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Hi !

I am Charlotte, a French girl and half Vietnamese from my mother.

I love to travel and to share with people.

I had the great opportunity to be an exchange student during 1 year in Canada (English part), to complete an internship in finance in Belgium and I am currently living in Luxembourg.

I am volunteer, dynamic, optimistic, reliable and organized.

In terms of skills, I am currently working in Finance and I have been private teacher for kids between 12 to 18 years old during 3 years.

I am looking for an opportunity to help during 2 or 3 weeks starting from 15/07/2018.

Do not hesitate to contact me if my profile could suit your ONG needs.

Thank you very much !



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I am an open-minded young woman who loves it to travel and experience adventures.


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Hi! I'm an American student traveling over the summer. I figured this would be the best time at this point in my life to travel and experience other cultures. Staying in homes and helping out seems the best way to immerse myself in the environments. I'm excited to see what this adventure brings me!


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I'm an easy going traveler, who likes to see all parts of the world and experience different cultures, people, religions, traditions, ways of living and more. I'm very open minded and think I can learn something new and helpful from everybody.

Ian McMillan

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Language teacher. Love meeting new people, happy to do manual labour too! I also play Irish traditional music on the flute.

Carlotta Gamba

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Hello everyone! I'd like to learn a new way of living the time and moving into space; I'd like to share my spare time and make it available to others and I want to convert "consumption" to "production" and "industriousness" ! My name is Carlotta, I'm a young architect from Mila, Italy.


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Hey everyone :)
my name is Nadja and I wanted to travel to Canada since I was 10, which was when I made a presentation about the country in school. So here I am, finally starting to fulfill that childhooddream. I don't have a very detailed plan about what I'm going to do or see, I just want to let things turn out as they do. My passions are very many as I'm easily fulfilled with enthousiasm for everything, but to name three, there are:
- learning new things, primarily like new cultures, people and languages
- horses and hiking
- arts (music as well as painting and drawing)
These things are just a few of which I love to do, but they are not what I'm dependent of. If there's some life and fun and sun that's fine with me :)

Marc Zoega Jørgensen

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My name is Marc I just turned 21. I have been travelling for a while and now wish to try my luck with ecological farming. It has always been and idea of mine to learn the natural ways.

Fatih Karatay

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I am Fatih, living in Toronto, Canada. I am 23 y.o. I studied international relations and now I have my gap year. I'd like to discover and earn some good experiences in a part of the world.


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I have home stayed on 3 separate farms since the beginning of my gap year, through a similar website called WWOOF. For three months I worked in Spain, and am currently on a coffee farm in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. I am 18, Japanese-American, and have spent 4 years of my education (1-12) in Japan, and 8 in California and Massachusetts. I am looking to work in a backpacker hostel in exchange for accommodation from the beginning of April through early June. The farm I am currently on also runs a BnB, so I have had a month's experience of helping there, preparing rooms for new guests, and prepping for breakfast and cleaning up afterwards. But more importantly, I am willing to work hard and develop my ability to contribute.

Mark Farrell

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Easy going guy eager to travel the world.

Samuel G Rogers

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As cliche as this sounds, I have always felt like there was a higher purpose in life and have always wanted to give back to those less fortunate and explore the world. I am young and fit and do not shy away from a bit of hard graft when required, especially if it is for a good cause. My passions are cooking, eating, music and fitness and have been to various different places globally already. I dont think there is anything more nurturing in life than travelling, meeting, helping and understanding others and what they value and am intent on doing as much of this as possible whilst Im young. I am actually a qualified pilot but am not current at the moment and have spent the last 4 years working in London. Therefore, I am eager to get out into the world and do something special for other p... Read more


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I’m a professional digital marketing manager, yogi and spiritual healer based in Southern California. After 6 years in the industry, I decided to finally take a gap year to travel the states and then the world.

Timothy Bowness

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Hi I'm a traveller, looking to volunteer during my trips and adding the local dimension to my trip.

Piero DE Franciscis

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Healthy italian man aged 51! Graduate in law, i am available for simple handy works or for administration


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Workaway to be the locals, enjoy nature and working Outdoors. Hopefully gain skills

Paulo Guilherme Maier Dittrich

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I'm a happy guy who try to make every minute of my life worth it. 26 years old (28/12/1992), currently living in Florianopolis - SC - Brazil. I used to work for an IT company for the last 2 years. I was a Sales Man.


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I am Lennart, ( hard worker ) 21 years old and from Germany. I have been traveling around Australia for 1 1/5 years.
My hobbys are surfing, fishing, sport and swimming.
I love animals and the nature.
I am friendly and easy and I love it to meet new people.


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My name is Justin and I have recently graduated from university in America with a degree in mechanical engineering. I am traveling the world for fun before I return home and become a serious, boring adult :)

Charlotte Seibert

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Hi there,

My name is Charlotte, I'm 31 years old and originally from Hamburg in Germany. For the past eight years I've been living in London and fulfilled my dream of working in the music industry. While I'm still in love with the city and want to continue working in the industry, I fancy taking a break from it all to explore this beautiful planet of ours and hopefully meet some great people on the way.

I'm a huge animal lover (my family currently has three dogs, two horses and five cats), care about the environment and sustainability so it would be great to find work opportunities in these areas.

Thanks and hopefully see you soon :)


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Hello future hosts, We are two nineteen-year-old female best friends from Germany and we are looking for hosts during our trip all around Asia. We would love to make new friends and at the same time travel around and explore the beauty of foreign countries while working and supporting you! We look forward to meeting you! Lilli and Uta

Michelle Karl

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I'm Michelle, 22 years, studying communication psychology, my hometown is Berlin in Germany :D I'm basically open for every place, also for learning a new language! Just like most people on this site I like to follow the feeling of wanderlust in my soul and travel :) Exploring new places is my passion, I like to meet new people and exchange stories, cultures and learn from each other. Hippohelp seems perfect to meet new peole, pick up new skills and get to know a place and culture in a more realistic way than just by being there as a tourist. I'm willing to work hard and to help a place grow! I collected some information about myself on this profile, but it's by far not all I'm willing to let you know, SO: If there are any questions -> don't hesitate to just ask!! :) I want to tell... Read more


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Hi! My name is Elerin and I'm from Estonia and I'm travelling with my partner Claudio, who is from Chile. In the end of summer we quit our office jobs in Poland to make our dreams come true - travel the world. We are planning to go from Europe to Africa and at the moment we are in Valencia, Spain. During our trip we would like to meet local people around the world and as well get experience in working different way and places. One is to experience this with local families and communities.

Tedi Tedz

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I am a resilient, well-spoken still quite young man with a healthy dose of self-confidence and a respect for others. My conduct is always professional and my skill set of technical, interpersonal, emotional and technological prowess enable me to positively deal with any situation confronted with. As a dedicated and driven individual I can be left alone to function independently. A calm and honest outlook on life, keeps me focussed and well presented. However, a good sense of humour and wit makes me an ideal candidate in any team environment. I have quite some life expierence under my belt, have travelled the world picking different jobs yet mine main skillset evolves around IT field and that includes over 7 years of work with whole lot of cutting edge technologies in the corporate bui... Read more

Eunice Pebble

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I am 25 years old with a thirst for culture and knowledge. I am also currently dabbling in photography and videography - my main goal is to be able to interview and make 1 minute snippets of lives around the world! I love to find new perspectives, learn about the small / huge cultural differences.

I also like to try new things, whether is it gardening (I have black fingers though), or taking care of children ( I LOVE CHILDREN), or helping out with anything else. I am very adventurous and I love nature.

I am married to a wonderful man, who is strong (even though he looks very skinny) and makes the best coffee ever! He will be with me on most of my travels.

Ema Nuel

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We're an easygoing couple from Argentina, travelling around New Zealand looking to know people and live new experiences! We're especially interested in meeting other travellers and living with local people for discovering, share and learn about their culture and lifestyle. We're fast learners and keen to work on different projects, tasks and needs, even if we haven't done it before. And, if we have the possibility, we'll love to contribute from our passion and knowledge area in multimedia, web design and photography. We're enthusiastic and love being outdoors. We can help with the farm and house duties, and we're pretty good cookers, especially with Argentine dishes and doing handmade pasta and sauces :) We look forward meeting you! Some of what we do: Read more

Simon Bigarelli

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Hi there, I’m Simon Bigarelli an italian guy of 30yo. I am an italian teacher but in the past I collect a lot of experience working with kids in many environments. I get my bachelor and finish all my studies between ireland and uk. im also a musician. im a singer and i play guitar and drums. also i teach music. i like to live abroad. i spent 1 year in brasil, 1 year in south africa and now im in portugal with a volunteering international project with kids, local people and also i wrote some project for european union. i like to cook a lot. im a good chef. im a kind of cindarella.... i like live in a clean house. i have drive licence as well. i speak fluent english and portuguese (brasilian and european too) and also afrikaans. Of course italian is my mother tongue. im a Self-motivated... Read more


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A young adult looking for something exciting before starting medical school in August 2018. I'm enthusiastic and looking to lend a hand in return for the opportunity to explore something new.

Abhishek Gupta

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I am a Software Engineer from India. Now I am looking to travel to other countries to explore different Culture and people. This is my first time I am volunteering as helper.
I do not have professional experience other then computers but I know basics of most of the areas. Cooking is one of my hobby(Can cook vegetarian and Chicken meals) . I am healthy enough to do any kind of physical work or front desk work

Chi En

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After 2 intense and amazing years of working and volunteering, also backpacking Japan, and 6 months just relaxing in Europe, Im back on the road again! Destination: SE Asia!
Planning to snoop around as a classic Ana so far - backpacking, CSing, HHing if possible, hammocking where it is possible, volunteering here and there and possibly being mindblown most of the time.

Im kind of tired of being on my own all the time and since the language barrier and the lack of common knowledge about each of these countries plays an important role when it comes to the experience, Id love a random like-minded person to join me as a travel buddy and sweat and starve and complain about mosquitoes with me.

BTW, Ive majored in comparative cultural studies and have 3 years of ESL teaching, ... Read more

Tillie Quattrone

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Hello! My name is Tillie - I am a 20 year old from Vermont, USA, and will be applying for a US-Ireland Working Holiday Visa to begin in late August of 2018. I have been to Scotland and England through theatrical performance opportunities at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, and am very excited to discover what eye-opening cultural opportunities Ireland has to offer! As a single child living with two parents in a rural area, I've always taken opportunities to spend time with other people, eager to meet new people and learn from their experiences and different perspectives. In terms of my qualifications: I have completed primary and secondary curricula, as well as two years of university, and have earned a degree in Liberal Studies. The following paragraphs detail my 2 years of custo... Read more

Gaelle Dpnt

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Hi! I'm gaelle a 19 years old student in English and spanish and I come from Paris, France! I'm looking for an internship in Europe.


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I am an 18 year old girl who wants to learn spanish as my third language. I am originally from France but have lived in England for the past 7 years. I can speak both french and english very well. I am a patient and caring person. I enjoy helping others and i love children. I have a nephew which i have been babysitting since he was born. I have helped him learn a little bit of french. He is now 4 year old and will be entering school in September which is why i would like to become a helper to a family in a different country.

More information about me:

- I turn 19 years old in July.
- I can speak both French and English.
- I'm looking to stay with a family in Spain and help children learn english for as long as they need me to.

Contact me if you have any quest... Read more

Brandon O'Neill

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I would love the opportunity to farm especially with olive in the Mediterranean region. Please contact me if you are involved with olives and I would love an opportunity to work with you on your farm. I am kind, polite, confident, have a sense of humor, love to talk, and am not shy. I am very respectful and will not cause trouble and will gladly accept new experiences. I am easy going and gets along with everyone and love to be surrounded by people. I do have a good work ethic and will accomplish all task happily and to the best of my ability. I am an English first language speaker and will be happy to help hosts with practicing English if they will in turn help me practice the local language until fluency. I have graduated with a BSc in agriculture.


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Im a 25 year old Canadian that likes to travel as often as I can. I work full time and try to take a month every winter to travel to different parts of the world. I love the outdoors; beaches, hiking, markets, and learning about different cultures. I enjoy yoga, vegetarian/vegan food, and being social/meeting new people.

Sumit Singhani

Set country: United States

Interested in sustainability

Raquel RA

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My name is Raquel. I'm a 24 years old student and volunteer. I live in Madrid, Spain, where I study International Affairs and work as a private English teacher in high schools and schools. On summer I try to travel abroad in order to volunteer, help and learn. I have traveled to almost 50 countries and now I'm looking forward to know Africa and Latin America better. Last year I spent the whole summer in Serbia, working with refugees and it was a really fulfilling experience that inspired me to devote my holidays to help. I can't wait to meet you!

Kitty Wong

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A girl from Hong Kong hoping to find some new challenges for herself.Study ecoLogy in Hong Kong and currently doing a exchange semester in the University of Bergen, Norway. Enjoy simple life and wildlife. Enjoy photography, knitting, watching movies and cooking.

Diane Prigent

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Hello! I’m a world citizen that grew up in France, USA, India and now lives in Mexico. I teach yoga and help people heal thanks to spiritual healing techniques (sound healing, Ayurvedic massages, etc). I have also done farm work in California and in France. I love traveling and to settle in uplifting communities where I blossom.