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  • Profile description
  • Hello there,
    my Name is Michael, i am 23 years old and i was born and raised in Germany by a loving Portugese family. I just finished my bachelors degree in biomedical engineering at the Universities of Stuttgart and Tübingen. Before i continue my academical carrer on October 2022, i would like to do a work and travel tour around Europes south coast, starting from Tübingen, Germany.
    My plan is to finish my journey in Porto, Portugal on the beginning of September 2022, as my cousin will have a wedding then.
    My hobbies are meeting friends, playing video games and the guitar, cooking, crafting and sports.
  • Profile details
  • Account type: individual
  • Nationality:Portuguese
  • Age:23
  • Skills: I am very open for alot of different types of work. Working with my father, i learned alot about hady work like painting, building walls, gardening and other different craftsmanship. My Grandparents live near Amarante, Portugal in a farm, in which i helped multiple times already in tending for the animals and also farming potatoes, onions, and alot of other vegetables and fruits since i was a little boy.
    I speak german, portuguese, english and french fluently and have some small russian and spanish perks as well. As i love sharing my knowledge, i am very open for teaching jobs and intercultural exchanges. Having had Maths, Biology, Physics and Chemistry on University scale, these are also possible subjects for me to teach.
    I have a big family so i have many little cousins and a little brother, i also was a handball-trainer for kids in the age of 10-13, so i have experience in working and being with kids and loved it so far.

    Most importantly, i would LOVE to learn new stuff i don't know yet, and maybe teach you somehing in return! I do this trip to gain experience and meet new people, so i am going to do it with an open mind and goal to learn alot of new stuff!
  • Task Willing to do: Animal care
    Art project
    Babysitting / Childcare
    Charity work
    Cooking / Shopping
    Elderly care
    General maintenance
    Help in the house
    Help with computers / internet
    Help with eco project
    Helping with tourists
    Language practice
  • Languages: German, Portuguese, French, English
  • Planned travelling dates: 2022-05-09 to 2022-09-01
  • Countries planning on travelling to: North Italy, South France, South Spain, Portugal
  • Dietary Requirements:None
  • Driver License:B1
  • Allergies:None