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Set country: United States

26 year old aspiring pilot. I love traveling and most important eating different food. I'm originally from Colombia but currently living in the US


Set country: Ghana

My name is Vincent and I love traveling. I did my first degree in marketing I do have so many working experience from loan specialist, credit repair specialist, marketing executive and so on.

I am a nomad so I got the time to see some of the most beautiful parts of the world while volunteering! 
I'm a complete animal lover, that is travel-addicted, and has a serious passion for (eating) food. 
I spend most of my free time sketching in my notebook or exploring the outdoors. I love to cook, and I love children.
I'm very considerate and love working with and meeting people of all ages and backgrounds, having spent the last 7 years working in customer service, and trading the financial market. 
I am very hard worker who always strives to improve no matter wha... Read more

Safiyah Chiniere

Set country: United States

Hi!! Safiyah & Lechelle :) We are fun, outgoing and most importantly caring people that are keen to learn from the many places we visit through the people we meet. We are passionate about community and eco-homes and eager to learn new skills while meeting new people. Safiyah is a filmmaker from America working on a number of projects such as documentaries and narrative films. Traveling is one of her passions where she can meet people and possibly tell stories through her lens. Lechelle is a designer and aspiring Architect currently in uni completing her masters. She is passionate about sustainability and is particularly interested in urban farming and eco-homes.


Set country: United Kingdom

Hi , My name is Danny and i live in Northern Ireland . I am very excited to start my journey into looking to help people all around the world.

This is something i have been meaning to do for a very long time and a now feel this is the right time

I have experience painting , I have experience as a Laborer, i love music and i would love to help out around a farm / restaurant setting

I am looking for accommodation and meals in return or even a paid work away job

I will be looking for something between 2/3 months or even longer

Ida Zezza

Set country: Italy

Hi Hippomatches, we are Simone and Ida, a young couple of travellers from Italy. We are now looking for a new enthusiastic experience.
We both work in Hospitality, because we like it and we're good at it. Simone is a chef and I'm a bartender.
We are FREE, strong willed, easygoing people, filled with boundless optimism.
We like to live passionately, we love to dance, sing, play, share experience with people and be connected to nature.

Ade Robinson

Set country: Netherlands

Hey I’m Adé! I’m fun and and energetic, I enjoy travelling and exploring different cultures. Art and history also brighten up my day! I’m very sociable so I definitely appreciate a good laugh.


Set country: United States

Hello☺ My name is Svetlana. I am 24 years old and I am fluent in Russian and English. I love other languages tho! Always love to learn. I am a kitchen manager right now but in the future going to be a chef. I love where I am, but I want to learn more and meet more people.

Rochi Ferreiro Rico

Set country: Argentina

I’m a 21 year old student. I’m studying software engineering and would love to see as much of the world as possible.


Set country: United States

We are a Christian couple wanting to help wherever we’re needed!

Adhemar Lampaert

Set country: Belgium

Hi, my name is Adhemar Lampaert. I am a Freelance Programmer who can work remotely, anywhere in the world. I would love to see new places and take care of your lovely pets, work in the garden or/and help with anything around the house. I have always been surrounded by farm animals, cats and dogs and I have inherited my mother's love for gardening. I am open to travel anywhere in the world and take care of any animals you have and help with any projects that need on your property. The only thing I require is a decent internet connection (either at home or at a nearby internet café or other place) for the occasional meeting-call and uploading of my work. I have done house and pet sitting via MindMyHouse. Gardening, chores and slight maintenance around the house were common with any sit.... Read more

Set country: United States

Most surly I will be traveling by myself. I have a lot of energy, certified in Reiki and Hypnotherapy, also a writer. Studied eight months as stylist in Rome, Italy. I love to work and are very responsable, I am not afraid of physical work such as cleaning or gardening. I like interaction with people, I like to be reliable, honest and respectful. I love to travel!!


Set country: Russian Federation

Speak Russian,English and French. Good at teaching children.


Set country: Tanzania, United Republic of

Hello! My name is David Kuria. How are you? :) I'm a 23-year-old Kenyan guy who has had the heart for travel and adventure ever since I was 10 years old when I first traveled to India and lived in Dubai for a year. I'm now excited to fill my second passport. I'm a culture lover which led me to this way of travel. I love intermingling and understanding the locals on a personal level rather than visiting popular tourist destinations and then leaving a particular country. I really look forward to helping locals with their projects. I'm a business graduate and it would be my pleasure to utilize my skills to better your business/livelihood in addition to making and sharing unforgettable memories. I’ve volunteered with USAID straight after my high school studies and I never felt more al... Read more

Dierdra Finesse

Set country: Jamaica

I am a beautiful Jamaican girl who loves traveling, however, I don't have the finacial resources to travel. I love to work and it has always been my dream to make teaveling my job.


Set country: Nigeria

I'm Olajumoke, 24 years old from Nigeria.. I'm fun to be with, listens to corrections and always ready to learn new things

Gati Maroa

Set country: Kenya

I am Nancy Gati i recently finished college and my passion is to explore the world and know more about Physiotherapy in other countries and get to take back the education i get from other countries to my country


Set country: United States

On a quest to unlearn/relearn knowledge, experiences and skills that positively contribute to our family and society. We are a family of 3. We are both adaptive, fast learner with diverse work history that includes, but not limited to hospitality, animal care, he is an electrician apprentice, to most recently as a martial arts and self defense instructor. Our mission is to find like- minded people who are living consciously to protect the world we live in. We would like to work together as a community to provide our basic needs while also learning and sharing memorable experiences with other people.


Set country: India

22. Journalism Student from India. Would love to meet more people around India and hopefully overseas too someday.


Set country: United States

Hello, I’m Maria! I am a veterinary student looking for a meaningful summer experience. I currently study veterinary medicine at Cornell University and recently graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a B.S. in Environmental Sciences. I am currently based in Ithaca, New York, but spent my childhood moving around the country. This inspired my love of travel and meeting new people! I am passionate about One Health, an initiative that integrates the welfare of people, animals, and the planet. I would love to incorporate these passions into my summer experience, whether that be through sustainable agriculture, environmental action, animal husbandry, childcare, or simply encountering and learning about others. I am a quick learner, good with my hands, capable of lifting heavy we... Read more


Set country: Germany

Hi there, we're Chris and Jenny, both 28 years old and we're planning to leave our hometown of Nuremberg, Bavaria for good to start a more flexible, adventurous and nomadic life. We both feel that there's a lot more what life can offer than being stuck at one place. We're willing to broaden our horizons in any thinkable way being open to learn new skills, ways of life, people and places. Most of our time we enjoy nature doing active things as bouldering, cycling, hiking, mountaineering, skiing... At the age of 15 I (Jenny) moved away from Germany for the first time to live in the US and from that point on I kind of developed a passion to travel long term and live at different places. Chris also is an experienced traveller. So we decided to connect and make this our everyday life. Also w... Read more

Kim Gale

Set country: United Kingdom

Hi all, i'm a fit person in my middle yrs. I love dancing...especially salsa, meeting people, gardening, being creative...esp up-cycling. Travel, animals, sewing, being outdoors. I am a very practical person and don't mind getting my hands dirty.I like helping people. I live in the UK.

Andrius Melnikas

Set country: Lithuania

Hey! My name is Andrew, I'm from small country called Lithuania. I would love to travel around the world, find myself, get more experience. I love to sing, I'm very kind, good helper, hardworking. I speak English, Russian, Lithuanian languages.


Set country: Sweden

Well traveled, honest, helpful Belgian. Can speak 4 languages and can work alone or in a team. I get along well with people of all ages from around the world, love nature and don't mind being isolated. Expert in adapting to my surroundings. I have an inquisitive mind, eager to learn and acquire new knowledge and skills. You will find me easy to talk to about a variety of topics. I am a fit and strong person who is conscious about food, body and mind. I have a broad view of the world and life, traveled extensively and lived in Belgium, South Africa and Australia. I love to travel, explore new cultures and meet the local people. Together with a friend I have been a Host myself. Living off-grid in a private nature reserve in Mpumalanga South Africa, where we organise retreats and have a ... Read more


Set country: Yemen

Any time any date as you like I am ready to help you، am 32 years old. I graduated in law .

About me: I love travelling, chatting, cycling (and outdoors in general!), reading, cooking, more or less in this order!

My current travel interests are about Europe,Canada, North American as well as other Latin countries. One of my medium-term goal is to learn another Latin language (likely Spanish or French) other than my native one, Arabic . I hope volunteering are about : human rights , homelessness, care children , cooking ,care animals, summer camps (agriculture), taking care of public spaces (parks etc.).

I can help you with reception and management, cooking, cleaning, catering or basically anything else you might need. I learn quickly and love new ... Read more


Set country: India

My name is Kranthi A kumar resident of Hyderabad. By profession iam a level 4 fitness trainer and a trekker, rider, explorer by passion. Iam looking for a get away volunteer work from the busy city.

Ayanda Mtetwa

Set country: South Africa

Brown female Age 33 Short Bubbly person want to explore the world and learn different customs and traditions

Maci Lumumba

Set country: Uganda

Am Avery patient person , like making friends and easy to work with above all God fearing

Set country: India

Hi! My name is Anup and I'm from India! I'm very friendly, easy going and good with people also I'm very much looking forward to do voluntary job so hopefully you will have me for a while I enjoy cooking a lot. I'm quite good at cleaning, gardening, babysitting and house chords in general, I have good knowledge of computer and digital marketing also know work of electrician and electronics. I'm very hard worker and a fast learner so even if I don't known how to do it I'm willing to learn and help as much as needed!. I love taking pictures, traveling, learning about new cultures and meeting new people so hopefully we will meet soon! I speak English and Spanish so it can be helpful! Thank you so much for taking the time to read a little about me

Nzume Stacey

Set country: Cameroon

Hi,I’m Nzume Ewang but you can call me Stacey because it’s way easier to pronounce. I’m a 23 year old African from Cameroon to be precise. I’m a Mathematics teacher by profession. My dream has always been to travel round the world, get to know new people and get to know how people in different zones of the world live. I love nature,pictures,music,dancing and movies. I’m a joyous,very hardworking person and easy to relate with. I’d really appreciate it if I’m given the opportunity to achieve my long awaited dreams.

Danielle Iwanicki

Set country: United States

Hello! My name is Danielle and I am currently a college student at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennesse, but I'm originally from Colorado. I'm studying Audio and Video Production with a minor in Music Business, and I do some freelance video work with some local Nashville artists! I love to travel and be outdoors, and thought that this site could give me the opportunity to gain some more worldly experience while being able to work outside!

Julia Gawrońska

Set country: Poland

Hi! My name is Julia and I'm 21 years old. I'm from Warsaw, Poland. Since September I've been studying in the Netherlands- Arts&Culture. Unforuneatly, due to pandemic my studies are fully online. Hopefully, they will be normal from March/April. In February I'm going to have a winter break and I'm thinking about going to the place, which is close to the nature and in which I could meet friendly, interested people. I am open for various options. I am very open-minded person and I like trying new things, so i can say that I am opened for everything. I love visiting art galleries, museums, cinemas or theateres. as well I love going to vintage shops or just wandering. Also I am interested in technoculture and of course techno music :) generally I love music! Not only techno though :)


Set country: Russian Federation

Hi there!) My name is Maria, I love to travel, but not only to travel and change the place - the biggest value is new experience and to share with people your own vision and lifestyle. I like nature and people, animals, all creatures alive, Ive also seen a lot of places in my life, because we have our own travel project with my team. Im free and flexible to change the place and I also offer my help in different ways. Thanks.


Set country: Italy

Hi, my name is Maricla, I'm a 36 years old womana and I'm from Italy. I've always loved travelling! I'm a published writer and a freelance; six years ago I've set up my charity to support young people with cancer and I still run it. I'm an open-minded person, I love to know other cultures and people and mingle with the locals. I speak very good English as well as Italian (native). I love writing stories, reportages, blogs, articles, social media posts etc I'm a creative, free spirited person and I just want to see and experience as much as I can! I'm also friendly and love to share my culture and lifestyle with other people.

Dorcas Nkirote

Set country: Kenya

My name is Dorcas from Kenya and i would love to travel whereby i help the host and learn the culture of the host country and more about my host.


Set country: United States

hello I'm evil Hojiakbar. My travel dream I like to travel but so far I have not succeeded in any way, so hoping for your site I want to make my dream come true