Clubs and finally in my last employment where I worked as a financial advisor.


Set country: Tanzania, United Republic of

Humm...what to say...sometimes is better just to meet the person but okay i'll tell you how i define myself!

I consider myself being fun!I love making jokes and laugh! I'm dynamic and easy going! I love hiking, partying, meeting other people and discovering new cultures!

I 'm a curious person so i'm always willing to learn : new skills or new languages!

I love eating and therefore cooking!! So count on me for a good meal and a good time!

I can be useful in many things such as building and fixing things !I m good with a shovel, pickaxe etc...a little bit of brickwork! I can lift heavy things .I can do laundry, iron, sew and cook (i think i've already mentioned it ^^ ) !I can also take care of children (as i m a summer camp director/organizer).

There ar... Read more


Set country: New Zealand

I'm a fun and outgoing girl currently based in New Zealand. I'm looking for an adventure and am up for just about any task. I enjoy meeting new people, exploring new areas and being surrounded by nature and animals. I also enjoy reading, photography, and would love to learn some new skills throughout this journey. I have previous farm work history as well as berry picking.

Zana Bulteel

Set country: Korea, Republic of

Hello everybody. I am a graduated Scenarist from Belgium who likes to expend her life- and work experience in South Korea. For years traveled on my own back and forth between Belgium and South Korea. The first time to visit my friends, who took me into their families and excepted me into their homes and the second time in context of research for my Master project. I have been to Busan, Gyeongju, Jeonju, Jirisan, Seoul, Incheon, Gurye, Cheongju, Gangneung, etc. While living in Brussels for five years, I learned a lot for many different cultures and languages. I worked for the Korean Cultural Center where my job was to assist the Korean Film Fridays and the cooking classes and helping at the Korean Film Festival. My master project was also about South Korea. Since I am graduated now,... Read more

Gabriela Leonardelli

Set country: Argentina

Hi! I'm Gabriela, and my boyfriend is Pablo. We're Argentinian, we've been together for five years, and we always like the idea of travelling and working abroad. Pablo is 29 years old, he's an Industrial Engineer, and I'm 25, and I've a degree in International Relations. We’re clean, easy-going, and sociable people. We hope to find a place where we could help, learn and try new experiences!

Annegret Agyapong

Set country: Ghana

A recent psychology graduate who loves to explore other cultures to understand more of human diversity

مصطفي سالم

Set country: Egypt

My name is mostafa I'm 32 years old I love travel and help I'm singl I'm an accountant


Set country: United States

I'm a young heart 54 yr old female who lives a quiet, happy, simple life and I love giving my time to help others. Currently I work as a store manager for a retail coffee chain, and with all the closings happening here in the US, I decided to go back to volunteering for the interim until further notice. Easy going, highly intelligent, loves to smile, and grateful for each day.

Marco Gomes

Set country: Portugal

sempre me foi dito que tenho ótimo senso de aprendizagem sou bem comunicativo. Sempre estou atrás novas metas e desafios e sempre dou o meu melhor em tudo que faço


Set country: Greece

Hello, I am traveler from Lithuania. I am interested in sustainable living, permaculture, organic gardening and general Gardening. I have personal organic gardening experience and I did some volunteering at the organic farms in different countries. I am vegetarian and I like to cook. I also have experience in many kind of maintenance and construction. Also I practice yoga and healthy life style.

Paula Rutherford

Set country: Argentina

I have taken a sabbatical year (2020) from my work as a project manager in the UK and started my travels in South America with a open plan. I hope to spend lots of time outdoors, learn new skills and experience a different way of living in addition to visiting beautiful places. I would really like the opportunity to contribute to projects that help to improve the local environment and sustainability and promote wellbeing. From the early part of my trip, I am developing a new interest in marine conservation. In my fee time I enjoy yoga, gardening and dance (salsa and bachata) and I am currently learning Spanish.


Set country: Uganda

I wanna travel the world and experience new cultures, share my skills and help in any way that I can

Kelly MacDonald

Set country: United Kingdom

Hello! My name is Kelly MacDonald and I have been teaching Montessori for six years. I am currently using HelpX with a family just outside Milan, Italy nannying their two children. After backpacking Europe and the UK the summer of 2018 I want to spend more time near London as this was my favorite city. I am organized, prompt, caring, and above all curious! My interests include exploring, reading, hiking, and writing, working with my hands, and photography! My art website is

Hruthik Gowda

Set country: India

I am 18 years in love to help NGOs and volunteer

Sara Psic Guerra

Set country: Italy

siamo una coppia che ha intenzione di passare le sue vacanze in maniera costruttiva. Quello che possiamo offrire è una grande passione per gli animali, capacità artistiche (disegno e musica) da parte del mio moroso e capacità di social media (sono una laureanda in comunicazione) da parte mia.

Anja Micheli

Set country: Australia

Anna, from Florence. .

Ashlee Nichole Roe

Set country: United States

I am a 21(f) who lives with my husband 21(m). Our names are Ashlee and Cayleb. We are childfree individuals looking to travel and gain work experience. As is common with young people, we are not sure what we want to do with life and unfortunately dont have the opportunity for continued education right now. We have a small travel trailer that is currently infested with black mold due to prior use before we obtained it. We dont have another option. We are respectful individuals who are interested in exploring the world and working hard. Thank you for reading.

Giuliano Ingrassia

Set country: Italy

hi, I'm a young Italian student that love travel and learn new cultures. I'm really good to cook Italian dishes and I speak English, Spanish and alite bit of French. i prefer to spend my summer holidays near the sea. I love sports, like football and Gym and I can teach you some skills.

Barbara Blanchette

Set country: Cyprus

I have been travelling for years. In the past few years I have had particularly been Interested in permaculture and eco building. I have excellent interpersonal skills. I can teach and guide yoga med9and work with kids in English as a foreign language. I enjoy all kinds of work from.plastering and natural building to painting and cooking .....olive harvesting and garden out door stuff. I am fluent in English ..I can communicate in greek and basic Portuguese Our family motto is live love laugh .

Evgenia Bochkareva

Set country: Germany

Live a healthy lifestyle, adventurous Traveller, gardener, love cooking vegan and vegetarian meals

Agnė Šuipytė

Set country: Not set

Hi, my name is Agne, and I am a Lithuanian girl, living in Manchester, UK. I've decided to give volunteering abroad a chance after I finish my master's degree in PR this September. I have studied multimedia journalism previously. I am looking to visit Thailand for 3 months and would do any type of volunteering work available, although working with children or animals would be absolute best!

Paul Busse

Set country: Not set

Howdy! My name is Paul Busse. I currently live in Texas but I have lived in many states and I am originally from Klawock, Alaska. A small fishing village on a remote island in southeast Alaska. I am interested in volunteering in South America, Central America or Europe. I have experience working in hotels, lodges, boats, homes and even remote tents in wilderness areas surrounded by bears. I enjoy nature, working outside, snowboarding, kayaking and pretty much any outdoor activity that involves mountains or the ocean. Except maybe being surrounded by bears.

Natalia Rojas Tamayo

Set country: Sweden

Hej! We're a quiet young couple who has been in Sweden for 9 months for a working holidays visa and we were about to leave to Hungary for a next adventure, nevertheless they close their borders, thus we have to extend our staying here. We have skills in cooking, cleaning, and harvesting, we have done it in Canada and Chile before. We are hard working people, very willing and easy going and responsible persons. We speak Spanish and English, but in Oscar's case, he speaks besides French, Italian, Portuguese, etc Looking forward to write new lines on our book of the life adding you with great moments!

Gabriela Rosell

Set country: United Kingdom

Hi there! We are Gabriela and Leonardo, an argentinian and uruguaian couple in our 30´s, both photographers who love traveling. We´ve been together for five years now. Besides photography, Gaby has a degree in literature and linguistics and Leo in turism. Recent mutual hobby discovery: cooking! We love trying new recipes, especially the ones we learn on the way! We are both responsable, hard working people, that also enjoy learning new things, and praise having diverse experiences in life, getting to know different cultures and making new friends along our journey. Other ramdom facts about us: -We are non smokers -reliable, tidy and clean: checked! -chilled, easy going and quiet duo. -gaby loves dancing salsa, reading and writing (of course). She´s very good at organizing trip a... Read more

سعيد احمد

Set country: Egypt

I am a general technician and work in electrical, carpentry, plumbing and paintwork

Ahmed Mnsour

Set country: Egypt

Business manager, personal assistant, educator and teacher for children over 3 years or slightly less, highly skilled health care practitioner where experience in the field of pharmacy more than 11 years full, I am good at some other medical work such as therapeutic massage, volume and treatment with herbal honey and bees with its products, I love the responsibility of the discipline time, I love The social life that is filled with love and mutual respect regardless of religions, is very dedicated to my work and I love to bring pleasure to ourselves

Naman Sharma

Set country: India

I can my help my host with the best possible way. My experiences will surely help my host.


Set country: Egypt

I am naira
i am egyptian and i am 20
i study dentistry in egypt
i like travelling and Volunteering

Ayman Hamza

Set country: Egypt

I love travel and I’d like to see more of the world. My favorite part of travel is that bit where a foreign space becomes a familiar place; the moment when suddenly it is no longer just monuments which come to mind, but also peoples’ faces. That is why I prefer to live and work in places, rather than just visiting them (although I do plenty of the latter too).
I’m originally from Egypt, working as a Diving Master Instructor, I have a master degree from PADI ( Professional Association of Diving Instructors) from USA , and 2 diplomas one of them from ISSA ( International Sports Sciences Association ) as a Certified Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Instructor from USA, and other Diploma from UK in physiotherapy and massage arts from London

My other loves include: coffee, pub... Read more