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  • “I believe that the only possible reason for our being here is to serve in some form or another.”
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  • Account type: individual
  • Nationality:Dutch
  • Age:25+
  • Skills: ‘Designers are scientists, and stylists are magicians.’
  • Task Willing to do: Charity work
  • Languages: English Spanish
  • Planned travelling dates: 2022-04-19 to 2022-05-01
  • Countries planning on travelling to:
    if you can’t fly then run
    if you can’t run then walk
    if you can’t walk then crawl
    whatever you do keep moving forward

    My name is Dora and this is my nutshell story: a Dutch citizen and a designer from Great Britain.. in 2019 gratefully moved to Spain due to Brexit.. in 2020 painfully leaved Spain due to the Pandemic.. and since stranded in East Germany.. however now planning to move back to the south and Portugal.. turning my crisis into victory.. from a citizen without a country to an inspirational author without boarders.. writing stories about our triumphs upon tribulations as a guideline and a ray of hope for generations to come.. a gift to myself, my community and the planet I love.. meanwhile running an awareness fundraising campaign, spotlighting our world’s mental health state.

    Connect with me if you have successfully overcome any significant challenge in your life and would like to share it with me!

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