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  • Profile description
  • I'm really interested in learning how to do things, in this period of my life

    I started to learn our history as human beings in relationship to our food

    Once I made sourdough bread for the first time, it changed my life

    I'm interested in learning how to build things, how to work with animals, milking cows, goats, sheep, etc

    How to ride horses

    Hunting, fishing, ow to be self sufficient, self sustainable, etc

    Always learning more about our history, looking forward to continuing that process
  • Profile details
  • Account type: individual
  • Nationality:USA
  • Age:32
  • Skills: Fast learner, good assistant, nothing specialized
  • Task Willing to do: Animal care
    Help with eco project
  • Languages: english
  • Planned travelling dates: 2022-01-13 to 2022-01-13
  • Countries planning on travelling to: flexible
  • Dietary Requirements:flexible
  • Driver License:yes
  • Allergies:Possibly to horse hay, but manageable