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Hari Prashanth

Set country: India

I am a student enrolled, also I am looking for a short stay where I can help and also spend some time with the owner and share stories of each other. About myself, I grew up in the South part of India, a province full of respectable people and lovely culture. My parents died when I was 12 years old because of health problems. I have a different perspective on life. I care my people and respective individual needs and I don't like to hurt people. I have always loved people around me and consider them as my family. The brighter side of me is I am business minded and street smart. I can give many creative ideas and share knowledge, for example, if you want to visit India or start a business in India etc. I am a global person with a global mindset. Thank you for giving me the time and space... Read more

Sheikh Helal Uddin

Set country: Bangladesh

Hello friend's !!! I am SHEIKH HELAL UDDIN from Bangladesh.I am 29 years Single boy.I have completed Master's Degree last 2014 and after finishing study I am Traveling in different parts of the world.I like to Travel and help the people because I want to be memorial for forever with any good work.

ShuYi Wu

Set country: Taiwan, Province of China

Hello! I'm a 24-year-old girl from Taiwan. I speak Chinese, English and Taiwanese. I am recently in a kind of gap year and would like to try living and working in different countries.

Bell Cranell Sora Shiro

Set country: Brazil

i'm a brazilian that wants to work and make the experience of life to someone to be pleasured. i don't have special skills, but i know anything aboit many things. If you think i could/would help you with something, please answer. 190cm, broken nose, scars on face, brown eyes and brown hair. i have an website: and i'm an actovost on there. i also have other projects, but can't be so important as my website. i will wait your contact. i'm sorry.


Set country: United States

I'm Courtney, a student from Fort Wayne, Indiana. I'm planning my gap year before attending Indiana University. I hope to better myself while serving others during the next year. I love taking care of animals, writing poetry, helping other people, and doing anything outdoors. I look forward to the adventures to come!

Shawn Buchanan

Set country: United States

Volunteering with my teen this summer, after an around the world journey.

Finnian Chen

Set country: Bulgaria

My name is Finnian Chen from Taiwan. I have been a helper in Bulgaria since early March due to the lockdown. It's late May and Hoping that the restrictions will be lifted soon. Therefore, I would like to move on to the next host, interested in Greece.


Set country: Japan

Hi! My name is Victor, I'm from Australia and I want to find a place where I can learn the local language and culture while helping out!

Angelo Arsani

Set country: Italy

I'm 24 years old Italo-Brazilian. I'm looking for new experiences. After the coronavirus hit Europe I am here to help the best way I can. Degree in History and post-graduation on Education.

Christopher Sean

Set country: Philippines

Here in the Philippines - Looking forward to helping

Zahra Ndiaye

Set country: Korea, Republic of

Hello, we are Fatima and Carissa, we are friends and students in South Korea. We are currently looking for a place to stay during this summer break. We are both very cheerful and like getting to meet new people. Fatima likes to cook, read, and watch youtube videos in her free time. Meanwhile, Carissa likes reading and listening to music.

Sagar A. Kathiriya

Set country: India

Hi, I'm Sagar from Gujarat, India. Want to Move North India. Have been to manali Once and Since then always want to go there spend more time with mountains and nature.

Have 4 Year of Experience in E-commerce and Digital Marketing. If anyone need help with this please contact, In exchange just need food and shelter. love to travel in mountain and want acquire more knowledge about nature.

Katalin Nagy

Set country: Hungary

Hi There! I am Kata, and I would like to help in a hostel, retreat, or in a farm. I have been volunteering already as a yoga teacher and guest' helper (India) & social worker in an immigrant project (Finland) and I have some experience with gardening veggies and doing house renovations. I want to speak Italian (basic yet) and live the culture so I prefer hosts where I can actually use the language a lot and connect with others :)

Valeria Ymaz Kunugi

Set country: Mexico

Hi! I've been backpacking through Mexico for the last few years and have had such a beautiful experience and would love to expand my skills and contribute to your projects in any way I can. love meeting new people and working on meaningful projects, like art installations and community building.

Set country: United States

I have always had the dream to travel to help people and the environment! I feel like this would be a great way to do just that! I am a hardworking and motivated person, willing to go above and beyond to help! I have had previous experience traveling, I studied abroad in Mexico for 6 months, and helped at a mission while I was there. This opportunity seems amazing and exciting!

Mikka Bonnaire

Set country: Egypt

I’m a music teacher, art model, oboist, vegetarian that loves to travel and meet people from different cultures.

Nicole Dalious

Set country: United States

I'm a small town girl from Delaware, USA. I began traveling when I first entered my undergraduate studies and have continued to take trips since. I'm looking to expand my life experiences, make an impact and be impacted. I enjoy meeting people with different backgrounds and perspectives. I seek fulfillment through challenging myself to try new things and open my mind to new thoughts and conversation. I have a bachelors degree in psychology and use it everyday to understand and interpret the world around me. I recently received my masters degree in business administration. I hope to learn more about myself throughout my travels and grow as an individual. My past travels include the majority of the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Spain, UK, Germany, Belgium, France, and Neth... Read more

Camilla Acuti

Set country: Italy

Hello everyone! We are Camilla and Maddalena, two Italians girls who like to travel and discover new cultures. We would like to help you and visit new cities. We are very social and responsible.


Set country: United Kingdom

Hello, I am Emma, a UK resident looking for travelling opportunities to work with others around the world. My daughter, aged 9, travels with me as I am keen for her to be world-educated and experience the wonders of different countries and cultures. We like to travel for around two weeks at a time from our home in Cornwall, England. I have a mix of skills from swimming teaching and tutoring through to photography, marketing and fundraising. I enjoy gardening and am not too bad at DIY. Willing to help out from light manual labour to teaching English in schools or strokes in swimming pools.


Set country: Ireland

I am Sigrid, I am 31 years old and I am a single. I am available during the summer to help you with all everyday tasks!
I am curious, smiling, dynamic and above all in good health! I am looking for the place where I could live because it is in my life plan but before that, a lot of culture sharing and unforgettable meetings are my first goal.
if you want to know more about me, i am available and will answer all your questions.
I have very weak English but I speak
Private lessons.
I'm really looking forward :)

Genesis Wagner

Set country: Netherlands

I am currently in the Netherlands . Given the current situation , i've been forced to stay in Europe . travel plans have changed . i am looking to get a new exciting job/volunteer experience as soon as the travel ban is lifted worldwide . hopefully that would be soon . ideally i would like to stay in Europe for now . let me know if i would be your kind of individual . i am fun loving , hard working , outgoing , tidy , responsible , friendly , and a very good learner .

Egra Martin

Set country: Spain

Looking to help someone while I am stuck in Barcelona. Willing to do extra work!

Nayara Mayer Da Motta

Set country: Brazil


Anisa ALi

Set country: United States

I am a University student in my 3rd year. I am studying social work and I love to travel. I love learning about other cultures.