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Austen Garmon

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I am a graduate student currently working on my degree in International Agriculture. My studies have brought me here, as I am interested in potentially traveling abroad in order to do work within the agriculture realm (farm work, environmental work, gardening, etc). As of now I am just beginning to look around and plan my travels, so I'm open to several different options.

As a part of my degree, I am required to complete an international experience. There are few guidelines or restrictions around this experience, aside from it must be at least four consecutive weeks long. I'm truly hoping to stay for eight weeks over the course of the summer (May-August).

I've taken courses in areas such as food security & sustainability and soil conservation, as well as ec... Read more


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Hello, I’m Melissa :) I’m 18 years old and live in Germany. This year I’ve graduated from school and now I want to see more of our beautiful world. This summer I’ve already traveled through Peru and I truely loved the experience of a simple backpacking life. Now I want to explore the USA and I would love to do this journey as a work and travel trip to meet lots of new people to learn from them and their lifestyle :)! I’m a very positive, extrovert, independent and sporty person. My hobbies are hiking, playing football, cooking, taking photos, writing, being outdoors and meeting new people. Growing up in a family that’s very animal and nature loving I also have some experience in caring for animals. We own several sheep, two cats and one dog. I’m also really into horses a... Read more


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Am Robert kessy from from the united Republic of Technition.I have been it italy for religious studies.Now i want to drop my self.I am polite and responsible person I enjoy helping and likes working hard.i love animals ,lerning from new culture,meeting new people and new places.

Sylvia Langmaak Bronkhorst

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Goodday I am looking for new life experience. Am currently working on a game reserve in South africa. I am hard working friendly and love new challenges.

Chouaib Salvador

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My name is Hamo, 20 years old from Algeria.

I must admit that writing a new Internet profile is fairly new to me. I think I would like to present myself as much as possible, in these few sentences ...

Anyway - I'm a simple man, grew up in Algeria to speak Arabic in French,

I consider myself a hard worker, a business ethic that has served me well in the past and has continued to do so for the time being. I do not have specific experience in specific skill - but I am a quick learner with honest hands and a mindset. Fully willing to learn and work for accommodation \ good company with people smile. Prefer hosts with outdoor work, physical and necessary.

Douglas Correa

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I love God I love people's


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Professional filmmaker, photographer, furniture designer, visiting fellow. Male. Early 50's, athletic (skiing, scuba diving, mountain biking, karate, running, firewood processi). International traveler.

Valérie De Buck

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Mziouka Abdelilah

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Hi,I'm Abdelilah Mziouka from morocco 40 years old and I teach pattern making for fashion designing . So the matter of fact that I love traveling around the world and meet people from different cultural background I have HARDLY studied English for 3 years in the University here in morocco But still not yet very fluently speaking English . For this reason I'm offering my services of teaching or producing pattern making for sewing to an English family host where I'll be able to practice my English accent in exchange. I'm quiet , mature , cool , social , helper ,noon smoker .

Genevieve Trapani

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College graduate with a passion for science, animals, and the outdoors. I have experience working with horses, dogs, cats, and children. I'm also very handy and able to lift quite a bit.

Lambert Zaugg

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I travel around the world for a few years and am open to learning new things. I love to make new acquaintances to see new cultures and to gain new experiences. My hobbies are football and basketball, but I like many more. I cook, read books and listen to music. I aldo love to be in nature and to camp.

Abdelrahman Gomaa

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I love travel and helping people

Eden Stevenson

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Thabet Mezni

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My name is Mezni ,im 26 years old ,i studied fine art ceramic ,im a positive person ,i love cats ,nature ,fresh air ,expressive eyes ,im faithful ,open minded person ,im a funny person but shy in the beginning .

Shari Lynn Powell

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My name is Shari and my boyfriend's name is Austin. We are both from Arizona and we're wanting to relocate ourselves but we have no idea where we'd like to move. I figured this could benefit both us by letting us explore some options and giving us a way to become closer as a couple as well as the hosts we end up going to stay with and help for awhile. I'm hoping this is a positive experience for all of us and we find the right place for us! Thank you!

حسين امير

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مرحبا انا ارید العمل کمتطوع لدی حبره فی الصبغ والاعمال الحرفیه مثل عمل الحبز وطهی وغیر ذالک


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I am a mature American adult who owned a small online business, worked in hospitality, and was a tour guide all over Europe (skiing, canoes, wineries, camping, horse riding, shopping, etc). My skills include: - Hostel customer service - Tour guide - Bartender - Driver - Building/construction (wood & welding) - English teacher - Social Media professional/Computer teacher - Dog & horse trainer. Looking to find a great host where I can volunteer in exchange for meals/lodging - meet some new friends and experience some new cultures.

Kaja Horvat

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Hello! :D My name is Kaja. I come from Slovenia where I study film. Next year I want to take a bit time off and explore new cities.

Danielle Winkelman

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I am a veterinary behavior therapist, which means I work with a veterinary behaviorist to train animals of all species. I am certified in clicker training through the Karen Pryor Academy and have veterinary and care experience with a variety of animals. My boyfriend is currently working in custom wood and metal work. He also has construction, veterinary, and ranching experience.

Kenisha Soowambar

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Hola! I'm Kenisha Soowambar from the lovely island of Mauritius. Being the eldest cousin of the family, i've learnt to take care of those around me. I'm a very good listener and i like to make most of the little things in life. I am currently working at a company called Le Coin Libanais Ltd which has a chain of Arabic Restaurants and i am responsible for Marketing and Communications. I am also an Art Of Living Foundation Volunteer and do courses for kids for the age of 7 to 11 years old.


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As I transition to a new career and further understand and develop my dreams to help people on their own self healing journey, I am looking for opportunities to assist others. Since I quit my corporate job, I've come to realize my need for interacting with like-minded, compassionate souls who want to help each other. I view this as a essential to the human experience. I believe seeking accommodations in return for work provides a sense of community and belonging.

Stefanie Krause

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Hi my name is Stefanie, I’m 23 years old and lately I found my passion in traveling. Recently I travelled across New Zealand, Cambodia and Thailand and now I want to find out what else the world has to offer. I love the nature, cooking (currently almost only vegetarian), schwimming, dancing, reading science fiction (with lovestory) and doing parlour games. I'm a open minded person and I get along with everyone easily. I take my job very seriously especially if someone is hosting me. I'll be sure to pay back the favour with doing my tasks at my best. I’m good at organizing but I don‘t have specific experience in a specific skill - but I am a quick learner and a thinking head (math studies). Very willing to learn and work for accommodation,food and good company with interesting pers... Read more

Monja Kraner

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Jamie May

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Hello! My name is Jamie and I come from a seaside town in England called Paignton. I am currently travelling around Europe, working with different hosts; doing vastly different jobs! Since the age of 16 most of my work has been gardening orientated, I really love being out in nature and getting some hard work done. For the past year I have worked more closely with plants and the care of them in a local garden nursery, so I am able to care for plants, though my knowledge is limited. In my spare time I enjoy making videos which I post online, mainly for my friends. I do try and keep a consistent upload schedule, but if I am without internet it isn't a problem to me. If there are any video projects you might want doing I will be more than happy to help. I am a vegetarian so I hope we c... Read more

Oxana Lozhka

Set country: Ukraine

Hello! My name is Oksana, I'm 29 years old. I love people and children, I'm also in love with nature and cooking. I dream about my happy family and travelling. Feel free to ask questions!

Sonya Karliyeva

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I am upbeat about any experience. Keen traveller and diligent worker.


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Hey! My name is Cristina. Two months ago I returned to the states from completing my Peace Corps service in the South Pacific. Two years of living in a small village, cooking by fire and mostly living off the land in the Republic of Vanuatu. This month, September, I returned from Puerto Rico, where I voluntered repairing homes impacted by Hurricane Maria. I'm officially back!

I have a degree in Journalism and Sociology, and am naturally curious soul. Originally from NYC, I would like to ease into my transition back into American culture. I'm energetic, ready to learn and a lot of fun. Dancing & chocolate make me the happiest. I'm excited to learn new skills and meet new people! So let's do it, shall we? Any questions, please reach out!


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Hi ,I'm dalel ,I'm 20 years old from Tunisia ( a small country in north Africa ) I live in a very beautiful city called nabeul I live with my family .my mum is a teacher ,my dad is an electronic engineer ,my brother attend to university and my 2 little sisters study at school .we are an amazing family we support always each other .I get last year my high school diploma then I started learning New language's my dream is to enter aviation world and to be one day a pilot or an aircraft engineer .i speak Arabic as a mother language and also I can speak French, English and a little Deutsch.I have a lot of hobbies ,practicing sports ,listening to classic music, learning languages,visiting museums , walking for a long distances ,reading books ,traveling, writing poems. My favourites colours ar... Read more