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Ahmed Elkhayat

Set country: Egypt


Set country: Jordan

Hi my name is Zia I love volunteering and I would like to share with others and benefit from the experiences and help people

Mohamed ateif

Set country: Egypt

Im mohamed 25 years from egypt and I love travel and voluntary work to help somone especially in Australia

Zineb Oumelaz

Set country: Morocco

Waitress / Travellers may love for service is satisfied but not ofr travel.


Set country: Spain

I'm interested in learning about other cultures and other languages. Outgoing and friendly. I like mutual collaboration with other people, active and team player.

I am open to questions, so, go ahead!

Sara Robles

Set country: Peru

We are a couple who is ready to help and to visit new places! We are very hard workers!


Set country: Australia

I am Mona, an open-minded, positive, 25 years old German/Brazilian traveller on a working holiday visa which loves to explore other countries and cultures and is always looking for new challenges and experiences.

In Germany I worked in different areas, mainly in sales and customer service as well as in marketing and media. In Australia, I already worked in apple picking and in nursering at an avocado farm where I was doing potting, sorting, weeding, seeding, taking care of the plants and moving heavy plants.

Currently I’m doing my yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India. I will return to Australia beginning of December.

I am looking for a new, special experience and I would love to help out as a volunteer.

My interests are: yoga, dancing, surfing, medi... Read more

Nadia Givone

Set country: Italy

Hello I'm Nadia I'm Italian I like travel and help person jang and old

Zakaria Benikhis

Set country: Morocco

I am very motivated I love working and I also like to meet other gean


Set country: Germany

Hello, I am a native English-speaker with a lot of diverse work experience. In addition to being highly creative, I can assist you in your home or office with a wide variety of tasks (e.g., support for your business needs, administrative support, help with management of a bed & breakfast, managing holiday apartments, general help around the house or office, art projects, manuscripts, house sitting, pet care, housekeeping, help with children (ages 4 - 16), basic English language tutoring, senior care, shopping and general errands).

Availability: Minimum 3 months

I am interested in work exchange in: Germany, Switzerland, France, and the Netherlands.

Sachin Nadkar

Set country: India

Indian Citizen, 47 Yrs, Education MBA Marketing, Love travelling and Cooking, meeting new people and exploring their cultures.

Michael Taknějak

Set country: Switzerland

I love sunsets, fresh air, warm and swimming and bike.
I am swimming coach and lifeguard.
Some gardening experiences and wealfare animals.
I prefer vegetarianism and ethicaly mind.
Interresting for utilize renewable energy.
I have experience as kids and adults carer also presently employed as nanny and housekkeper

Luna Skjold Vrede Hansen

Set country: Denmark

I am a dedicated, organized and methodical individual. I have good interpersonal skills, am an excellent team worker and am keen and very willing to learn and develop new skills. I am reliable and dependable and often seek new responsibilities within a wide range of employment areas. I have an active and dynamic approach to work and getting things done. I am determined and decisive. I identify and develop opportunities. I spent my last 6 weeks in South Africa working with wild animals, whether that being training big cats or shoveling shit. My main passion lies in working with animals however am willing to do anything as long as it gives me a chance to travel. I was born in Switzerland and have moved all around the world since then. Currently, I am taking a gap year and will potentiall... Read more

Agata Zwidryn

Set country: Poland

Hello my name is Agata. I'm cheerful, hard working and creative person and i would really like to travel and help other people. I'm totally interested in learning new cooking recipes, developing my language skills and visiting beautiful places. I really love animals and as a proud aunt have experience in childcare.

SAJID Mahmud

Set country: Bangladesh

Sajid Mahmud, fathers Name, Abdul baten, mothers name, afruja Begum, culification hons complete,


Set country: Cameroon

I am a muulti task helper, social and somebody like to exchange. My will is to come and help you at the same time share my culture with you.

Dominika Koronovská

Set country: Japan

Hello! My name is Dominika, I am currently taking a gap year and decided to spend it with a Working Holiday visa in Japan. As everyone here, I love to travel and I was lucky enough to have visited Japan before - that is when I truly fell in love with the culture. I would love to see more of what this country has to offer and meet people along the way! When I come back home I plan to go to college and find an internship in a graphic design studio as that is my dream job at the moment. I enjoy doing anything creative - taking pictures, drawing, designing posters etc. I come from a capital city but I have always been fascinated by nature and I think it is the perfect place to disconnect, relax and gain inspiration. That is why I love to take strolls in a park, go hiking in the mountains, s... Read more

Deb Padilla

Set country: United States

So many beautiful places in this world to see and so many wonderful people out there!!! I want to leave the big city and experience different cultures and learn more about all things! I love to learn, read, travel, play board games, try new foods, etc etc. I am new to this and I am a looking forward to my first volunteer opportunity! I am looking for something warm and ideally near the beach so that I can walk along it everyday and do yoga there. I am a Registered Nurse so am very health conscious. I eat a vegan, gluten free diet and enjoy walking everyday. I am healing from multiple medical conditions and need more sunshine, water, and good vibes in my life. I am an excellent learner and am great with animals, children, and all realms of people. I am a helpful, clean, hard working, an... Read more

Gianna Limeri

Set country: Viet Nam

A traveller in South East Asia (currently in Vietnam) with experience in hostel and farm work.


Set country: Viet Nam

Hello, my name is Gal and I'm 22 years old from Israel. I'm taking a year off and having a backpacking trip in Asia.

Adilson Gomez Seidi

Set country: Portugal

Hello how are you? My name is Adilson i'm 24, i love kids, love sports, i like every sports but my favorite is Football (soccer), i don't like to talk about myself but i like to help people and i love to have new experiences to open my mind so if you want to know me better and have a person always ready to help contact me.

Baxi azaya

Set country: Kenya

Am outgoing person and meeting people around the world coz traveling is one of my favorite hobbies

Vaness Combier

Set country: Cambodia

Done a couple travelling my partner and myself like to work in farms and enjoy helping others and make a difference . Speaks English and French fluent . Creative love painting and also cooking French meals .

Christina Daugherty

Set country: United States

I would like to do some travelling and volunteering along the way! I love meeting new people and trying new things.


Set country: Italy

I’m a 23 years old, and i would Like to spend some months in Spain to learn spanish

Winston Chen

Set country: United States

Hey! My name is Winston, and I am a high school graduate taking a "gap year" before attending college at Northeastern University. My parents are originally from China, but I was born and raised in the United States. I currently live in Boston. I'd describe myself as sociable, self-motivated, and curious. I love it when people tell me their life stories, as they are often surprising or contain valuable life lessons. My passions are weightlifting, singing, basketball. I joined Hippohelp because I've always wanted to connect with new places and cultures, not from the perspective of a tourist, but rather from the perspective of the people living there, including their work, passions, and daily life. I also think of the world as a place of infinite experiences, and our lives being only tin... Read more


Set country: Spain

I am Samia, I love to learn, teach, laugh, dance, sing (…not a great singer though...), cook ( I can cook :-)), exchange, talk, walk, mother nature and any activity involving her. And I love KIDS :-) In 2016, I left my job as a computer science engineer to become a language tutor ; since, I taught English and French in different schools in Spain, Colombia and Palestine. TEFL certified, I believe education is the key for a better future. I am not afraid of difficult work/conditions, and I believe there are no contradictions with working hard and having a good time. Just doing things with heart :)

Deepak Kumar

Set country: Cambodia

Want to go abroad and travel.

Ola Kis

Set country: Poland

I love nature. At the same time love to talk with people - it enables me to discover new alternative realities. Travelling also helps me see the world from brand new perspectives and forcing me to face unknown, which is a very good process of getting know yourself better.
I have worked for a couple of years as a human rights activist but my biggest dream is to become a writer. I am a bookworm. I also like swimming, dancing. For my 30thies birthday, I did an Annapurna trekking in the Himalayas with a man from Australia meet through Couchsurfing and this was one of the greatest adventures of my life so far. I also did one-month yoga training in India, Goa. I like travelling to Asia. I wish to visit Thailand and other countries in this region. I also dream to run a guesthouse near the s... Read more

Lucy Großhans

Set country: Germany

my name is Lucy, I'm 20 years old and from the South of Germany.
In March 2018 I graduated my A-level and my further plans are to travel as much as possible and to see every corner of the world.
I love to work in the nature, with people and especially with children.
I'm giving private tuition for students in English for about two years now.
But I'm also open for any other kind of work.
Furthermore, I play piano and guitar and in my freetime I'm often playing football.
In addition, I sometimes write articles for the local newspaper.
I look forward to any type of inquiry :) .


Set country: India

Want to explore new countries and their culture and also learn new things as well !!

Wikantiningsih Satyagraha

Set country: Indonesia

I am retired woman 59 years old Before work for marketing engineer

Yael Schoijett

Set country: Canada

Looking for new experiences to learn and share our culture

Jordyn Baetz

Set country: United States

Looking to see the world on a budget and help out different organizations / causes we are passionate about at the same time!!


Set country: Nigeria

I'm saint Terry, a male