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Hello! I'm Olivia from england. I'm looking to do some travelling over the summer of 2019.

Deborah Ruggiero

I would do an experience as volunteers in hostels or farms. The first option because I think hostels are a world where a cultural excchange is possible. The second option because I like nature and stayingwith animals. I'm an enthusiastic person, positive with the desire to make new experiences and to know the world

Rosa Smits

Artist and traveller

Rose Pejman

Hello! I am a recent graduate from the University of Maryland looking to broaden my horizons through travel. I have always wanted to do work exchange and now that i have the free time i am very excited to begin this journey. I am an easy going individual who loves to work and explore new areas.


I'm Sophie from Berlin, Germany. I lived 2 years in Ireland & wanna stay now in Spain to relearn my spanish. I learned Spanish in secondary school, can understand a lot, but not able to speak much anymore.

I was growing up with dogs, guinea pigs & rabbit & lived abroad with cats. I love animals, so I wanna learn to take care of farm animals now - specially horses. I'm also interested in learning about gardening/farming as I wanna grow my own things in the future.

I love to cook & bake & normally I enjoy to clean as long as I'm treated with respect & without rush. I worked 8 month as an aupair taking care of 2 girls & the house & I really enjoyed it. I have no problems to work hard, but for the case that this is a volunteering job, I don't wanna be handled as a slave. I ... Read more


I am very happy to join you and participate in this beautiful experience