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Lorenzo Rosini

Set country: Italy

Hello, couchsurfing people! My name is Lorenzo and I come from a small village in central Italy. I moved to Turin to study medicine and am now almost at the end. I lived an Erasmus year in Germany and it was an incredible experience. I am a very relaxed and easygoing guy, I have a great spirit of adaptation, I am curious and always looking for some new experience. I like putting myself out there and getting out of my comfort zone.


Set country: Italy

cheerful and kind boy, a lover of travel and generous in helping people. I would like to go on a long journey with my best friend who is also ready to help and have fun.

Francesca Mosca

Set country: Italy

Coppia amante dei viaggi e della natura e degli animali.


Set country: United States


Nilberk Lilliput Boada

Set country: Spain



Set country: Brazil

Hi! My name is Bruna, I have 24 years old, I’m Brazilian, I recently graduated from law school and now I want to enjoy a gap year traveling the world. I am a very friendly, kind person, I love children and animals. And I want to meet people with cultures different from mine. I am a simple and easy person to live with.

Sofia Notari

Set country: Brazil

Hello nice to meet you!
I am a dreamy and adventurous girl but very focused on my goals and duties, I want to have the experience of a new cultural immersion, learn and reinforce my English and Italian with the natives, I want to make the most of it to acquire new knowledge and evolve as a person as well as help you in your daily needs and activities.


Set country: United States

Hello, My name is Amélie, I am from France and I am 27. I just moved to California, Visalia, with my husband. I love travelling, discovering new people and culture. I also like cooking, hiking and gymnastics.


Set country: Morocco

Hi My name is Mohamed I am student in university.l finish my education now lam in holiday so I went to enjoy and travel and help.

Gabriele Gabis

Set country: Brazil

My name is Gabriele, I am 27 years old, Brazilian, married to Ademir, 42 years old, Brazilian; we live in the city of Caieiras, SP, and we are looking for an opportunity to volunteer in the USA. Here in Brazil, Ademir has already provided volunteer services as a Firefighter (Civil and Forestry), including activities such as rescuing people, putting out fires, helping people who are not feeling well, among other activities. We are a Christian couple, and within the church, I participate in the choir, singing praises; and we also help by making donations to those in need. I worked in the administrative area of ​​some companies, and I have a good knowledge of management, spreadsheets and other related activities. We are a helpful, organized and responsible couple, and we are in search ... Read more


Set country: Italy

Hi, I'm 25 yearso old Girl, living in Italy.I love nature, animals,connecting with people and discover every day something new, I'm vegetarian since 2008

Sarah Jenn

Set country: Germany

I‘m a German student and a future teacher with the subjects English and Spanish. In my sparetime, I like to cook and bake, do sports, meet friends, or travel;)


Set country: Ethiopia

Hello, my name is Natnael and I'm 24. I'm a recent graduate of Computer Science from Microlink College. I like to explore, meet new people, and volunteer or help out with any kind of work.


Set country: Brazil

Adventurer, I like to know places and new experiences.


Set country: Sweden

Finance professional and startup founder with over 10 years experience from banking and business development. Specialized in SME banking, entrepreneurship, and agile IT- development. Prior experience also includes part-time jobs within farming, restaurant, and health care.

Amanda Pearce

Set country: Brazil

I'm a 26 years old non-binary person, just finished my bachelor's in Art History and I have been a Software Developer for a few years. I enjoy walking in nature, going to Museums, Movies and mostly to the beach. I will be traveling with my 25 years old boyfriend, who enjoys the same activities and we're both looking for an opportunity to learn about organic farming and improve our english :)

Hannah Thein

Set country: United States

International educator. Runner, photographer. Multitalented, hard-working, adventurous, flexible.


Set country: United States

Hello, I am a gap year student that wants gain new experiences and memories.

Oziel lopes

Set country: Brazil

Me chamo Oziel Lopes, tenho 25 anos sou morador de Brasilia, Brasil.
Sou uma pessoa simples, de grande facilidade em fazer amizades. Uma pessoa alegre, sem tempo ruim pra nada.
Se tivemos a oportunidade de mais um amanhecer, vamos agradecer por essa oportunidade.
Trabalhar é uma coisa '' chata ", mas se você esta fazendo o que gosta nada se torna chato.




Set country: United States

I am looking to connect with locals in places that I plan to travel.

Marie Vienne

Set country: France

I am serious, kind and attentive person. I'm looking for an accomodation because I will be starting an internship in musical theater. I'm open to any kind of help during my free time. My skills are quite numerous!


Set country: India

I am enthusiastic guy, Product Designer by proffession, Always ready to help people in every way possible. I am keen to travel just never wanted to stay at one place always wanted to move from one place to another, meeting new people everyday, knowing the different cultures of different places. Would love to join you for work and helping.

Eloyza Augusta

Set country: Portugal

Olá sou Eloyza Augusta e o Amilton Vasconcelos e amamos viajar e conhecer lugares novos,e aprender coisas novas,e conhecer pessoas,e o contato com a natureza,e com animais.

Maria Murugiah

Set country: Malaysia

Hello! My name is Maria and I'm a 24 year old daydreamer (sometimes night) from Malaysia! I am an arts and culture enthusiast and have been supporting my local Malaysian arts and culture industry for many years! I am however very curious and interested about other cultures outside of my own country and in the entire world! My loves include animals, nature, culture, art, music, people, tea, food, and chocolate. Travelling to foreign places sure sounds scary but I saw a tweet that said "Do the things that scare you". So here I am. I take all my life advice from tweets.

Danilo Tiago

Set country: Brazil

Me chamo Danilo, tenho 35 anos. Gosto de viajar, acampar, fazer trilhas, pedalar, conhecer novas pessoas e lugares. Procuro sempre aprender coisas novas e diferentes.

Lauren Stackhouse

Set country: Canada

I am a 22 year old solo travelling through Europe for the summer. Looking to help out hosts in exchange for compensation of accommodations.

Safyra Agapiou

Set country: Greece

I am in a difficult situation in all aspects I want to be hosted and I can help in anything.

Gabrielle Elizabet

Set country: Czech Republic

My name is Gabrielle, but most people call me Gabi. My pronouns are she/her. In 2019, I graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Sociology. During my undergraduate studies, I used to work as a lifeguard and swim coach for five years. These positions included ensuring the safety and satisfaction of patrons while maintaining safety through preventative measures and educating the public. I was responsible for providing first aid, monitoring security issues, and ensuring water quality control. As a swim coach, I taught the fundamentals of all swimming strokes, created a safe space for youths, and promoted an active lifestyle. I moved to Paris, France and participated in a language and culture exchange for a year as an au pair. In 2020, I st... Read more

Daniel PB

Set country: United Kingdom


Busco trabajo voluntário o de profesor de inglés o de traductor en un país hispanohablante de Latinoamérica desde octubre hasta finales de enero.

Soy un chico británico, amable y entusiástico de mente abierta. Me encanta aprender y enseñar idiomas, entonces, es mi meta dominar el castellano y ayudar a otros con el dominio del inglés.

Aparte, soy muy bueno en la cocina. Cocino para mi família a diario y he trabajado en vários restaurantes aquí en mi terreno. También tengo seis meses de experiencia laboral dando clases particulares a alumnos de todas las edades.

Tengo muchas ganas de conocerles y asistirles a ustedes en lo que sea.




Set country: Serbia

Expanding knowledge by working and traveling