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  • Profile description
  • Hi, it's Denny, a guy from Germany living his dream and exploring the world. I love to meet locals, try local food, learn something new and - that's why I am here! - to help along the way. You can expect a friendly and dependable guy that don't shy away from making his hands dirty : )
  • Profile details
  • Account type: individual
  • Nationality:German
  • Age:37
  • Skills: I completed my TEFL certificate some months ago and I have no language teaching experience yet but I am always willing to learn.

    Some references outside HippoHelpWorld:
    • IT company, Germany
    • Orchard, Australia
    • Sandlewood farm, Australia
    • Zucchini farm, Australia
  • Task Willing to do:
    • teaching English or German
    • well, and anything else I can handle...
  • Languages: German & English
  • Planned travelling dates: 2018-04-26 to 2018-10-26
  • Countries planning on travelling to: South America at the moment, but add-ons & alterations are possible.
  • Dietary Requirements:Nothing special.
  • Driver License:German, International & Australia
  • Allergies:None.