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Abde Elghafour Mokhtari

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I am a diligent person and I love work and help others as I love to learn. I speak Arabic but I will learn other languages

Andrew Ireland

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HELLO! Thank you for taking time to consider me. I am originally from Texas and came over to Europe to finish studies. I just finished my time in Germany and currently I am working in Portugal now at a hostel and I am outgoing, extroverted and can help/have experience in many different areas. I know how to have fun but also how to be responsible. I would like to stay for at least 4-6 weeks somewhere (also can be longer) and as far as the job, I am a people person! So, reception (day or night), welcoming, I like to cook, I have experience with basic bar tending, and plenty of hospitality and social positions. I also have experience with manual labor. I dont mind any of these and I will work wherever I fit in. Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you, Andrew I am hardworking, in gr... Read more

Cexe Cexelia

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Me and Lucas are artists traveling mostly by bike searching for good ways to live and help :)


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We are a Colombian couple full of good energy! We love each other so much that we have some left to share with everybody :) We enjoy traveling, learning from different cultures, meeting new people and specially we are great having a blast in life. Other quick facts of ourselves: ->Both of us have travelled to 30+ countries and counting... ->Cracking jokes and learning something new is part of our daily diet. ->Open minded, helpful and caring Now getting to business we both excel at marketing related activities, but are also keen + skilled ;) to work in outdoors jobs that involve animals, people and nature! Our creativity is a strong tool that can be of help for any kind of job that requires any painting or building activities. Camilo also has experience teaching languages to kids (+... Read more

Madi Franklin

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Hello, I already live in Hanoi, Vietnam and teach English. I am looking for volunteer opportunities for environmental projects as this is my field of study and work back in the United States. I already have a place to live in Hanoi.

Shawn Kolodny

Set country: Denmark

I have dual citizenship (Italy and Dominican Republic), studied business Administration in Chile (2014 - 2017). I have been working in China, as a commercial representant of the Dominican Republic there; also, have lived in Germany for a short term period and in Denmark. I am looking for a job in Luxembourg, in finance or IT; that's why I'm looking for someplace for work, live for free and have food; while I get some job there; while looking for a job isn't easy and its a large process, I expect to be there for 3-6 months.

Muhammad Ghamrawy

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I am a 26 year old teaching assiatant and a freelance journalist. I do like travelling very much and I would like to discover the whole world and to explore more. I want to mingle with new communities and new cultures. I need to fill my notebook with lots of interesting and adventure stories.


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My name is Juliana. I am Brazilian, I am 32 years old, I am federal public servant and lawyer in Brazil. I am very proactive, efficient, I like to help and to work, I am cheerful, lively and very responsible.

Natalie Thamert

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Hi Im Natalie! ✡ Consciously Healing Flowing Playful Loving Musical Harmony Riding the Waves Expanding ✡

M Wilma Thurston

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Erick T. Proton

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Am Eric from Ghana and currently working as a teacher in the Junior high school in my country and would appreciate if any one here can help me get a job in his or her country to make a living.


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My name is clay i'm an athletic 20 year old that goes to school online, works and coaches football. My goal in life right now is to be a state trooper, but i'm looking for some experience to travel and see new sights and help people out. I have 3 older brothers, I grew up on a farm and showed in 4-h and my uncle owns a huge dairy farm. Love to do new things.


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Hi there! My name is Menno, 22 years old. I am studying financial and industrial engineering at Univeristy of Twente. I like to be active, so I don't mind hard work. I love hiking, cooking, calisthenics and being in nature. I have experience working on a flower bulb farm doing various duties ranging from agricultural duties to sales and administration. I recently finished my bachelor and I am pursuing for my master degree in February. In December and January I have time to work, travel and learn new things.

Pedro El Viajero

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Hi, I am Matteo! Since forever I had a strong need of communication that I have expressed through creative ways as writing, painting, graphics, photography, cinema, music, graffiti and street art. I play drum and guitar. I played as a lead role in a italian movie. I fit perfectly in a team, as i'm a very social person. I am very communicative and creative and i like contact with the people. I can organize parties and recreational activities. I have ability to interact with children. I like animals espacially dogs. When I stayed at the hostel "MAKUTO GUESTHOUSE" (in Granada, Spain) i worked as receptionist, cook, gardener, tourist guide, activitiy entertainer. I work in restaurants as waiter as well. I can cook too.. I worked also in other guesthouses in europe. I really like work in ho... Read more

Stefano Cettour

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I started my trip as a TravelBlogger on Octuber in Brazil. It has been great so far, extremely beautiful country and extremely beautiful people. Spent Natal and Reveillon here (Christmas and New Year) and I will spend Carnaval too in Río.
Inmediately after that, I flight to Italy on March with intentions of getting into Barcelona in June.
In this period, I’ll be able to help any hostel with its administration (specially if you need services such as Social Media Manager or Virtual assistant, where I am an expert).
At the same time, coexist in me a desire for natura and ecological projects, reason why I would highly consider these options.


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Hello Everyone !
My name is Laura, I'm French and I'm 23. I'm currently an English teacher in Japan while learning Japanese.
I'll be traveling with my boyfriend. His name is Julien and he's 22. We both live in Japan and studying Japanese at the moment.
We're both easy-going, kind, hard workers and naturally interesting in other cultures and languages. We speak English, French, Japanese and I can speak a bit of Chinese.
We will give the best we've got to help you ! We're looking forward to meeting you !


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Hey everyone! My name is Sam and I am from America. I’m an avid traveler with a passion for having new adventures and meeting people from all over the world. Here is a little bit about me:

After I graduated from university, I took my first solo trip abroad. It was intended to be a 2-month trip that inadvertently turned into an unplanned year-long backpacking adventure. It was the best experience of my life and I have never looked back. I have been doing long-term travel ever since.

I believe that the best way to travel somewhere is to volunteer. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to meet new and different kinds of people, to learn about their country and culture, and to make a positive impact. Which is what enjoy the most out of traveling!
I have worked in custo... Read more

Francisco Jorgan

Set country: Portugal

Hello everybody! I live in Portugal long time and came to study and i want to visit some places in Portugal and Spain, my focus is to live new experiences, meet different peoples and do new projects.

I have experience hotel, hostel, farm and can work with cleaning, gardening, planting, building, painting, caring for animals, pruning grass, general maintenance and i can used chainsaw, brush cutter and others tools. Have knowledge about website development on Wordpress and Joomla systems.

My native language is portuguese but i speak english and spanish.

Have my personal documents as passaport, accident insurance and health insurance, document of professional activities and others.

I am hard working person and responsible, i like learn and can work on your proje... Read more

Zineb Ammor

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I am free spirit , looking for new adventures.


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my name mohamed bouabida from algeria i have 24years im ready to help you if you want :)

Riadh Sediri

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My name is riadh I’m here to change my life style, see the world and hopefully make a difference. Just recently I have reshaped my vision of life and realized that what I was doing for the recent years is probably not the best for me or the world. i was a student of chemistry i passed all my life in eduaction i wont really try something new and discover new thing in that big word

Ferdinand Po

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Hi! I’m looking for a place to stay in or around Edinburgh until May. I’m a cartoonist and a comic book writer.

Natsumi Okayasu

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Hi,my name is Natsumi. I'm from Chiba,which is located next Tokyo,in Japan. I came to Australia for learning English and finding my purpose in a future on working holiday visa. I was in Melbourne for 3 months before came to Sydney. I worked as Airline staff at the Narita International Airport,which is beggest airport in Japan,for more than 2 years. I have many experiences especially in a hospitality industry,like a waitress and customer service staff in Japan and Australia. I had traveled in 23 countries. I really like to find new things and meet new people from all over the world for learning about cultures,languages and a lot of things which I've never known or tried. I feel alive when I travel because I can think about me in differnt ways which meeting new people tells me. I hope... Read more


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I live here and now like an open door that can potentially lead anywhere. Interested in spirituality and meditation, I look for peace.

Siobhan Donnachie

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I'm going on a big trip through the USA, Mexico, USA again and then Canada. I want to experience lots of the USA, from the cities to the rural off the track places. I love being outside and getting stuck in with manual tasks - particularly gardening and farming. I have an allotment (community garden) with a group of friends where I live in the UK, which I will be missing when I'm away, so I would love to do some of this and help people out with whatever they need doing. I'm also open to learning new skills, meeting interesting people/communities and generally getting to know people properly along my travels instead of just moving quickly between different towns and cities. I'm 26 years old, and I work in the charity sector in the UK - mainly working with homeless people or those ... Read more

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Hello I'm an Algerian, my name is Ahmed, I'm 31 older, I'm single ,I like to travel to another place in this world and help people , I love taking a picture with my new friend... I would describe myself as a friendly, open-minded person who loves meeting new people, discovering new cultures and new languages, and learning new skills. I've never volunteered before but I'm really curious to do it!


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Hi! My name is Clarisa, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm an Interior Designer and run a small business specialized in wooden kid's furniture. I'm an Art History major here at Universidad de Buenos Aires, and also studied Set Design. I love to travel and meet new people, specially to Italy, the land of my family. This year I would like to work with one or more hosts on projects related to organic farming, permaculture, building restoration and maintenance, art, gardening, and eco-tourism. I'm an open minded person with great communication and organization skills, specially group work. My native language is Spanish and I also speak Italian and English. I hold dual Argentine-Italian citizenship.

Ayoub Haida

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my name ayoub i from morocco At age 24 i study nursing and i love travelling and helping others

Emilie Ford

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I am a bubbly, friendly character who has experience living and working in foreign countries with my South African fiancé Rustoff. We are looking for something new. We want to help people around the world. We have reached a moment in our life where we don't really know what do to or where to go as we have been travelling so much. We would like to be grounded for a while, helping others achieve their dreams. We are clean, kind, respectful and available any time suited to you! We have taught in Thailand, China and online as well as homecare for our families. I have also worked in the hospitality environment and sales. Rustoff has plenty experience working with animals, building and driving. We are willing to learn new skills and meet new people!