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I'm an engineering student from Bilbao and I’m wiling to go out this summer and have a great time, live new experiences and learn about everything. I think that I’m an easy going girl and very respectful. I have a great sense of humor, although I not very funny. I’m really bad at describing myself.

Bia Lazuli

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Hi there. Me and my husband João (John) are going to travel around Europe for a while. We are very interested in music, art, permaculture and alternative ways of living, bioconstruction, yoga, vegetarianism, nature... We are hoping to help people whilst experiencing different cultures, perhaps learning a new language and learning as much as we can.

Jools McC

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Available from January Hello people, I'm looking for a work exchange in the West Midlands, although I'll consider other areas. After a positive experience with a previous host in Liecestershire, I've decided to settle in the area for a while, and I think a work exchange will be the perfect stepping stone to my next adventure. I usually do DIY, but I'm not averse to cleaning or helping with household chores, cooking and so on. I'm reasonably IT literate too, if that's of any use to anyone...


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Hello, My name is Paulina Harwell and I am from Dallas, TX, USA. I’m 18 years old, but will be 19 at the time of the stay. I’m trying to travel the world next summer on my summer break from college. I’m looking to travel through Europe May, June, or July of 2019. I’d enjoy working at a hostel, with children, cleaning, and any other more sociable work. I’m very friendly, love talking to people, and helping people. I don’t have many skills farming, gardening, or cooking. I can’t wait for this amazing experience that I will remember for the rest of my life!

Claudia Tang Shuning

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Trying to step out of my comfort zone and learn more about the world!


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Hi! We are Camila Coelho and Mateo Rivero, we´re 24 years old and lifelong travelers. We both studied industrial design in Colombia so we are plenty of ideas and love to make them work! We are very positive and energetic persons ready to help if we know something and ready to learn if we don´t.
We love animals and have always been very close to them as with farm environments. We come from a country full of biodiversity so we love to explore nature, take care of animals and breath fresh air outside the cities

Dianara Lopenić

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I’m an enthusiast on the quest of finding exciting projects, where teamwork and creativity play a key role. I like challenges and learning. Studying marketing, cinema and media production, led me to develope skills to reach goals, taking art and design as a base, I spin my self into the visual side. I like creating things.

Marlon Victório

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I am Brazilian from Florianópolis Island. I'm a personal very kind I like and meet new people.
I love to help people, animal and nature.


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My name is adil , I'm a 39 years old from Morocco and I'm very interested in having the opportunity to live for a while in a completely different environement and culture than what I'm used to, my favorite hobbies are swimming and walking watching movies , camping, sports in general, reading mostly fiction novels. I'm a very open minded person and I get along with everyone easily and I've already participated in many events regarding volunteering in Morocco, I take my job very seriously especially if someone is hosting me I'll be sure to pay back the favour with doing my tasks correctly.

Patricia Clark

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Hello! I am a chef with over 20 years experience. I am well versed in most diets and used to cooking for guest counts up to 5k. I am in between projects and looking for something interesting for a few weeks


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I am Abdo, an Egyptian living in Hungary. I am currently studying engineering and working so I can travel. I love to meet interesting people and get outside my comfort zone.


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Hey! ¡Hola! Kamusta! I'm finally taking a couple of months off to explore South America and thought it would be fun and productive to do some volunteer/work along the way. For me, this will be an excellent opportunity to get to know local communities, learn cultures, traditions, and share the experience with fellow travelers.


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19 year old female from Newfoundland, Canada. Coming to Australia September 30th and looking for work. I have grown up around the water my whole life and have worked as a tour guide on my family's Puffin and Whale Watching boat tour for the past 5 years, so I am very comfortable around boats and people. I love meeting and talking to new people. I'm quite adventurous and love to be outdoors.

Lisa Xu

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Journalism and CTESL (teaching English as 2nd language) university student from Canada. I have 3 years of experience tutoring kids in English, and 5 years of experience working at summer camp. I'm also a writer, photographer, and musician. I love travelling and meeting new people, and I'm excited about my next adventure!

Gabrielle McFall

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Looking for an adventure and offering a helpful hand!

Colby Carter

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Hi, I am an independent, enthusiastic, curious female looking to experience other cultures. I don't want to just travel and visit place but rather live and work within the community. I have always enjoyed moving to new places and adapt quickly. I have two sons who are now on building their lives so I am free to travel and explore. I have experience in many different careers but enjoy learning something new always. I grew up on a farm so have experience with that as well I work well independently or with a team. I enjoy hiking, yoga, fishing, reading, meeting new people, making friends and connections, laughing, chocolate, rain and thunderstorms, and spending time with my boys and dog.

Rosie Ramirez

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18 year old Italian Student, love ethical living, cooking and nature :)

Michela Migazzi

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Ciao! I’m Michela. I love doing new experiences and to travel. If you’re interested in me, feel free to write me and I will answer as quick as possible.


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Hi to all the wonderful hosts out there in the world! My name is Laurence and I looking for any kind of work, anywhere in the world starting (perhaps) October onwards. I am originally from the UK and currently living in Taiwan teaching English to Kindergarten and teenagers.

Alec Quick

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There are three of us, all 23 years old and male. I just graduated college with a major in Environmental and Sustainability Studies, minors in Geography and Political Science


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Online English teacher travelling in a few countries.


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Hello! I'm looking to help anyone out in anyway I can. I'm currently working at a grocery store in Utah. I have 2 raised bed gardens, and I've worked at a summer camps for children. I would like to travel with my dog whose highly trained

Toni Y Molt Mes

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We are a couple travelling by bike across South America willing to have great adventures and know people.

Jon Deva

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I'll fill this out if I decide to use this site.

Drea Lee

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Pedro Nunes

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We are a couple of artists from Portugal. I am Pedro (20yo Male), a Classical Music Composer, and my girlfriend is Catarina (21yo Female), a Digital and Concept Artist. We just want to see the world while doing what we love, but we'll do almost any job so that we can travel. We are both experienced in waitering, both of us have worked with kids, Pedro was a music teacher for a while, and we both love farming and gardening (although Catarina is much more experienced). Pedro has also worked at a bar, serving dinks, making cocktails, and doing karaoke. We are both very hard workers and we have a passion for travel, and food, so if you could tell us traditional foods from your country and city, we would apreciate it. Thank you very much!!

Erin Lachs

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Diana Tran

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I'm getting back into solo traveling after 4 years. It's nerve-raking and the thought makes me excited. Stepping outside of my comfort is something I look forward.

Adhish Adhi

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I am an engineering student looking forward to explore the world and also learn about each and every people and places locality and individuality .Like to travel a lot,also comfortable with any kind of situation.Happy to help people.

Aleksandr Midyutov

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We are a couple from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Me - Aleksandr - an engineer My wife - Olga - teacher of languages, Russian and German


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I am ready to leave the comfort of my bubble I know as life and see the world, please help me to do so

Derrick Vijayan

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Have 6 years of corporate experience in Digital Products as Product Manager. Be it organizing events, fundraising to teaching young students, I think have the right personality fit needed for these opportunities. With the skills acquired during my time working in the corporate world, coupled with my interests in helping people around me, I am sure I would be of value to Hippohosts.

Also, looking for cultural immersion and getting to know the locals. I would love to share my experiences of life and work such that it help the audience in a meaningful way. Hoping experiences on Hippohelp will make me discover myself and help me evolve as a person.