Brie Marie

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Brie Marie



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Brie Marie

  • Profile description
  • Cody and I (26 & 25 years old) above and beyond the experience we have with farming, handyman work, vegetarian & veganism lifestyle, we are both exceptional communicators and work well with others as well as individually. I say this because Cody has 3 + years experience in solar consultation where he generated his own leads in door to door sales and has many happy solar customers in Colorado and in California. This requires great communication skills to knock on the door as a stranger and leave as friend who is doing business with them.

    As for me, I ran and supervised a 14 room Bed & Breakfast at the mouth of Yosemite National Park in California, where I managed 6 employees and lived on site. My day to day included cooking breakfast for all 30 guest on average, checking in guest and interacting with them over a nightly wine social and accommodating to their needs. We both have a passion for nature, we did a lot of hiking while we lived in Yosemite and did a lot of exploring. We both have a huge passion for the organic/vegan lifestyle and being active such as: Hiking, running, kayaking, hammocking and caping.

    We also absolutely love animals. I used to volunteer at animal shelters and help clean kennels and also train the animals and teach them tricks. I also was a dog walker, taking them on 30 min to hour long walks and playing with and training them.

    In my previous work experience, I was a Social Media Manager, Content Creator & Wrote Articles for a website. Some experience that I could add to is being able to create an online media presence for you with more traffic and an audience that will read, share, and draw more people to the website or onsite business. This business has a subscriber base of 900,000+ on her youtube channel and 350,000 on her website and email list and I was in charge of some of the marketing, articles and SEO.

    I am an author of one book and in the process of 2 other books.

    Together we make a really great team at assisting you in the ways that you are looking for!
  • Profile details
  • Account type: couple
  • Nationality:American
  • Age:Brie 25 & Cody 26
  • Skills: Experience we both have combined:
    Solar Sales ( 5 years+)
    Road Construction
    Direct Sales
    Social Media Marketing (Grew platform to 45 thousand Followers)
    Social Media Manager (Partnered with a lady who had 800,000 plus subscribers on youtube and did SEO for her content)
    Dog Walker/Trainer
    House Sitter/Animal Sitter
    Writer/Poet/Author (I have published one book as of October of 2017)
    Innkeeper at a Bed & Breakfast in Yosemite National Park that had about 35 guests a night (Made breakfast &; served wine to guests)

    If there is anything you have in mind that we can offer you, let us know and we can assist!
  • Task Willing to do: Animal care
    Art project
    Babysitting / Childcare
    Charity work
    Cooking / Shopping
    Elderly care
    General maintenance
    Help in the house
    Help with computers / internet
    Help with eco project
    Helping with tourists
    Language practice
  • Languages: English
  • Planned travelling dates: 2019-01-07 to 2019-04-30
  • Countries planning on travelling to: Florida
  • Dietary Requirements:Nope
  • Driver License:yes
  • Allergies:N/A