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Genesis Wagner

Set country: Netherlands

I am currently in the Netherlands . Given the current situation , i've been forced to stay in Europe . travel plans have changed . i am looking to get a new exciting job/volunteer experience as soon as the travel ban is lifted worldwide . hopefully that would be soon . ideally i would like to stay in Europe for now . let me know if i would be your kind of individual . i am fun loving , hard working , outgoing , tidy , responsible , friendly , and a very good learner .

Egra Martin

Set country: Spain

Looking to help someone while I am stuck in Barcelona. Willing to do extra work!

Nayara Mayer Da Motta

Set country: Brazil


Anisa ALi

Set country: United States

I am a University student in my 3rd year. I am studying social work and I love to travel. I love learning about other cultures.


Set country: Italy

Hello everyone, I’m Roberta, an Italian girl who loves to learn new things through experiences. I’m 19 years old, and I study at the University of Tourism. I have many work experiences as a waitress, receptionist but I would like to improve my English. (Wherever I can be of service I’ll be happy to come!!) I’m a lover of books and volleyball. I am reliable and I adapt easily. Thank you for reading.


Set country: Spain

I'm a nineteen person from Spain planing to go to live to Berlin with a close friend to grow as an artirst: I make music, painting, photography, poems, short stories...). And also willing to learn about the social movement in Berlin and in Germany and to get involved in there. I can sometimes be a little shy but always focusing on my good intentions and working on myself to be confident and secure enough to create loving and kind aura. Also I would like to learn agriculture so that in a future I will be able to take care of my own orchard and be self-sufficient foodwise.

Sara Sterzi

Set country: Italy

Hi, I'm a 23 years old law student based in Milan. I would love to make life experiences and help other people around the world with their activities!

Simon Temu

Set country: Tanzania, United Republic of

I want to help people and to learn same culture where I want to go

Melquiades Corona

Set country: Philippines

Civil Engineer

Hekla Axelsdottir

Set country: United States

I am Hekla, a 17 year old girl who lives in Hawaii. I am only looking for work/farm work in Iceland because I am from there. Yes, I do have a lot of family there whom I could stay with but I'd like to take this opportunity to learn Icelandic. I speak some but understand more. I also love being outside and in the country. I love animals, kids, hard work, building and much more! I have spent every summer in Iceland for the past 5 years. I have done vinnaskoli for two and helped my uncle build a stable house. I'd also like to take this opportunity to build strength for my upcoming wrestling season which comes from doing manual labor and farm work. Something else you should know about me is that I have two younger sisters and would love to ride a horse/get to know and take care of them.... Read more

Ali Osman Ahmed Alkhalifa

Set country: Sudan

Hello, My name is Ali, from Sudan, mechanical engineer, an employee in dealing with people and I love traveling

Sam Fennessey

Set country: United States

me and my pup wanting to make new memories and have new adventures. im hard working and willing to learn things.

Sanya Tomsin

Set country: France

- art and science - not looking for a partner - good health - quiet

Amel seltioui

Set country: Algeria

I am amel 18 years old frome Algeria I speak English, love art I am artist of drawing love music jazz Like travel so much and I love cooking

Aurora Passerini

Set country: Italy

Mi chiamo Aurora, a novembre devo fare 20 anni. Il mio sogno è realizzarmi scoprendo nuove culture e nuove lingue. Voglio avere la mia dipendenza nel mio piccolo.


Set country: Poland

I am 62 and my name is Harish Batra. I have been living in Poland since 1980 as a Polish citizen. I am working at Polish University as an IT Specialist. Would love to spend atleast 3-4 months while travelling to other countries and meet new people and know more about their culture. I would be intersted mainely in India. +48792757600


Set country: Egypt

My name is Muhammad and I am 20 years old .. I love to travel and meet new people from everywhere and get to know new cultures .. I love adventure .. I love to help others always for free and I love the good for everyone .. I treat others with respect .. very social and Very friendly with anyone and I love discovering new places and I love very much volunteer work because it is necessary to help each other and I always like to practice sports continuously and keep my physical fitness

Val Liao

Set country: Singapore

curious about different cultures and love to learn about different peoples' lives! My goal is to travel as much as possible throughout my life to develop a deeper sense of empathy and appreciation of the world.

Rebecca Campbell

Set country: United Kingdom

Looking for experiences in India, I am open to mosy type of work. Please message me for details.


Set country: Estonia



Set country: United States

Forest Kindergarten Teacher in PA. Anthropology background. I love to travel, and explore.

Melted Prize

Set country: India

I'm Gireesh Nambiar from Kochi, India. I'm a Yoga/Thai Massage Therapist who also teaches Conversational English and Ancient Indian Mental Mathematics.


Set country: Morocco

Hello! My name is Mondiane. I'm an open minded -social person who love to help others and share knowedge and cultures. I'm a flexible, multitask , and when it comes to focus I can do so as well. I love humor people...

Tanay Tak

Set country: United States

21 year old looking to travel, experience and learn about as many various cultures as possible. I studied physics in college so I can do a lot of technical work, I am also TEFL certified.

Элен Рожнова

Set country: Russian Federation

I°m 33 years old. Love Art, travelling, nature and people. Love to discover and work on something new. As my friends say - I°m easy going and nice :)


Set country: United Kingdom

Hello, My name is Nicola, I'm 38 years old. I was born and raised in London UK and am from a mixed heritage background. I have travelled to quite a few destinations but my heart yearns to spend more time in each country and immerse myself in the culture and traditional of each destination. I have worked in retail, property, beauty and hospitality industries and have a wealth of knowledge and experience I would like to share.