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Ashleigh Hatcher

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Namaste! I am currently a student taking classes online, and looking to travel, meet interesting people, and engage in lots of personal development. I'd be happy to help with a variety of tasks if you allow me to share your space with you for a time!


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Hello there, My name is jemma Bernardino and I am currently on a traveling quest to learn about this beautiful world we live in. I am currently in Hawai’i volunteering at a beautiful farm, I get to call home. So far, I’ve learned heaps of great things such as; learning different farming techniques, like permaculture farming, organic farming, and my favorite, moon phase gardening. Overall, I am blessed I’ve gained knowledge on how to nourish and plant in our Mother Earth. I’ve also learned how to take care of beautiful animals; such as, chickens, roosters, goats, pigs, and dogs. Thailand is my next stop and I am beyond excited to learn in a totally different culture.

Milagros Prudente

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My name is Milagros, but you can call me Mili. I'm from Argentina and I'm currently travelling arround the world. I have been in living in New Zealand and Australia, and I have visited several months countries such as Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, Malasia, Thailand, Singapore. My dream is to travell all arround the world :) JUNE 2018 Now I'm for the first time in Europe, starting for Italy :) I'm here because I would like to meet new people while I'm visiting new places. I like different kind of jobs like organic farm work and organic cooking. I'm from a little town on countryside, so I like and I'm quite get used to animal care and permaculture. I love yoga, meditation and arts, I usually like to do funny stuff and watch movies, reading books. 100% The Simpsons fanatic. I rather pre... Read more

Afra Spoelder

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Together with my boyfriend Mark I'm traveling through Europe at the moment. I am a project manager at a university in the Netherlands and Mark is an account manager in the normal world, but we quitted our jobs for fulltime traveling. From January 2019 we are available for helping a host. We are looking for a rural environment with lots of nature as we are into outdoor activities, enjoying the quietness and spotting wildlife. We are animal lovers so working with animals would be great! We are hard workers, but we are sociable and we are able to easily adapt as well. So we'd be happy to socialize with the host and get to know the local people and the ways of living.

Glen Tang

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I'm Glen from Singapore! 23 years old and trying to travel as much as I can during 2018.


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Hello ! I’m a joyful and hard working 21 years old traveling around Australia.
 Born in French Guyana (South America), I lived for 10 years in Montreal, Canada.
 I’m an animal lover, passionate about nature and especially the ocean ! I’m curious, love to learn about people and constantly discover new things.

I’m travelling around to contemplate the beauty of the world, but also in hope to meet people, learn about alternatives ways of living, self subsistence, and working/ being in harmony with nature. 
100% positive attitude.
I always focus on love and gratitude, try to take what there is to learn form everything, and grow.

My hobbies and interests include: yoga, biking around, dancing, painting, photography, books, plants, music…

... Read more

Hunter Mid

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21 year old female that loves travel! I’m taking a break from school but I have one more year before I graduate! I am very creative and I hope to use my creativity abroad!

Federica Spinelli

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I am Federica, 30 years old otalian living in London.

Mohannad Al Husaini

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I am an outdoor enthusiast from Finland where people are a bit serious but very honest. I grew up in a tiny village in the middle of forest, South Finland. I am willing to learn new things, ready for long days & hard work but would love to have 1-2 days off every week to be able to enjoy the local nature. My volunteering experience so far: November 2018 Taking care of two dogs, two cats and two goats as volunteer in a mountain lodge.
December 2018: Volunteering at a sheep farm. Work included everything from feeding the sheep, packing the wool, cleaning the house, changing car tires, baking bread & cakes.
February 2019: Horse farm, lots of hard work at horse stable, daily cleaning & feeding. Learned to milk goats which I really enjoyed.
March-Arpil 2019: Helping hand at arctic... Read more


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I'm going to graduate in geology soon, meaning I'll finally have some time on my hands. What I wont have, as usual, is money! So yeah I guess I fit just right in the low-budget, hand-to-mouth student lifestyle. Goes without saying, most of my trips involve couschsurfing, free camping and hitchhiking.
Personal interests include hiking, camping, bouldering, football and outdoors as a whole.


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Hola a todos gente genial

My name is Homayoon. I am 36 years old. I was born in Iran but now i live in Belgium. I teach mathematics in high school.
This school year, i am taking one year off to travel to some south american countries.
During this year, i would also like to join/help/learn some perma-culture sustainable farming.

I am very passionate about nature and have the dream to one day start a self-sustainable farm. Thus I want to learn a lot beforehand.
I am curious to learn anything about plants and animals. That is why i would love to stay with some nice people who are busy with their permaculture lifestyle and help and learn.
What can i do? I am a civil engineer from education. Thus theoretically i am not bad at calculating and designing build... Read more


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Sou uma pessoa de bem com a vida! Amo natureza e animais!
Gosto muito de viajar e ter novas experiências.
Disposta a ajudar no que for necessário.

Antonio Siviero

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Hi! I'm Antonio I'm 35 and I'm come from Italy. A mature individual, positive and hardworking who always tries to achieve the highest level in any given task. I'have great organization skills, good social skills and I'm very able to adapt to any situation. I'm friendly and open nature, reliable and efficient. If you need a help I'm here :D

Dusti Kirk

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Hello Hosts! I was born and raised in Austin TX, USA. I am a student at the Academy of Art University, studying the online program for Interior Architecture and Design. Before my traveling, I worked in many trades such as; Designing Fire Sprinkler protection, Restaurants, Childcare, Computer Companies, Marketing, Sales Rep and Clerical work. I enjoy being outdoors and experiencing new cultures. I love learning new things and seeing the world in new perspectives. I choose to have a positive outlook on life and embrace new adventures. My passions are art, photography, design, music, fitness, and people, which is why I love traveling so much.

Hamza lahouimed

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I'm from western Sahara "north Africa " I like share experiences with people which came from other countries and exchange cultures with them


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I am a Master student in RMIT studying Architecture, and I really want to make full use of my summer holiday to get close to nature to feel the real Austria.
In terms of the characteristics, I am hard-working, serious and easy going person. Maybe it is due to the learning of the Architecture, I will accomplish the given task as better and faster as I can. Moreover, I love reading, Painting, getting close to nature and doing the hand-made job, especially design, nature or culture related.

Lua Bauer

Set country: Spain

Young couple energetic, lively, fun, respectful, patient, tolerant, hardworking:
We know of organic and biodynamic garden / orchard, catering / hostelry construction / recycled construction, painting, carpentry, masonry, kitchen, customer service, biology, design, music, painting, drawing! We work with children, with people with functional diversity, with grandparents / old people, with animals and plants.
Nico is Sociocultural Animator, and Lua Educator Infantile.
We are both teachers. Without official title, but after all young teachers who love everything they do, how and with whom. And we put body and soul in it.


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We are a family of three about to embark on a journey in our self build motor-home across Europe starting in Spain for the winter. We have no plans and aim to offer help where help is needed in order to keep busy, healthy and in good spirit. Between us we are able to offer a variety of skills ranging from woodworking to sewing and scuba diving. We are professional couple with many years of running our own business in the UK and are now taking time out to enjoy life, network and widen our circle of friends. As a family we are self sufficient and are interested in permaculture,off grid living, earth ships, growing food and sustainability of the earth, with a spiritual awareness and grounding.

Emma Kelsey

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I’m a 24 year old soccer player and freelance writer. I just recently left Ireland where I was I playing professional soccer for a year, and have been traveling ever since. I’m a hard worker, and would love to help out with anything that needs to be done.


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I am a public defender in NYC, but am currently on sabbatical and travelling the world.


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Name: Hammad Ibrahim Hussein Age: 37 Year Profession: Land Surveyor Hobbies: Swimming - Diving - Football - Music Singer - Travel and love to make friends - friendly and loving to humans and animals I love volunteer work, help others and gain new experience and culture


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I consider myself friendly, tolerant and helpful. I do a long experience as a volunteer in Europe .Previously , I did acquire skills in large scale farming ( taking care of animals, gardening , small carpentry , handling guests in a small hostel .

Daniel Leyva

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Hello I'm Daniel from San Luis Potosí in México and I'm interested in traveling and work to know better the cultures, in interest in farming, bio construction, cultural projects video and photography production, but I'm open to any kind of work.

Charly GomTra

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Hello everybody, my name is Carlos and this year I stopped my current job in Spain in an IT company to travel. And my last big trip will be New Zealand.
I would like to try the volunteer way to travel meeting local people and saving resources. I am a hard worker person and very easy going, and I love to discover new cultures or places.
My English is ok, but I would like to improve it during my trip, it is one of my goals.
If you have any question, just ask me ;)

Alex Robinson

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My name is Alex, I'm a 24 year old English resident looking to move far outside my comfort zone. For the last two years I have worked in Digital Media, spending my daytimes in a cold, metal building waiting for the clock to reach 5:30, sitting in front of an computer screen, selling products to the young and impressionable that they don’t need. I decided to leave that way life. I have always been enamoured by nature, I spent my childhood in tree, parks and forests. I have helped many friends and older family members with their gardens and love to opportunity to do so. While working in London I made a lot of Italian friends, living with a doctor from Ventimiglia and a radiologist from Altamura and hearing their stories, looking at their pictures of home, I decided I have to ingratia... Read more

Ilaria Pellegrini

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Hi everyone! I'm Ilaria, 24 years old speech therapist from Italy. I have a month off at my University and I want to travel and improve my language skills by making a new experience!

Lumileid Leida Melocoton-Lemonade

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Hello Dear!!I am Lumileid, from Estonia, my passion is tango and kizomba dancing, previously salsa..also I like homemade stuff like wine and cheese, and I sincerely appreciate everything which is homemade I like ecological gardening, I have helped in some organic farms, also I have garden at home. I speak English, Spanish, learning russian and greek..I have been volunteering in quite a few places, for example I was pre school teacher in India, Kadappa, then in Greece I helped to pick olives and with gardening, also in hostel for a month taking care for guests..I love the idea of volunteering very much. Now in January 2019 I am coming to Portugal for a month and I would love to join some acts , volunteering during this time:)