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I have been traveling in Central America and Canada for the last 5 months while thoroughly enjoying all the amazing people of all ages and nationalities and working with each individual host and their different work projects. My last four workaway experiences have been 5 weeks in Panama painting portraits of JFK, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Beethoven Carlos's ( my host) girlfriend​ and several more, 5 weeks housekeeping for a small vacation resort, 5 weeks painting a large murals on an outside wall and several rooms in a hostel in Belize and 5 weeks doing laundry and cleaning rooms in Canada​. I have owned and operated a picture frame shop and art gallery for 33 years. I have strong customer service, love interacting with people,​ bookkeeping skills, a self-starter, personable... Read more


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Hi, I'm a outgoing girl who dream to travel around the world, I speak English, Chinese,a bit Spanish and Taiwanese. I'm on my way to make my dream come true, and I need your help :) I know it's not gonna be easy, but as my favorite sentence says:you don't need to be good to start something, but you gotta start doing something to be good. Let's share stories and love! Hope I can get a chance to help you!

Christina Filipowich

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I work as a Nurse in Boston, MA and plan to take a year off Sept 2019 to travel. I love extreme sports like snowboarding and mountain biking and would love to include them or other daring sends in my travels as much as possible. Basically anything in nature. I plan to return to the states later on to build out a van, work as a travel nurse and continue to take frequent trips around the world. Im a friendly, outgoing optimist who can get along with mostly everyone. Just tryna enjoy my time here and be happy.

Suri Kiss

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Hi my name is Suri K, Im 23 years old originally from the United States. I'm really excited to travel and meet new people and learn about different cultures! Im a psychology student, on summer break, looking to learn new skills, help wherever i can, and stoked for an adventure ! Im a quick learner, not afraid to get my hands dirty and hope to bring good energy !

Bardia Kip Nikfarjam

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Hello! My name is Bardia, and I am looking to help during October, November, and December - three months.

I have volunteer and work experience with food, moving, event planning, and more. I am physically able for construction or to lift heavy objects. As an engineering student, I am tech-savvy and excellent with computers, social media, and everything inbetween. I have recently been learning web app programming.

I am a huge fan of meeting new people, outdoor activities, and cooking. I also love working hard, learning new skills and languages, and trying my best!


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Throughout our entire relationship we have always dreamed of being able to travel, work and help others by sharing our skills, knowledge, physical strength and abilities with communities we find ourselves based with around the world.
We are passionate about helping children, to shape a better future out of a less fortunate upbringing, help them develop, learn people skills and gain life experience. To give them nurture, care and attention. Not only are we passionate about children but we are also passionate about animals and helping in any way that we can to prevent their suffering and aid organisations in their quest to do just that.
With our property development and construction background, we are both capable of helping in any ECO, community or building project you may have. Read more

Shae Woodward

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I am a vibrant, enthusiastic and positive young Australian. I find deep fulfillment through cultural and sustainable travel and enjoy nothing more than having new and challenging experiences. I have just finished my university degree and am officially a Registered Nurse and to celebrate, I am renouncing all adulthood responsibility of me and travelling for 6 months. I have previously traveled to many destinations but this will be my first trip alone. I am my happiest when I am outside and surrounded by nature and am extremely passionate about the environment. My other passions include drinking coffee, reading, dancing, drinking coffee, hiking and drinking coffee. I am an extremely hard worker and learn very quickly and can make any task fun and interactive.


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My name is Tony. I am 35 and originally from the United Kingdom. After graduating from university (archaeology and prehistory), I've basically been travelling around Europe and volunteering in various countries. I also keep a website where I catalogue and write about my travel experiences (well...who doesn't these days!). In the very near future I intend to launch my mission to travel to and volunteer in every country in the world.


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Hello, I'm Gustavo, a calm and polite 26 year old Brazilian who wishes to expand my life experiences by going abroad. I pay little mind to heavy work as I consider it part of a good experience, what would be of the good times without the bad ones, right?

Marianna Ancic

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I'm Marijana from Croatia. I'm looking for new experiences in my life and for the new people who share my life philosophy and passion. I'm tired of living in this world full of consumerism and material values and I'm now starting to live my life how I allways wanted. It's never too late. I love traveling, meeting people, I love people!!!! I want to do some meanigfull things and for me this is helping others, teaching kids, living with the people for the people.

Martin RG

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Hi to everyone, i'm Martin, a full time traveler who works with IT and Web Development, always ready to help and learn doing new things, i like to work with wood, plants and animals in general, to resume "i love to keep in contact with nature" and spend a lot of time on it...
I born in a very warm city in the north-east of Colombia, but i love winter and i would love be the full year on it, sadly with global warming and seasons, it's not easy for me, i have been forced to travel...

Mozhgan MK

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I am Mozhgan, I like to travel around world and know diffrent people and different cultures

Luisa Rip

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I was born in a city, but for several years my parents live in a village near the Etna Volcano, so I know the different social dynamic. Since I was small I have developed a passion for animals, nature and art; several times I walk trails on the Etna with my two dogs. Since I am child I help my parents at home cooking or doing cleaning because we are a large family and everyone has always had a different task. Thanks to my university studies (at University of Fine Arts in Florence and Bilbao) I have a wide knowledge of the artistic world (from the digital one, like video editing, to the manual one, like ceramics). Studying and living outside my country for some time has given me the opportunity to know me more, to know how to share spaces with other people, to understand the richness of ... Read more

Tamilselvan Suresh Natarajan

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Indian Male Doctorate

Marcos Agustín Pellacani

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Hello! Im Marcos, 26 years old from Argentina. I have been living in New Zealand since March 2016. I want to help in Africa in 2019.


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I am an enthusiast of meeting new people, helping to accomplish meaningful projects, and blending in with the local society. My journey in the volunteering world started in 2012, when i was serving as a vice-president in a patient association located in Athens, and continued as the president of the association until June (2018). During that time, i developed communication skills, and the cause for something bigger than me. Then, i volunteered in a month long medical Internship in Nepal( Fewa city hospital, Pokhara) to practice my nursing ( a 4 year bachelor in nursing) , help the developing system, and blending with the local community by staying in a host family. I'm looking for a meaningful project, as that's how i choose to spend my vacation time. Through helping , meeting peop... Read more

Alex Bärtl

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Hey You! We are searching for a host in Irland, our stay goes from the end of September to December. If you like to know more about us feel free to read our profile :)

- student of English & German studies in Dresden
- from Hamburg

- skilled midwife (education in Dresden)
- from Greifswald, North Germany

We both prefer areas in the vicinity of water as we both grew up this way. Furthermore, we enjoy the beauty of nature which is why we are looking forward to working and living in Ireland far from the city (preferably). As open-minded and adaptive people, we, on the one hand, are eager to meet and get to know friendly people who like to share their knowledge with us. On the other hand, helping people on their work is a great opportunity for ... Read more

Kat Rin

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Hi there! Hmm... to make it short: I have quit my incredibly well paid job and said goodbye to the idea of calling only one place on this beautiful planet my home. I'm passionate about living creatively. Surfing, yoga, cooking, gardening and doing music are a few of my favourite things. Always happy sharing good vibes, working with people, animals and nature and focusing on the present moment.


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I'm an engineering student from Bilbao and I’m wiling to go out this summer and have a great time, live new experiences and learn about everything. I think that I’m an easy going girl and very respectful. I have a great sense of humor, although I not very funny. I’m really bad at describing myself.

Bia Lazuli

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Hi there. Me and my husband João (John) are going to travel around Europe for a while. We are very interested in music, art, permaculture and alternative ways of living, bioconstruction, yoga, vegetarianism, nature... We are hoping to help people whilst experiencing different cultures, perhaps learning a new language and learning as much as we can.

Jools McC

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Available from January Hello people, I'm looking for a work exchange in the West Midlands, although I'll consider other areas. After a positive experience with a previous host in Liecestershire, I've decided to settle in the area for a while, and I think a work exchange will be the perfect stepping stone to my next adventure. I usually do DIY, but I'm not averse to cleaning or helping with household chores, cooking and so on. I'm reasonably IT literate too, if that's of any use to anyone...


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Hello, My name is Paulina Harwell and I am from Dallas, TX, USA. I’m 18 years old, but will be 19 at the time of the stay. I’m trying to travel the world next summer on my summer break from college. I’m looking to travel through Europe May, June, or July of 2019. I’d enjoy working at a hostel, with children, cleaning, and any other more sociable work. I’m very friendly, love talking to people, and helping people. I don’t have many skills farming, gardening, or cooking. I can’t wait for this amazing experience that I will remember for the rest of my life!

Claudia Tang Shuning

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Trying to step out of my comfort zone and learn more about the world!


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Hi! We are Camila Coelho and Mateo Rivero, we´re 24 years old and lifelong travelers. We both studied industrial design in Colombia so we are plenty of ideas and love to make them work! We are very positive and energetic persons ready to help if we know something and ready to learn if we don´t.
We love animals and have always been very close to them as with farm environments. We come from a country full of biodiversity so we love to explore nature, take care of animals and breath fresh air outside the cities

Dianara Lopenić

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I’m an enthusiast on the quest of finding exciting projects, where teamwork and creativity play a key role. I like challenges and learning. Studying marketing, cinema and media production, led me to develope skills to reach goals, taking art and design as a base, I spin my self into the visual side. I like creating things.

Marlon Victório

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I am Brazilian from Florianópolis Island. I'm a personal very kind I like and meet new people.
I love to help people, animal and nature.


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My name is adil , I'm a 39 years old from Morocco and I'm very interested in having the opportunity to live for a while in a completely different environement and culture than what I'm used to, my favorite hobbies are swimming and walking watching movies , camping, sports in general, reading mostly fiction novels. I'm a very open minded person and I get along with everyone easily and I've already participated in many events regarding volunteering in Morocco, I take my job very seriously especially if someone is hosting me I'll be sure to pay back the favour with doing my tasks correctly.