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Hi, my name is Irina, i'm 23 y.o. Study at PNRPU, Russia. Every summer I'm truing to travel around the world. So, I visited Spain, Finland, Czech Republic, Turkey and, of course, some places in Russia: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Krasnodar.


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Hi! My name is paula, i am an enthusiastic woman who enjoys helping and likes working hard.
I live in Argentina but i have a very good english level.
I love fashion, animals, lerning from new cultures, meeting new people and new places.
I am polite, organized,friendly, i love smiling and i do it all the time, do not get confused with my photo! and helpful.


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Hi everyone! My name is Anna. I am 22 years old. I am here because I would love to have some interesting and new experiences! I love travelling and have had several study abroad and volunteering abroad experiences (Hong Kong, India, China...). I am very sociable. I like helping people and I am very passionate about cooking (I am fond of healthy food). I am also interested in literature and cinema. I am currently studying in Milan (but I come from Sicily) and only have one semester left. I will have plenty of free time during the next months and thus I am looking for some place where I could spend maybe 2 weeks. I am extremely flexible and adaptive! I love nature (and outdoor activities) and animals. Looking forward to talk to you (and hopefully to meet you as well)!


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29 years old from Tunisia , I'm Animateur/Formateur Occasionnel... seeking to leave a positive impact on the world , want to travel to prove my existence and find who i am , seeking to discover new ways of life and trying to leave as much help as possible i don't mind offering my time and my work to get to know new people and new cultures ...
My activities & experience .. : • Since the summer of 2015, I have been working as a volunteer in an association
cultural missions, helping needy schools and children, by providing them with
different keys allowing them to discover artistic, cinematographic,
playful, or the work of animator.
• At the beginning of August 2016, I had the opportunity to come to France, with some members
Mash'hed, as part of an intercultural exch... Read more

Soufiane ben hadda

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Hey. I'm soufian i'm 20 student I like sport travel adventures and I like help people in them work I like know meet new people and learn new culture also i'm open minded

Bouazar Amine

Set country: Morocco

I'am Amine from Morocco exactly in Agadir. 20 years old and I Study at ibn. Option : Economy. I like the Volunteering That's why I 'am here . My Goal also : Make an international network and to improve my skills in English and helping others and to meet a lot of peoples.

Liya Liu

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Hi there! Me and my husband Pedro are travelling in New Zealand. We would like to volunteer in this country, so to participate, to help and to learn. I used to work in reading-promoting NGO and have 4-year-experience in managing youth hostels. Recently I am learning drawing & painting & writing. Pedro is a veterinary nurse. We both love nature. We have experience in farming, language teaching, and volunteer experience in nature conservation facilities( track maintaining, ground keeping, attending injured wildlife, collecting wildlife data, public education, etc.). We have our own vehicle and our time is flexible. We can join fun projects or help interesting people from 1 to 4 weeks. Please contact us if you need hands around.


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Hola! My name is Austin. I am a documentary filmmaker based in Seattle, Washington USA. After getting my degree in filmmaking and environmental studies, I started my own video production company. Most of my clients are small businesses and non-profits. It brings me joy to produce videos for them that help expand their brand and get their messages to a wider audience. In addition to running my own business, I also guide kayak tours! I am a certified kayak instructor and have been guiding sea kayak tours since 2013. My tour groups are sometimes as small as 10 people, or as large as 100! I absolutely love showing people from around the world my beautiful home of Seattle, and hope to be able to use my skills as a tour guide with travelers in Spain as well. In addition to those jobs, I am... Read more

Deivid D. Oliveira

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Hey there! My name is Deivid, I'm brazilian and searching for a new experience from a diferent point of view. I want to work in any place of any City of any Country


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I am a 31 year old Lesotho citizen having a huge interest in volunteering with your organisation. I can relocate to help in any part of the world if need be.


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Im Filippo, and live in Italy - Sicily Palermo. Im a digital artist 2D/3D (strong passion). I love Animals and friendly people, I respect mother earth. A motivated, enthusiastic and hardworking individual. Enjoy helping others and always complete tasks given to a high standard. Reliable and versatile with a positive attitude and the ability to learn new tasks and skills quickly.

Jessica Hatfield

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Hello! I am an American currently living in Spain as an English teacher. I am interested in finding a place to volunteer in Africa, specifically in an area that speaks French as I am trying to learn. Thank you!!

Delphine De Smedt

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My name is Delphine, brand new backpacker, and I am 21 years old. I am arriving in New Zealand in February and am searching for a nice way to travel and meet people :-)

רעבע וואַדזשדי

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I am a young man from Tunisia and I am 28 years old. I am not married and I love volunteering

Mrisho Chogohe

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Welcome friends who would like to visit Tanzani.

Florian Scherl

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Hey :)


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Hello ! My name is Victoria, I am an 18 years old girl from France. I am studying in the North of France in an international business school. For my studies, I need to go abroad in the aim to improve my English. I want to go in another country than France to learn new things by interacting with people, having ned experiences, and learn many things. I am very friendly and talkative. I want to have new experiences to learn more about myself and other people. I learn fast and work very seriously, I am dynamic, responsable and ready to learn a lot. My aim is to acquire about another culture, other people, and to discover new things. I am young but really motivated so don’t be scared if I don’t match your required skills ! I ideally would like to stay with you for at least two months... Read more

Monica Renee Hayos

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I am a world traveler and lover of souls. I am a candlemaker and house builder. I am a gymnast. I love people! And I love to learn...

Mohamed Elsied Ibrahim

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I dont travel
And i would work in uk

Erica Sundrop

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My name is Erica, i'm a 26 year old traveller from Australia. I have been moving nomadically around Europe since July 2018, visiting friends and experiencing new countries and cultures. I live through my creative soul with hobbies that include photography, videography, jewellery making, sewing, volunteering, drawing, reading, gardening, yoga, music and parties. I manage my own upcycled jewellery business where i make jewellery from recycled materials and sell to a customer base online, it's what I love to do and supports my nomadic lifestyle. Since last summer i have travelled through Germany, Austria, Portugal, Spain, London, Israel, Romania and now back in Portugal.


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I am Anthony, looking for opportunities to learn new cultures and experience life outside my home country.

Amber Rose Towles

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Looking for a place to stay in exchange for work such as housekeeping, pet care, organizing, clerical, gardening.

Katerina Davidovich

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Hello! My name is Katya, I am from Minsk (Belarus), I study to be a chemist, an Ecologist. I love to travel, learn something new and communicate !! Visited 6 countries and the love of travel is infinite. I would love to practice my English, help and exchange experience.

khadija ammou

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Hello, I am Khadija from Morocco. It has always been my dream to go to Korea and I will do everything to achieve it

Kristen Murphy

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My name is Kristen, im a 32 year old American female-and im hoping to fulfill my lifelong dream of traveling the world! I have quite a list of destinations at this point and want to get started at as young of an age as possible. I have worked in several industries in the US such as food service, retail, as an electrician for both residential and commercial contractors, as well as 4 years spent as a filing clerk for a law firm in downtown Los Angeles, which is where I currently reside. Im trustworthy and hard working-with a deep rooted wanderlust that im excited to finally satisfy. I hope to begin my journey soon.

Екатерина Гердова

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Hello! I'm a student. And I would really like to explore other cultures from the inside. Also develop communication skills in foreign languages. I am hardworking and responsible, friendly and quiet.

Isabella Hsu

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I finished college almost a year ago. I had always intended to travel as soon as I could, but it took me a few months to get back on my feet. During that time I happened to find a job at an amazing restaurant in LA, which serves traditional Japanese cuisine. For the past few months I've been learning whatever I can at work and dreaming about my next adventure! I am from Southern California, I'm a triplet, I grew up in the restaurant business, I love being outdoors, meditation, yoga, running, and the ocean!

Paola D'Anastasio

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Hi :) I love travelling and I'm always looking for my next trip. I'm studying to teach Italian as a second language and I will graduate in April. I love sharing my culture and learn about new cultures.


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I am a 24 year old Austrian girl, who likes to travel and make new experiences. I have some advanced knowledge in Spanish and english and I like to help out with pending work.


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We are three travelling through Australia, looking to meet people, and for unique experiences. Talia and Rich are archaeologists and Greg is an events officer

Nomadic Healing Artist

Set country: Costa Rica

Available to work hostel receptions or to be a full-time live-in house sitter/pet sitter in PANAMA from Saturday 7th September 2019.

My name is Evelyn and I am a 41 year old vegan artist and nomad.

I left The UK to pursue a holistic lifestyle and to get some SUN! Costa Rica has provided SUN and then some!

After a year in José my soul was screaming for nature and so I headed to Puerto Viejo and have been here since Jan 2019.

Puerto Viejo has provided me with a nice mix of high temperatures, sunny days as well as amazing beaches and jungles for walking.<

As a vegan I love cooking delicious plant based meals and sharing them with people. Many guests and volunteers at the various hostels I have volunteered at have enjoyed my tasty vegan soups and stews!<... Read more

Vincent Sattler

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Dear Hosts, my name is Vincent and I'm an athletic, open-minded and calm guy who likes to see the world with it's unique people and adventures. I'm 1,74 m tall, have brown hair and brown eyes. I'm a big movie fan, I like to read, I'm practicing calisthenics (fitness by using your own body weight) and I'm teaching kids parkour in a sports club.

Ali Mohammed Abdellah

Set country: Egypt

Leave a fingerprint in this world. This is my message in life Its me ali, from Egypt, 30 y, veterinarian. I am fond of traveling around the world and explore more, cultures exchange is something special and inspirational. I love reading to know more and more. Helping people is a gift to keep up, I believe that we all need help, need each other.


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I am an outgoing and energetic Australian 52 year old female. I have experience in tutoring in mathematics and English, caring for children, the aged and those with a disability. I have experience in administration and banking as well. By June 2019 I will also be a qualified divemaster. I also have experience in preparing fossils. I am keen to learn and will give anything a go.

Mirian Cristina

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Hi! My name is Mirian and I'm a Brazilian girl who loves meeting new cultures and people. I want to explore the world and collect experiences, helping people whenever it's possible. I might not talk too much but that because my English is not very good, YET :D

Alisson Montijo

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I love taking pictures of people and places, and I have a non-personal profile on Instagram (@thephotoguybr) just to post photos taken by the lenses of my smartphone. I'm an amateur photographer and I go by the feeling of spreading things that I find, also considering that people might like the content. I record shorts videos as well, but I usually post them on my status/stories. I have two YouTube Channels (both stopped so far), one personal where I used to post covers of songs I recorded (well, I love to sing); and another turned to technology subjects, so I used to make, edit and post videos on both channels. As I said before, I love to sing since I was a kid, music is one of the thing I love the most. I used to record, edit and upload covers of songs to SoundCloud, 4shared, YouTube,... Read more