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Anton Herzberg

Set country: Germany

Hi future host family! My name is Anton and I am looking for an opportunity to learn English in order to be prepared for an abroad study. Now my search for this possibility reached its final destination: Hippomatch! I couldn't be happier helping you with any work required, staying at your place and strengthen my English skills. I am reliable and would never complain about any kind of work you need.

François Le Talludec

Set country: Brazil

Somos um casal brasileiro versátil querendo conhecer o mundo começando de Portugal. Temos a intenção de mostrar o mundo para nossas crianças. Temos boa formação e educação, cursos técnicos e boa vontade.


Set country: South Africa

Availability: Hobbies:Reading & writing, gaming, gardening, drawing, video creation I'm a German-South African, having 3 years worth of work experience and am now studying. I hope to leave my comfort zone and learn a new culture and language. I am an independent woman, able to cook and drive. I can confidently keep children company and tend to their needs. I am an attentive listener and would love to engage in conversation.

Anas Ayasra

Set country: Jordan

I am a nurse from 13 years ago in Intensive Care Unit as a registered nurse i hope to be an active player in a real volunteer team My email

Jonesy Jones

Set country: United States

Hello, I am a quiet clean person who is very interested in traveling to help people as I can. I absolutely adore animals. I don't mind cleaning and organizing things. I am a military member transitioning from active duty service and am interested in traveling before I separate.

Edneia Tavares da Silva

Set country: Brazil

Hi, my name is Edneia! I'm 44 years old and i'm Brazilian.
I have a dream to know the world, but mainly to meet the people who live in it... their culture, the way, they live and relate to each other.
I'm a very calm person, disciplined. I love being with the people, wellcoming them, and making them feel at home. I know how to take care of pratical evereyday thingthings ver Well.
My life motto is "do for other what you would like to be done for you!" E-mail:

Tânia Singer

Set country: Brazil

Nunca tive a oportunidade de viajar, pois trabalhava demais. Agora me dei a oportunidade de conhecer os lugares dos sonhos. Sou nova como viajante solo mas empolgada e aprender. Quero aprender outro idioma, inclusive o inglês que ainda estou no básico. Sei que o intercâmbio cultural vai me ajudar a perder o medo de viajar sozinha e me comunicar com outras culturas.

Jeniffer Gabrielle

Set country: Brazil

I love contact with nature, I like adventures, sports, arts and camping, I'm creative and I like new and different thiand. I am an outgoing, determined, confident, persistent, patient, proactive and creative person. I have a lot of empathy and sociability. I feel motivated when facing challenges or potentially demanding conditions, I like to try new things and do different things, always giving my best. I can be considered a multitasking person, endowed with high physical and mental concentration. I have great affinity in social and community projects, I don't have diseases or allergies, I believe I can be a volunteer in whatever I need. I have a basic level of English as I studied for a year and a half, I don't have any international experience where I have to use English, I may need s... Read more


Set country: Norway

Sat Nam.


Set country: Brazil

Meu nome é Elton, sou uma pessoa que tem conhecimento em muitas áreas, sou soldador, ferramenteiro, se um pouco de carpintaria, elétrica, mecânica, e estou atrás de uma oportunidade de ir com esposa e filho atrás de uma nova experiência! Espero encontra quem me ajude e também quem eu possa ajudar.

Megan Irving

Set country: United States

Hello, for now this intro will be simple. My name is Megan and I’ve been traveling most of my life. When not overseas I stay in Northern California where I have experience in various volunteer communities along the coast. With big plans, I’m taking a break from studying to follow my true passions. Helping others, Traveling, Self-Love

Ana Andrade

Set country: Brazil

Publicitária, comunicativa, responsável e proativa. Sou bastante dedicada e costumo dar o meu melhor em tudo que faço. Adoro crianças, estar com a natureza e viajar é minha grande paixão! Encontro-me plenamente disposta a colaborar em um novo país, adquirindo assim experiência e grandes aprendizados!

Sanaz Pourdilami

Set country: Spain

Hello! We are 2 girls. Sanaz who is 21 years and Suzan who is 23 years old. We are from Denmark. We speak Danish, English and Arabic. We are in Barcelona at the time, and we will love to stay longer. We are openminded, flexible, we love to socialize and meet new people and share knowledge and cultures. We always meet people with a big smile and our amazing personalities will ensure a good atmosphere!! We can start from 25/10-21 or maybe before.


Set country: France

Hello and Greetings !

I am an international student in Toulouse from India, living here since January 2020. It is very interesting to me to learn about different cultures, languages, histories, etc. I am available to be in a work exchange environment, to spend time in a new land, learn new things, and meet new people. Cheers !


Set country: Poland

I'm a nearly 32 year old funny guy and musician from northern Poland who would love to learn more about plants, herbs, growing, gardening and living in a community which stays close to nature. I also consider permanently joining or building a community of artists and growers in some not very distant future.

Set country: India

Hello namskarm my name is Chandra Shekhar and I am from India

sergei ivanov

Set country: Russian Federation

1983 . Don't like much snow and cold, all my life . Prefer nature/garden work . Do morning excersize . Trying not use alco / cigarettes .

Meike Fassbinder

Set country: Germany

After I finished school I want to travel in Europe but during that one yeat I also want to work so I can get to know the country and the continent not only from the perspective of a tourist.

Yael Edelstein

Set country: New Zealand

Hi! I'm an experienced artist, gardener, housekeeper, seamstress, and yoga teacher. I like making things better than how I found them, so please let me know if I can help you!


Set country: Malaysia

Hello! My name is Bec and I'm from Italy/UK with a Singaporean background. I live in the beautiful Italian Alps but left home at 21 yo to explore as more as possibile and especially learn about different ways of living and approaching life. I'm an animal lover, an open minded and friendly traveler, a good listener and sometimes a chatterbox! I like to get my hands dirty and work hard for people that really deserve it and I can easly adapt to different lifestyles! I hope we can meet soon!


Set country: Ireland

I'm Aodhán and I'm 23 years old (my name is pronounced as 'Ay-Don'). I love to travel, experience new things, meet new people and their cultures. I love animals and would love to have the opportunity to work with any. I'm a very open minded person and don't mind being out of my comfort zone.


Set country: Brazil

Sou advogada com especialização em negócios e em direito civil. Atualmente, estou no inicio de uma segunda graduação na área de tecnologia. Adoro conhecer novos lugares, pessoas, culturas e comidas, me adapto bem a qualquer tipo de trabalho que envolva limpeza, atendimento e organização. Pretendo aprimorar meus conhecimentos em inglês e espanhol com o intercâmbio, fazer amizades, trabalhar e aproveitar ao máximo a experiência.


Set country: French Polynesia

I decided to travel, volunteer, learn new cultures, people and languages. I offer help in the following areas: Home care, gardening, childcare, animal care, gastronomy and various projects.


Set country: Slovenia

We are a young family of three from Slovenia, our son is 3 and our doughter was born in August 2021. We are interested in self-growth and have been practicing yoga and meditation since many years. We love spending active time in nature doing hands-on projects with people and are always curious for new adventures. A little bit more about us: My name is Meta and I work as a primary teacher in a Education for Life school. I love my job because just like your community, we are trying something bold and different. My husband Gregor is a civil engineer, who really enjoys technical challenges, astronomy and travelling. As I am on Maternity leave this year we thought it could be a perfect time to experience life in other countries, be part of an inspiring project and spend quality time as a f... Read more


Set country: India

I am 21 and want to travel a world so I came here.


Set country: Italy

I'm Samuele Colombo! I'm a start2impact student in Digital Marketing. Through my studies I would like to have a positive impact on the world, I am a very ambitious boy and right now the planet has never needed us so much and that is why I want to do my part and participate in a positive change. I want to travel to be able to help, inspire and bring benefits and values to other people. It would also be great for me to have the chance to have memorable experiences and the opportunity to get to know new cultures.

Christian Starace

Set country: Italy

Mi piacerebbe espandere i miei orizzonti

Mirco Rautenberg

Set country: Germany

Contact me under or +4915222085518

Monise Moura de Freitas

Set country: Brazil

We are a couple discovering the world of exchange, still ecstatic and looking for our first opportunity. My name is Monise (29) and my husband Igor (27), we are open to new experiences, not limiting ourselves to any type of service. Every opportunity will be welcome


Set country: Portugal

My name is Julia, I'm 20 years old and I'm from Germany. I like dancing and enjoying good music, just as having nice talks with friends and new people I meet on the way. I would describe myself as an easy, outgoing and happy person who is very creative and likes to pick up new skills. I have a lot of (solo) travel experience and love to go on new adventures as often as possible. I am always open to spontaneous plans. I like to travel the world and get to know as many different cultures and ways of living as possible. In January 2022 I'm starting full-time work and travel and hope to be on the road as long as possible.


Set country: United States

At the moment, I am residing in Tennessee, United States. I do love helping people and learning, and in browsing for living/work exchange opportunities this website came up. I have a small dog travelling companion, Mac, who will always be with me. Let's help each other and love life!!