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Ahmed Salim

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I hope you will visit me, and that I will visit you also, and between us God and all love

Marika Frances

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Hello! Hailing from the west coast of Canada. I am using this platform to connect with others around the world. I plan to take a few months this year to explore new land, cultures and languages. I look forward to going outside of my comfort zone and sharing my skills with others along with gaining new skills. I look forward to connecting with hosts and feel very fortunate that this is an opportunity available to me!

Oussama Jassamas

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hello , my name is oussama i m fashion blogger and traveler from morocco I would like to experience travel with volunteer work if possible thank you

Ravi Teja Cherukuri

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Im traveller in india,recently completely my graduation and want to travel whole world and want to earn money


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Simple guy and always looking a new experience.

Анар Агаджанов

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Maelys Tourbot

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Hello to you all, My name is Maëlys, I am a travel lover, always open to new experiences. I've already tried couchsurfing but not hippohelp yet. I am in a Business School in France but I'm going to Korea for an exchange this semester. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. I love being outdoors, I practice horse riding, surf boarding and soccer. I'm social and don't like being alone. I come from France, brittany.

Sol González

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Estoy interesada en viajar no sólo de turista, sino poder conocer realmente todo al lugar donde voy. Disfrutar sólo el presente ya es un viaje interno, podemos compartir en cualquier momento con las personas a nuestro al rededor.

Inès Ghad

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Hi there, we are a young couple in love with Nature and passionate about protecting its beauty. We currently live in a big city and we need a break before we decide where to settle. We are very open different cultures and above all we value learning and respect.

Jacob Kurtz

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Hello :) I'm Jacob from the west coast of the USA. I'm an ex-bartender who quit his job to take a year and a half off to travel. having this much time to take my trip is perfect for me because I like traveling very slow. If I find a nice city or town sometimes I'll stay there for as long as 2 months or even more. This makes it nice and easy for me to make friends and be a small part of a community of volunteers, travelers, and/or locals in the places that i visit. For me, work exchanges are the perfect opportunity to do what I love while also offering a contribution to the places that I'm visiting.

Carl Munoz

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Hello! I am interested in working for animal rescues. I offer 4 years of experience as an animal caretaker. I have mainly worked with dogs and cats, but my main goal is to gain as much experience to later work with wild animals. Give me an opportunity to volunteer with you and learn and you will not regret it one bit!


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My name is Alex, I am from austria, 26 years old, with the goal to travel around as many countries as possible, I want to meet people from different countries to find new perspectives for life, aswell as motives for my camera and exchange views/thoughts, generally speaking all the common stuff you should/could do during travel. I am a person with a calm attitude, actually sometimes a little bit like an excentric philosoph. My attitude is to let things go by as they are. I am someone who works solution oriented and I'd assume I am quite a relieable person that doesn't want to be the center of attention most of the time.


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Hi! My name's Tanya and I'm from Moscow, Russia. I study in a vet academy and at summer vacations I travel as mush as I can. I love travelling for how much it changes me, for how many people I get to meet and to know, for all the new experiences. For now, I've been in 20 countries, travelled about 40 thousands kilometres by hitchhiking. I know how to say "thank you" in 10 languages. I almost always travel alone, 'cause this way you spend more time getting to know the world and people around you. I've traveled in South Europe, Scandinavia, South-East Asia, Russia. I love using couchsurfing and I've met many amasing people there, some of them are my friends now.
About me:
Well, I love freedom. I love people, all the different people. I try to self-educate and develop myself as much... Read more


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My name is Nadeen, I am a travel lover, always open to new experiences. I studied B.A home economics... I have many previous jobs experience in my country, but this the first time for me to live my passion for expanding & experiencing the joy of meet & help new people from differnt countries around the world..I love being outdoors, I practice horse riding, I'm social like friendly... caring people... I come from Jordan

christine birt

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Hi! We are a happily married couple who are friendly, intelligent, hardworking and eager to help our host with whatever their needs are. We love immersing ourselves in different cultures, meeting new people and hope to make friendships that will last a lifetime. We are coming to the end of our WWOOFING at an Aquaponics farm in Malaysia where we have learned a lot of great skills and we can also provide you with farming experience, care work, computer help, cooking, cleaning, painting, writing, planting, building projects and so much more. We integrate well into family life being helpful and friendly and we want our experience with you to be a positive and rewarding experience for everyone involved. Please feel free to communicate and ask any questions you may have for us, don't be shy, ... Read more

Mohamed Kroontje

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I am a guy from Amsterdam and I love travelling and meeting new people and just enjoying life and fooD !


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Hi! We are twins and we are both Care Assistant. We love to work with people and animals. We are willing to learn new skills and we hope to be a help to our host. We consider this experience a good opportunity to learn English.


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Hello hello everyone My name is Alpesh Trivedi.

a1ina bylym

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My name is Alina and I am from Ukraine. I teach english in private school, and soon I am planning to quit my job, because I haven't received even a bachelor's degree. I really love traveling, I've never been abroad before, but traveled about my country.


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Hello there, I am electrician engineer with a Ph.D. in renewable energy sources. I am looking for a different way to meet people and to know the real life style of other cultures. I was born in a rural region, so I am not afraid about physical work. I am used to work with farm animals and I can drive a tractor. Also if is necessary I can support with construction or building repairs and help with electrical installations such domestic devices, electrical pumps, solar or wind power generators. I speak english, spanish and french.

Sandra Weber

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Hello! My name is Sandra and I am from Chicago, USA. I love traveling and experiencing new places and cultures. I am willing and quick to learn new skills and I am a hard worker. Most of my work experience is with kids: 10 years of summer camp, babysitting, and tutoring. I also have customer service and clerical work experience.

Sarah Riley

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Sarah: Mechanical Engineer, Yoga Teacher in training, health and eco living enthusiast. Fluent in French and English Julian: Biologist, fluent in English, Spanish and German

Smita Bhattacharya

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I am an author and management consultant based in Mumbai, India. I travel quite extensively for both work and pleasure. I am good with numbers, computers, and writing stuff. Not so good with physical labour but can try it out. I am a bookworm and an introvert, but also love to meet new people and share cultural insights. Prefer walking around town to partying the night away.


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I, Aimee, am a smart, friendly, easy going person who has just finished my university degree in Anthropology and Psychology and am avidly interested in exploring the world and other cultures. I am looking for more than a roof over my head and meals (although as a money-saving ex-student these would be greatly appreciated), I am looking to both help those I can and learn from other people and other cultures. My partner, Mike has a smart, easygoing, outgoing and friendly nature and endless patience which has made him successful in anything he has set out to do. Furthermore, he has excellent leadership abilities which have seen him become a head student at school and university as well as a head teacher at his job as at an English language teacher in Hong Kong. Mike also loves to surf so... Read more

Mikhail Mamrukov

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My name is Misha, Im from Russia. Right now I am kind of stuck on way and cant figure out what I want to do. Thats why I want to travel around the world,meet people and help them. May be in my travel I will find myself. I am able to do any kind of physical labour. I think in my age it is good idea to travel and my energy with those who in need.


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I'm a nearly 30 year old funny guy and musician from northern Poland who would love to learn more about plants, herbs, growing, gardening and living in a community which stays close to nature. I also consider permanently joining or building a beautiful community of artists and growers in some not very distant future.