Sonja Kampffloh

Work and travel

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Sonja Kampffloh



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Sonja Kampffloh

  • Profile description
  • Hey There,

    >> Who are we?
    Me (Tobias, 25, trained electrical technican):
    a little bit tech Need, a little bit authism, a little bit creative maker and small dreamer. Omny interested in nearly everything, including languages, cultures and crafting.

    My wife (Sonja,26, extraordinary hobby chef):
    an out of the box thinker without creative limits, when she reaches a certain point of missing progress she gets a bit frustrated and does not stop until she gets satisfied. She's a really good chef and I never stayed hungry with her. She's interestet in cultures too and she is reading a lot. She is interested in herbalism and nature medicine ( no spiritual nonsense, more sience based). Sonja has 8 year's worke experience as a healthcare nurse. So she is better with social things then I am.

    We where traveling with our camper through Europe. Untill our engine blow up. So we travel with our Backpacks through South America right now.

    This lifestyle is amazing, but it's hard too. That's why we want a break and we would like to stay on a spot for a longer time.
    So we hope we can help you.

    >> What can we do?

    I am a really good maintenance guy and my wife is interested in cooking and learning herbalism and nature medicine and whatever kind of work you show her.

    -I can help with little
    electrical problems
    -I can do maintenance work
    (exapt plumbing)
    -we can do support work
    -we can clean up your house
    -We can do house-sitting
    -or pet sitting / and pet care.
    -we can care for your plants, if you show us how
    -We can cook for you
    (vegan or vegetarian is no problem for us)

    If something is not on this list, write us maybe you have some interesting work to do.

    >> what do we need /want: ?

    If we do house or pet sitting we don't need anything alse. If we don't do house or pet sitting, We need only one or two meals a day and a shower would be nice.
    We need a place with open minds and hearts.

    (Please have your mind together, because
    We have made some bad experience and don't want to be therapist for anybody any more.)

    so we will come with our backpacks and our tent (our home). So we just need a way to you and a semi level place to build up our tent.

    We would like to learn lost skills, for example;
    -animal care,
    -herbalism, nature medicine
    -leather working,
    -how to grow and care plants
    -very interested in cooking culture,
    -music instruments (Guitars, Bongos...)
    -and so on. (Surprise us :)

    >> Maybe important for you to know:

    We both have health problems,that means no heavy work every day (for example, no 5-8 hours a day). That means we can do support work. We have health insurance and also we have got insurance if we are destroying anything.

    We both speak German and I speak English. My wife's English skills are not the best but she is working hard on it. And i can translate for her if necessary.

    >> important for us is that you share our opinion about the importance of honesty, directness, fairness and equallety in communication!
    Humour and a sense for a bit of crazy chaos whould be best.
    We don't take drugs, but that is everyone's own decision and responsibilitie, it's okay for us, as long as it is not dangerous for us. Please no driving on LSD anymore!!

    If you want to be visited by us,please contact us and introduce yourself. And please tell us what kind of work would be recruited to do.
    You can write us on this page or via

    Email :
    thank you.

    Best wishes, the little Family.
    - we are not hippies we are happys
  • Profile details
  • Account type: couple
  • Nationality:German
  • Age:25 & 26
  • Skills: Tobi:
    Maintenance work, electrical work ( everything from computers up to power plants ), woodworking from small repair work up to furniture, construction work like painting. Grown up in a household of crafters.

    Cooking ( mostly German style but interested in learning more) , painting, creative work , cleaning, gardening ( if told what to do )
  • Task Willing to do: Animal care
    Art project
    Charity work
    Cooking / Shopping
    Elderly care
    General maintenance
    Help in the house
    Help with computers / internet
    Help with eco project
  • Languages: English, german (native), a bit Spanish, a bit Portuguese
  • Planned travelling dates: 2019-09-15 to 2019-12-12
  • Countries planning on travelling to: We are living constantly on travel without an end date. At the moment we travel through Brazil (till mid December). After that the rest of South America in no specific order.
  • Dietary Requirements:None
  • Driver License:Yes, Sonja has an international drivers license.
  • Allergies:Me (Sonja) is lactose intolerance
    And Tobi has health problems with eating pork.