Alice Kra

Work and travel

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Alice Kra

  • Profile description
  • Hi,

    My name is Alice, I grew up in Switzerland, which is an amazing country surrounded by mountains and beautiful nature. I started travelling during my medical studies and fell in love with nomadism. I am now 29, with as major recognisable skills an MD and experience in horse training, but I mainly have an endless thirst for knowledge. I am curious about the world, cultural differences, philosophy, astrophysics, vegan cooking and nature. So far, since I left my native land, I have lived in Croatia, France, Germany and the UK and I was lucky enough to travel through Australia, China, Canada, the US, a few hops in the greatly diversed Europe and Peru.

    I worked as a doctor until december and am now directing my own research project. While waiting for the hospital to let me know about financement (which could take a year), I travel the world and thrive to volunteer and work in nature surrounded by like minded, curious and motivated people. During my journey through life, I had the chance falling madly in love with the Earth and felt an urge to live in the most sustainable way I could. This sparked an interest in sustainable building and permaculture, I have little experience with it yet,but I have will and ability to learn.
  • Profile details
  • Account type: individual
  • Nationality:Swiss
  • Age:29
  • Skills: medical qualification
    25 years of horse riding experience, experience in horse training, equine therapy, guiding tours and horse breaking
    patience love and will to learn
  • Task Willing to do: Anything to do with horses (mucking stalls, longing, guided tours, horse riding lessons, fixing fences)
    house renovation
    teaching (physics, physiology, biology, basic medical skills)
  • Languages: I speak french and english fluently and am in the process of learning Spanish and German and I can speak basic Croatian, however, I have not sed it since I left Zagreb.
  • Planned travelling dates: 2017-12-04 to 2018-08-01
  • Countries planning on travelling to: 29.01-24-02 : Peru
    25.02- mid April : Spain/France
    mid April - May : Croatia/UK
  • Dietary Requirements:vegan (could do vegetarian as well if it gets too complicated)
  • Driver License:Nope
  • Allergies:None