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Dominik Hlavinka

Set country: Czech Republic

I enjoy simple life and would like to create my offgrid living with permaculture garden place in future. Therefore I want to learn more through volunteering.

abd al rahman

Set country: Syrian Arab Republic

My global cook has 20 years experience, in five star hotels and I speak English and Arabic, I love breeding animals and agriculture. I love morning sports so I can be active in my work

Abhishek Patil

Set country: India

I am travelling to USA for the first time. Prefer to find a good & humble host

Joe Martram

Set country: Spain

Hello everyone - Hola a todos !
My name's Jose Maria [ Joe ], I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and raised in between Brazil, Spain and Mexico. I lived in the USA for 20 years working in different areas like Management, Retail, Sales, etc
I am an ex-musician, Art lover, eager traveler who would like to find a workaway kinda job with nice and high EQ visionaries >
I love nature and all living creatures..... I love people who love and respect this planet earth as much as I do >

Fatma Mustafa

Set country: Egypt

I am a girl who loves to be around people , outgoing & friendly. I work in the medical field so i always been keen to help others & this is just a way to do so in a non medical way. Iam a hard worker & can get easily along with everyone & can cope with any circumstances as long as there is respect & appreciation in return.

Brianna Franske

Set country: United States

My boyfriend, two well-trained dogs, and I are traveling in our 30ft trailer searching to learn and grow with others. We enjoy outdoor activities and have experience with gardening, maintenance, and service in general (we love to help). We aspire to have a community farm some day and are excited to be apart of this journey.


Set country: Italy

I'm Andreas, 50years old, Italian.
I speak Italian, Spanish and English.
I'm a professional photographer, videomaker, webmaster and Silkscreen printing.
Also I worked a lot in theaters, concerts, clubs, big parties to build scenographies, to mount sound and lights.
I love animals and I cook very well.
I'm a open mind person, I love alternative lifestyle, to travel meet new people and know new cultures.
Please do not contact me if you are a racist, homophobic, sexist, ethnophobic person.
Thank you and have you nice days .



Set country: United States

Hi! My name is Andie, I'm from Colorado USA. I'm an artist, hiker, explorer, animal-lover, and avid fun-haver. Let's be friends.


Set country: Uruguay

I'm from a small country, but I would love to travel to other places to learn about other cultures, meet new people and to become more independent (self growth). Willing to help others, it would also be nice to improve my english. I have a passion for animals, but really any job area might be interesting for me, I love challenges and learning new things.

Alya Romanenko

Set country: Moldova, Republic of

We are easy-going, down to earth people, met each other in the summer of 2017 in Chisinau, both searching adventures and simple life) So far, we have been hitchhiking and volunteering at the festivals seedcamps, workcamps and hostels. One day, we would love to escape the city life and re-connect with the nature, experience living off grid in a remote place, growing eating and preserving our own food. We would love to discover and learn from others and life in communities and may be settle down one day) Hugs and hope to meet you! Alea & Rost


Set country: Italy

hello, i'm edoardo, a 20 years old guy who studies psychology at Sapienza, University Of Rome. i'm really empathethic, i i like to go deep to understand things., behaviours etc I'm really curious, down to try everything new with a big smile on my face. i'm very responsable, smart and open-minded. Currently i am a member of a student collective which discusses about a lot of important topics (lgbt+ comunity, politics and so on) that help me developing my critic consciousness. i'm really active and observant of the world around me. I'm very thoughtful and i have a healthy life style. i love so much connecting with people.

Lakhdar Bouhenni

Set country: Algeria

Hi, i'm Lakhdar from Algeria and i have 21 years, i'm searching for volunteering works aroud the world to helping the others, to making new friends, to travling around the world and discovering new cultures, i like also helping the nature and animals ! i never tried a volunteering works so i'm very enthusiastic to do it !


Set country: Netherlands

My name is Margon and I am a 38 year old woman. I grew up in a dairy farm and I studied tropical agriculture in the Netherlands. I have worked for more than 10 in an office and I didn’t like the job. In 2017 I made a decision to do something else. I moved to China to work there as an English and Art teacher. I worked in Shenzhen, China for 2 years. Then in 2019 I decided to do something different, to go back to my roots and to voluntary work on farms. My hobbies are traveling, hiking, bicycling and being creative


Set country: Ghana

Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Michael and a tech entrepreneur and freelancer from Ghana. You can check out my startup website here ( I plan to do my masters next year but before then I want to take the gap in between this time and then to explore the world and get to know other cultures and people. I particularly want to hippohop mostly because my work requires me to sit behind my laptop most of the time and I kinda want a change from that. I won't give you any assurances of my character and all but you can be sure you get a cool person out of me, thanks.


Set country: Italy

Hi everybody! Please to meet you, I' m Kathleen :D I was born, 25 years ago, in the south of Italy from Filipino parents. I'm a sunny person, fascinated by different cultures and travel addicted. With my laptop i promote different realities of Culture and Art using graphic design, cultural and web marketing. My mission is to develop social, ecological and innovitative projects used and enjoyed by all. Democratize Art <3


Set country: Malaysia

Sincerity and integrity.A backpacker, traveller filled with curiosity.

I believe by getting insight into local life, learning its cultures and languages, interacting and connecting with people, seeing the world with an open heart broaden one's horizons.
I truly appreciate different cultures and languages.

Seeking opportunity to share and contribute as well as learn from the voluntary experience.
~not all classroom has four walls.

Sofie Adelaar

Set country: Netherlands


Set country: Algeria

Hi, My name is Younes 25 years old I love traveling, meet foreign friends, exchange of cultures and traditional dishes .. and help peoples. :)


Set country: Egypt

how can i help you ?

Puc Kratos Luong

Set country: Tunisia

Hi i’m caleb I’m a student in finance and a beat maker /singer i’m 19 i learn easily,i’m open minded and i like discovering new things

Noa Levin

Set country: Hungary

Hello! Im Noa, from Israel and I'll be around Hungary for around a month and a half and would love to work around during that time!

Paige McCune

Set country: United States

My name is Paige. I live in the bay area and am excited to move back to Kailua. I lived there last year and had to come back home because my father passed away. He was 92 and lived an amazing life. I am looking to live with someone who needs some extra help around the house in exchange for reduced rent. A little about me - I am in love with Kailua. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I am a great cook and like to try different recipes. I am one of those girls that likes to clean -wiping counters down twice a week and running a vacuum is stress relief. I enjoy garden work and am happy to run errands. I also love dogs. I am very active and like to spend as much time as I can outside. I am flexible, easy going, the first to a laugh at myself and can't wait to get up in the mornings... Read more

Colour Eyes

Set country: Egypt


Prashant Gupta

Set country: India

Young Indian looking to travel and simultaneously assist some lovely people around the world. Looking for few months stay in Canada or a few weeks stay in other countries. Will have to apply for visa so have to plan early. Thanks

Jannis Ross

Set country: Slovenia

We are Jannis and Noémie from Freiburg in Germany. During our summerbreak we are going to travel a bit. Our studies are in the fields of pedagogics and education. In combination with music, theatre and outdoorbound. While travelling we want to follow the idea of workaway, hippohelp and co. Because we like to get to know the regions we are visiting and also the inhabitants of those. Moreover we share the thought of participating in smaller or bigger projects. Due to the inspiration they give to us. This gives meaning to our travelling. We hope that the projects receive our helping hands as meaningful too.

Maria Verika Saragih

Set country: Malaysia

Hello! I'm Maria, I'm an Indonesian, but I'm currently studying in Malaysia. I'm a sociable and I'm good at adapting to new environments. I also want to make new friends wherever I go. I've done some volunteers/work exchange before, I can help with general tasks, and I'm also always interested to learn something new

Basanty Philip

Set country: United Arab Emirates

Hi all, I'm Basanty Philip, 28 years from Egypt living in UAE. I'm interested in travel and knowledge. I would like to know more about the experience of volunteering and meet different people from around the world i'm too excited to get started.


Set country: Malaysia

Work exchange gives me the wonderful opportunity to learn new things, widen my skills, meet interesting local people, and experience the local culture at a deeper level; all of which make traveling even more enriching and fun.