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A hard-working, enthusiast young woman looking for working experience and learning opportunities. I adapt very quickly to different lifestyles, and I want to be part of new cultures.

Joana d'Arc Mello

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I am a friendly Brazilian girl with a willingness and willingness to know the world and experience new experiences.

Thata Pereira

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My name is Thaís, I am brasilian, friendly, funny, open mind, responsible, trustworthy, not afraid of hard work and learn.
I have MBA in "Environment, Culture and Tourism", but the last two years I´ve been working whit Social Projets (Urban Waste and Recycling) in Ubatuba/São Paulo Estate/Brasil.
I do have some experience whit booking, including coffee and bar, waitering and cleaning.


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Hey yall! My name is Erica and I am a born and raised Texan, and I want to be enriched by the world. I have never left the country and at this time I have a strong desire to experience the world around me and to share my experiences with others. I want to bring the world a little closer and to be exposed to things I have dreamed of for years. I recently left my job, having worked as a manager for multiple stores and companies, and I need more from my life than that. I need to meet the world and to see the real heart of what this planet has to offer. I need to be apart of something more.


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Hello. I am a young, healthy 52 year old. At home, I am in sales and have been for a very long time. I also have successfully run my own businesses for the past 20 years. I also own two properties on airbnb, one of which I manage myself.
I have traveled throughout all of the US, much of Mexico, Canada, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, French Polynesia and Europe (Western and Central). I am currently at home in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, but I am looking forward to getting away on another workaway/travel experience.

The most interesting thing I have done in my life was having spent 8 months with my 18 year old son, Carter, travelling throughout Latin America. We visited 12 countries from Mexico all the way south to the Patagonia regions of Chile and Argentina. We enro... Read more


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I'm a 21-year-old girl from Germany. I am currently studying in South Korea, Seoul as an exchange student for one year, and am looking for a job/opportunity to travel in the two months I'm free from university. I'm fluent in German and English and advanced in Spanish. Winter break in Seoul is from end of December until end of February. Travelling for me is not only being a tourist, but staying at one place for a longer time and really getting to know the people who live there.

Chrysalis LoScerbo

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We are a couple from Vancouver Island Canada who have developed & managed a collective urban Homestead (based on permaculture) for the last decade. We are excited to learn from and help others while we get a change of scenery and see other permaculture examples around the world!

Atom Split Mendoza

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I'm very curious person and I learn fast. I love to travel around the globe and meet different people and cultures. I lived in Italy, Kosovo, Luxembourg, Mali and Mexico and I would like to move to Porto and learn the language. i speak French, Italian, Spanish and English. I love art, yoga, ultimate frisbee, photography and folk music. Hope to see you soon, best regards!

Elad Øzer

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HI my ame is Elad Ozer and im from Portugal/Israel.
I know english spanish portuguese and hebrew.
I know to do almost everything and im very comfortable person. im 29 Y.O

Macário Da Souza Faria

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Joan & Natalia, young couple looking forward to colaborate with nice projects. Clean, tidy and good workers in many areas.

Tuan Lee

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I am a retired language teacher with work experiences as an airlines cabin crew/cabin chief, dental front office support team and a certified massage therapist. I retired from the airlines in the middle of this year and now I am looking for opportunities to do some volunteer work in a foreign country to learn more about different cultures and basically how people in other parts of the world live life. I am able to teach ESL and train individuals to teach a language professionally.

Ases Oluwanishola Ases

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Hi, I'm Falana Azeez Oluwanishola from Nigeria, 23 years old and I work as a graphic designer . So the matter of fact that I love traveling around the world and meet people from different cultural background, I speak English fluently. For this reason I'm offering my services of designing, printing or any other job that easily be done by learning what will be offered, I'm calm, mature, helper and I don't smoke.

Ashwini Srinivas

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Hey! I am an avid traveller and love the idea of helping out at homestays instead of a normal sightseeing trip. I enjoyed all my previous local experiences as I got to learn a lot of new things and looking forward to learn more!


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i'am Montassar Mannai .32 years old , work as administrative in health minestery in Tunisia , single, love hiking and travel .

Eva Straková

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I am looking for volunteering jobs in Vietnam and Thailand! :)
I am available to start soon (January).


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We are starting a new period in our life. Finally we are getting out of the city, hoping to learn new ways of leaving, that we can use when we will decide to settle down for good.

Rachid laghbira

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Hi, I'm Rashid. I'm 31 old. I am married and have a daughter and live in Morocco. My work is butcher and cattle breeding of sheep, cows, horses, agriculture ect. I love working at the farm because I find comfort beside the cattle. I do a good building I do everything I love traveling and I want to travel to Europe. In particular, identify European civilization and identify new friends and gain experience from people who have a strong start in this area and are more familiar with some types of European cows

luci toso

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i'm a girl from turin, norther italy, love the nature, the animal and to stay in contact with them. I like to share ideas about life stiles and share advises. I'm interested in plants and all kind of agriculture technics, Im lately becomeing expert of sponaneous eatable herbs. I like to play music with other people and kook and learn and teach different dishes.


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It's finally time for me to travel and live my best life! My ultimate/end goal is to find my new home, and to do that I need to travel. I would like to exchange my skills for room and board. I'm from the Southeastern United States, in a region called southern Appalachia. In my free time, I like to engage in photography and videography. I also blog and do web design and development. I don't watch a lot of TV, so I don't own one. I also hate politics. I don't drink or smoke - I'm asthmatic and I don't like the taste of most types of alcohol, LOL. I'm friendly and easy to get along with and children and animals usually like me a lot. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Welison Miranda

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I am a Brazilian, I lived in the interior of São Paulo my whole life, but recently I decided to venture around the world, learn new languages, live new experiences, meet new cultures and one of the most fascinating is Italian. I want to spend more time to learn Italian, culture, make friendships, help with whatever my host needs.


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Hi World! I am Candi and live to travel! To me traveling is all about learning. The culture, food, lifestyle, environment and connecting to a place through people. I have a Bachelors Degree in Recreational Therapy where I worked with people with disabilities and in a long term care facility. I've freelanced at music festivals, worked for UPS, been a wilderness field instructor, bartender, waitress...but I really feel alive when I am traveling. The sights, smells, conversations!


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Hi, my name is Suzie and I'm an independent filmmaker. I'm very passionate about art and music. I think travelling is best way to learn and grow and I try to do more of it. I'm interested in healthy food, and I'm good at cooking.

Julia Levigion

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I've worked for the past two years in public aquariums and decided that it's time to take a break. I'm hoping to learn some new skills, meet new people, and see places I would probably not get to see otherwise.

Abdelmounim Boudraa

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Hello everybody my name is "abdo" from Morocco i have 27 Years old ..I have a good heart and always find me proactive to help others..You can communicate with me via Watsapp +212625912491..welcome one more time

Rodrigo Pardo

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I am a world traveller, love going to new places and manly walking from place to place. I did mechanical engineering, and a masters in sustainable energy systems, had experience in the oil industry but I spent most of the past two years farming in my family farm. Love walking, trekking, trail running, writing and cooking.

Liew Shi Ping

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Hello! My friend and I are two open-minded and curious Singaporean females aged 20, looking to travel/backpack on a budget! We hope to experience living on a farm and definitely welcome any types of farm work!


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My name is Lily and I am Dutch. I lived in Ireland for many years and I have 6 children. After the breakup of my marriage I realised that there had to be more to life than what I had experienced so far.

I moved to Spain 2 years ago and I am currently living in Vera, Almeria. I have been part of a lovely community here, working, helping and volunteering for elderly people and cancer patients. Up until now my duties involved team manager, cash handling, key holding, customer service, care, cleaning, cooking, gardening and helping the infirm and the elderly with day to day tasks.
I have joined different groups and classes such as yoga, meditation, reiki, satsung, singing, acting, bird watching and walking groups.

My dream is to travel the world, meeting and connecting with... Read more


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I am currently a student in Canada, attending my first year of a bachelor arts program. Unfortunately, like in all of my past educational endeavors, I find myself utterly unsatisfied. I’ve had since I was a child, a deep claustrophobic sense that I simply CANNOT stay here. Ever since I turned 18, I’ve been absolutely taken with the longing to travel. I have this voice inside me now, just daring me to take this new freedom and make away with what precious youth I have left. My only wish is to live a peaceful life somewhere bucolic. I love wild expanses, wise old places, and all who inhabit them. I revel in hard outdoorsy work. You’ll find I’m very eager and patient, and in addition to my working skills, I’ll take an interest in almost any knowledge you have to share with me. My... Read more


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We are an English couple, who recently gave up our jobs to find a different way of life. We are travelling in Europe and Morocco in our Land Rover Defender, planning to go to Mongolia via Central Asia. Steve lived in France for ten years and speaks fluent French. While in France Steve did seasonal work on farms and taught English. Margaret has a degree and has recently qualified as a teacher of English as a foreign language (TEFL). We enjoy meeting people and getting to know different cultures and ways of life.

Ellie Tamura

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Artur and Ellie from Poland and Japan. We used to work on ships for a living and we've decided to take our shared love of travel from the high seas to solid land. We are very flexible and hard-working and would love to contribute in any way we can. Hoping to meet new people, learn new things, and chase unforgettable experiences.


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I'am Yassine from Tunisia, i like to know new people and improve my english language..

Hannah Pse

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Gugug, I'm Hannah!
I just finished the hotel management school and started my journey (together with a friend of mine) to see the world. I like the idea of helping other people while travelling.
I'm a lover of nature and animals. I also like painting, playing some instruments and to meet new people.
As an avid, open minded person i always look forward to learn new!


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I’m an 18 year old from the United States hoping to travel the world to learn new things and give back while doing so


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Hello to everybody, I am Stefanie, 56 years old and I am living in Berlin / Germany. I am the mother of a teenager ( 16 years old ), who just left the house to live in bording school. I worked as freelancer tv-journalist for the last 14 years and mainly I made and make films about the special life of children or also animals. In my past I was studying veterinary medicine for some years, in this time I also worked with big animals like horses or cows, for many years I also rode horses and performed exercices on horseback, privatly I owned dogs and cats and the last 16 years I traveled regulary to a farm together with my child to stay there and to help in the garden and with the animals. I also sold three years long during the whole december christmas trees, was all day outside in the col... Read more

Deborah Howitt

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Long time international teacher ready for adventure. I am eager to meet and help others make their dreams come true.