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Set country: Russian Federation

Hello everybody!
My name is Igor and I am from Russia.
I'm a good team player and conscientious worker.
I am friendly and also hard-working, open-minded and eager to learn new skills and meet new people..
I am musical and can sing and play the guitar.
I hope to meet new people, learn new skills, linguage and make long-lasting friendships. I also like animals and kids. I don't mind working hard.
I did yoga instructor course,meditation pranayam and Reiki healing courses
I am a solo and avid traveller.

Dave Chik

Set country: Morocco

My name is azeddine chikar from Morocco .I'm 27 years old , I'm speaking English french Arabic and Spanish ,7years of work in the tourism industry here my country Morocco ....! . I just descovre your website of volunteers And I would love to have more information about it . Volunteer it's one the things that I would like to do in my life to have this experience helping others poeples and exchanges culture and languages and see other style of life I will happy if you can send me some of the details and informations that can help me to do it , of caures if it's possible for morocains young people thank you

Omàr Lacher

Set country: Morocco

My name is Omar from Morocco I i27 years want to travel and help people whatever kind of work, I will work hard I do not smoke I am a decent person and I love working hard

Ichraq Ameziane

Set country: Morocco

hi wanna make new friendships

Pratyush Sawarkar

Set country: India

So hey my name is Pratyush and I just got my graduation done. So I m really free now to explore things and give it a shot for life to kick in, if you know what I mean. So I'm a really looking forward to volunteer around places and get on to some community service too.

Hamza Ahjib

Set country: France

Greeting from Morocco My name is Hamza and I'm from Morocco on Agadir city .I'm new over here I been work as à voulentry on many places and i like to descovering new things i can also speak 6 langauge my mother language is Arabic and Berber I can also English french Spanish and german And i work full time o As a tour guide here in my country Morocco ....! . I just descovre your website of volunteers And I would love to have more information about it . Volunteer it's one the things that I would like to do in my life to have this experience helping others poeples and exchanges culture and languages and see other style of living

Mariana Martinez

Set country: Colombia

Tengo 21 años ,soy colombiana estudie gastronomía y ando estudiando inglés para que nada me detenga en este viaje sueño con despertar y conoces cosas nuevas culturas y personas interesantes


Set country: Korea, Republic of

Hello! My name is Francesca Lombardo, I’m a 22-year-old University student from Italy. My major is Far East Languages and Cultures, with a focus on Korea. I’m currently doing a semester abroad in Busan, at PNU, where I’m attending two intermediate level Korean courses. My Korean is not exactly stellar, but I’m good at English (Cambridge English Certificate C1), French (DELF B2) and German (no certificates, currently around level A2). I'm a fast learner and pride myself in my language skills. I’ve been living independently for about 3 years, sharing a house with various flatmates, so I’m used to sharing a living space and capable of managing myself and mantain a clean and respectful environment for everyone. I also thrive in social environments where there are a lot of new pe... Read more

Asli Pekergin Eran

Set country: Canada

Hi I'm Berk, I'm currently living in Ottawa with my family and studying at the French Immersion Program. My passions are playing basketball, soccer and video games, also really into the 20th Century World History.
I want to improve my French and gain experience through this program...

Nikhel Gildharie

Set country: Guyana

Hey. I'm 22 years old from Guyana. Looking to explore the world and do as much as I can.


Set country: Russian Federation

Hey :) I'm a student from Moscow, open-minded aspiring translator who is fond of helping others and getting involved in all sorts of adventures

Christine Cellini

Set country: United States

International traveler Born in USA and worked in social media. I now travel and teach yoga and love meeting amazing people and cultures. Love the use of work exchange so much we can learn from each other ..

Diego A. Velásquez

Set country: France

My name: Diego Alejandro Velásquez Ordoñez, I was born in Honduras and lived there until I obtained my high school degree at the age of 18. After that I went to Taiwan to learn Chinese and study my bachelor degree in civil engineering. I spent a few months having internships experience in Taiwan and India. Currently, I am in France learning French and soon I will be starting my masters degree in Tallin, Estonia. I have always been a person who enjoys a multicultural environment and intercultural communication. This attributes have helped me enjoy travelling more, it allows me to enjoy learning from others and their points of view. Throughout my life I have volunteered in different organizations, the ones who have had the biggest impact in my life has been: Operation Smile, Rotaract ... Read more

Clara Vermeiren

Set country: Mexico

My name is Clara, 28yo from Belgium. Currently in between jobs back home and thus travelinf through Mexico for a couple of months.

Kritika Chugh

Set country: India

I love to travel, and have volunteer in almost everything. I am a student but with a lot of creative talent and passion.


Set country: Tunisia

Polite and respectful and happy to take instructions as well as work under own initiative
Self-motivated, hardworking and willing to take on a variety of tasks
I am also an excellent communicator who can quickly build a rapport with people from all social backgrounds and cultures.


Set country: Italy

I'm Raghda and I'm 23 years old. I'm from Italy and I'm currently studying Korean in Korea. I came across your ad on craglist and I was wondering if you're still looking for volunteers? I can speak Italian and English fluently, also I know French and Spanish! I have worked in costumer service many times and I'd really love to help out!


Set country: Russian Federation

Hi, my name is Mira. I always wanted to travel and do good, fortunately, friend of mine recommended this website to me. I'll be happy to travel and meet people.


Set country: Morocco

My name is Ahmed and I'm 26 years old and I would like to help you...


Set country: Russian Federation

Working as a volunteer I want to use my ability to communicate with people, improve my English and gain valuable training, and find some amazing friends. Also, it would be a wonderful experience!

Dominique Boyer

Set country: United States

Hi! I'm Dominique, 26, and I love to travel to broaden my perception of the world and the people around me. Being passionate about sustainability, learning languages, and the arts, it'd be amazing to be a part of projects around the world.


Set country: United States

I'm a recent college graduate looking to take a gap year! I grew up with horses and would be a good farmhand. I also enjoy cooking, gardening, and cleaning. My degree was in geology and environmental studies, but I some coursework in biology as well.

Annie Pavlova

Set country: Russian Federation

Hi! I’m 23 years old lady with hands and passionate mind) I love to travel, to sing, to play on my ukulele or guitar and to draw pictures of everything I see) Travelled a lot by hitchhiking, worked around 2 years as business analyst at large international company, just achieved my bachelor degree at economics) I’d like to see the other side of this world) Would be glad to find new friends and experience) I’m not drinking alcohol, nor smoking, not vegan, love animals and cycling)

Yassine Summ'eirBody Jorio

Set country: France

Hello everybody ! I'm a 21-years-old Moroccan engineering student in Bordeaux. As part of my first year training course , I'm looking forward a two or three weeks international experiment. In fact, I would greatly appreciate discovering new cultures and making new friends. In return, I'll be happy to share my joy of life and my moroccan culture :)

Justine Manning

Set country: Italy

I am applying with my husband Darryl we also have our little dog Poppy. We’re self contained in our mini motorhome and can be self sufficient but will need water and somewhere to empty our loo.

We have been on the road 6 months now and think it’s time to slow down a bit so we are looking for a job that combines our passion to travel and learn new languages with something grounding and stable and a place to call home for a few weeks (or more) at a time.

I am a highly efficient and organised individual who loves being green fingered and meeting new people. Darryl is a practical person with a high level of focus who is highly driven. He was a gardener before we left the U.K.

We love travelling and seeing the world and meeting new people. Our ideal stop would be o... Read more

Amine Benkiar

Set country: Algeria

My name Amine 27 .. Architect from Algeria . speak French Arabic and English . now working in Turkish company of construction . member of help association in my city to help poor peoples sick and to teach to travel

Shubham Garg

Set country: Peru

Hello Greetings! I am an English teacher from India and have been volunteering/working in South America for the last 2 years. Currently I am travelling through Perú for a couple of months and am looking for a volunteer opportunity for 2 weeks in Cusco. Reaching Cusco on 27 May(morning) and would love to know if its possible to work with your team. I also speak Spanish. Please excuse to have written on such short notice.


Set country: Colombia

Hi, I am a very curious person, I love travel and practice sports, I can teach Spanish, basic English, cheerleading or dance. And if I don't know to do something, I will learn it. My English isn't perfect but I am improving it.

Edna Sahev

Set country: Mexico

Hello :D My name is Edna , I am from Mexico City, nowadays I'm 21 years old but with a lot of energies to help people! I've been doing work since I'm 16 years old so I have experience in many things but I want to learn more. Recently I've worked in hostels as an staff, because I like make many friends for life :D I am funny, patient, easy going, too tidy and animalover <3 I have 3 birds, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 turtle, 2 fishes and 1 rabbit. I love every place, I'm not picky, I want to try all the things that the nature offered me it doesn't matter If is a city, mountains, beach, cold weather, warm weather, I just want to help and have fun! The kind of music I like is rock, 80's music, chill out, party music, well many genres :D Btw I love dance and do the cleaning (the last one is weird bu... Read more

Cody J Adams

Set country: Peru

Soy Cody, soy de Australia y tengo 24 años Ahora estoy viajando por el norte de peru

Jessica Choi

Set country: Qatar

I am a South Korean college student who loves to travel. I speak Korean, English, and Mandarin Chinese fluently. I am a dedicated and a creative individual.

Anna Gorbacheva

Set country: Russian Federation

Im 27 years old girl who wants to explore the people of the world
I'm looking for a good company and can be very helpful in cooking and cleaning :)
I'm fond of sport & helping to others.

Some fancy facts about me:
I made a breathtaking trip from Moscow to Porto and back (about 10 000 km) by retro car!
The car mark is "Moskvich"(named after Moscow citizen) was been made in Soviet Union in 1976.
We were preparing for this trip all spring! Our trip lasted 26 days. 22 nights we slept in tents on the beaches , in the fields and in city parks :)
One night the ocean tried to wash our tent away xD
We got robbed twice in Barcelona. And had 2 REALLY BIG fines.
We were in Nice that day crazy terrorist smash his car into crowd of people...
Our car broke about t... Read more


Set country: United States

My name is Ecieno. I recently graduated from Florida Polytechnic University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. As a reward for myself I wanted to start to travel, which brought me here. I like to try new activities, taste new foods, see new sights and learn about new cultures.