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Set country: Germany

My Name is Niklas Scheffler, I‘m 19 years old and I‘m from Kiel, Germany. I’m a very open-minded person and I love traveling and getting to know different cultures. When I was fifteen years old I went to the US for an exchange year. Right now I am studying “International Business Management” in English at the “Berlin School of Economics and Law”. In my free time, I love working out and making music. I play the guitar, the drums and I love to sing but it’s probably better for everyone if no one hears that^^. Other than that I enjoy going out with friends and getting to know new people.


Set country: Georgia

Hi Exercising, cooking food and studying is what I spend most of my days doing. A lot of free time gets spent in front of the computer. I'm fluent in Swedish and English. Curiosity made me want to volunteer.

Seamus K Adams

Set country: Spain

Hi im sheamus I'm from New Zealand and im currently living/travelling in spain with my partner rocio who is from Spain We 30 and 33 and want to work for accommodation in barcelona. I speak spanish at an intermediate level and my partner has fluent english. We would love to work for your hostel and get to know barcelona. If you have any vacancies, please let me know Thanks sheamus

Raul Sá

Set country: Brazil

Atualmente moro no interior de MG e estou ansioso por novas experiências e m lugares diferentes. Sou formado em gastronomia, tenho cursos na área de informática e me considero uma pessoa comunicativa e proativa. Não tenho restrições quanto as funções a serem desempenhadas em troca de acomodação. Já trabalhei como vendedor e até em navio de cruzeiros, então minha experiência é vasta.

Viola Bertozzi

Set country: Italy

Salve, mi chiamo Viola e desidero rendermi utile realmente in cambio di vitto e alloggio in una dimensione armoniosa e a contatto con la natura. Non cerco esperienze di breve durata in quanto ne ho già fatte parecchie in passato ma almeno uno scambio di un anno.


Set country: Spain

Hi! We are Carlos and Nuria, two friends and pharmacy students that have just finished the 2nd year at university and want to explore and have a great summer while practicing new languages and exchanging cultural experiences.

We love animals and we have a very open mind, willing to do any work: taking care of animals, helping in a hostel, doing gardening works... etc.


Set country: Czech Republic

Hello my name is Jakub, i am a soon to be 18 year old IT student, i love acquiring new experiences :) My hobbies include adventure, sports, going out with friends and studying interesting subjects. I'm always happy to help with anything.


Set country: Italy

My name is Carla, I am an Italian young, passionate, creative and patient woman and I’m willing to meet new people, learn new languages and cultures and I love teaching languages to children and teens! I’m creative and I love spending time with kids. I’ve had some babysitting experience and I’ve given private English lessons to both young kids and teenagers. I’m very passionate in what I do and I can’t wait to help you! I will cook some Italian specialties if you like! My English level is advanced as stated by Cambridge. I’m studying Translation and Interpretation at University and my two languages are English and Spanish.


Set country: Germany

Hello there,
my Name is Michael, i am 23 years old and i was born and raised in Germany by a loving Portugese family. I just finished my bachelors degree in biomedical engineering at the Universities of Stuttgart and Tübingen. Before i continue my academical carrer on October 2022, i would like to do a work and travel tour around Europes south coast, starting from Tübingen, Germany.
My plan is to finish my journey in Porto, Portugal on the beginning of September 2022, as my cousin will have a wedding then.
My hobbies are meeting friends, playing video games and the guitar, cooking, crafting and sports.


Set country: Russian Federation

I am a musician from Russia, baritone, 50 years old. For the last 10 years I have been exclusively engaged in concerts of my team, singing in Moscow, Italy, Poland, Switzerland (classical vocal music and songs of the 1930s). There are more than 500 recordings from our concerts on my YouTube channel. In connection with recent events, I decided to leave Russia, perhaps forever. Austria attracts me the most, for the last five years I have been learning German, on my own and in courses. I really lack the language environment to start talking. I want to learn the language well and eventually find a permanent job in a small town or village in Austria. In this last part of my life, I want to change my lifestyle and activities and focus on a book that I have long wanted to write and for which t... Read more


Set country: United States

Hi! We are Nick (22) and Ryan (21) from Rochester, New York. We are new to Hippohelp and are excited to learn about new cultures while traveling. Here’s some background on us: We grew up in the same town, and played sports together our whole lives (hockey, soccer, and golf) and love to go on adventures with friends. I (Ryan) recently received my bachelors degree in Business Administration from The State University of New York at Geneseo. We both recently have taken up playing music together and we really enjoy everything to do with music and sports. Some of our recent trips included going to Vermont to hike and then to Maine to surf. Both our families have pets at home, Nick has 2 dogs (Pepper and Ruby) and a cat named Buddy and I have a new rescue dog from Mexico named Paco. We both... Read more


Set country: Germany

Hey host, my name is Flo, I'm 32 and I'm from Germany. I'm a very nature-loving person and I love animals. Especially with the sea, I have a special connection. I've always been attracted to nature and have an interest in spiritual ones. Since the death of my mother, it has all become much more intense. Then recently, my best friend said, I have a gift. With that she triggered pure emotional chaos, in a positive way. I feel the desire to visit other cultures and meet new people. I am open to everything and everyone love and peace


Set country: Spain

Hi I am Agustin (33yrs) I am from Argentina and I have lived for the past 9 years in Costa Rica after backpacking through South America. I enjoy surfing, spending time with animals, and adventuring. I am currently in Spain and I am looking to volunteer in a space surounded by nature. I am willing and able to do any task that is needed. I am also a quick learner and enjoy meeting new people.


Set country: Spain

My name is Jorge, from Madrid, Spain. I have been travelling through different countries and different projects, and found experiences full of moments, to enjoy, share and learn from people and places.
I appreciate the chance to carry on learning how to live in contact with, and from Nature. That´s why with some gaps in between, my journey keeps going.
I don´t know the finish, in the meanwhile definitely worthwhile, an experience that imprint life with enthusiasm.

Paolo Pazzaglia

Set country: Italy

My name is Paolo. I live in Genova, Italia. I'm 45 yo (1976) and I have been working as a natural science teacher in the Italian high school for almost 20 years. I'm in love with my work, it gives me a lot and I try to give it back as much as I can. I speak Italian (native), English, and I'm learning Spanish. I love nature, sports, yoga and meditation, arts, especially music (love to sing and play the guitar a bit). I like to play games, and to take care of things. Looking for simplicity and to connect with people.

Pien de Bont

Set country: Netherlands

Hi, my name is Pien and I am 24 years old. I am from Amsterdam and I currently have a gap year before my master will start in February. I am looking for an experience in South-Korea.

Gosia Pyrek

Set country: United Kingdom

Hey there! My name is Gosia and I'm 23 years old. I've lived and worked in Edinburgh for the last 5 years, all across the hospitality industry so have loads of experience in the area. I've managed bars and nightclubs as well as working in hotels and restaurants which I've loved (anywhere that let's me meet 100 new people in a day is a win in my book) but I think it's time for a change of scenery :) I'm looking to travel and work around the world

Bruno Cabral

Set country: Brazil

tenho 18 anos, sou de sertãozinho sp e AMO viajar e conhecer novos lugares/pessoas, viver novas experiências e aprender

Melanie Zens

Set country: Thailand

Hello! My name is Mel, and I love traveling and meeting new people! I'm from Wisconsin, USA and I have ample experience with volunteering. I'm currently teaching English for a second term at a high-school in Thailand, so I can definitely help with teaching English. I'd also be happy to help with gardening, construction, or like tasks. I lift at the gym 6 days a week when I'm not actively traveling, so I can help with any heavy lifting!


Set country: France I am on a three-months journey in France and Portugal. I decided to leave home for the summer to get out of my routine, gain a different perspective on life and explore different ways of life.

My hope is that through Hippohelp I'll have the opportunity to meet people, discover cultures with locals and learn something new every day.

I'm a calm, caring and perceptive person. I'm tidy and I don't need much. Getting dirty while working is not a problem for me. I adapt quickly and I am a fast learner. I'm generally interested in doing any type of work but prefer to do things that doesn't involve young children.

I feel in my element most when I'm surrounded by greenery and kind people. I'm still enjoying the urban life but my longterm goal i... Read more


Set country: Portugal

We are passionate about foreign languages and cultures. We love travelling and we are always ready to adapt to different customs around the world. We like nature, sport and the healthy competition that leads to selfimprovement and not to the prevailing over others.

Katrina Fortuna

Set country: United States

IExpert mature couple..Fred & Katrina I am Gourmet Chef caterer
Fred is Sustainable Expert Consultant..Real Estate successful developer..I am Life Coach I am fluent in Italia, my family lives in Venice Italy.

Catalina Vivas-Sarmiento

Set country: Canada

Hello! Hola! Bonjour! My name is Catalina and I'm looking for a new adventure to explore the world outside of Canada. I'm Canadian-born with Colombian parents and have been travelling (mostly to South America, but also living in France as an exchange student) since before I could even walk. I speak 3 languages, including English (native), Spanish (fluent), French (fluent), which I would be more than happy to share and (of course) would love to learn new languages as well! A little more background about me, I've worked at a school (as an educational assistant and monitor) for the past year, have tutored french, english, math for the past 3, and have spent lots of my free time at my grandparent's maple farm, collecting syrup, gardening, and so forth. I love meeting new people, learning ne... Read more

Set country: Italy

Hi, I'm Teresa, I'm 17 years old. I love travelling and animals especially dogs cats and horses that I have been riding since I was 6 years old. I would like to work on the farm this summer for 2-4 or more weeks and improve my English. I know how to take care, clean and feed animals. I study in high school and after that I would like to be a veterinarian. I am a simple and smiling girl, I would like to have new friends and visit new places


Set country: Netherlands

We're Sandra (24), Arnoud (20) and Julian (20), a group of friends from the Netherlands.


Set country: Italy

My name is Bohdana. I'm from Ukraine. With the outbreak of the war, I had to leave my native country. Since I don’t want to stay in one place, I decided to travel around Europe. I've been on the road for over a month and now I feel like I need to take a little break. So I will be glad to live and work somewhere for a week or two to get to know the country better.

Amanda Lylya

Set country: Brazil

Gosto de viajar, conhecer outras culturas e fazer amizades com novas pessoas, acredito que cada pessoa tem algo a ensinar e a contribuir para o crescimento uma da outra. E sempre busco enxergar o lado bom das coisas.

Suelaine Holanda

Set country: Brazil

Gosto de me comunicar com as pessoas, viajar e conhecer novos lugares, proporcionando o meu bem estar e das pessoas que estão ao meu redor.

Eduardo Bordignon

Set country: Brazil

Hello there, guest.
My name is Eduardo, I'm a simple young man currently planning to go to Italy.
I look for volunteering now not only for the experience of learning and helping, but also to have a place to stay during my trip.
I'm an easy going person, opened minded, honest, willing to learn and help with whatever I can within my capabilities.
Hope we can share this volunteer/guest time in the best way possible with respect, honesty and friendship.
Wanna be part of a person's life changing jorney in a positive way?
Accept my request. :)

Yulia Baranovskaya

Set country: Ukraine

Семья Барановские


Set country: Brazil

Brasileira 36 anos - fala inglês básico, porém estudando 4x na semana para ficar fluente. Possui visto americano, busca voluntariado. Possuo diversas habilidades…. Cozinho super bem, experiência com crianças, limpeza em geral. Trabalhei anos sem salões de beleza, faço unhas e cabelos. Todos os tipos de habilidades domésticas.

Ana Flávia Torres Macêdo

Set country: Portugal

Hi, I'm Brazilian, I'm 47 years old, with 1 daughter and 2 dogs.
I've decided to volunteer so I could contribute to other people and in return learn about new cultures and new languages, develop new skills, discover new places, etc.

I enjoy various types of activities, such as taking care of the house, children, and animals, being in contact with nature,

listening to music, dancing, reading, writing and anything that can contribute to my development.

I love to help, be available, talk and study.

I have a degree in Law, Coach, Therapy, Finance and I continue to acquire new knowledge.

I speak Portuguese, Spanish at an advanced level and English (beginner).

If you want a reliable volunteer willing to help you can count on me.

I expect t... Read more

Micol Cocchia

Set country: Italy

Hi there :) I'm Micol, based in Rome but travelling for the summer! I'm 26 years old, and I'm looking for an experience to practice my spanish livin' the Country in the most authentic way. I've worked with people for ten years now! I used to work in the welcome staff of the Colosseum and as waitress, but I also worked as Au Pair, babysitter, volleyball trainer etc etc. I currently work to teach italian and to help studying to migrants kids and their family. In september I'm going to move to Ecuador for a yearsss!! I'll be glad to help you :) In the meanwhile, have a good day :)

Angela Russo

Set country: Italy

Ciao! Hi! I’m an italian girl that lives in a little country of the south Italy. I love travelling but I never had a host, so I would like to do this experience now! I’m 22 and I’m a student of literature. I like people with open mind and without prejudices! I love nature and animals (I’m vegetarian) :)

Martin Ayala

Set country: Paraguay

Pretendo viajar por Irlanda por 1 año luego ir a España y de ahí a toda Europa. Soy arquitecto y me gusta compartir con gente nueva y con mentalidad abierta. Mi plan de vida vivir viajando.


Set country: United States

hello!! I’m lyss- I’ve lived in the beach areas for most of my life, reho lewes, and chincoteague island. For a year in my life, and also the time of my dread journey I decided to travel in a 1997 GMC van I renovated to be a mini home, I absolutely loved traveling but now my desire is to get to Cali!! something is calling. I’m quite friendly, and I love meeting new souls!! I was a barista and (home) baker for 4 years of my life. I up cycle clothing i thrift or am givin, I’m heavy into the arts. music, painting, sewing, knitting.. you can catch the drift :) I’m very independent most of the time but am ALWAYS willing to give a hand, or offer anything I have to help one In need. I’m here for the love- I want peace. and freedom will come in divine timing. -<3