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Seb Krimi

Set country: India

I'm single. And I'm looking for someones to help in a different stuff in Asia & Oceania. Good english, motivated and mostly positive attitude and equal-mood. I have a musical radio station 24/7 in France (who plays all over the world). In France I was a manager, seller and buyer in Multimedia, music & cinema store.
Also, DJ of profession (Since I'm kid, and not like a simple hobby)
Actually I made a (big) world trip. Asia first, Oceania soon. I traveling alone and everyday all day I see and enjoy this world and diverses experiences, sometimes music teacher in school asian classes in different countries or explain my world trip in front of classe room.
Some links :
Insta : @shareworldspot... Read more

Holly Addie

Set country: United Kingdom

We are an enthusiastic couple from the UK that would love to help you out! We are both students in the North of England currently, I (Holly) am studying BA History, and Rory is studying BA English Literature. We both have at least a year of experience in hospitality both in the kitchen and interacting with customers, and are keen to develop our skills either in this industry or to try something new outside of it. We will be reliable, keen, and open-minded in our approach to whatever tasks you may face us with, and cannot wait to experience some of your culture and lifestyle during our time with you.


Set country: Brazil

Hello ! My name is Lucas, I'm 23 years old and to be honest I'm looking for a reason to live, people to met and memories to have. I love to know other cultures and places. I just ask one oportunity to do this and in exchange I promise work hard and help as much as I can.

Utkarsh Khandelwal

Set country: Italy

I'm an avid traveller looking to meet diverse people, explore cultures and destinations.

Zala Kramberger

Set country: Slovenia

Looking for new experiences


Set country: Algeria

My Name is Idriss, living in Algeria, i am a person who likes to discover new things new cultures new people and get out of my comfort zone so i am so excited for a new adventure

Franciele Xavier Oliveira

Set country: Brazil

We are Franciele and Rodrigo, a young couple, both 34 years old. We have two children, Julia 4 years old and David 22 months old. We want to travel and contribute to people, whatever activity they need, in addition to developing English. We would like to live a unique experience and take a little bit of our skills to contribute to people.


Set country: Brazil

hi, I'm Luanna, and I live in brazil, more specifically in rio de janeiro, I'm creative and communicative person who believes in a grow and share community, that's why I like to travel and do volunteers programs as work exchange, my passion is to learning new things, meeting new people and helping around.

Gabriel Moreno

Set country: Brazil

Personal Organizer com interesse em ação social e experiência na área administrativa, de eventos e atendimento ao público, buscando oportunidades com propósito de sustentabilidade e coexistência.


Set country: United States

we are partners leaving freely on the road. we love to create, collaborate, and get our hands dirty. we are movement enthusiasts and love to share in that. breathing in love and flowing with ease.

Elis Nascimento

Set country: Brazil

Hi, my name is Elis Nascimento, I'm 31 years old, I'm Brazilian, I' live in Rio de Janeiro. I'm gay and i have 9 yeras old daughter and my partner is 47 years old.

Matheus Alves

Set country: Brazil

procuro alguma experiência fora da minha área de conforto, tenho conhecimento em gastronomia, e uma boa relação com as pessoas. Ja tive algumas experiências de "aventurar-se" fora dos limites da minha cidade, mas nada muito significativo. Estou disposto a ajudar no que for necessário, e a aprender mais


Set country: Mexico

I'm traveling to learn more about organic farming, sustainable practices and intentional communities. I'm interested in experiences of all kinds and in learning new skills. I've participated in work trades through WWOOF (USA and Denmark) and Workaway.

Alice Berzieri

Set country: Italy

I'm 30-years-old, Italian, Social Media Manager working from remote and thus traveling around while working. Yoga practitioner, seaside-lover, When I travel I try to balance two needs back and forth: reconnecting with nature/isolate from crowded cities and creating relations with humans/listening to their stories/making exchanges. I'm a solo-traveler, very open-minded, responsible and reliable. I've been doing housesitting for a while, and I've lived in Italy, France, UK, and Spain.


Set country: Italy

HI! I'm a 18 year-old girl who studies languages in high school (Italian, English, French, German and a little bit of Chinese); I live in italy but want to travel to improve my skills and discover new places and people. I'm shy at first but when i get to know you i'm very funny, kind and caring (also i love animals more than anything, but i'm scared of spiders).

Maéva Caaronn

Set country: France


My name is Maéva. I am a French student in international management. During the summer 2022, I'll have some time off and I'd like to use this time to travel, learn about different cultures and help out in a hotel, a hostel or even a restaurant.

I would love to share my culture and passions with my host!


Set country: Mexico

A happy globe trotter who has Traveled through 19 countries and worked abroad in 9 counties and 6 continents. Deep love and respect of cultures and differences love of food and cooking food and sharing laughs and stories.

Alexandre Salvat

Set country: Italy

Hi ! I am Alexandre, a 21 year old guy from France. I studied architecture before realizing it wasn't for me, and there I started studying fashion.
I recently had a very simple revelation : time flies and we don't know what life has in store for us. So, I decided to take a gap year to grow as a person, discover the world, get out of my comfort zone, and become more sociable.
I have moved around a lot in my life with my parents, and I want to continue. These trips made me love traveling very much and also broadened my horizon for different people and cultures.

I've decided to volunteer to gain new experiences, meet amazing new people, and learn about other cultures in a fun and meaningful way. I also want to do this to take some time to stop and breathe, visit beautiful p... Read more


Set country: Egypt

I’m Cycling and fitness I'm a chef with three years of experience I love painting. Also a graduate of artistic education in the decoration department


Set country: United Kingdom

Hi there, my name is Rita from Liverpool, England. I consider myself to be a fun, hard working, trust worthy and enthusiastic person. I have travelled extensively over the years volunteering and working teaching English in various countries. I love to travel, meet new people and learn about different cultures. I'm currently in Lannavaara, Sweden and I've been here since 24th November. If my profile suits and you need help, please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you, cheers, Rita


Set country: Brazil

I´m from Brazil, wanting to leave and see the world, get out of my confort zone. I can cook, clean, and help in others activities. Very charismatic person looking for an opportunity.


Set country: Australia

Bubbly. Adventurous. Heart in the right pace. Positive. Go-Getter. That is how others would describe me.

I arrived in Australia, Melbourne 2 years ago and endured a very though lockdown. I threw myself at work to stay busy and worked over 60hrs a week. My purpose was always exploring Australia but I am grateful for the opportunities that came my way during these though times.

However, after 2 years of hard work, I decided it was time to move out of Melbourne and started exploring Australia, as per my original plan. I moved to NSW where I will be exploring the area. I still work remotely but am free to choose my own hours and work rhythm.

The corporate attitude helped me during the lockdowns but it's time now to explore, be adventurous, build my network, enjoy natur... Read more

Sebas Ramirez

Set country: Costa Rica

University student

Luiz Eduardo

Set country: Brazil

Atualmente moro com minha mãe, sou personal trainer, solteiro, não tenho filhos. Tenho 37 anos e pretendo ter fluência na lígua inglesa. Não tenho área de preferência, posso trabalhar na maioria das áreas.

Альжан Кусаинова

Set country: Kazakhstan

I am a journalist and a volunteer in a charity foundation. I am a freelancer for many years. I am quite happy with my life here, but I really love travelling and want to work as an international volunteer, I mean it's a great opportunity to travel longer and more interesting.


Set country: Sudan

Hi everyone my name is Abdalelah Ammar 23 years old a medical student from Sudan , i love volunteering work and traveling across the world


Set country: Serbia

Originally from the UK, I have been very fortunate to have lived and worked all over the world during a career in international development and humanitarian aid. Now I am looking to meet interesting people and work on interesting projects as a volunteer. My original training - way back when - was as an engineer and I am fit, hard working and quick to learn. I would describe myself as easy-going, flexible and open to new experiences. I believe in living a good and sustainable life as part of a strong community.

Andrea Ucelo

Set country: United States

We are Angel & Andrea, we are a couple with passion for traveling we have farm experience always looking for learn more

Adele Castellaneta

Set country: Italy

I wanna travel and make new experiences!

Abhijeet Patil

Set country: India

Hello guys! I am Abhijeet Patil, a travel enthusiast from Pune, Maharashtra. I am currently studying in NIT Agartala in NorthEast India. When I first came to NorthEast, I was amazed by the beautiful hills, green forests and unexplored natural treasure. However, there was little to no detailed information available about places to visit. That's why I decided to write about my experience as I explore different offbeat places as well as my other fun tours on


Set country: United States

I'm 20 and am wanting to experience more of the world and learn some lessons along the way. This is why Workaway speaks to me. I value visiting a new places and learning about the people, customs, and being taken by random adventures. I am down-to-earth and spend most of my free time outside with friends or by myself. I have traveled a little thus far and have caught the travel bug, I am finding the only cure is to keep going.
I wake up everyday eager to experience a new lifestyle that will align me with my values and goals.
Hope to meet up with you some day!
I love meeting new people and experiencing new ways of life.