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Humphrey macharia

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Hi am Humphrey 21 years from Nairobi Kenya.Am at the university currently pursuing construction management and I can be of good help in construction works.I also love working with animals,travelling and meeting new people.

Pablo Parisi

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I'm Pablo, I'm Half Italian Half Argentinian, From the city of Mendoza, 28 years old, I like art and music. contact me at

Jiří Svatoš

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Hello, I am 18 years old and would love to visit new places around Europe and learn something new about other cultures. I would love to spend 3-4 weeks of my summer holidays in a new place with beautiful nature and with local people. I am open-minded and willing to learn as many new skills as possible.

Ada Ayechu

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Young and enthusiast for discovering new cultures and meeting travellers and local people. I love sport and nature and I am willing to help in eco projects, schools, hostels or everywhere where I can give my help. Very hard-working and easy going person.


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Hi, I'm Simon, I'm currently doing a working holiday in Japan and I'm looking for a job in Kyoto. I already have working experience in Japan, I had a part-time job parallel to Japanese language school, which I attended for 3 months. I also worked in a factory and at a school for disabled children in my hometown. I like anime, reading and cats.

M. Hutter

Set country: Netherlands

Me, Merlijn, and my good friend Dion are taking a gap year between highschool and university. We plan on traveling to one or several hosts depending on the location of each. We are interested in working & living in both rural areas and cities. Both of us speak English well.


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In the past few years I've travelled and worked at different places. I do have experience in permaculture. I love being outside and working in the garden. Besides that i'm quite handy and have some technical skills, as well as woodworking.


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Hello. My name is Julia, I'm from St. Petersburg, Russia. I have been working as a volunteer for 3 months, but this is the first time on this site.I really want to see the world, meet new people. I really love animals, and I can not imagine my life without them. I will be very happy to help with the care of the animals, the garden and homework. I like kids.I like sport very much.+I speak English very badly. And I will be very happy to find people who will help me learn English.

Qusay Munir

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to be honest I'm bad at describing myself
I'm newly university graduated guy, I was studying computer science but my passion was all about traveling the world and see more in others life

Georgi Markov

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I'm 26 years old traveller from Bulgaria. Since almost two years im travelling in Europe using different platforms for volunteering or just busking on the street. Currently im located im malaga. Just finished a long trip with a bycicle from Italy looking for new opportunities and sharing experience with like minded people.

AbDe Krim

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Life style

Kim Guijo Czysch

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I am an 18-year-old German and Spanish girl who is looking for intercultural experience during her GAP year 2019-2020. After having lived in Chile and in Australia I cannot wait to gain more insights into any kind of supportive and sustainable work.

Kim Joanna Groche

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I finished my Bachelors Degree in Media and Film in the south of Germany. I love art, music and of course, getting to know new places. I don't want to be called a tourist, as tourism is something that mostly destroys authencity and originality of most places. If I stay for a day, I can't really say I got to know anything, if I stay for a weekend, I maybe got a glimpse of the feeling of a new place. But one must stay for days and weeks and month to say "I've been there" I love cities with rivers parting them or those close by the sea or lakes. I love forests. And I love animals and pets of all kinds. Life Status: On the lookout

Rifaath Ali

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I am a quiet man and I love fun. I am a very light person. I do not like anyone who interferes in my private life. I love traveling. I love being nice. I smell good. I do not like anyone who is bothered by my actions.

Ala Klops

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I'm an optimistic girl loving life. I live in Gdansk, Poland, where I study Mathematics and, as a second faculty, American studies. As I study hard for the whole year, my energy needs to flow during summer holidays - these two months I spend traveling, meeting new people and places, synchronizing with nature. During previous years I've been hitchhiking with friends through southern Europe and Morocco, which is btw my favourite country I've been to so far ;) But I don't want to wander without an aim anymore, I realized I need a little more productive holidays so I'm looking for a new destination this year and maybe I will find it here! :D I'm interested in the history of the US, Native American culture, literature of the beat generation, old black and white movies, westerns, I love blue... Read more


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Hello everyone!
We are Julie and Martin, a couple from the Czech Republic. I am a psychologist and Martin got his degree in Marketing Communication and PR. The fields that we studied also became our hobbies and we are looking forward to further develop our skills. But we are ready to help out with anything as this is a great chance to broaden our horizons.

Last year we graduated and right after our graduations we let our little adventure begin. We decided to take a gap year and make some of our travel dreams come true. So far, we have been travelling for half of the year including working and volunteering abroad. We believe that this is a way to learn about new cultures and people. Also, we see this as an opportunity to give back by helping, sharing and teaching.

Austen Garmon

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I am a graduate student currently working on my degree in International Agriculture. My studies have brought me here, as I am interested in potentially traveling abroad in order to do work within the agriculture realm (farm work, environmental work, gardening, etc). As of now I am just beginning to look around and plan my travels, so I'm open to several different options.

As a part of my degree, I am required to complete an international experience. There are few guidelines or restrictions around this experience, aside from it must be at least four consecutive weeks long. I'm truly hoping to stay for eight weeks over the course of the summer (May-August).

I've taken courses in areas such as food security & sustainability and soil conservation, as well as ec... Read more


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Hello, I’m Melissa :) I’m 18 years old and live in Germany. This year I’ve graduated from school and now I want to see more of our beautiful world. This summer I’ve already traveled through Peru and I truely loved the experience of a simple backpacking life. Now I want to explore the USA and I would love to do this journey as a work and travel trip to meet lots of new people to learn from them and their lifestyle :)! I’m a very positive, extrovert, independent and sporty person. My hobbies are hiking, playing football, cooking, taking photos, writing, being outdoors and meeting new people. Growing up in a family that’s very animal and nature loving I also have some experience in caring for animals. We own several sheep, two cats and one dog. I’m also really into horses a... Read more


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Am Robert kessy from from the united Republic of Technition.I have been it italy for religious studies.Now i want to drop my self.I am polite and responsible person I enjoy helping and likes working hard.i love animals ,lerning from new culture,meeting new people and new places.

Sylvia Langmaak Bronkhorst

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Goodday I am looking for new life experience. Am currently working on a game reserve in South africa. I am hard working friendly and love new challenges.

Chouaib Salvador

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My name is Hamo, 20 years old from Algeria.

I must admit that writing a new Internet profile is fairly new to me. I think I would like to present myself as much as possible, in these few sentences ...

Anyway - I'm a simple man, grew up in Algeria to speak Arabic in French,

I consider myself a hard worker, a business ethic that has served me well in the past and has continued to do so for the time being. I do not have specific experience in specific skill - but I am a quick learner with honest hands and a mindset. Fully willing to learn and work for accommodation \ good company with people smile. Prefer hosts with outdoor work, physical and necessary.

Douglas Correa

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I love God I love people's


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Professional filmmaker, photographer, furniture designer, visiting fellow. Male. Early 50's, athletic (skiing, scuba diving, mountain biking, karate, running, firewood processi). International traveler.

Valérie De Buck

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Mziouka Abdelilah

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Hi,I'm Abdelilah Mziouka from morocco 40 years old and I teach pattern making for fashion designing . So the matter of fact that I love traveling around the world and meet people from different cultural background I have HARDLY studied English for 3 years in the University here in morocco But still not yet very fluently speaking English . For this reason I'm offering my services of teaching or producing pattern making for sewing to an English family host where I'll be able to practice my English accent in exchange. I'm quiet , mature , cool , social , helper ,noon smoker .

Genevieve Trapani

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College graduate with a passion for science, animals, and the outdoors. I have experience working with horses, dogs, cats, and children. I'm also very handy and able to lift quite a bit.

Lambert Zaugg

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I travel around the world for a few years and am open to learning new things. I love to make new acquaintances to see new cultures and to gain new experiences. My hobbies are football and basketball, but I like many more. I cook, read books and listen to music. I aldo love to be in nature and to camp.

Abdelrahman Gomaa

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I love travel and helping people

Eden Stevenson

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Thabet Mezni

Set country: Tunisia

My name is Mezni ,im 26 years old ,i studied fine art ceramic ,im a positive person ,i love cats ,nature ,fresh air ,expressive eyes ,im faithful ,open minded person ,im a funny person but shy in the beginning .

Shari Lynn Powell

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My name is Shari and my boyfriend's name is Austin. We are both from Arizona and we're wanting to relocate ourselves but we have no idea where we'd like to move. I figured this could benefit both us by letting us explore some options and giving us a way to become closer as a couple as well as the hosts we end up going to stay with and help for awhile. I'm hoping this is a positive experience for all of us and we find the right place for us! Thank you!

حسين امير

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مرحبا انا ارید العمل کمتطوع لدی حبره فی الصبغ والاعمال الحرفیه مثل عمل الحبز وطهی وغیر ذالک


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I am a mature American adult who owned a small online business, worked in hospitality, and was a tour guide all over Europe (skiing, canoes, wineries, camping, horse riding, shopping, etc). My skills include: - Hostel customer service - Tour guide - Bartender - Driver - Building/construction (wood & welding) - English teacher - Social Media professional/Computer teacher - Dog & horse trainer. Looking to find a great host where I can volunteer in exchange for meals/lodging - meet some new friends and experience some new cultures.