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Set country: Serbia

Expanding knowledge by working and traveling

Lucas Girão

Set country: Brazil

Começando uma vida do 0, pretendo trabalhar e em troca ter moradia e alimentação pelo mundo a fora.

Shaiene Ferreira

Set country: Brazil

olá,eu tenho 23 anos,sou brasileira e quero viajar pelo mundo e ter novas experiencias.

Adelson Rodrigues

Set country: Brazil

Olá sou Adelson Rodrigues, mas meus amigos me chamam mais pelo meu segundo nome, Junior. Uma das minhas conquista foi ser reconhecido por gestores e clientes por ser versátil. Tenho bastante experiência no mercado de trabalho. se quiser saber mais sobre é só mandar mensagem.

Rúben Deus

Set country: Portugal

Hello! This is my first time using the platform! My name is Rúben. I'm from Portugal's centre and I just finished my studies in Lisbon last year. For a year now I've been providing some tutoring services on mathmatics and physics. This summer I wanted to travel for 2-3 weeks exchaning work for food and accomodation so that I could meet new people and have new experiences!


Set country: United States

Minimalist mariner who packed up the conventional life in 2010 and who has to get dirt under her nails when land locked.

nadia de Brito Teixeira eixeira

Set country: Brazil

My name is Nádia, I'm 34 years old, I'm from Brazil. I have a degree in pedagogy, and I'm doing my second degree in landscaping and gardening. Passionate about country life, I was born in a rural area, my parents were farmers. I intend to travel abroad, live new experiences. I'm resilient, I'm easy to adapt to new places and new cultures, I want to take the opportunity to practice other languages. I am committed and always fulfill my obligations, I am very communicative, humble, Christian, but I respect the beliefs of each person and the established rules. During this time I am open to living all experiences, also leaving a little of my knowledge and acquiring knowledge with other people. Observation; my language is portuguese, sorry if there are spelling mistakes, i'm not good at engl... Read more


Set country: United States

Hi! I am looking for a place to stay and help out In the utah area and was hoping to find something fun and not super exhausting


Set country: United States

Hey! I am currently a fitness instructor living in Virginia, but looking to travel and work outside the United States. I am a free soul, open to just about anything that gets me out of my comfort zone and trying new things. Meeting new people and experiencing life through a new lens inspires me and I can't wait to see where life takes me next.

Desmond Drakes

Set country: United States

My name is Desmond, 32, and for the past 10 years, I've been living in Phoenix originally from New Jersey. I'm deciding to look for a host farm with the intention to learn a new set of skills that I can apply towards my goal of sustainable, off-the-grid living. I have a desire to break out of the 9-5 office lifestyle but realized I don't have the skills needed to do so. I'm looking for an experience in the form of an internship/apprenticeship so I can really dive deep and learn the ins and out of farming and sustainable living. I would love to learn how to manage a farm from all aspects; planning, planting, harvesting, and beyond. The sense of being part of a family/community working towards common goals is also a big priority for me. I'm planning on starting to Wwoof full-time start... Read more

Kely Barral

Set country: Brazil

my name is Kely, I am 35 years old, I am Brazilian.
I am a happy person, communicative person and proactive person. I am looking for opportunities to see the world, learning new languages and be helpful.


Set country: Spain

Hi everybody,

I'm Kevin Craig, a young Spanish boy who's taking a gap year (or maybe more) after spending 3 years working in IT.
My idea is to travel and work in another country while improving my English (intermediate) and/or French (begginner). I am very polite and helpful. Cleaning or maintaining a home is not a problem for me as I have been doing it with my own home since I was a child. I'd love to work in something that involves socializing and contact with people. I am a very healthy and active person, I've played basketball since I was 9.

I'd love to hear about any offer or place I can go to help.

Thank you!

Phoenix risen

Set country: United States

We are Chris and Corrie from Sierra Vista, Arizona, USA. We're retired and love to travel and see the world. We're just starting to explore the idea of travel volunteers as another way to get out and see things while helping others and learning new things. We love meeting new people and share experiences. We aren't kids which is an advantage to our hosts. We commit to what we set out to do and do it well. We look forward to meeting new people and having great adventure, big and small!


Set country: Sweden

Swedish young man aged 28 working within Venture Capital. Having a flexible work possible to carry out remotely and on flexible hours opened my interest in travel and help hosts in combination with my "office hour" work. Perhaps possible to do this together with my girlfriend, but her job is currently not as flexible.


Set country: Poland

Cheers, I'm Peter and I come from Poland.
I'm most curious about new places and skills to develop. For the most part I enjoy classical music, meditation and acrobatics. As you can see writing about myself is quite challenging for me, so it'd be best if we just had a chat someday :)


Set country: Brazil

Me chamo Luiza,e coloquei conta como casal mas na verdade é eu e minha melhor amiga,temos um sonho de ir para Portugal,e acredito que essa seja nossa melhor chance

Bernardo Fadel

Set country: France

Hello! My name is Bernardo, I’m Brazilian student from Rio de Janeiro. I’m based in Paris right now while I’m doing a full year exchange program. I’m a very easy going person and very commutative! I love talking about life experiences and shared stories! I have some experience as well with baby sitting. I also adore cooking.

Mykuh Alexis Bell

Set country: United States


Paul Serratos

Set country: France


Analanda Rainho

Set country: Brazil



Set country: Italy

Hi there! I’m an Italian 20-years old girl who would be delighted to help hosts, especially those dealing with eco projects. I could describe myself as flexible, open-minded, adventurous, creative and goal-oriented. The main reason why I’ve chosen to give a go is to live such a remarkable experience, on account of witnessing a cultural exchange. So, don’t hesitate to contact me!


Set country: United States

explore the world . find myself and help others along the way..


Set country: United States

Hello! My name is Charlie. I'm 22 years old, and I have lived close to Atlanta, GA my whole life. I like to think of myself as a jack of all trades. I'm fairly decent at most things. I like skateboarding, learning, writing, being outside, and being around people. I have seen very little of the world, and I want to know what life is like outside of America (it's so sad here).


Set country: Egypt

Hello, nice to meet y'all..
I am Bartek, twenty nine years old from Suez-Egypt
very polite and caring,looking for helping people aboard.


Set country: United Kingdom

Hello! My name is Tom Butterfield, and I am looking for opportunities to volunteer in exchange for accommodation in South Korea in the summer of 2022. I am very flexible to whatever work is offered, and am available for most of the summer. Feel free to get in contact! Email: Phone: +44 7582 481040

Baška Baisová

Set country: Ireland

I am a creative, tolerant, friendly, open-minded person, who has a positive attitude to life. I come from the Slovak Republic (Centre of Europe). I really love traveling and have visited many cities & countries. But I still have many places on my list, which I want to visit. Some of my goals & dreams are write a book, running own online business and blog and also - once I want to travel the world. I love many activities such as volunteering, making photos, going out with my friends & family, visiting galleries, theatres, concerts (everything connected with arts and culture), reading, writing. Traveling and meeting new people and getting to know about other cultures, countries. I love also yoga, meditations (and also spirituality in general) and I am a very big coffee & tea & food lov... Read more


Set country: Nigeria

I am a 42 years old Nigerian with a bachelor's degree in Public Administration, and several certifications in Hospitality Management, TESOL, Finance, and control. With other 14 years of professional work experience cutting across banking and hospitality sectors, I am a great person to work with any kind of team and I am interested in using my skills and experience in helping out in any kind of project while I am open to learning new skills and gaining fresh experience.


Set country: United States

Salut :) I am a college student at University of Southern California looking to have adventures and meet new people this summer! (and hopefully make some money too hahah) I study Architecture and Graphic design and also occasionally perform with a band where I sing and play the guitar. I love being outdoors so in my free time I like to go surfing or hiking or playing sports :) I grew up attending an arts school so any creative endeavor is appealing to me. Some other hobbies is enjoy are reading books, painting, and drinking tea. Also, I LOVE trying new food!!! I am fascinated by how much of the world there is yet for me to learn about and discover so, if I am to get anything out of my Workaway experience, I hope it to be exchanging stories and sharing experiences with people. I consi... Read more

Laura Sannelli

Set country: Germany

Hi, I'm Nadia a young traveler, who love to meet new people and learn new things. Open-minded and quick to adapt, I would love to help out.

Angelica Romeo

Set country: Italy

Hello:) I am Angelica, usually I work as baby sitter, and in the free time I like to volunteer taking care of animals. What I expect from hippohelp is to meet new people, acquire new skills and learn about other people stories.


Set country: Spain

36 yr old minimalistic yogi master CHEF!!! 100% organic, vegan, GLUTEN free (non celiac), sugar free, alcohol free, drug free I use medical cannabis all day, but am not like any other person you know. I train, eat, sleep, repeat and am top fit and ready for hard work, but do not want to be enslaved. I am neither homeless or broke. I could live an easy life and pollute the planet but I choose to serve our mother. I want to do organic gardening, learn permaculture and live with lovely healthy happy people to make the world a better place. I am experienced in sprouting, basic gardening, growing cannabis, use tools and construct things, basic electronics, online marketing, photo/video, pc, network,... (I am high intelligent) My sister has 2 girls and a boy. Children love me a lot ronnys... Read more

Valentina Sangiorgi

Set country: Italy

Hi! I'm Valentina, I'm 30 yo and I live and work in Bologna (Italy) in the organization of art exhibitions and events in Museums, Galleries etc. I love art and theatre, knitting, sewing, hiking and nature in general. I'm also vegan * I'm kind, easy-going and I'm looking for work-exchanges opportunities for my breaks/holidays/vacation from my job, to live different and genuine experiences far from turistic trips.


Set country: France

I will soon be a student in Busan, South Korea, so I am looking for a language exchange experience in August. I am a native French and Spanish speaker and I have a very good level of English, so I could help people interested in these 3 languages. I have experience in catering and as a receptionist my job at the moment.

Juan Adryanno

Set country: France

Young french guy


Set country: Brazil

I'm an English Teacher. I realized my life is passing before my eyes, and I want to do something really meaningful, I want to help people, I want to see diferent cultures, I want to have stories to tell. I sick of sufferring about not having money. That's why I decided to become a teacher on the first place, to show everyone how life can be beautiful.

Ina Crols

Set country: Belgium

Hi! My name is Ina, 24 years old and a Belgian citizen studying archaeology. I have a deep interest in herbs, berries and flowers for the use of consumption (tea, cooking) or medicinal use. And would love to help maintain the garden or prepare those products. I am a calm and social person, eager to learn! I love to spend my free time hiking, playing board games, bouldering and making macramé. My interest lays at history, cultures and nature. My country of preferance would be a country close to Italy or Slovenia as I will be travelling to those 2 countries in July. Hope I hear from you soon! Kind regards Ina :)


Set country: Germany

Hey my name is Charlene! Currently I’m studying Economics in Münster. In September I’m looking forward to make new experiences as a work away traveler for 2 or 3 weeks. I’m a very creative and open minded person and love to connect with new people. I’m good on my own but also love company.