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Set country: United Kingdom

Young man from South East London looking to volunteer in exchange for board for some months outside of England both learning and doing something new that enriches a family or community. I'm very efficient at organising, cleaning and caring for animals as I do our family pets we've had over the years. I'm a creative both in the media sense (recent employment being within daytime tv as a researcher). I'm also really into music and like to get my creative flows going by rapping, singing & song writing. In addition to this I also like playing my harmonica from time to time too.


Set country: Germany

I’m Jorge, 44 years old, from Spain, Madrid

I would like keep deepen the experience into how to grow vegetables and take care of animal farm, learn how to make a living on the countryside. Also, one of the reasons I travell is to meet different ways of living and projects coexisting with nature.

My short personal history, goes from Spain working as a gardener in public parks of Madrid province. Later, travelled to UK where I spent 10 years, mainly working at hospitality.

In the meanwhile, I started travelling as a volunteer, about four years so far.

I´ve been at vegetable farms, working the land and caring for different kind of veggies. Also at farms with horses looking after them (not riding them), and in some of them with goats, pigs, and gooses. Gardeni... Read more


Set country: Greece

I'm an italian, history and geography teacher in italian school but i done many other things. In my life i have worked as photoghraper, personal trainer, video maker, gardener, guardian, curator of exibithion, organizer of cultural events, libriarian and i did historical reserch for a period. I've many hobbies, i'm cinema lover, i like fitness, i've some cooking certificates becouse i like it, i'm able with the bow, i love nature, music and party. I want to travel to learn the language better and meet new people.

Badrddine imrane

Set country: Morocco

Badrddine imRane


Set country: Germany

Hy there, My name is, I'm 27 years old and I'm travelling with my friend (35) and our two dogs. We love travelling and we're deeply interessted in alternative living. We helped many projects right now, we can do gardening (permaculture), building, painting, playing the guitar... We always love to share our knowledge about plants and nature and we'd love to find a peaceful place to explore.

Gabriela Lapinska

Set country: Taiwan, Province of China

I am an exchange student here in Taiwan. I will have one month before I need to go back to Europe, and I would love to spend that extra time exploring Taiwanese culture and helping others


Set country: Italy

We are Rachele and Vincenzo, we are 34 years old and we live in Milan. We are dynamic and sociable! We love traveling, learning about new cultures and meeting new people!

Melody Dianat

Set country: United States

My name is Melody. I live in NYC. I am looking to travel and interested in helping host.


Set country: Mexico

My name is Brian. I grew up living between NYC and Vermont. Both are states in the US. However, these two places are very different. NYC is, as most of you know a very, very big city. Vermont is filled with mountains, rivers, small towns, and on the Canadian border. So it can be very cold in the winter. After living and working professional in NYC as an Human Resources Consultant I decided to finish my SCUBA Instructinor rating Cozumel, Mexico in 2019. I never looked back. I have since lived, worked, and traveled to around 19 countries.
I work (when not traveling) as a full time Instructor and Travel Guide. I am also a certified Emergency First Response and CPR Instructor.

I look forward to connecting and sharing amazing stories with some beautiful people!


Set country: Brazil


Sam Crawford-Sharpe

Set country: Mexico

Hello, My name's Sam, I come from a small city in the west of England called Hereford. I'm traveling for 3 months around Mexico having quit my job in June. I've always worked since I was young and through my time at University so I would like to spend some of my time away volunteering in a hostel. I think this is a good way to settle down and to really get to know one place. I'm a hard worker and I'm used to long hours and sometimes very late shifts from my time working in events while at University.

Rafael Lopes Luthier

Set country: Italy

Brasilian, 43 yo, I´m a guitar builder, i´m doing my citizenship in italy, i want to know more about the country and help if i can.

Tyler Kemph

Set country: United States

What's up! My name is Tyler, i'm 19 years old and am ready to see the world. I have a passion for travel, getting out of my comfort zone, and most of all meeting new people.

Being immersed in new lifestyles, cultures, and elements is where I come alive. Since graduating High School I have travelled to 5 different countries and am ready to begin a new adventure with a work exchange experience.

Po Yi Tai

Set country: Hong Kong

I am Po Yi.
I come from Hong Kong.
I am looking for staying place until October.
Hope I can stay with friendly people.


Set country: Gambia

I am a Gambian, Male, and with skills in tailoring, baking, driving and farming. A part time worker and trainer with African heritage NGO in the Gambia, I love travelling and willing to use this platform to make proper use of my time in your countries.


Set country: Poland

Hello. My name is Ewelina from Poland. I graduated pegagogy university - Psychopedagogy therapy and many courses about work with kids, teenagers and adults (included old and sick people). I have 10 years experience in work with people. I m interested about travel, dance, music, sport, non formal education, psychology. I work like animator, streetworker, therapist, instruktor, art therapist, volunteering coordinator.

Auz Epitome

Set country: United States

Hello! Need a hard worker? A comedic and caring one, you say? Down to earth, and understanding? Well look no further! My name is Auz and I am super adaptable and can live simply. I can perform an array of tasks, and learn quickly, those I cannot. I love animals and babes, I will get in the garden or under the house. I enjoy cleaning more so than the next and I always speak my mind with honesty. I am a great listener and can follow rules. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Have a wonderful day! I'm sorry, I do not have a passport at this time.

Set country: India

I love traveling and helping others that's why I want to join volunteering program

Vinit S Sharma

Set country: India

Students and Travel enthusiast


Set country: United States

Hello, I am Kevin Anderson, a Musician / Entertainer, Qigong instructor and Wellness guide out of Las Vegas, NV. Have travelled much of the world playing music and immersing into many cultures - I have found that using my abilities and labor as "currency" has been a very effective way to fulfill my life - My natural 'Love Language' is Acts of Service, at this stage in life I am very youthful, strong and full of curiosity... as well, I have acquired a knack for what I call, "jack of all trades, master at being the jack of all trades" :) .. I take direction well and am able to lead projects (if needed). Working with teams or solo is no problem - I am very minimal, use very little earth resources, understanding the value of life as; heart to heart interaction and simplicity of consumption.... Read more

Nathália Oliveira Magalhães

Set country: Brazil

Hello My name is Nathália I am 27 years old, I live in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, I am a university student in the International Relations course, I love history, geopolitics, international economics and social policies, I like to study different languages ​​and cultures, and do volunteer work. My biggest motivation above all is the opportunity to be in contact with other people from other countries, getting to know their culture, way of learning and their worldview. I believe that the greatest good that human beings can take wherever they go are their experiences and learning. I am absolutely sure that if I live with other peoples and with knowledge of other cultures, you will never be the same again. This is our greatest asset, the intellectual, the experience. Having been chosen a... Read more


Set country: Morocco

I'm Ismail from Morocco 25 years old looking for new experience

Natália Isabelli Oliveira Zeed

Set country: Brazil

Menina,16 anos,1,63 de altura


Set country: France

Hi! I'm Hannah, and I am getting ready to travel to the United States. I grew up on an island off the coast of France, in a bilingual family (French mother, American father). Like my parents and three siblings, I've always loved to travel and discover new things. Currently, as I take a year or two off from school, I am planning to go to the U.S. to perfect my English and especially to get to know American culture first-hand. I tend to start out shy whenever I find myself in a new situation... but once I've had time to get my bearings, I really enjoy spending time with new people and discovering new places and landscapes. In the same way, partying with a lot of people and loud music isn't my thing; I prefer quieter moments, where I can get to know people by sharing one-on-one. I hav... Read more


Set country: United Kingdom

Hi there,

Thank you for visiting my profile. I am a Contemporary Artist from the UK and I have experience in volunteering at art festivals and have volunteered at a few 'workaway' placements in the UK. I am interested to work with others who are interested in and involved with environmental and climate awareness, and explore innovative ways for humanity to evolve given the data and information that we now have about the impact that things like industrial agriculture have had on the planet.

My dream is to paint my artwork on walls around the globe, sharing thoughts about this topic and getting involved with day to day tasks and help out how ever I can.

Looking forward to hearing from you about working together!


Set country: United States

we are partners living freely on the road. we love to create, collaborate, and get our hands dirty. we are movement enthusiasts and love to share in that. breathing in love and flowing with ease.


Set country: Algeria

Ciao a tutti, Hur mår du?

I plan to learn permaculture, agriculture (horses, bees, goats...), construction, languages...

Bis zum nächsten Mal, hasta luego.


Set country: Italy

hi, we are Giacomo and Nicole an italian couple, we are 18y and 19y, we live in Bergamo in Italy. We just finished school and before university we decided to travel and make our basic English more fluent and maybe learn new languages. We love life, we like to have new experiences, meet new people and immerse ourselves in new cultures. we love adventures and possible new challenges that happen to us, this summer we were in Interrail and traveling to Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland and Germany we decided to open a profile on hippohelp, we are fun-loving and are always up for a new challenge and adventure. we like the mountains, the sea, lakes, animals, children, nature, we are playful people and we love sports.
Are you ready to know us?

Margot Grangier

Set country: Canada

Hi ! I'm a french student in Montreal, and I have 3 months free from October to December in order to help, meet people and improve my language ! I would be happy to discuss with you :)


Set country: Italy

When a dentist and a photographer find themselves wanting to change their lifestyle, it's not because they didn't like their previous life. But because they thought life could provide so much more.... They came together with the purpose of living a peaceful life. Escaping from the capitalist obligation of having, buying, adding goods, a house, a car, settling down... When we first met, we shared the same idea, that life was much more than that... Waking up every day at 6 am, working, returning home.... And doing so, day after day! To buy a house, car, material possessions and then have to work harder and harder to maintain them. We thought life could be different since we both didn't have young children (which automatically leads us to materialistic life) We, at that moment, were being ... Read more