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Set country: Germany

Hello, my name is Julio Greenway and I am from Northern Germany. For the past 15 years I have been a passionate hobby gardener and would now love to learn more from others, especially about permacultuere, as well as share my knowledge and help out as best I can. I have a masters degree in primary education (I teach Maths, German and Science) and am especially interested in alternative forms of education, eg. wilderness pedagogy, Freinet pedagogy and others. My range of interests is wide and includes organic agriculture, meditation, dancing, martial arts and marine biology. In my freetime I love nature, hiking in the mountains, the sea, sports and all kind of outdoor activities. Beyond that I love being in contact with people and would describe meyself as tolerant and open minded. I ha... Read more

Dylan Phillips

Set country: United States

Hello!! My name is Dylan, and I’ve recently discovered that college has really burnt me out, and I’m not looking to go back. I would like to invest my time on this earth seeing the wonders while also meeting everyone else along the way of my journey!

Тамара Хурцидзе

Set country: Ukraine

Sociology student from Ukraine, interested in people, cultures, eager to get new experience.

Francielli Maziero

Set country: Brazil

Hi guys, my name is Francielli and I'm Brazilian. I'm looking for new adventures and spreading some of myself around the world, exchanging experiences and culture. I learn fast and I'm always willing to help, I love animals and nature!

Wong An Yu

Set country: Hong Kong

looking for more life experiences and contributions


Set country: France

I’m a mature Americans woman who has been living in France for many years. An animal lover, writer, and photographer, with extensive experience in teaching English, I’ve been hosting cultural exchange travelers for 6 years in Paris, and am now looking to be a guest as well as a host.

Luke Ilijevski

Set country: United States


Ruben Westlake

Set country: United States

Born and raised in California but I want to branch out of my state and create new opportunities and meet new people.

This is my first time using Hippo Help or anything platform like this. Email:

Jess James

Set country: United Kingdom

Hi! My name is Jess, nice to meet you!
I'm about to graduate and excited to use this new freedom to travel.

Monica Espanola

Set country: United States


Jennifer Steck

Set country: United States

We are an older couple who are interested in world travel.


Set country: United States

I am a recently graduated college student who does not have any commitments at the moment. I am an avid traveler who is looking for a way to see new parts of the world as cheap as possible. I am a very hard worker who has experience in the upkeep and remodeling of living spaces.


Set country: Turkey

Hello My name is Mohamed from Morocco, I am 34 years old, married My wife is named Omaima 26 years old, she is also Moroccan, She is a skilled cook, God gave us a wonderful child on 09-11-2017, His name is Yasser and our days have been brightly lit up since his arrival # God bless all the children of the world # My dear mother died four years ago because of the lack of health services in our country. It was still difficult, especially because I was the only male son of my dear mother, may God have mercy on her. I am social and very helpful, Friendly personality intelligent and ambitious. I owned some talent at a young age. I holds a baccalaureate degree, a diploma in hospitality and an internationally recognized work certificate, as well as individual skills in many areas such as primar... Read more

Tailaine Brasil Regis

Set country: Brazil

Hello! My name's Tai, I'm 30y.o and live in Brazil.
I love learning languages and pretty much anything. I'm a curious person :D
I learnt English studying by my own, using apps and YouTube. Now I'm trying to do the same with Spanish and Italian. I began French and stopped, but it's in my list though.
I think manual skills totally rock!
Unfortunately I spent more time studying to become a lawyer in my country (what didn't happen, because I quit the career) than building things with my hands.
A couple years ago I thought myself how to crochet and knit, and I'd love to learn other skills too.
What can I offer? I can teach you some Portuguese and also how to dance Forró (Google it). I can cook veggie meals and help you with some leg work.
I don't know much but I'm ... Read more


Set country: Australia

Locitician, Fossicker. Love animals and consciously living humans of all ages. Looking to travel, grow my skills, business, meet new people and find my path

joseph harvey

Set country: Canada

Hello and thanks for reading my profile ......

I am educated and have traveled a fair amount. I am recently retired and am interested in finding a sponsor or patron that would like some large sculpture for their property ...... I have moved to Quebec from Alberta and absolutely it here Because of COVID the possibilities are limited as you all know.

I am quite artistic ...... I have done sculpture in cedar and marble ..... one of my goals was to sculpt something life size. I designed and carved a 22 ton block of marble into what I called "Creating a Champion" I have completed that goal last June and it will be installed in a Calgary Park this coming summer.

I play guitar (well make noise) and like to sing folky-pop-country type tunes (at times I feel my singing is... Read more


Set country: France

Hi ! My name is Léana and i'm a french nurse. I love travel but i would like to be usefull when it's possible. By my job, i love to take care of people and i have a good contact with them ! But it's not my only center of interest : animals, ecology, sport and discover news cultures it's a part of me. For all this, i would like to share my experience via this website ! I'm someone very openmind and ready to work in many different job to learn and help.

Sailor Gerry Whelzo

Set country: Ireland

Athletic and Arty Irish fella with a lot of experience in many things and a long term goal of exploring many countries to hopefully find one that resonates so strong with me one day and will perhaps become my permanent home. As much as I love Ireland I want to see what else is out there, not just for a holiday or a visit, but live and build a life. So my time spent with you isn't just a long affordable holiday, it is potentially a life changing experience! (and may lead to my immigration!)


Set country: Spain

Hola soy un joven de 20 años que le gustaría emprender un viaje, adentrarme a la aventura y vivir una experiencia nueva.


Set country: Spain

I'm interested in learning about other cultures and other languages. Outgoing and friendly. I like mutual collaboration with other people, active and team player.

I am open to questions, so, go ahead!


Set country: United States

I am looking to find a long-term position abroad. I am traveling with my Venezuelan husband and 16 month old son. I am very interested in teaching positions and my husband is able to help with contractor/building things. We are looking to begin as soon as July 2021.
Yo hablo Espanol.


Set country: France

Hey I started traveling the world a few months ago after finishing my A-levels and IB Diploma in Germany. I really feel the need for some new experiences and people in my life before I will start to study medicine and get caught up in the system life for a few years. I am motivated to help wherever I am needed and enjoy trying out and mastering new tasks.

Krijn van Bellen

Set country: Netherlands

I like living on the countryside and do agricultural work


Set country: Italy

Hello, my name is Anna. I and my husband Riccardo would like to move to Ireland but before taking such an important decision we would like to see how life in this country is like. We are a cheerful and handy couple and of course, we are willing to try new experiences and way to live. We love animals. I love staying outside and doing gardening or little jobs outdoors, Riccardo is a digital nomad so He is very into technology. In particularly He is a graphic designer and now he is improving his skills in UX. We recently refurbished our house in Italy so we are familiar with all the little tasks regarding housework. We also have a little garden with a vegetable garden and some fruits plats.


Set country: Brazil

Hello! =D My name is Rafael, born and raised in Brazil, but also an Italian citizen. (Yes! I have an Italian passport). In face of this whole pandemic period, everyone, including me, wants to live a full life again (very carefully, of course). That's exactly why I'm here. I'm excited about the idea of volunteering in Europe (especially in Portugal). New experiences are incredibly welcome. Helping people is also a personal goal. I'm an easygoing person, open minded, responsible, reliable, adaptable to situations, respectful, optimistic, prepared for challenges, open for suggestions, always ready to live all kind of learning and experiences. A person willing to live intensely, looking for new paths in life because we only live once. I have many skills to share. Despite having a Bache... Read more

Kimberley Fitch

Set country: United States

Hello! I am a world traveler looking to expand my knowledge of other cultures and traditions. Currently studying mandarin hoping to learn anything that I can about the culture and history.

Daniel Carmona Rose

Set country: Mexico

Hi, I'm Daniel, a 21-year-old Mexican with a lot of desire to grow and improve as a person, I speak Spanish and English and a little Portuguese, I have worked in different things, craftsman, waiter, cleaning dishes, cleaning staff, cinema, clothing stores , delivery man, photographer, kitchen assistant, customer service, packing, painting and cleaning houses, I study marketing and communication, I really like music I love to dance and I can sing and play some songs on the guitar, I like to cook although I am still a hobbyist in the kitchen , I can carry out activities around the house (cleaning, taking care of pets, etc.) my parents were farmers so I have knowledge in picking up, I would like to know other places sharing about my culture and getting to know other cultures, I want to k... Read more

Mayara Santos

Set country: Brazil

Nome:Mayara da Conceição Santos Idade :23anos. Mãe da melyssa de 1ano 6 meses. Promora de venda. Confeteira.


Set country: United States

Let’s me start off by saying that this is a phenomenal platform for the free at heart. I am 26 years of age and I am devoted to giving all that I can to help make sure this planet thrives. Let love be your guide.


Set country: France

We are Kevin and Sylvie, we have been living and working together for the past five years in creative play, community arts, circus, carnival and performance, particularly with bicycles.

We have left Bristol by bicycle with the intention of living and working along the cycle routes of Europe.

In the summer we will be looking for the occasional work away opportunities.
For the winter month we would like to find longer stay opportunities, between two to six months.

Both of us have always had the dream to be bicycle nomads for a while, working and living with our bikes.

In the warmer months we try and earn our way by performing our show, running storytelling workshops and taking people out on theatrical bike rides.

We have ... Read more


Set country: Morocco

Hello,My name is Youssef and I am 23 years old , originally from Morocco , I love to meet people from all over the world . I am a student in University .

Mylen Bertron

Set country: France



Set country: United Kingdom

I am a British / Swiss citizen in my middle years of life, am active, healthy, energetic, love to learn and enjoy the fun things in life. I have a wealth of experience under my belt, both practical around the home, with animals and in the garden as well as cultural and social. I am looking to use this knowledge, learn new things and languages and enjoy travelling. Being a peaceful and easy going person, I wish to manefest such a life style around myself. I am in the process of writing a book. I am looking to be able to help others in their challenges and passions in life and bring success to all. Thank you, Erica


Set country: United States

Young Life Scientist (Learning Life) | Texas | Politics | Advocacy I have a passion for advocating and serving others. I am a young-energetic professional looking to spend some time lending a helping hand to others in exchange for learning about their culture and themselves. I have experience working with school-aged children, in the medical field as a nursing assistant, in campaigning and politics, and other administrative experiences that have allowed me to gather a plethora of knowledge and skills concurrently with a drive to learn more.

Anna Tarnowski

Set country: Poland

Hi! My name is Anna. I love to travel,meet new people and learn new things. Last year was horrible for me (travels) and my plans for summer. I'd like to try something new abroad. My biggest dream is to visit USA,South Korea and Japan.

Corina Ling

Set country: Mexico

I have experience in reception, making breakfast but I'm the best making friends, I start to travel since 8 months ago living in hostels. I love it.