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Raquel Jorge

Set country: Brazil

A translator:
I am cheerful, communicative and I love to travel!
I did two alternative exchanges on holidays in Brazil.
As a volunteer in another country and another culture, I am available and able to do cultural exchanges, help in the garden, vegetable garden, take care of pets, children, clean, wash, cook...
I have friends from several countries that I did in Brazil and I am confident that I will do much more volunteering around the world.
Open to good lively conversations.
Sou alegre, comunicativa e amo viajar!
Fiz dois intercâmbios alternativos em feriados pelo Brasil.
Como voluntária em outro país e outra cultura, estou disponível e apta para fazer trocas culturais, ajudar em jardim, horta, cuidar de pets, crianç... Read more


Set country: United Kingdom

I am an 18 year old student, I will be starting my degree in teacher training in September. I am looking for a week of working with children in Europe.

Anett R

Set country: Hungary

Hello Dear Reader! My name is Anett. After my studies I was travelling a year (getting started to realize how little I know), was a volunteer and au pair for two years. Then, I had to settle down again at my hometown, where I was working as a part-time pharmacist. It is really not my way. Meanwhile I was a Warmshower and Workaway host, but I really miss now again the more free living of a volunteer-traveller. Getting disillusioned during studies and work by the too many contradictions. Introvert personality; many others think I am an idealist. I think I just haven't found my place yet. Native Hungarian, German learner. I like plants and learning about them, biking and travelling in a free way, discovering new places. I would like a simple, modest life. Learn more by own experience.


Set country: United States

Hi guys!! My name is Marie. I’m in my late 20’s. I love adventures. Helping out, exploring and being reliable. I’m very respectful, responsible, and can speak Spanish so can teach you if you’d like! Looking for a place that is welcoming and respectful!

Dominique Vanwinssen

Set country: Netherlands

21 year old art student from The Netherlands.

Sofia Vylekzhanina

Set country: Russian Federation

I am an enthusiastic and open-minded person, able to use my own initiative and eager to meet new people from various parts of the world. I work well as part of a team. I believe it is important to be passionate and enthusiastic about this kind of work, and feel that I can use these qualities for the benefit of the community

Andi Magallon

Set country: United States

Andi is a small business owner & full time college student. Jez is a handyman working on getting his general contractor's B-2 license.

Sailor Gerry Whelzo

Set country: Ireland

Athletic and Arty Irish fella with a lot of experience in many things and a long term goal of exploring many countries to hopefully find one that resonates so strong with me one day and will perhaps become my permanent home. As much as I love Ireland I want to see what else is out there, not just for a holiday or a visit, but live and build a life. So my time spent with you isn't just a long affordable holiday, it is potentially a life changing experience! (and may lead to my immigration!)

Eleazar JJ Catalan

Set country: Not set

Hello! I am Eleazar Catalan, a recent college graduate taking a gap year before applying to grad school. My goals are to learn Spanish and to live and immerse myself in Spanish speaking cultures. In addition, I will be conducting research that I started last year when I studied abroad in Spain.

Julia Bandosz

Set country: United Kingdom

My name is Julia and I’m a 22 year old beauty & massage therapist and up until this October I worked in a spa. I moved from Poland to England over 10 years ago and I have been living here in England ever since so I am both fluent in English as well as Polish. Last october I was volunteering at a yoga retreat in the Austrian Alps called Alpen Retreat where I was tightly connected to nature in which I have a huge passion for. I enjoy poetry, reading books and spending time outside. In my free time I like to meditate and do yoga. I have a real interest in sustainability so I try my best to be as environmentally friendly as I can.
The reason why I am on here is because I would love to volunteer and make an impact and create some change; leave a mark in this world and truly make a diff... Read more

Bih CLaudine

Set country: United States

I'm looking for work/stay exchange


Set country: United States


I am currently (as of the time of writing - 5/11/2022) 18 and looking to adventure outside of the comfort of Houston, Texas before I eventually start university. I'm a hard-working grounded individual and love to meet new people, I hope to travel and experience as much as possible while I have time and hope to make a few stories along the way!

Katherine Bianco

Set country: United States

Looking for new experiences


Set country: United States

I am a cinematographer, photographer and writer who loves to travel to different parts of the world connecting with people from all walks of life. My interests are hiking, skiing, swimming, and taking road trips with my camera.

Fernanda Vieira

Set country: Brazil

Fernanda Vieira


Set country: Austria

My husband and I are searching some place to stay and work. We love animals, no problems with any work. Also we are comunicable, reliable and not lazy.

Rafael Oliveira de Souza

Set country: Brazil

Hi, my name is Rafael de Souza, I'm 35 years old and I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I'm single and I have a beautiful 11 year old daughter . I am dedicated, hardworking and I'm always try to do the best in what I'm working on. I have completed High School and I have done classes in rescuer, rescue, and firefighting. I like animals, nature and sustainability, but I still haven't had the opportunity to work directly in these areas. My professional experiences were directly with people. In my free time I like to play video games, practice martial arts, watch movies and series and go to places where I can connect with nature. I am willing to acquire new experiences and dedicate myself 100% to learning what I don't know yet! Work and dedication are the roads that lead to true success.

Fatima irjdaln

Set country: Morocco

fatima, twenty years old, I am a very energetic, very optimistic woman. with a very strong and outgoing character, smiling and confident my friends love me because I always try to create an atmosphere of fun and good vibes with the people I love. I like to be different, and I consider myself a courageous and patient woman. I am a person who loves life I have an incredible joie de vivre, I love challenges and thrills.

Léna-Clara Gesse

Set country: France

Soon to be 23 student from the South of France. I am passionate about history, archeology, art history... I have really never had the opportunity to travel and would love to go on adventures!

Megan Perry

Set country: United States

My name is Megan, I am 29 years old and from California, USA. I am a teacher here in the states and looking to spend part of my summer abroad! I am very friendly, personable, and love meeting new people to make meaningful new connections. I am trying to make travel arrangements for the month of June. I would love to assist with housework, childcare, tutoring, and volunteer work. I also have background experience in childcare/customer service to assist in those areas. Anything else, I am very adaptable and a quick learner.


Set country: Czech Republic

My name is Peter, I am 35 year old, I come from Slovakia, Košice and currently Ia am living in Prague, Czech Rep. I am a helper and I am looking for a magic place - nature, animals, adventure and new nice people. My 2022 goal is to arrive in Chile, Santiago (May 2nd) and travel south, to Patagonia to Cerro Guido. During this journey I would like to visit the country and help with any helping projects with various roles.


Set country: Portugal

Greetings! In a month we'll be moving from Portugal to Iceland, me my husband and our dog. We'll arrive in June (8th) and will be staying with family friends in Reykjavik, so we figured till our kennitalas, bank account and dog quarantine is all done, we'll need a few days before we can start working so we're looking for work starting in July (can also be in August) we've had a few good proposals but they needed people to start right away in may so unfortunately we couldn't accept them and they also couldn't wait for us. We're looking for work in horse farms, dairy farms, sheep farm, or a farm with all of them! We are wanting to make the farm life our life so we are very much committed to learning and giving our all. I personally love working with horses and I have a diploma on horse ... Read more


Set country: Spain

Backpacking Mochilero
Con ganas de conocer personas y aprender de todo. Estoy abierto a la vida y a todo lo que eso conlleva


Set country: Brazil

I'm Vinícius, I'm 34 years old, born in Brazil and the son of Italians. I have a degree in business administration and an MBA in Strategic Management from the University of Lisbon. I like matters related to the financial market, supply chain. I have a hobby of tasting wines and cheeses.

Matheus Lauermann

Set country: Brazil

I'm Matthews, 25, I love to travel and get knowledge of geography and cultures.


Set country: Austria

My name is Khaled, from Syria, I live as my wife and a little girl, aged years, in the UAE. I left my country because of the war an d I cannot return. I hope to find a friend or family who can help me move to live with them. I have experience in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry, construction. My wife is a teacher .WhatsApp 00971508689578

Caelum Ellis

Set country: Canada

I live for two thins. Adventure and experience. I love to learn and meet people. It just brings me the most amount of joy to build connections while watching others thrive. Myself I am a natural cleaner, gardener, and pretty much all things hands on. I love being engaged in: hikes, bird watching, games, plant identifying, biking and much more. The winter is my favorite month but having four seasons to play in is amazing.

Jessica Neerpasch

Set country: Italy

School project of ecological gardening

Roberto Miceli

Set country: Italy

Ciao a tutti! Sono Roberto e sono uno psicologo da poco. Ho da sempre una grande curiosità e ho bisogno di uscire dalla mia comfort zone e esplorare quello che c'è fuori facendo nuove esperienze. Non ho una grande esperienza lavorativa ma sono pronto a tutto e non vedo l'ora di iniziare.


Set country: Portugal

Sono um casal e estamos viajando juntos realizando o sonho de conhecer o mundo a fora


Set country: United Kingdom

Hi there, My name is Julia. I’m 29 years old with a passion for travel and meeting new people. I am from Canada and currently living in England. I love being outdoors, love good music, and love discovering other cultures. I have a strong background in hospitality and customer service and am a quick learner. I have won awards for my impact on the community at previous jobs. I’d love to meet you and help you out and hopefully gain new life long friends along the way.

Ligita Abele

Set country: Latvia

My name is Ligita and I'm 21 years old. In Latvia I study environmental science and will graduate in June 2022. I'm passionate about nature, its protection as well as animals. I would love to gain new skills and experiences in my field of study during my volunteering experience. I feel comfortable communicating and working together with other people. I have spent 10 months in the US in an exchange program in high school, so I feel very comfortable speaking and writing in English.

Giordana Zamurri

Set country: Italy

Hello! My name is Giordana and I'm a 23-year-old girl from the centre of Italy. I study to became a mental health professional at University in L'Aquila, and I'm willing to travel Europe during my summer university break, from the end of June to the end of September.


Set country: Brazil

Sou proativo, sei cozinhar, sou bartender, amo animais e contato com a natureza ... Prático surf, skate e amo esportes em geral ... Sou altruísta e prezo pelo amor ao próximo SEMPRE ... Está precisando de ajuda ??? Me chame