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Colmenarez Rafael

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venezolano, 23 años con ganas de conocer el mundo


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Hello, My name is mino schmitz, im 22 years old. I have successfully completed an apprenticeship as a biologic farmer recently. I am a sporty person who loves to work and at the same time do something meaningful and contribute my part to the earth. During the apprenticeship I lived in a farmcommunity and therefore know how to integrate myself into a group. I am looking forward to the time to get to know people culture & countries :) One of my aims is, to speak english and spanish fluently.


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Hi. I am Ajay. I live in Mumbai, India. Things which define me the most - travelling, music from various regions e.g. Arabic, Punjabi, English, Afghani, African, Hindi, etc., cooking (primarily vegetarian/ Indian), Arabic/ Lebanese cuisine is my choice of food though, cycling, kayaking, hiking. Basically I am to travel and blend with local people and culture. Have been to many countries across Asia, Africa, Europe...and the USA. These days, Central Asia and South Americas are up there in my bucket list. Lets see...when do I find myself there :) By training i am a consumer behavior/ marketing/ brand consultant. I have worked in the corporate sector since 1992. Though I have left that madness behind, and ventured into Yoga recently. I have completed my Yoga Teacher Tra... Read more

Nhat Nguyen

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My name is Nhat, I'm 31, male and I am from Vietnam. Currently, I am a graduate student of Mental Health Counseling in Ohio, USA. I've just moved to the US since Aug 2018. So I am willing to learn and to explore and grow. I love music (can play a little bit of guitar), art, photography, nature and get to know people.


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Hello! My name is Cherise and i am an Illustrator from the UK! I've just graduated from university and am now just seeing where life takes me really. I love adventure and meeting new people and so am really open to anything! It's always nice to help people on the way too :') I am also very passionate about the environment and animals, and looking after them!

Brad Millier

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Im looking for farm or ranch work.

Esteban Alfaro-Moscoso

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I'm mosco from Costa Rica. I'm a graphic designer and video maker in my country, but I'd like to challenge myself and explore new skills during my travel, so I'll be glad to help in anything I can: painting, cooking, fixing things, walking dogs, attending a front desk reception on night shift... you name it, I do it.


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Hi there, I am Eva, 23 years old and currently looking for a project in Spain to spend my free time in between two internships. My current internship is in Berlin, the city that never sleeps. Because of that I want to find a project that reconects me with nature and focuses on the important things in life. I am planing on fasting the usage of my phone for example. Other than that I come from a family with eight kids, why I am used to help out in the house. My dad also reconstructs a lot in our house, why we kids always had to help out on saturdays. I would love to find people that could help me with my spanish knowledge. I used to live in México for an exchange but sadly 4 months was too little to learn enough, why I hope to find hosts that would talk spanish with me. My ambition to go... Read more

Bharath Chawla

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Hello, I'm SaganMan, someone who's inspired from works of Carl Sagan and who loves to do science. I've been working with my father in our family business till now. I wanted to be a physicist and study qed but passions don't last long like Wilde says, "A caprice lasts longer than life long passion". I'm in quest to rekindle my passions and for new change in life. I'm looking forward to meet interesting people and work in new exciting places. I'm willing to do all sorts of work and even if it's something I don't, I can catch it on quickly.


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Hey, I am Paulina. Last year I graduated with a bachelor's of primary education and now I am on my gap year which is dedicated for knowing myself better while travelling, being at home with my family, making new hobbies, meeting people etc. Sometimes I feel lost, sometimes blessed, depends on the mood, moon and sun.

Да Кристина

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I`m Kristina and I`m eager to explore and help. What do I want to explore? At first, locals and their life, traditions, culture. Then, myself. Could I be cosmopolitan or prefer to be a patriot (I love Ukraine and Ukrainians)? Finally, nature. Our Earth is so wonderful, I want to see a little part of it. How can I help? Well, I believe that I have strong legs and hands, so I can easily do even difficult tasks, help with making, doing, bringing, collecting, and a lot of other "ing" verbs )) I really do like the idea of working and living abroad, as for me we can live without money if we have good people around us. I have been working as hostel manager in Odessa for 3 years, I like this kind of job, that brings you great opportunity to meet interesting people and just get inspired by the... Read more

Younéss M Uness

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Hi all, I'm Younes from Morocco. I love traveling, volunteering, helping people, learning language and exchanging casks   Cooking will help in everything

Ayel Rodriguez

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Travel is a passion.

Pedro Teles Santos

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Hello, we are a couple traveling around Asia. We started at the beginning of November. I and Mónica finished our studies in Energy Engineering.

Audy Mashal

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My name is audy mashal. I was born and raised in the countryside village called Jabal Mukaber amongst the Jerusalem mountains. As a child, most of the time I was surrounded by big open mountain. I walked in it, I took a nice animal out of it, I sailed over it, I've claimed to the top off it and I fell in love for the first time in it. It's just a small sampling of the existence of these mountains in my childhood that reminds me of home.

Nowadays I can feel at home in a lot of places as I take these mountains along with me in my soul and still feel the child with it's curiosity in me.

I get inspired in my everyday life. When I meet people, when I travel, when I hear a sound or when I see the sunlight falling on the earth a little bit different than the minute before.
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Kristoph Shapercutter

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Looking for work exchange on the Big Island.


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Hi! My name is Belen. I am a Freshman in college right now but I love to travel and wanted to do that instead but my parent were against it. I realize that its my life and I have to do what makes me happy so I will be switching to online schooling instead. Traveling is good for my mental health because I can't stay in a place longer than 2 years without feeling like I'm trapped. Its almost 2 years since I moved to this new city and I'm feeling suffocated here. I have to leave and I want to experience something that not a lot of 18 years olds can experience. I can't stay in this city much longer, I have to leave and find myself. I have to learn new skills.
I may be young but I am energetic and I am willing to do anything and everything. I don't drink or smoke and don't use a lot of ... Read more


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Hi, my name is Joon Suh Park. I go by “Joon.” I am a backpacker who’s been traveling around the world for 5 months. I am a researcher/translator, mostly dealing with the field of cultural anthropology. I love meeting locals and learning local culture from the while traveling. I try to be a responsible traveler, and contributing to the sustainability of the place I am visiting is one of my prime interest. I work hard, and always try to enjoy and dedicate myself into it. Looking forward to meet you!

Wezz Mo

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New to the world of work exchange and welling to learn.

Saifeddine Nahali

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I'm able to be a helper for a several works .I am strong nd I am ready to work outdoor.iam looking to try a new polite nd good looking.


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I love travelling around the world, making new experiences and meeting new people!

Merva Eng

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My name is marwa and 23 years old, moroccan girl, with a BA in english studies. I like volounteer work as well as travelling arround the world and meet new people and help them if i can of course.

Otaku Rise

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Hello )). My name is Sergio Zasada. I'm a solo traveller, musician-busker, dancer and part time filmmaker ). I love meeting people from different cultures, share skills and learn from them ( like languages ) and i always give something back into the community i visit. Working with people around the world is truly enjoyable for me and I would like to continue doing so. Team Spirit. Animal lover.

Daniel Gongut

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Hola amigo(a) :D I am Daniel, I am from Guanajuato, Mexico and I moved to Ireland in 2014, after 4 years living abroad I came back home (Mexico) this year :) I am a VERY OPEN MINDED, respectful and friendly person; always happy to experience new things and to get surprised. I would say I am a rather sociable and joyful person (I know it sounds so generic!). I am Mexican so I have cooking skills since I was born. If you smile, even if you are in a bad mood, it will immediately improve your mood, because the simple action of thinking about smiling and using the muscles is enough to trigger happy chemicals in the brain.

Ahmed Salah Omar

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Hi it's Ahmed from Cairo, Egypt. I studied media engineering (audiovisuals and electronics to be specific) and was really enjoying my job, but some time away from this, connecting more with nature and other cultures was highly needed. Currently on a long needed career break, as I left my job in the beginning of this year after almost eight years. Now I'm traveling as long as I can, and would rather spend my time volunteering/learning new things and make use of my break instead of a typical vacation, until maybe I find myself a place or project that would keep me settled again for some time.. Trying to keep my travel balanced generally, I still like and enjoy big cities (usually a good introduction to a new country) but I tend to prefer less touristy destinations..


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Born 1986. I'm a traveler and a "creative" type of person. I have solid work opportunities back in Poland: my family runs a company, I have many friends in film/photography business, in tourism and in media, but I prefer to live on the road in the search of peace of mind and inspiration. I have recently, thanks to Hippohelp, stayed 2+ months in South Korea and it was some of the best experiences ever. I love Chinese culture, read many books about China, watched number of films, lived 7 months in Shenzhen+Hong Kong and 1 year in Guangzhou, traveled around most Chinese provinces, and learned Mandarin a bit. I know Chinese history and geography more than an average Westerner, and consider myself a specialist on Middle Kingdom's food culture. Apart from English, I'm fluent in Polish, quite ... Read more


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Hello! We are Alex and Jill from Alaska. We are avid travelers and are excited to be on our way to Australia soon. While in New Zealand last year, we had the pleasure of participating in 4 homestays during our travels. Those remain some of our fondest memories and we are eager to repeat the experience in Australia. We are both hardworking, respectful, and enjoy learning new skills. We are very laid back and flexible. In our free time, we enjoy anything and everything outdoors (hiking, fishing, kayaking, etc), cultural activities (cinema, museums, music), and gastronomy! We look forward to meeting you! Cheers and best!

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Enjoy travelling and willing to help for the accomodation


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I am a traveller since 5 years. I'm a mandala artist from India. I love to cook, do yoga and meditation and work with small children. I'm a native speaker of English and Hindi and I also speak Spanish.

Oliver Barnes

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A British couple, Oliver 30 and Tara 23, with a wide skillset and open friendly attitude wishing to work exchange in Asia.


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Hi! My name is Jane. I am currently a final year accounting student in college and i love traveling. I am Chinese from Malaysia and I'm 22 years old. I am young but i am a very independent girl. A girl who are energetic and willing to do anything and everything. I used to travel to China and Korea as student exchange for past two years. I love making new friends from all around the world and know more about their culture. It could be very fun when I know new friends from other part of world as there will be cultural shock! I am open minded and friendly person [easy-going as well :) ] Instead of spend a big amount of money to explore a country, I prefer staying in the local's house and know more about their life and traditions! I like animals and I don't smoke nor drink.


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Hello my name is Bryan, I am a Mexican 21 years old man waiting to travel all around the world helping and working, in order for me to change my perspective about life and pursue a better life for me and the ones I love.

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I am a 44 year old man with a 40 year old wife and a 14 year old son. We are looking for a place to work and live. We have three well behaved dogs, one is a 15lb chi-jack russell mix that we got our son when our older son was taken in a tragic accident with his best friend. The other two are medium and large. The large one was brought home as a puppy by our older son the day before he passed and the medium one is 12 and the mother hen to the others. We are outdoors people and have had a lot of experience with farming and I am a retired mechanic also. We just want to live simply and peacefully, as self sufficient as possible and have good times with people of the same mindset.

Katya Stoliarova

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Hello! We are couple from to different countries. Roman,28 Moldova and Katya, 25 Russia. Travel is our passion! We want to explore more cultures, national cuisines, language and landscapes. We prefer living like a local, it’s exting way!


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I am a very helpfull 63 year-old active and inquisative gentleman


Set country: Germany

I am just at the beginning of my journey to discover different parts of the world.
I am an artist and I love all kinds of art - including the art of nature.

For the past years I lived in an alternative-living community with a huge bio garden and even more space to make art. Now I quit school and want to leave my home country behind me for a time..

The most important thing for me is to support the sustainable development in the world while balancing myself with nature and enjoy this.


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Hello! I am eager for opportunities to help and travel. I'd love to teach your child English, help out on your farm, or host at your b&b. I am looking for hosts to stay with in-between programs I will be joining for wildlife conservation. I have many skills and I am passionate about making the world a better place! Ideally, I like to spend several weeks to months in a new place in order to get to know & respect the culture/lifestyle. I am vegetarian/vegan and very eco-conscious. Looking forward to sharing time and growing together!