Sara Rose

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Sara Rose

  • Profile description
  • I am hoping to get to know Australia through work exchange as well as musical, artistic, family-type experiences.

    I am a musician and voice/energy healer who has been playing music and songwriting for ten years, but recently decided to make the switch to full-time musician. I play what I like to call "love soul" music, with the vision of sharing love with the world through music.

    Previously, I've had ample experience caring for children as a nanny; I studied psychology, music therapy, and laughter yoga; I have been a gymnastics coach, music teacher, fruit picker, farm worker, cook, and earthship builder.

    My main passions include interacting with children, making music, writing, cycling, learning new things, meeting new people, expressing the beauty I see in the world around me in whatever way I feel in any given moment (this mostly happens in song)!

    I hope to meet people who share my enthusiasm for love, beauty, and gratitude, as well as assist in any way I can with the skills I have.
  • Profile details
  • Account type: individual
  • Nationality:Canadian
  • Age:26
  • Skills: Voice healing - this is easier to express through experience
    Musician (singer/songwriter/improvisor) - guitar, ukulele, piano (some banjo)
    Nanny- over 10 years experience (you won't be disappointed)
    Baker/cook (mostly vegan/wheat-free/sugar-free)
    Conflict mediator
    Excellent problem-solver
  • Task Willing to do: Voice/energy healing
    Music lessons
    Physical labour
  • Languages: English, French, basic Spanish
  • Planned travelling dates: 2018-03-31 to 2018-03-10
  • Countries planning on travelling to: Melbourne, AUS - March 8th
  • Dietary Requirements:Vegan, refined sugar-free, ideally gluten-free
  • Driver License:No
  • Allergies:No