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Set country: Philippines

I am a self-motivated professional with 18 years of experience in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language (TESOL). I have a Bachelor's Degree in English with units in Public Administration. I plan to travel with my husband and 4 children ages 16, 15, 13 and 10. They all speak English well as it is their first language. We are all willing to teach and make English programs and fun activities for 3 weeks.


Set country: United States

Hi! My name is Dahlia, I am 22 years old and currently living in the United States! I will have my bachelor's degree in psychology in May of 2023 and I would love to explore the world and meet new like-minded adventurers along the way!

Ahmed Nassar

Set country: Egypt

Working as a Tour Leader/Representative Assisting Tourists, Managing Tour. Worked as an Admin Clerk.


Set country: Taiwan, Province of China

Hello guys! I am Sarah from Taiwan. I am a fun, energetic, and happily bubbly person who loves learning about other cultures and meeting new people.
I am fluent in both Mandarin and English, currently working as a receptionist at a homestay in Taiwan.
I like painting, kitting, hiking and so much more! Hope I get to meet you guys soon :)

Lewnidas Papadopoulos

Set country: Greece

I am a lifeguard and a mechanical engineering student . I have done erasmus and travel a bit . I used to be a swimmer and a swimming instructor for children . Also i have a motorcycle car and boat drivers licence . I m learning how to surf , i know some windsurfing , wakeboard and i am a waterskiing instructor (still new to this ) .


Set country: Brazil

Viajante iniciante, procurando por conhecimento e conexões por culturas e pessoas diferentes.

Ndem Must Bolai

Set country: Belgium

Aime jardiner, agri. et construction (expériences d'aide-chantie,), amateur prêt à apprendre de nouveaux trucs et faire du bon boulot, en France et au delà etc.
A bientôt ! Like DIY stuff, garden, building and maintenance, not a pro but ready to learn new stuff and do a good job in France and beyond. See you soon.

Xanthe Rook

Set country: New Zealand

Kia Ora, My name is Xanthe and I am from New Zealand. I grew up surrounded by the Native bush in Tītirangi. I spent most of my time playing music: clarinet, piano, bass, drums, guitar and voice. I studied History and Religious studies at University and continued on to work in Libraries and Archives. I am extremely riveted by antiques and tāonga (treasures). I also enjoy metalwork (jewellery), chess, film and art, working with children, and learning new things.


Set country: Spain

Hi, I'm Helena Viciano, a 22 year old Spanish student and I'm looking for an experience where I can help others while learning and growing. I study Environmental Sciences at the University of Valencia and I know English, Spanish and Italian. I love nature, sports, cooking and any art I can learn.


Set country: United States

Hey there, I'm Lilli.
I’m an artist, farmer, entrepreneur, empath, observer of nature, and lover of animals. Although I am introverted and enjoy quiet reflection, I also enjoy traveling and meeting new people. In the past I have done volunteering through WWOOF and Workaway. I am grateful for the amazing friends I have made while traveling, and for the fact that I can be connected with people around the world. In general I love learning, and look forward to all the amazing opportunities ahead.


Set country: United States

My name is Alejandro Perez, I am an student at the University of Texas at Austin (Mc Combs), I am studying BBA + Finance and I am looking for something to spend my time in the summer, while I meet people and new places. I am very sporty, running, surfing, etc... so I think your house is the ideal place for me.

Thalita Holanda

Set country: Brazil

Sou professora há 10 anos. Amo viajar, conhecer pessoas e ser útil.


Set country: Egypt

My name is Bilal, I love traveling and getting to know new people and cultures


Set country: United States

I am a 20 year old American girl traveling abroad for the first time this summer. I am currently in college studying neuroscience. I am looking for somewhere to stay on my journey. I can teach English, help around the house, or help babysit or dog/cat sit.

Andrea Nodari

Set country: Italy

Hello! I'm Andrea, I'm 29, and I love travelling and discovering new places. I'm looking for a new interesting experience abroad where I can know a culture and make new friends. I'm sociable, I like biking and trekking.

Elisa Pagliarin

Set country: Italy

I'm Elisa, I'm 25 and I'm form Varese, in northern Italy. I'm kind, polite and a little bit shy. I'm recent graduated in Osteopathic Medicine and, before starting my profession in Italy, I want to make this this experience to be more confident and grow on a personal level. During this stay I want to meet new people and create new friendship. Furthermore, I want to improve my speaking skills and increase my vocabulary because I'll need a English certification for my future career. In addition to osteopathy, I enjoy trekking, cooking, look after my pet.


Set country: Mexico

Hi! I am a Canadian living in Mexico, and now i am looking for a change. I want to travel and see different places. I need to get out of my comfort zone and really start to live life. I love the outdoors and exploring nature. I am excited to meet new people and to creat long lasting friendships. I am currently a manger of a cafe, but i am looking to go in a different direction. I want to find my true passion in life. I am really good with people and i know how to handle stressful situations. I am up to do any job! I am really looking forward to a new beginning, so i am starting with this.


Set country: United States

My name is Lauryn I am 26 years old and have a great interest in learning more about homesteading, cooking, gardening, and construction work to take along with me on my journey.

A little about me..

I am an all around creative person who loves all forms of art but specifically painting, making jewelry, macrame arts, creative writing, and flow arts. I am a generally clean/tidy person with a great attention to detail as it is needed in the work that I do. Currently, I work at a crystal shop in New England specifically Massachusetts. I consider myself a spiritual person, when I have time I practice yoga, sound healing, divination, and crystal healing through past life work. Looking forward to learning more about how to garden as well as some building techniques to a... Read more

Fernanda Seta

Set country: Brazil

Mi chiamo Fernanda cittadina italiana e anche brasiliana, sono una Terapista Occupazionale della riabilitazione,quadriennale brasiliana con il titolo riconosciuto presso Ministero della Salute Italiana .Sono specializzata in Terapia Occupazionale in Riabilitazione Neurologica-Motoria (post-laurea di 2 anni) Brasile, e specializzata in ABA nell'Autismo ( L'Applied Behaviour Analysis) (post- laurea di 1 anni,) Brasile. Ho eseguito i corsi : Bobath ,Kabath e Therasuit (corsi internazionali di riabilitazione) Ho lavorato in clinica (riabilitazione ortopedica e neurologica),ospedale (riabilitazione: lesioni del midollo spinale,ictus, sclerosi multipla, alzheimer,trauma cranio-encefalico), centro di riabilitazione e rieducazione (paralisi cerebrale infantile P.C.I,cerebrolesione). Sono una ma... Read more


Set country: Germany

Hello! I am Mia from Germany and will go Work and Travelling this year (2023) in Taiwan. My mother is Chinese, which is why I also speak Mandarin fluently. However, my reading/writing is not so good, which is why I am aiming to improve it during my stay in Taiwan.

I am 19 years old and just graduated high school in 2022. I love art and music, draw a lot in my free time and also play the guitar frequently. I've been helping with an LGBTQ+ association in the City I live in in Germany and am part of the leaders of a lesbian youth group where we create a safe space for participants and occasionally plan events as well.

I am looking forward to getting to know people from Taiwan, to learn and work together and exchange our cultures!


Set country: United Kingdom

Hello good people!! My name is Arian and decided to take a big step by travelling oversees. Was born in Albania, raised in Greece and currently living in UK. Having travelled around Europe, always preferred staying in hostels since it is the best place to meet new people (also it is easier to break the ice). Coming from the customer's side, I now want to see how it is on the other side.

BV Madhusudan Swami

Set country: India

I am a Vedic Spiritual Science teacher . I also teach Yog - Meditation and Martial Art . My date of birth is 29/10/1974 . I am a batchelor and have a plan to establish a spiritual center in India or abroad . I like travelling and discovering new ( holy ) places , doing social welfare activities and teaching spiritual science and history .


Set country: Germany

Hi, mein Name ist Fatime und ich bin 44 Jahre alt. Ich spreche 6 Fremdsprachen und habe mein Bachelor in Betriebswirtschaftslehre abgeschlossen.

Andressa Queiroz

Set country: Brazil

I'm a 25 years old Brazilian, wanting to travel with my twin sister Adriane. I I am graduated in English language and literature and Adriane is graduated in History. We both have an open-mind, a love for music and knowledge.

Petra Cirri

Set country: India

hi i'm petra, i am from italy and i just graduated in mass media communication and advertising. i decided to take a sabbatical year and embark on the great journey to india. I would like to visit the north first and then head south. itinerary i still have to explore the opportunities. i hope to get to know myself through experiences and relationships with those who know the area, i like travelling my passions are many. i love writing, taking photographs and cooking.