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Hans Gao

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Hello! I am going to Busan from the 8th-15th February 2019 and am looking for accommodation for this period. I am around Level 3 for TOPIK Korean and am a native English speaker, as well as being fluent in Chinese, so I can assist with language exchange programs. I am also comfortable with doing general work such as cleaning. I am based in Melbourne.

Kavikrishnan Balakrishnan

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Hello! My name is Kavi and I'm from Denmark. I'm currently doing an exchange program at The University of Western Australia in Perth as a part of my undergrad in Mechanical Engineering. I am looking for opportunities for after my semester finishes in late November. Personally I'm very outgoing and open minded. I want to bring back the true experience of working at an Australian farm when I go back to Denmark.

Kaleb Winiata

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Hey! My name is Kaleb, I come from Tauranga in New Zealand. I have been travelling for the last four months with a group of 4 best friends, we started in L.A. bought a school bus, built bunks in it, drove down to Cabo in Mexico and then all the way up to Canada settling here at a winery in Kelowna. It has been a trip of a lifetime but I am looking forward to travelling further on my own. In mid November our winery jobs finish and I am looking for a place where I can enjoy a bit of time away before meeting my family in Thailand at the end of December. I am looking for a place where I can experience authentic Canadian life, wilderness and cuisine. Am keen to learn about organic farming practices and generally anything new. Have worked in construction, landscaping and have a degree in bu... Read more

Imani Jones

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Model/ Dancer, 20 years old. I love nature and water most of all. I’m looking for a work trade to just help out and potentially I’ll find a place to stay.

Nesrine Aoun

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We are a couple we want to live a new advanture


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Hello , Im Mohamed El amine 23 years old male , from algeria graduated from university , and part time sport trainor for kids
im very active person , dedicated and passionate and comitted to my work and duties ( serious , motivated , dynamic ..) , i love to get socialise and talking with people and offer help
i have knowledge and i can do many things just name it and i'll be there ; house management , painting , baby sitting , Garden work , cleaning , serving , cooking , massage , relaxing exerices , sport and health consultant


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Hi, my name Aicha and I'm 25. I graduated in Political Science and now I am attending a course on protection of human rights. In the future I would like to work for an international organization. I'd like to do an experience abroad to know new culture and improve my English. Thanks

Gaetan Brussels

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Young French, quit my job in advertising 4 years ago and been traveling since.
I want to live more like a local everywhere I go, and help as much as possible while getting new skills.


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Hi guys.I'm Khalil and I'm 33 years old. I'm a beekeeper man so I can share a lot of information about them with you. I love to travel around the world and meet new people with a new culture. I 'm eager to learn through helping and assisting.


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I'm Lucy from Australia. I am 24


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Chris & I grew up very differently (and pretty far apart). Somehow we found each other and decided that we must have been separated at birth. Kinda like that Arnold Schwarzenneger and Danny Devito movie, Twins, (American pop culture reference). I loved his Jamaican accent, he loved my extroverted behavior. Anyhow, we talked endlessly about who we wanted to be - the ideal versions of our independent selves - and set our sights on becoming that. Together we are embarking a journey to chisel out those new selves through travel, reading, physical labor, meditation, and all forms of new, often chaotic, experiences. He is the keeper of my secrets, and I of his. I am the President and Founder of the Chris S. International Fan Club lol. We are best friends.

Ok, enough of our love story.... Read more

Elaine Marie

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Hello! I am a mature travel adventurer mystic looking to connect with good hearted and gentle people. I am a coach, writer, artist, musician, yoga instructor, healer. I love to cook good healthy vegetarian cuisine for /with you! I would love to come and visit you!

Amel Misbahi

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I love travelling and discover other cultures and make new friends

Kumar Sheldon Bagchi

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A chilled out 21yr old from India. Atheist,backpacker and seeker of wanderlust.


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I'm 63 years old but my pleasure it's to make new experience and visit new place.

Fabrice Tron

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Ready for a new challenge
Strong skills :
Coaching/VC/Web/Web-Marketing/e-Business/e-commerce/Startup & Computing - Web & IT Native (23 years)
Others skills :
DJing House,Deep House, Minimal
- Electrician and i have some plumber skills too
- Teacher for Business School (5 years), Electrician/Mecanic Teacher (4 years) and Ski Instructor (6 years)
- Skydiving videoman
- French & Italian cooker
- Do some gardening & mecanic

Ásrún Mjöll

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I am a 24 year old Icelandic girl travelling in Mexico, wanting to connect with interesting people, share skills and learn the language. I am a hard worker, know Icelandic, English, Danish and some Spanish, am a educated carpenter, have worked on farms, managed businesses, have good social skills and love to dance. I am open to new things and don't require much of comforts.

Laura Abbey

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Hello! I'm Laura and my partner is Loren. We are a healthy and happy couple who are hardworking, honest and good hearted. We love our beautiful planet; we are so grateful of its gifts every single day! We look to travel, be inspired, learn and grow, while offering our work ethic and skills to our hosts.

Ettienne Reinier Booysen

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Hi there! I am Ettienne. I have been working since I left school and at 31 years of age I believe it is time I shake things up a bit and meet new people from different cultural backgrounds and beliefs. I would love to help out and learn from you!

Teju Iyer

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I am a Dental surgeon cum public health professional working in health projects for marginalised communities. For almost every vacation, I have been a philanthropist over the last four yrs working in schools, anaganwadi centres and other public health facilities in remote areas.

Elena Frolova

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My name is Lena. I am 19 years old. I finished school one year ago. I like to read fairy tales, look at the stars and dream. This summer I learned to find some constellations. I am engaged in dramatic art. Love animals. Learning to cook. I do light work with pleasure.


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Mi piace viaggiare, vorrei migliorare il mio inglese, posso scambiare con italiano, sono socievole, mi adatto, mi piace cucinare ovviamente Italiano, mi piace costruire con legno, sono competente in elettricità e idraulica, sono molto bravo con le riparazioni, riscaldamento, energie alternative, trovo soluzioni! Non mi piace verniciare costruire con cemento. Non fumo e non uso droghe !


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artist,decorateur,designer,vegan/vegetarian cook,eco hostel/vegan café owner in the caribbean,world citizen,global traveler,freelance journalist,free spirit,human rights activist,motorbike rider,loves music,dancing,raw creative energy,yoga,reiki,sound bowl healing,in harmony with mother earth,cross cultures,enjoys deep conversations,very reliable independent loyal woman who would like to contribute her multiple skills and talents to my potential hosts.
One Love

Tina Zolich

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We are a couple who just finished their studies of International Management (Tina) and Law (Oskar) and would like to do some voluntary work before starting a Master in February. We are looking for hosts, preferably in Asia, from October until the mid of January.

Looking forward to meeting you :)


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Doing hard work , Creative work, Learn quickly, Cooking , Taking care of children, Event planing , Leadership, Adaptabilit

Kombo ngome

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My name is ngome kombo am school teacher also am doing a part time jobs like urban agriculture,blloging,author of agricultural and entrepreneur atricles on facebook called Ngomeagribusiness.


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Heya! I want to explore different cultures and ways of living, looking forward to join other people projects and learn as much as i can from this world we live in. specially interested in nature and animals but also with a sense of curiosity that makes me want to try out things i havent tried love sporty activities and hikes, as well as community projects, it fascinates me how a good community can produce great things, yet the why and how of it its still something im trying to understand.


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Hi there, are you looking for a responsible, amazing (yup big words, I do marketing ^^) and always smiling buddy helper ? Well you just found your man Speaking French English and Arabic, learning Spanish and Hebrew, I'm on a non stop traveling journey to discover people and their happy memories and (the most important for me) documenting my journey (photos and videos) as I'm a photographer (you can check on Instagram (@bazingraphy)