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Diego Castañeda

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Bioengineer student (practically done), Currently doing an internship at a nanotechnology lab, working as an interpreter and working at a winery.


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fast learner hardworking leadership languages :arabic Turkish French English deploma : masters in quantitative economics

Tayna Cris

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We are cheerful, we love meeting new people and new cultures, we always travel together. We live in Brazil, we already did volunteer work in our country and we like the experience a lot, we really want to have the opportunity to work abroad. We have skills with chores, gardening, construction, painting, cooking, animals and general maintenance. We love to have contact with animals, we have 5 dogs. We are students of agronomy and food engineering. We have availability for February and March 2019.

Diego Román

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Hi people! I've worked for a long time at office, I'm Accountant but I took a rest for to discover other things. My current location is in the south of France I speak Spanish, English and French. I've visited USA, Mexico, Cuba, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Panama, and Ecuador, Spain, only for short term but I´ve gained a lot of great experiences with locals and culture. Right now, I have a VISA working-holiday for one year in France till: Sept/2019. I would like volunteering, improve the language, share with locals, culture and good moments. I like to spend time for any service, specially, social service with humans, or animals.

Laury Colonia

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My name is Laura and I ´m 30 . I come from Spain but I live at the moment in Germany . I am a Spanish girl who loves meet a new people with different Culture. I want to explore the World and help people and improve too my English.

Mark Meems

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G'day! My name is Mark, I'm a Dutchy (Netherlands) and I'm 29 years old. More than two years ago I started travelling in Asia and Australia. This made me fell in love with the world, the different cultures and the beautiful people on this planet. Going to new places and be there for a couple of months became my new addiction. I'm lovin' it! The last two years I spend most of my time working in Australia. The jobs I had were working on a farm in Mareeba (two seasons), working as painter and bartender in a outback hotel (Gregory Downs), working as bartender and waiter in a 4star resort in Weipa (QLD) and did the same in a 4star resort in Denham (WA). In between I spend two months in a Muay Thai camp at Koh Phangan (Thailand). Basically I was here for training but I also helped with buildi... Read more


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We are two friends that are interested in having an awesome experience abroad. We are college students that are looking for a place where we can improve our English while making new friends.

Our names are Alexandra and Nerea. Alexandra has a good level of English but Nerea has a basic level. Nevertheless, we are hard-working persons that are very involve in improving our level!

We are from Barcelona and we have 19 and 21 years old.

I hope you can welcome us at your place!

Sérgio Bart

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Hi, my name is Alex and I'm from Italy. I'm 22 years old and I just graduated. I am looking to improve my Engish in exchange for working in UK. I am a social person who loves meeting new people and discover new cultures. I do not smoke and I love doing sports.


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Strong confident and motivated by the fact that nothing comes easy in this life unless you work it out and earn it. I love life and i like enjoy my time and meet new people

Diogo Jantarada

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Hi there! My name is Diogo Jantarada, I'm 23 years old and I was born in the peaceful and beautiful country called Portugal. I've always been inspired by travelling abroad and looking after unique and authentic experiences. Throughout my life, I've been in 3 different continents (Europe, Africa and America), done a 1 month Interrail around Europe, trekked 300+ km on two different camiño de Santiago (Spain), and lived abroad for 6 months on Poland. On the voluntary context, I've been helping an ONG for the last 8 months to collect restaurant and supermarkets' waste and turn it into full meals for more than 30 families on a local community, every day. Currently, I've just finished my master degree after 5 years of studying and I've decided to challenge myself with a 4-to-6 month journey ... Read more


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Hi, I am Vera. I am a student from Indonesia, currently in Switzerland. I am a flexible and open-minded person. Travelling is my passion and I like to learn about different culture and perspective from people around the world. I already met a lot of people from different nationalities and I would like to gain new experience through cultural exchange, including learning new languages. I speak fluent English and I am learning German right now. I also like to help hosts in other kinds of help needed :)

Lauren McLachlan

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I'm a young, fun and friendly person! I love meeting new people and having new experiences. I've au paired before and travelled a fair bit, but i want to see and do more!

RW Miller

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Available for both white and blue collar type work in USA, preferably with horses and in Kentucky. Otherwise, prefer to work with animals within USA.

Amber Holloway-Cook

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Hi my name is Amber and I just graduated with a Bachelors Concentration in entreprenuership through time-based art along with a minor in film studies and audio technology and music in society. I have experience working with small to large companies and individuals through photography, video, design and audio to create a cohesive vibe for marketing, promotion and selling on online platforms. I am from Washington state. Besides these other hobbies I also snowboard, mountain bike and hike in my spare time. I have traveled to Japan 3 years ago where I helped make a documentary there and worked in a hostel to help with the cost. I recently graduated and went to Revelstoke and am excited to continue to travel more.


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My name is Marta and I am 21 years old. I am a certified teacher of English and through travelling I wish to learn more about myself and the world. I am more than willing to help with language learning, house maintenance and other tasks for accommodation.


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Nigel Van de Velde, 34yo, male, Belgian. Relocating to Slovenia. Whilst trying to find a real job I would like to do some volunteering.

Leonard Menke

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hey there! , my name is leonard. i live in cologne and i am about to study sport (at the spoho in cologne) and math as a special educater here from the of april. bevore i start with the college i want to improove my language skills to get my english to c1 level...that would be nice :D i grow up as the youngest kid of seven children what makes me sociabel .that is the reason why i love to get in contact with new people. in my freetime i play the e-guitar, sing in a choir and doing a lot of sport activities with friends.( FIFA 18 included). At the moment i worke three times a week in a scool for blind kids. moreover i worke in a big resturant as a barkeeper. since three years i also take care of a few gardens in our nighborhood. i have to master every kind of work in the garden an... Read more


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Hi! My name is April and I’m looking for opportunities to invest myself in so that I can continue to grow. I’d like to contribute to a community that sees the bigger picture of treating others kindly. I’ve always loved to help others since I was in kindergarten. I like to engage others that feel left out, mediate between disagreements, and offer a kind ear whether it’s asked for or not. I love to learn and I love to love (: at this time in my life, I feel I need to run towards unfamiliar places and ideas that I fear. I look forward to talking with all of the beautiful people on this platform and thank you for your time!

Kiri Scheiderich

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We just want to see the world and do something amazing


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Hello, i am a men from Austria and i will travel through south america ( Peru, Bolivia, Chile) and i am always opened for something new to learn. I already bring some skills with me an would like to learn more about permaculture, earth ships or generelly alternative living. Because that will be my future goal to reach an alternative live style on my own. Anyway i am happy for any place to stay at, meet nice and lovely people and give some help where i can.

Poon Chong Ming

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Helloooo everyone, I'm Chong Ming! (or you can call me CM for short). I love travelling and seeing the world - hence I am using my free time (while waiting for university to begin) to travel, hoping to see new things and to meet new, cool people. The world is so huge, and I hope to be able to learn and take away lessons from each and every experience it has to offer.


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Hello there!

My name is Noy, I'm a Canadian 28-year-old single female who is soon moving back home to Canada from Spain. I grew up in London, ON and would like to return to the area.
I'm looking for a farm or a place where I can contribute as much as possible by working hard, learning useful skills, and most importantly, connecting with people in a genuine way.
I love to apply creativity to everything I can in life, and so far that includes cooking, woodworking, any type of art (drawing, painting, etc.) and pretty much anything hands-on... I am definitely not afraid of getting my hands dirty -- in fact, I usually quite enjoy it.

I would love to contribute to a farm with a sense of family and welcoming attitude.

That said, it's very important to me to have a q... Read more

Mohemed Àmara

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My name is Mohammed Amara i'am 19 years old . I speak English, French a little, and Arabic very well. I have several experiences in philanthropy with evidence in scouting. I was framed in many associations

Zachary Johnson

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I am ayoung adventure enthusiasts looking to expand my horizons! I love the great outdoors and enjoy hiking, exploring nature and cities, and scuba diving!

Christophe Gn

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Looking for a trully Kiwi outback experience. Not only the landscapes but people also are an important part when you are visiting a country.
I enjoy fram work and had some experiences with vineyards maintenance in Australia.

Parimal Parmar

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Hi, I wish to travel and stay at places where I can explore different Cultures and experience first hand the diversity.

Natalie Bograd

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I have work experience as a social worker, and social work supervisor, program manager, and counselor. I have a Master's Degree in Education from the University of Wyoming. I love most sports and have coached basketball, baseball, and softball. I have volunteered with Boys and Girls Club and Big Brothers Big Sisters Programs. I have 2 daughters who also love to travel. I have been to Mexico, Alaska (multiplie times), Canada (multiple times), and Australia to dive at the Great Barrier Reef. I love new adventures, meeting people and am passionate about helping others. Since graduating from college I have been in the helping relations field. I have already bought my ticket to Kolkata and will be arriving Feb. 2019. I also plan on travelling to Africa this year.

Erin Atkinson

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Looking for some change and travel in my life. I'm a detail oriented cleaner, have great customer service skills, love to garden and be in the outdoors, and always have a smile on my face. I have a free spirited attitude and love being around new people and creating connections wherever I go. I am a student and trying to figure out what I am going to do with myself in the future. I am hoping an experience like this will help guide and change my life to help me become something great in life.

Melek Senturk

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I am on work and holiday visa and would like to see the country by staying with the locals. :)

Nicole Armstrong

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I’m a traveling and working a bit along the way to meet local people and enjoy life more.

Kristen Tabor

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Hello, our names are Kristen and Alex. We're interested in sustainability, permaculture, natural building, and tons of other self-sufficient skills. We're travelling through the U.S.and plan on making our way up to Oregon eventually, but want to stop by the NM CO, area first! We're hard workers, with prior experience at 2 organic farms. If you'd like more info we'd be glad to share, simply message or email us.

Max Gn

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Hi, I am a 36 yr old Canadian Male living in South Australia. I would like to work and live with a small farmer on a small farm in Australia (I am a Permanent Resident here) in exchange for a daily supply of raw milk, pastured eggs and some kind of grass fed meat for a few hours work per day. I am looking to obtain enough raw milk per day in order to ferment enough for my needs, this and pastured eggs being my main dietary staple and requirement. Ideally the farm will be able to provide this for me in exchange for my helping out around the place for a few hours per day.

Abdelmajid Eddahbi

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Hi , I’m Majed 21yo. You can count on me ;)

Diya Gautam

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Hey there I am am a digital marketer and can help hosts with maintaining there google ads campaign, building a wordpress website , teaching digital marketing , maintaining social media ads or accounts .