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  • Profile description
  • My name is Adriano Fragata dos Santos, I'm Brazilian and I'm 40 years old. I started this year with a brand new ideal in my life, the last two years haven´t been easy to anyone and I found myself kind of lost but also with the need of doing something good for others, such as to participate in new projects in order to go deep inside of myself to disclosure the reason of my existence in this planet. I Know times are changing. It´s time we all reach out for something new, that means me too. There´s much to learn and so much to see.

    I want to rest, I need to get exhausted, I must to find answers and even more questions. I'm looking for new references and to remember who I truly am, I just need a chance, without having to pay too much for it – I need you!

    By the way, I consider myself a person with compassionate and caring nature, flexible, adaptable and approachable. I have always had the desire to make people feel comfortable. I have always been respectful and sensitive to the needs of others, and I am that kind of person who was trained tirelessly to take the initiative in whatever I am ingrained.

    I worked more than 10 years as a licensed practical nurse in Brazil. My job was mainly carried out in hospital institutions, ICU’s and in admission units, where I helped countless of people out with their needs, providing them with palliative care, improving everyone access to hygiene and recreation time, as well as assisting them with their physical, social, mental and spiritual needs.

    Currently, however, I have been working as a lawyer, and such experience has enabled me to deal even more closely with the people needs. I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to be the person you are looking for. I believe it would be an excellent opportunity to face new challenges. I am able to speak and understand English with a good level of fluency, besides of being fluent in Portuguese and speaking French and Spanish with a good standard as well. I am interested in meeting and getting along with people from other cultures, and I am willing to learn and accept instructions, and I am ready to share my skills, gifts and talents to enrich the lives of others.

    I also understand that the work will require a lot of personal effort, but I have no doubt that it will be a period of learning and cultural growth. Furthermore, I am willing of helping with whatever is needed and required no matter what it takes.

    If I am chosen to be part of your team, I am ready to join you whenever you want.

    Finally, I have to tell that I am open to any other questions needed.

    Best regards,

    Adriano Fragata dos Santos.
  • Profile details
  • Account type: individual
  • Nationality:Brazilian
  • Age:40 years old.
  • Skills: - Taking care of the elderly and the people with some kind of disability;
    - Planing and managing patient care according to each of their needs;
    - Taking care of chilfdren;
    - Taking care of animals;
    - Helping out in the house tasks;
    - gardening, planting and feeding farm animals;
    - Advise and represent clients in private legal matters;
    - Conduct research and analysis of legal problems;
    - Communicate with the clients in order of helping out with their needs.
  • Task Willing to do: Animal care
    Art project
    Babysitting / Childcare
    Charity work
    Cooking / Shopping
    Elderly care
    Help in the house
    Help with eco project
    Helping with tourists
    Language practice
  • Languages: - Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.
  • Planned travelling dates: 2022-02-05 to 2022-03-05
  • Countries planning on travelling to: - France (05/02/2022 to 05/03/2022)
    - Spain (05/03/2022 t0 05/04/2022)
    - Portugal 05/04/2022 to 05/05/2022)
  • Dietary Requirements:No, I don´t have any.
  • Driver License:Yes, I do. Brazil.
  • Allergies:No, I don´t have any.