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  • Profile description
  • My Name is Niklas Scheffler, I‘m 19 years old and I‘m from Kiel, Germany. I’m a very open-minded person and I love traveling and getting to know different cultures. When I was fifteen years old I went to the US for an exchange year. Right now I am studying “International Business Management” in English at the “Berlin School of Economics and Law”. In my free time, I love working out and making music. I play the guitar, the drums and I love to sing but it’s probably better for everyone if no one hears that^^. Other than that I enjoy going out with friends and getting to know new people.
  • Profile details
  • Account type: individual
  • Nationality:german
  • Age:19
  • Skills: I am fluent in German and English and I know the basics of Spanish.

    Because of several mini-jobs I had, I learned how to clean, work at the register, do crafted work, work behind a bar, advise people, and tutor math.

    My time in student council and as class president also taught me how to organize things.
  • Task Willing to do: Animal care
    Babysitting / Childcare
    Charity work
    Help in the house
    Help with computers / internet
    Helping with tourists
    Language practice
  • Languages: German (fluent) English (fluent) Spanish (basics)
  • Planned travelling dates: 2022-04-01 to 2022-06-10
  • Countries planning on travelling to: I would love to go to Seoul, South Korea. (Beginning of April - Beginning of June)
  • Dietary Requirements:No
  • Driver License:Class B german drivers' license (car)
  • Allergies:No