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Pedro Garcia

Set country: Brazil

Somos Gabrieli e Pedro. Temos 21 e 22 anos, respectivamente. Estamos viajando pelo Brasil (atualmente) buscando novos ambientes, praticando trocas e vendendo nosso artesanato, com o objetivo de conhecermos cada vez mais o mundo, e tudo o que ele tem.


Set country: Germany

Dear future host (family), my name is Rebekka, I am from Germany and I am currently 23 years old. I will be in Nice from September 2020 to January 2021 to study abroad for one semester (Master of Education: English and French). It would be an amazing opportunity for me to live with a nice family during that time and to take care of your children or animals or help you with some light hosework or whatever tasks you might have while I am not at university. I love to spend time with children and teach or tutor people in languages (e.g. English or French).

Jarrod Abelen

Set country: Costa Rica

I'm a 22 year old male from New Zealand. I have much work experience in New Zealand from cleaning toilets to making roads to customer service. I am a hard worker and will happily work overtime if needed. I have a flight back home from San Jose on the 28th of January and would like to exchange work for accommodation till then.


Set country: Brazil

my life goal was to achieve material things, but over time I learned to value every detail there, I understand a little bit of farming, advertising and telephony. A little of everything and I want to be able to help and share a little of what I have learned in these 30 years of life.

El objetivo de mi vida era lograr cosas materiales, pero con el tiempo aprendí a valorar cada detalle allí, entiendo un poco de agricultura, publicidad y telefonía. Un poco de todo y quiero poder ayudar y compartir un poco de lo que he aprendido en estos 30 años. de la vida.

Angela Paris

Set country: United States

Hi! I’m Angela currently living in San Diego California. I am looking to broaden my horizon and travel internationally! Meet new people, taste amazing food, see incredible views, etc the list goes on. There is so much in this world and I must experience it! I have a dog that is best friend she kicks ass and has been apart of my life for about 6 years. I mean come on everyone know animals are the BEST.

Saad Bnj

Set country: Belgium

Hellow ! My name is Saad But don't worry, I am Happy ^^ I am a Belgian Guy who have Morrocan roots. I love diversity and discover other cultures, it helps to forge a good personality. I like making jokes, telling stories and listen to what people have to say ! I am a great learner, I love to learn for everyone's experiences. I have a little Osmo Pocket, which allows me to keep good memories of all experience I have. I share the values of sharing, tolerance and equality. I can speak French, English (to perfect), Arabic and I have notions in Spanish and Dutch.


Set country: Russian Federation

Hello! My name is Lisa. I want to travel and work in different countries.


Set country: Italy

I am a girl who wants to live traveling, meeting new people and with the desire to learn as many jobs as possible. I want to learn and help, make myself useful for a dream, an idea.
I am passionate about photography, art, graphic designer, painting and writing. I have always lived with animals and a job with them could only make me happy

Adrien Steinmetz

Set country: France

I am such a friendly french guy that wants to discover south america. I want to discover very different populations, habits and learn spanish, while helping hosts there.


Set country: Kenya

I am a Kenyan, looking for volunteer work while traveling. I am interested in NGO's, CBO's, Start Up's or grassroots upcoming organization that are geared to helping communities. Thanks in advance.


Set country: Turkey

I am Cesur Timur. 37 years old from Turkey. I graduated from Kocaeli University Communication Faculty as Public Relation and Publicty expers. I am working as Front Office worker in Hotels. My last position is Front Office Manager/Supervisor at a hotel. I am also book writer. I have been to Poland for 6 months as European Volunteer at Polish unemployment place as English and Turkish teacher at 2012-2013. Now i am interested to do somethink different for change my world. My whatsapp:+905334923057

Wena Bey

Set country: Philippines

Hello! My name is Rowena. My friends call me Wena :) I am an adventurous type of person. I love to travel particularly in the Philippines since we have 1,641 islands. I also travel to Asia like Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia and Japan. I am also a licensed diver. The Philippines has amazing biodiversity underwater. It feels so great to experience and see it.

Jocy Tsai

Set country: United Kingdom

Hi Im Jocy from Taiwan, Just finished two year working holiday in UK. I can work in Graphic Design / Photography / Cooking / Gardening And love animals / music / art I am friendly and like to communicate with with people I can speak English and Mandarin

Antonio Cileo

Set country: Italy



Set country: United States

Hi I'm Buddy Starnes, I am excited to travel and help others learning from them and experience life beyond the constraints of the 9-5 mentality.

Ayano Strickland

Set country: United States

I am a cultured holistic gregarious kind grown man, with no place to call my own. I have hosted international folks as a youth with my father in his home and in my friends’ house who airbnb. In my restaurant jobs I've been confused for the owner for my warm welcome.

Биляна Петрова

Set country: Bulgaria

Здравейте (hello in Bulgarian). I am Bilyana, born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria. I have a bachelor's degree in tourism and maintain my own travel blog. Besides traveling, I love hiking, bicycling, sports, reading, playing chess and other board games & I'm crazy about dogs. I've been to 32 countries so far, mostly exploring the world just by myself.

Alex López Méndez

Set country: Portugal

I´m a guy really cool, I can make friends very easy, learn and teach too. I have 19 years old, turning 20 the 29th of February. Have been traveling a little bit while studying and learning. I can do any type of job.


Set country: Italy

Ciao! Mi chiamo Elio e sono un artista italiano!

PaolaAlessandra Albano

Set country: Italy

I'm an enthusiastic, empathetic, adventurous, dreamer 24-year-old traveler. I recently graduated in language mediation in English and German. My first goal is to experience the world to make life a long memory. My big dream, after many experiences, is to open my hostel for young dreamers and travellers. I come from a small town located in the eastern part of warm Sicily, in the south of Italy. I left my hometown when I was 18 years old because it was too small for my great expectations and projects, but above all I suffered a lot for not having any comparison with people with different values, visions and goals. I moved to study at the University in the centre of Italy, in Siena and after 2 years I moved to Florence to work and study. During my university studies I had many good experie... Read more

Kassia Meira

Set country: Brazil

Casal feliz, jovem porém casados ha 24 anos, dinâmicos e prestativos. Depois de dedicar tanto aos filhos, buscam conhecer as belezas e se encantar com lugares lindos, gastando pouco e valorizando a cultura e o bom relacionamento com as pessoas e o meio ambiente.


Set country: United States

I am passionate on connecting with people and cultures as it is a not only a way to have great experiences, but to know myself better.

Steph Clark

Set country: United Kingdom

Husain Ali

Set country: Bahrain

Hello everyone I really love traveling, hanging around with friends. I try to go somewhere every time I have the chance, I like meeting people from other countries, other cultures. I like to work and learn new things in my life My dream is to travel to all countries of the world;) Be Happy Peace Freedom instagram: alnoaimi1990

Wassél Borghol

Set country: Tunisia

Hello, My name is Wassel. I am a 22 year old Tunisian student. I am licensed in English arts,civilization and humanities. I am currently an MA2 cultural studies student. I also have been a teacher of English at a prestigious teaching center. I can speak English ( advanced) French ( advanced) and Arabic (native). I have all the documents supporting my claims and will be more than happy to share them with you. I am highly interested in bringing value to communities, contributing to positively impacting the world and participating in an intercultural exchange.

Joel Agetorp

Set country: Sweden

Curious, hard working and optimistic Swede

Julieta Pieretto

Set country: Argentina

Hi! Im an human-frendly traveller searching job or a place to sleep for a few weeks

La Fée de Kalârka

Set country: Colombia

Im planning to travel in some months. Im a language teacher (English French) whose mother tongue is Spanish. Im also a juggler, a macramé knitter and a biker, although I ll go on my trip without my baby. I like playing the drums and the guitar, and in short, im a person you can trust.