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Clay Brazil

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I recently returned from an 8 month trip to the Marianas Islands. A good friend rented me a room on my return and in the last 4 months I've rested and recuperated. I've also put on 25lbs lol. I live in an area, surounded by 1000's of acres of rice, and I am BORED. I found Hippo ( and other sites) and resolved to restart my adventure.

Janani Janu

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S.janani working in school


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Hey my name's Debbie! I honestly love traveling (more than anything) and meeting new people.
I'm 20 years old and currently living in Germany.

Abby Anderson

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Looking for volunteer work for living arrangement exchange. Vegan. Can care for animals, plants, do any job.


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Hi there ! I am Aline, 28yo Fench girl, traveling since December through work exchange in different countries. South Africa, New Zealand and Australia so far. My goal is to work with animals, back home I'm a flight attendant but I wanted a gap year (which becomes 2 years...) to explore and help the animal welfare.

BaHman Foroughi

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Hello, My name is bahman I'm 37 year old traveler from Iran I'm looking for volunteering experience east of Asia. I want to test it.


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My name is Ibrahim, I'm a 21 years old student from Morocco and I'm very interested in having the opportunity to live for a while in a completely different environement and culture than what I'm used to, I'll start my third year studying English literature and culture this september, my favorite hobbies are cooking Moroccan dishes, camping, sports in general, reading mostly fiction novels. I'm a very open minded person and I get along with everyone easily and I've already participated in many events regarding volunteering in Morocco, I take my job very seriously especially if someone is hosting me I'll be sure to pay back the favour with doing my tasks correctly.

Trev Sue Parkhill

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Australian couple, mature aged, with lots of experience..... gardening, home renovation, animal care or boat repairs and maintainence, to name a few. Self starters and relaxed attitudes, easy to get along with kind of people.


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Hello, My name is Ravin I am a college student looking to take a semester off for travel.

Andrea Buxton

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Doc Lytle

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I have been working in the trades for over 20years. I love the challenges of fixing things and love to build. I have a wife that is a florist and a child that loves science. I would like to let him experience as many cultures as I can while he is young.


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Friendly, hardworking and openminded. Love learning and trying anything new, getting to know new places, people and cultures. In love with outdoor, ocean and mountains, music, kindness and smile.

Abdul Basith

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Lover of Adventures

Pier Del Monte

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My name is Pierangelo, I am originally from a small island in the Mediterranean Sea called Ischia. I love travel and I visited 119 countries in the world. I have an economical degree and I work in Malta as account manager at the moment. I worked and lived also in Scotland, Ireland and South Africa. I am thinking to take some months off and doing something different that let me be in contact with nature and people.

Dandy Wildan

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I like challenge and have willing to learn something new, dynamic, highly motivated and confidence for the opportunity I had given. I believe my education & skills fit your requirements, and I am confident my skills would be an asset to your company.


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Hi, my name is Julius. I am new to Hippohelp but excited to see where it takes me. Been living and working in northern California in the PV Solar industry for the last 6 years, but have decided to see what else is out there. I look forward to learning new skills and meeting new people. I like to cycle, rock climb, and go to shows in my free time.

Bea Martins

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Hello world, Sou uma Brasileira feliz e que adora viajar. Atualmente, estou visitando minha filha que mora no Reino Unido e já que possuo bastante tempo livre e energia, gostaria de experimentar outras culturas e talvez até aprender uma nova língua. :) Pelo fato de que não falo Inglês fluentemente, gostaria de ser recebida por pessoas que falam a língua portuguesa já que essa será a primeira vez como voluntária. Translation to English: Hello world, I am a happy Brazilian that loves to travel. I am currently visiting my daughter that lives in the UK and since I had lots of energy and free time, I would like to try out other cultures and maybe even learn a new language. :) Because I do not speak fluent English, I would like to stay with people that speak Portuguese since this wi... Read more


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Hi/Hola Español debajo. My name is Paul. I'm a musician, web developer, video creator and human being from Sweden. When I went to an international school in Stockholm some years back, I got inspired by my classmates who came from far away places to also travel more and get out of my bubble. I want to travel to learn about cultures, languages and ways of being that are different from mine. I think it's the best way to better understand the world and grow compassion and perspective. I play the guitar, the piano and the ukulele, and if you have one I'll probably pick it up and sing a bit. (Though I'll try not to be the annoying "guy-with-a-guitar"). Hope we'll talk Best Paul — Me llamo Paul. Soy un ser humano de Suecia.  Crecí en una casa grande en un pueblo pequeño, mis p... Read more


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We are a couple from England (Tom) and the Netherlands (Marlijne) and have been (travelling) together for the last 6 years. We both love animals and would love to give something back to them by volunteering.

Tawny Short

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I'm an adventurous kind hearted person looking to expand my knowledge, help out, and enjoy different ways of life. As an active person and lover of sports who has faced medical challenges in the past, I understand the importance of living a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle and want to get the most out of life while I can and inspire others to do the same. Canadian born and raised and excited to create new experiences, build friendships, and try something new.

Francesca La Zingara Naglieri

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Travel is my drug. I left my work 3 years ago and I've been travelling and working for 3 years.. hotel4*,b&b,yacht in SoutAfrica..some experience. I met a lot of friends,know a lot of people.. So.. I will keep going. For sure I love Africa but now itìs time to explore something else.


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I am a Christian, Male, and single and bachelor degree holder in Law with experience in teaching Junior Classes in Social Studies, Government, Marketing and Soccer coaching to both Junior and senior secondary School student. I have played soccer both at the University level and still active in playing for some local clubs here in Nigeria, i also have skills in driving, music, writting, computer operations.

Francois Crewe

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A young South African medical student with a passion for life

Daouda Thiam

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I'm a student from Italy who loves to travel and help people as well as learning new things and making new experiences!

Giulia Sandri Groehs

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I'm Giulia, I'm 19 years old and I'm Brazilian. I'm studying administration in Belgium at the Université Saint Louis. I am passionate about companies, proactive and charismatic. I speak English and Portuguese and I am open to experiences.

Antonio Silvestro

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He believes in a thriving and sustainable world where diverse people far-sighted, calm inside, can express it out merely living on the pulsed Earth magnetic field coherently collapsing with the Sun one, in a flood of healthiness and mutual help despite of the competition. For him everything exist, because in interaction, where the distance depends on the folding and its display on the reductivisms approach. Absorbed in music and painting he loses the fourth dimension, but he is time-managing and with low expectation. He think is important heeding for the details without forgetting the whole context, to achieve aims without damage the others, blessing the precious gift that is life! He really care in a sustainable living for the humankind, managing the natural resources to preserve and ... Read more

Nomadic Family !

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We are a worldschooming family
seeking to explore learn and live love laugh!
we have a love for learning launguage exposure to good food and various cultures as well as football being one of our passions so is art music and yoga !
hope to travel and meet other worldschoolers and good people enjoy work and joy of sharing in exchange for board !

Kevin Rigollette

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I am Kevin and l am French ( at least l was born there ) , l have been traveling for 12 years in over 40 countries. I have started with my parents and then just after my studies l made my first move to Shanghai to work as a race car mechanic in 2006. Explored some part of the country and l unsderstood that l would not be able to live without traveling , meeting people from all over the world , discovering cultures, customs. Sharing, laughing, and telling-listening stories. So l have kept going , and lived in 8 countries like Australia, New Zealand, Thailand,Canada, Uk, Hong-Kong, of course France .
Doing Woofing in Australia , working in banana or pineapple plantations, cattling, maintains of any kinds , reparing, renovating, ... and more
I currently work as a bartender anywhe... Read more


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Hello ....I am Jamil Born in the United Kingdom, I am enthusiastic and hard working individual as well as being a team player, outgoing! oh yes that is my middle name I live in London I speak English. I am open minded and very chilled out person. My friends would describe me as a free spirit a very well organised person when I travel I am also quite the spontaneous person when at home I like to plan my days well in advance My travel style is backpacking and camping, travelling low budget trying to spend money only on food and other stuff.

I consider myself a trustful person and I trust people. I love to make people laugh, meeting people from around the world is something I've always planned on doing and what better way to by to offer my skills and experience.

I believe th... Read more

Naomi Koffi

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My name is Naomi. I’m 26 years old and French (from south of France). I have been living in Québec City for the past 4 years, and I’ve just finished my degree in Law at Laval University. I have decided that before I take my bar I would take a break and come to West Canada in order to visit and improve my English. How can introduce myself? I ask to my friends the reponse. They said that they would describe me as someone spontaneous, easygoing, and good-natured. I never stop smiling! I think I have become a very social person through living abroad in Canada. I love meeting people and learning about them.


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Hi my name is Saba and I'm looking to volunteer in the North Italy region for a week or so in return for accommodation :)

Melissa Sim

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Curious and seeking out new experiences

Alba López-Larraínzar Medina

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Hello Everyone, I am Alba, 23 years old, from Spain, right now i am aupair in Germany due to i want to improve my skills in this language. I love to travel and to help people . Getting to know new people helped me to be more open-minded and to be more aware of others realities around the world.I would love to travel in this way, cause for me travelling is about the interaction that you make with people more than the landscapes that you can see around. I hope i can help you and i am pretty sure we will have a great time together.


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I am a very friendly and outgoing individual. I am respectful of people's privacy and space. I am a natural helper and healer type of person. I love to cook, clean, care for animals & children, and work with herbs.


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Hello Hosts,

We are volunteer couple! We are passionate about travelling and exploring the world and different cultures.

As content creators we are seeking to travel to locations we have not yet been and experience new cultures.

Interests are:

Outdoor sports, especially hiking &
Cooking - Mainly plant based & we like trying new foods from different cultures.
I like Yoga, Meditation & Reading

We are a holistic couple with a positive outlook.

We are friendly, tidy, patient, adaptive and caring, treating your home and family with the same care we would our own. Being animal owners ourself we are avid animal lovers!

Please let us know if there is any more information we may gladly provide.

Look forward... Read more

Nacho Cuezzo

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I´m Nacho, I´m 20 years old and. I am from Argentina, but i´m actually living in Chile. I study business and economics here in Santiago, but my real passion is travelling. A few weeks ago i went backpacking to Bolivia, it was a great experience and i had a lot of fun. I look forward to more experiences similar to the last one. That´s why i want to travel around the world, meeting new people, learn new things and have fun.