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Silvana Biagetti

Set country: Argentina

Soy Argentina, tengo 38 años y viajo con mi hijo Matías de 21 años. Estamos queriendo explorar el mundo e intercambiar culturas con todas las personas que quieran compartir momentos agradables con nosotros. I am Argentina, I am 38 years old and I travel with my son Matías, 21 years old. We are wanting to explore the world and exchange cultures with all the people who want to share pleasant moments with us.

Elina Johanna Hejdström

Set country: Sweden


Roni Groove

Set country: Canada

mother and daughter looking to learn and adventure with new friends

Richard Turra

Set country: United Kingdom

Hi. I am travelling the Europe and learning English. I am a fast learner and can do any kind of job. I hope i can help you. :)

Michelle Tan

Set country: Singapore

Willing to help and gain new experiences. Kind and easy going, able to get along well with others. Not a picky person.


Set country: Cameroon

Gessica, 29 ans. J'aimerais apprendre à parler anglais tout en étant en contact avec la population locale.

Andrea Pitt

Set country: United States

19 year old female from nyc looking to find my passion out in the world with your help

Ericka Christina

Set country: Madagascar

Photographer Low budget traveler Bad decisions taker

Volodymyr Tokar

Set country: Ukraine

I am professor of international finance. I got sick and tired of teaching and want to see new places and people.

Parimal Chaudhari

Set country: India

I want to travel the world.

RoZeta AnWar

Set country: Egypt

I need to see the world I am a painter

Kamal Kachach

Set country: Morocco

I am Kamal Kachach from Morocco and I want to be a volunteer in helping others


Set country: Philippines

We started our world travel in January 2019. After 4 months in South America we changed the continent to Southeast Asia where we are going to travel around for a few months. The most of the time we stay in hostels, airbnb's and do couchsurfing. We did twice volunteering in an animal rescue station, one in Bali (Indonesia) and one in Cebu (Philippines). We are passionate in diving, hiking, travelling and we really love to get in touch with local people, eat local food and not doing only all the touristic staff ;-)
We really love the nature and animals!

Vinod Kumar

Set country: India

Hi am looking for a job and home in the central Asian countries being a btech engineer in civil engineering have good experience too. M good in english n also intrested in hospitality sector

Elisa Sorajoki

Set country: Finland

I am studying at the university in Finland to become a teacher in Spanish, English and Swedish. I have got experience in working with children of different ages by babysitting and teaching jobs. In Finland, I have worked as a teacher in primary school, secondary school and high school and so far got experience on group leading.

Zaíla Silveira

Set country: Brazil

Em busca de novas experiências!Conhecer pessoas e lugares ,diferentes culturas!

Paula Rexforth

Set country: Canada

We are Paula and David and currently in Canada for work and travel. We are adventurous people who love the outdoors and are open for anything. If it comes to work, we are definitely not afraid of getting our hands dirty. Since we are not choosy at all, we would love to have any kind of work.

Ayush Namdev Aayuu

Set country: India

My name is Ayush Namdev and i am from INDIA.My love and hobby is travelling,playing cricket and other sports,dancing,singing ,acting etc.My dream is to get a job in which i get paid for travelling so i hope this platform will help me to achieve my dream.

Mohamed Seddik

Set country: Morocco

I'm really wanna be a volunteer and help yhe others and get an experience

Yazmin Bissenden

Set country: Viet Nam

Hi! I’m a student currently taking a gap year and travelling the world, but want to be able to really involve myself within the community and within the countries that I visit, alongside seeing the sites! So I’m more than happy to help others in exchange for being more involved with the country itself.


Set country: Lebanon

I am a lebanese female enthusiastic entrepreneur, i love travel and meet new people and i love being a helping hand whenever and wherever i can

سيدي علي وعمر

Set country: Egypt

Wael 43 years old Married

Jenny da Suli

Set country: France

Hi, I am a 36 years old french girl, travelling in Europe for 2 months. I used to work in Paris, for a publishing company, magazines or a cinema festival. I have lived a year in Italy when I was 17 and also several months in Australia. I want to discover new places and its people!!

Егор Рукин

Set country: Russian Federation

My name is Egor and right now i'm getting PhD but not so sure why i need this. So i'm looking for opportunities to do something important and valuable to other people and me.

Alessandra Louve

Set country: United Kingdom

Hello, my name is Alessandra from Austria (born in South Germany) I am currently looking for a host somewhere in the UK where I can stay for a few weeks and help out. I am just in the gap between traveling and studying next year, therefore I have plenty of time where I'd love to volunteer a bit in a different country and I love the UK! I did farm work before via helpX in New Zealand (vineyard field work), love to work with animals and am open to learn many new skills. I have also worked in hospitality (cleaning in 4 star Hotel, cooking at Vapiano Italian restaurant, bartending, service and dishwashing in a pub) before. If there's any more you want to now please let me know in a message. I hope to see you soon! Alessandra

Laamari khaled

Set country: Algeria

Hello my name is khaled

Johão Pedro Vargas

Set country: Malta

I wan't to meet different types of people and jobs and learn how they are and how they work. I'm going to do my best in every thing I'm in.


Set country: Algeria

hello my name is mounir i'm 27 years old, i have a master degrees in macromolecular chemistry currently i work in cosmetic field it's a very interested domain, now i want to take a break and travel in different countries and try new experiences
I consider myself hardworking, flexible, and responsible, i am a really enthusiastic, curious and talkative person, that likes to help out and make a difference, i like to learn about history and food from differnet countrys so i always wanted to meet new people from defferent cultures
i am good at teaching and i can dealing well with children (learning languages, drawing....), also i loved spending time with the animals then i´m an open- minded person and open to fulfill various tasks

Thank you and looking forward to meeting you Read more