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  • Profile description
  • Hello,
    My name is Lauryn I am 26 years old and have a great interest in learning more about homesteading, cooking, gardening, and construction work to take along with me on my journey.

    A little about me..

    I am an all around creative person who loves all forms of art but specifically painting, making jewelry, macrame arts, creative writing, and flow arts. I am a generally clean/tidy person with a great attention to detail as it is needed in the work that I do. Currently, I work at a crystal shop in New England specifically Massachusetts. I consider myself a spiritual person, when I have time I practice yoga, sound healing, divination, and crystal healing through past life work. Looking forward to learning more about how to garden as well as some building techniques to add under my belt.

    I am a super calm, collected, and laid back. I love my solitude/alone time to get back to myself and indulge in my hobbies. Most of the time when it's warm and the sun is shinning (even if it's not) I enjoy spending time outdoors within in nature with the trees and finding sticks and natural elements I can use for macrame art, the occasional hiking and camping are also enjoyable for me. Television is something I take a part in every once in a while but I prefer watching movies with intention over watching television. It doesn't take much for me be comfortable or satisfied mostly just a good environment, with good people, and calm energy. OH! I also love plants and being in spaces that are filled with plant life.. I also, really love cats and enjoy living with them as long as their friendly and well taken care of.

    I look forward to who I may have the pleasure of meeting and connecting with.
  • Profile details
  • Account type: individual
  • Nationality: Ghanian & American
  • Age:26
  • Skills: Cooking
    Animal care (Dogs, Cats, Fish) & willing to learn more
    Artistic (Painting, Drawing, Making Jewelry/Macrame Art)
    Easy construction work i.e. Painting Walls, Small Builds, General Patch up & Upkeep
  • Task Willing to do: Animal care
    Art project
    Babysitting / Childcare
    Cooking / Shopping
    General maintenance
    Help in the house
    Help with eco project
    Helping with tourists
    Language practice
  • Languages: English
  • Planned travelling dates: 2023-03-08 to 2023-08-16
  • Countries planning on travelling to: California
    British Columbia
    New Zealand
    Africa/South Africa
  • Dietary Requirements:Recently have reintegrated meat such as beef and chicken back in my diet but would love to get back to eating less meat and more seafood!

    But currently not specifically vegan or vegetarian.
  • Driver License: N/A
  • Allergies:N/A