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  • Profile description
  • I am a 30-something Spanish ex-economist turned into traveller already 10 years ago (time flies!!) with a passion for hard physical work, animals (humans included), cycling, camping, Nature and the Universe.

    You can see more pictures of me on my (profile/username "Sprintio") and also at (profile/username "helpxer").

    Non-smoker, clean, organised and polite, you can ask for references to any of these hosts where I've already volunteered:

    Linden Retreat (Croatia) - Roof building, horse fencing, milking goats, digging foundations, shaving logs, pressure cleaning roof tiles, gardening.

    Wilgenhof B&B (Belgium) - Weeding, harvesting, greenhouse maintenance, guest's reception.

    Obuse (Nagano - Japan) - Gardening, harvesting apples, pruning, losening up ground for planting, kiln-building, adobe bricks making, cooking. --

    Fawcett Cottages B&B (Australia) - Landscaping, daily animal care, guest's reception.

    Ranquilco Patagonian Ranch (Argentina) - Building, chainsaw, sawmill, carpentry, horse-riding, gardening, cooking, driving.
  • Profile details
  • Account type: individual
  • Nationality:Spanish
  • Age:36
  • Skills: Construction, building, carpentry, chainsaw, felling of trees, driving, machinery, sawmill, gardening, seeds, harvesting, daily animal care, household care, cleaning, teaching, languages, mechanics, bicycles, motorbikes, tractors, roofs, solar panels, electricity, plumbing, hardware & software technician, computers, cellphones, programming, maps, orientation, fire-making, cooking, sailing, etc.
  • Task Willing to do: Basically I'm happy helping with almost anything, but building or making things (carpentry) and animal-related jobs have been my favourite tasks in the past. Nevertheless, I can also enjoy the peace that comes with supposedly "boring & tedious" occupations (such as weeding, cleaning, moving, sanding, etc) provided there is NO HURRY nor STRESS :-)
  • Languages: Spanish-English bilingual, medium French, advanced Portuguese and a little Japanese ^^
  • Planned travelling dates: 2017-09-12 to 2018-12-15
  • Countries planning on travelling to: Mexico (March)
    USA (April-June)
    Canada (July-August)
    and maybe...Alaska (September)

    My route (I'm travelling by bicycle) will probably be determined by volunteering opportunities.
  • Dietary Requirements:None
  • Driver License:B2, A, A1 & A2: Car + motorbike (Spanish & international)
  • Allergies:None