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  • Profile description
  • Hello everyone! My name is Milena, I'm 23 years old, who lives in Serbia and often changes cities both locally and internationally. I work part time as a freelancer and that's how I pay for my travels. I prefer traveling to not so well known destinations, meeting the local people and exploring local areas. I've studied biology (still two more years to go) and love everything nature-related. This year I encouraged my mom to learn about organic farming methods, and I, myself, tried farming for the first time. I hope to learn more about that as well by using this platform.

    I also enjoy trying new food, and love cooking some Serbian traditional dishes as well for my hosts :)
  • Profile details
  • Account type: individual
  • Nationality:Serbian
  • Age:23
  • Skills: I have strong interest in natural medicines and organic farming.

    I have experience in touristic related work - cleaning hotel rooms, washing the dishes in a restaurant, helping with laundry and ironing.

    I work as social media manager and could help with digital presence, setting up social media platforms and schedules etc.
  • Task Willing to do: I'm very flexible in terms of what I have experience doing. For example: teaching English, organizing books in a library, promoting products, cleaning in a hotel/restaurant, house-sitting/caring for pets, farming, managing business social media channels etc.

    I also love learning new skills, especially ones related to sustainable living, or location-specific.

  • Languages: English, Serbian, basic French, would love to learn some Greek
  • Planned travelling dates: 2017-06-23 to 2017-08-30
  • Countries planning on travelling to: I will be in Piraeus, Greece until 12th of July. Would love to visit couple of locations in Greece until the end of August . (Doesn't need to be close to the seaside, I love the continental Greece as well)
  • Dietary Requirements:Vegetarian who eats fish and sea foods
  • Driver License:/
  • Allergies:/