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Sincerity and integrity.A backpacker, traveller filled with curiosity.

I believe by getting insight into local life, learning its cultures and languages, interacting and connecting with people, seeing the world with an open heart broaden one's horizons.
I truly appreciate different cultures and languages.

Seeking opportunity to share and contribute as well as learn from the voluntary experience.
~not all classroom has four walls.


I am an outdoor enthusiast from Finland where people are a bit serious but very honest. I grew up in a tiny village in the middle of forest, South Finland. I am willing to learn new things, ready for long days & hard work but would love to have 1-2 days off every week to be able to enjoy the local nature. My volunteering experience so far: November 2018 I took care of two dogs, two cats and two goats as volunteer in a mountain lodge. December 2018: Volunteering at a lovely sheep farm. Work included everything from feeding the sheep, packing the wool after shearing, cleaning the house, changing car tires, baking bread & cakes. February 2019: Horse farm, lots of hard work at horse stable, daily cleaning & feeding. Learned to milk goats which I really did enjoy. March-Arpil 2019: Helping... Read more


I have experienced the corporate lie and hard work. Now I would like to see the world and are prepared to work hard for the benefit. I am a non smoker, easy adaptable and single. Hoping to see more of the world and add to other peoples success stories


Hey! I'm Rui, born and mostly raised in Porto, Portugal. I'm a proactive, open-minded and cheerful guy, extremely respectful and curious about other cultures. I listen a lot and I'm always happy to help around. I've travelled a lot through Europe, always with little, coming back with a lot. I've done several interchanges in the past, where I ended up doing all kinds of activities, from teaching sexual education to kids from Roma communities in Hungary, to singing and performing in the national parliament of Slovenia, to directing a short-movie in the snowy hills of Romania. I mostly work in art, in all kinds of fields - mostly music and cinema though - and in all levels of production (from composing and playing to organizing and curating events). But I've did a bit of everything in life... Read more


Hi, my name is Anna and I'm from Poland (Cracow). I'm 18 years old. I'm easy going and open-minded person. I love animals and nature. Traveling is my passion - I've been to 25 countries yet. This year I decided to change the way of learning - I've chosen homeschooling education :)

I'm also hosting people in Krakow for free. Check my CouchSurfing profile for more info :)

Shubham Bansal

I am a Law student from India who loves to travel and explore more and more places I love to explore new cultures

Chamomile Diddell

Chamomile a world traveler with experience in marketing, social media, farming, photography, painting & drawing, art therapy & workshops. Aymen is also a world traveler with varied music abilities, experience building, painting, farming and teaching English.


Hey, I am Paulina. Last year I graduated with a bachelor's of primary education and now I am on my gap year which is dedicated for knowing myself better while travelling, being at home with my family, making new hobbies, meeting people etc. Sometimes I feel lost, sometimes blessed, depends on the mood, moon and sun.

Vamshi sai

Myself vamshi sai I am from warangal telangana.i like traveling.anyone help me&others may ask for help by me