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Jessica Reiser

Set country: United States

Moving back to Israel from the US and wanting to hang out in Europe for a bit on the way back.

Anton Butuzov

Set country: Mexico

I am a traveler from Russia/Finland. My current jorney is Mexico - Costa Rica. As a tenant I am tidy and organized. Happy to provide following services: cleaning, cooking, taking care of fire / grilling, web-design, social media management. Anything that requires hard physical work ( I would rather get muscles at work, than at gym ). My current goal is to learn Spanish, live with locals, connect with other travelers.

Elham Sallam

Set country: Egypt

I am an Egyptian with a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma in Education and I love to participate in volunteer work because of my passion and love to experience traveling to another country, to share cultures, to help others and to learn languages ​​other than Arabic to know the customs and traditions of communities in other countries. To be honest I would like to inform you that I have poliomyelitis in my left leg But I can move but I can not run and I can work and give in any field like childcare because I have three children and I also have experience in administrative work, computer use and work office. I also do the housework better than cleaning and cooking. I also help my children in Homework I am also a good singer and I love entertainment and games
So I would like to trave... Read more

Eslam Elsayed

Set country: Egypt

■ Interior designer. ■ Movies, music, art and books addict. ■ I want to practice my English and travel the world and have friends. ■ If you want to learn Arabic, I'd be glad to help, and with English too.

Vania Santos

Set country: Brazil

Jovem, alegre, simpática e divertida. Procuro novas experiências de vida em outros lugares. Amo a natureza e bichinhos

Konu Maekawara

Set country: Thailand

Hello Im Konu from Japan Im travelling south east asian now. Now I have time until first week of December so Im thinking to do some help exchange. Im interesting about coffee and alcohol something like how you make good coffee, how you make good cocktails. I also like to cook so its good if we can share our foods I travel many countries and stayed Australia for 2years I love to meet people and share our experience


Set country: United States

Hello! I’m a 19 year old college student in Seattle by the name of Madeline. I’m studying linguistics and theatre, but I have a small gap in my studies and intend to use it to visit Ireland! While there, I’d like to take improvisational theatre courses and immerse myself in the culture. I’m a highly motivated individual with a positive outlook on life. I love people, and I love learning.

Anurag Pihal

Set country: India

I travelled almost North India and some part of West but now I want to make my self a traveller but I am not getting a right way to fulfill it my dreams. Accordingly I travelled.. Delhi, jaipur, alwar, Himachal pradesh, uttar pradesh, Ajmer, Punjab, haryana, Rajasthan, etc.


Set country: Germany

Hey there! My name is Anna. I‘m a 21-year-old german girl that loves to travel and get in touch with many different people and cultures. I finished highschool (german ”Abitur“) in June 2018. After that I have been travelling around this year for 8 months (Bali, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada) and I really like to continue in the UK to improve my english skills. I am an open-minded, friendly and sometimes funny girl, that loves being in the nature (hiking for example), doing some music (I play the guitar, the piano and I love to sing) or painting/tinkering. I am an really social, relaxed and outgoing person that loves to get in touch with people all over the world and making some friends. I play football in a women‘s team when I am in Germany, I love doing sports. I am a ... Read more


Set country: Kenya

Hey I'm Kelvin..18 yo from Nairobi.I'm looking forward to travel to many places around the world and I'd like to do it in style;meet new people and learn and share a lot thanks.

Alexus Williams

Set country: United States

I am 21 no kids looking for work for a place to stay

Je Leigh

Set country: United States

I am interested in helping and learning! I have a wide variety of general knowledge. I have been around and or worked with all types of farm animals except cows. I am knowledgeable about horses. I do not mind working outside or getting dirty. I have some basic handyman skills and I am willing to learn more. I am not looking for a particular adventure just wanting to go and do.


Set country: Spain

I'm on my gap year after finishing with faculty of medicine and want to spend last four months (from November to the end of February) in Spain. Till 19th of November I'm attending an eco project in Valencia, after that I'm free and willing to help with anything connected with nature, animals, languages, hospitality, media and so on. I believe in connecting and sharing knowledge and ideas. I'm interested in ecology, sustainability, learning languages, photography, making amateur movies, organising events. I love camping, adventures and unusual coincidences. I'm organised, responsible, clean and reliable. You can contact me on my e-mail or send me your contact information - I'm not a premium user and can't answer you here.

Olivia Koning

Set country: Netherlands

Wanting to travel and discover new cultures.

Joel Beerbower

Set country: France

Hello my name is Joel, I have been a teacher for English, Art, and Music for the past several years in Asia. Currently, I have been volunteering to help kids in France and unfortunately have to leave soon. I play the guitar, design, and enjoy reading books. I always enjoy good food and good conversation., I look forward to meeting you!

Robert Elsmore

Set country: United Kingdom

Hi everyone, my names Robert and I love to travel. I usually pet and housesit, but thought I'd change things up. I also work online as a graphic designer and illustrator. I've done 20 pet sits all over the UK over 3 years. I've also worked as a night porter in a variety of hotels. Looking to help out with anything animal related or if hosts need graphic design/website help and for basic labour/gardening etc.

Oh and I can do murals too! And teach photography and/or photoshop.

Lorenzo Saleri

Set country: Italy

Hello, My name is Lorenzo, I'm 27 and I live in Brescia, in Italy. I graduated in accounting and computer programming and i've been working for 5 years in a metal trading company; but now, I'm not looking for a new job opportunity, I'm just looking for new life experiences. I love traveling, visit new places, meet new people and learn about new cultures. I want to improve my english and I'm sure these experiences will make me grow personally and professionally.


Set country: Argentina

I'm a writer and actress studying Philosophy who loves to travel.

Valentina Morana

Set country: Italy

I'm a cheerful, easygoing and energetic person, I like making the others feel good about themselves. I'm very patient and I like intercultural exchanges, I'm very open to foreign cultures and very respectful towards them. I like kids, being helpful and I'm a passionate tango dancer !!! :)))

Hideg Gábor

Set country: Hungary


My name is Gábor, I'm 24 and from Hungary.

I love traveling, I've been around many places of the world. I volunteered in a summer camp in the US twice over the summer of 2017 and 2018 and visited many of the East Coast states. I was enrolled in an exchange programme in South Korea in autumn 2017, where I spent a semester studying, and went to China on the summer of 2019.

I'm currently studying International Sales and Marketing Management in Denmark, at VIA University College, and soon will be going on another study exchange in South Korea from the 2nd of March. Until that time, I would be happy to volunteer around Seoul from Mid-Late January.

Suliman Daoud

Set country: Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Hi, my name is Suliman daoud, i love to travel and having new experiences and new friends, and I’m a big fan of charity work and social events.

Miguel Angel Rodriguez Sanchez

Set country: Germany

I'm a 21 year old student looking for new experiences working in tourism.

Gina Mayleen

Set country: India

Hey my name is Gina :) I am a 20 years female from Germany. Ive been traveling Nepal and India the past 8 month. In that time I gained experiences by volunteering on a organic coffee farm, longterm with a hostel, working as an aupair. On my yourney I deepend my knowledge of yoga by an ytt. I love to life on a skill sharing basis and that's the reason for my application on this site :) volunteering are a great way to connect and pull on the same string to become a more social and environmental friendly community on this planet.


Set country: Mexico

My name is Yanilka
I am a Reiki Master, Spirituality Coach, and writer and I travel around the globe in my 40L backpack. I think it's important to travel in a way where you get to meet the locals, learn about the culture of each country & have lots of language exchange while at the same time lend a helping hand.

I travel mainly for exploration but also this is a journey that is filled with many learning opportunities. Plus I get to deepen the connection with others, the environment & myself.

I'm easy going and very free-spirited. I pretty much go with the flow of life and whatever my heart feels and believe me it has taken me to see amazing places and meet incredible people.

I enjoy teaching others about my beautiful islands (Puerto Rico) food and cult... Read more

Mohamed Abouelhassan

Set country: Egypt

Hello everyone, I'm Mohamed from egypt, 29 now and so happy to be here also I'm ready for volunteer work. I have my own job here in Egypt so I can travel anytime you want. I have a good relationship socially with everyone I met and everybody I know around.

Sarah Hilton

Set country: United States

Hello, future hosts! We are looking forward to getting to know you :) We are Sarah and Melody, and are planning to travel in a van starting towards the beginning of 2020. Melody is 23, and Sarah will be 22 by the time we set out on this adventure. We are both artists and musicians - Melody especially lots of musical experience, and can play guitar, voice, bass, and more, while Sarah is more inclined to the visual arts, such as painting and videography. We both are lovers of travel and adventure, and while we have have spent significant amounts of time in Europe and other places, we have both grown up and spent most of our lives in Utah thus far, and are eager to explore more parts of the world. We both love nature, and would love to learn more about permaculture and other sustainable ... Read more

Barbara Corritore

Set country: Italy

hi i'm Barbara, i'm 18, i graduated this year at art school. I come from Sicily. my passions are singing, writing and acting, more generally 360 degree art, I always like to invent and experiment with new things, a living imagination. I would like to perfect other languages, especially English. I am a very sunny person, always available, empathic, amusing, curiosity has always been part of me, since I was a child, I love meeting new places and people, having new experiences to be able to enrich myself inside and open my mind.

Riyaz Watson

Set country: India

Valik Po

Set country: Moldova, Republic of

Hello! My Name is Valentin, I'm very friendly and communicable. I want to travel ,discover and see more places for find place where i will live in the future.

Jovana Cvjetićanin

Set country: Serbia

Hey you! Mine name is Jovana, but people in Serbia, this is where I come from, call me Cvjet. This is because of mine, not so easy, lastname - Cvjetićanin. I am 23 years girl who recently graduated Architecture faculty in Belgrade, so because of that I am not in a regular period in a life. I am not a student and neither employer so I am searching for some adventures which can development my skills, and I think that workaway could be really nice oppertunity for what I am looking for. In the past two years I have lived on the two chairs-in capital Belgrade where I used to have a student dorm, and in my family house in Pančevo, which is 12km/half an hour away. These two cities really helped me to develop in the way I wanted and I really think that applying for a student dorm was the one ... Read more

Mohamed Kobsha

Set country: Egypt

الاسم محمد احمد محمد موسي/السن33سنه متزوج ومعي اطفال /ارجو التطوع في السفر في الخارج للعمل في اي مجال

Erin Lee

Set country: Taiwan, Province of China

International citizen, still wondering the world. Been few places, more to explore!


Set country: Egypt

i am attya 21 years old from egypt

Travis Turnor

Set country: Cambodia

Hi there my partner and I are travelling Cambodia and hope to head to koh rong soon, we were wandering if you have any volunteer or work exchange opportunities available, I'm a 28 year old Australian male and she is a 33 year old English female who both work in the hospitality/bar industry, I am also a handyman/carpenter and landscape/Gardner any advice or help would be greatly appreciated thanks Travis

Clara Verina Angela

Set country: Indonesia

Hello! I am Erin. I love travel to many places! I do not want usual travel but unforgettable travel which I have done something while visit a country. How can I help you, then? Let me know! :)