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Luu Palomeque

Set country: Argentina

I’m travel agent in argentina. I have a German working holiday visa and I’m looking for a place for work away during my first months in German and practice the language

Maria Muhammad

Set country: France

Backpacking through Europe looking for amazing opportunities to experience local living and local working!

Čh Rãmì

Set country: Algeria

I just wanna to try something new and help others

Adriana Beach

Set country: Australia

I'm a 23 year old Australian female, I have a diverse work history and plenty of skills to contribute to various environments! I am a vegan chef, photographer, booking agent and events coordinator; I install artwork for large scale outdoor exhibitions and am very handy when it comes to tools, gardening and renovations. I make a great cocktail and run a really fun "disco bootcamp." I have previously owned a vintage store (as a sole trader) and know the importance of having reliable, productive, communicative staff but I think my best asset is my positive attitude and zest for life. If you want a perfect balance of professional meets play, i'm your girl!

Hi Ba

Set country: Tunisia

Hi...I'm not going to travel yet because I still a student but I'm searching for experience to do after I graduate

Sara Matias

Set country: Portugal

Hi guys! My name is Sara and I’m Portuguese. I am that kind of person who can’t say no to an adventure. I am used to backpacking and to travelling arround europe. I love how easelly and cheap it is to go from one place to another nowadays. However, this year I’m looking for a different adventure… I do not want to be a tourist, but living like a local somewhere other than my hometown. I am a positive girl always trying to meet new friends to share adventures with. I always try to watch the sunset and I do not miss a party!

Hope Ugba-Koko

Set country: Nigeria

Teach children and child care. Also with skills in wig making.


Set country: Morocco

My name is MUSTAPHA IHOUM from Morocco, i'm 27 years old.
I do volunteer work with civil society associations, child protection centers and abandoned and marginalized children


Set country: Morocco

Hello! I am eager for opportunities to help and travel. I'd love to teach your child science (computer science,math, physic..) , help out on your farm, or host at your b&b. I am looking for hosts to stay with in-between programs I will be joining for wildlife conservation. I have many skills and I am passionate about making the world a better place! Ideally, I like to spend several weeks to months in a new place in order to get to know & respect the culture/lifestyle. Looking forward to sharing time and growing together!

Rŀ Ďă Mb

Set country: Morocco

Hello, I'm Reda.
I'm ready to help in any field.

Ahmed Khlil

Set country: Egypt

I am Ahmed from Egypt I love to travel and I want to learn English and film a film about this adventure I am able to provide assistance in the work of carpentry and construction and maintenance and the work of agriculture and grazing and I have no special requirements only hosting

Hamza Khan

Set country: Pakistan

Bio-chemist, live in Pakistan lahore and Love to travel and Do work for living and travelling +923028762915 whatsaap number

Alina Shafer

Set country: Russian Federation

навыки садоводства и ухода за животными

Brittany Pruitt

Set country: Australia

My name is Brittany and I love to volunteer, travel the world, meet new people and learn about different cultures and traditions. I've been to 30 countries through my studies and personal travel. I currently live in Australia and plan to travel around the country and in Asia.

Abigail Butler

Set country: United States

I am a young American looking to volunteer and learn about different cultures while traveling. I love animals and being outdoors so I would be happy to work on a farmstay, help with animals, and do some gardening but I can also help out around the house as needed.

Yousef Alshemari

Set country: Kuwait

My name is alshemmari yousef, medical records director at kuwait hospital


Set country: Uganda

Hello there, My Name Is Dennis

I really Believe that am the BEST you will ever have!!!

Natalie Gronskaya

Set country: Ukraine

Hello, everyone! I'm Nathalie and I loooove traveling and help people, so I really want to find a nice place to combine these two things ^^ My education is connected with teaching, languages and theater, but I also worked in markering and administration. I speak Russian, Ukrainian (as native), English (B2-C1), French (B1-B2), would like to learn some Italian, Spanish and Hungarian.

Appiah K. Edward

Set country: Ghana

PERSONAL DATA Name - Edward Korang Appiah Date of Birth - 7th July, 1987 Nationality - Ghanaian Mobile - 0248605149 E-mail address - PROFILE A hardworking and conscientious graduate, who is capable of discharging responsibilities effectively and efficiently within a reputable organization, a versatile and flexible with an ability to motivate others to work to achieve a common target. SKILLS Excellent in accountancy and bookkeeping Highly skilled to keep and maintain records Possess excellent knowledge in P&L, balance sheet, journal and ledger Good organizing and management skills Good analytical skills Good at working with computers and accounting related softwares Accoun... Read more

ILyass Elonsri

Set country: Morocco

Hi I'm here to help others

Camille Larkins

Set country: United States

I am a bartender and writer living in Brooklyn. I love getting to know people, working with my hands, and spending time outdoors. I'm positive and smiley and try to bring a good sense of humor to everything I do!

Brendan Stone

Set country: Mexico

I am from Australia and have lived in western Canada for 2 years. I love travel and have been lucky enough to spend time travelling in Asia, Europe, Canada and a little bit of USA. I am currently in Mexico and aiming to see Central and South American over the next 2 years. In Canada I worked in a small town craft brewery, assisting in the brewing process and running the bar. I also worked for a pharmaceutical cannabis company, wherein I made drugs for clinical trials all over the world. My favourite things about travelling are food and meeting new people. I often am the life of the party/the glue to the group as I enjoy pulling people together and building good vibes!


Set country: Algeria

i mohamaed age 20 i like travel

Btlk Hamza

Set country: Morocco

I’m Hamza, 24years old, student engineer

فيصل رحيمي

Set country: Morocco

I went help Persons

Samih Ilyass

Set country: Ukraine

Hi my name is ilyass samih i’m from morocco , i live in ukraine ,i’m 21 years old and i speak english and russian and french and also arabic , my native language is arabic and i can help anybody here , i like traveling . Peace

Noelle Siefers

Set country: Germany

Hi everyone! My name is Noelle Josephine and I live in a small village close to Düsseldorf in Germany. I just finished school and I want to start studying medicine at university next year. I now want to spend that time in between traveling but also working because I like being active and challenged, which is why only traveling is not for me. I have now volunteered for 6 years in my local community where I cared for groups of children, organised free time activities and took seminars allowing me to be in charge of children and teenagers. Besides that I was a babysitter for three girls in the age of 0-3 years old for a family in my home town. During my time as a student I was a tutor for younger students as well and I loved giving classes in English, French and German or just helping wit... Read more


Set country: United States

My name is Whitney. Currently, a carpenter, artist, bartender living in Chicago, IL. United states. I'd love to offer my skills and volunteer my time in exchange for a memorable experience, shelter, meals are a plus. Seeking to learn about other cultures and cuisine, make new friends, explore, and, travel. Traveling on a budget (darn school debt. Hah).

Sektani hamza

Set country: Morocco

Salamo alikom !
I’m moroccan traveler 25 years camera man workaway and help others lover
I will be in Istanbul this week for going to rainbow gathering, and i will need hots from 5/10
We can share some food culture and music ( all of art )
~ Love peace <3