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Hippohelp is a free platform connecting travellers with hosts. Hosts create volunteer opportunities across the globe where travellers can work in exchange for food and accommodation. Join our fantastic community today!

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Information for hippohelpers

Using Hippohelp as a traveller you'll open up a world of possibilities. Be it immersing yourself to new languages and cultures, saving or your travels or beefing up your CV, Hippohelp can help you out.

By working in exchange for food and accommodation you'll be more than just a tourist. You'll be able to live like the locals and bond with your host.

The average hippohelper provides around 5 hours of work per day, 5 days per week, in exchange for food and board.

Meaningful projects on Hippohelp include eco-farms, babysitting, eco-construction, general maintenance and language teaching. These are just a few examples, the list of interesting projects you can join on Hippohelp is endless.

Don't travel without a travel insurance. Finding a good insurance company involves a lot of work, so we've done some of the leg work for you. Click here for more information.

Please note that Hippohelping is about much more than just working in exchange for food and accommodation. Your hosts will most likely be interested in getting to know you, so try to not be shy and make sure to spend some quality time together with your host. Inviting travellers and teaching them the daily tasks takes a lot of planning and effort for the hosts, so try to be as helpful as possible during your stay.

One more thing to note is that Hippohelp is not an agency, we only enable you to find hosts and cannot guarantee that you get any placements. It's up to you to make contact with the host, discuss the arrangements and make sure that the stay at your host will be a pleasant one.

Once you've signed up you'll be able to create your profile and start browsing hosts in the are you plan on going to. You can also place a travelmarker on the map, indicating where you are or plan on going to. This is a great way of making yourself more visible for travellers who are in your area and might want to meet up or share a ride.

For more information, please take a look at our safety guide and FAQ section.