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Horse riding on a cool Thai island

Location: Thailand, Trat, Ko Kut District, Ko Mak

We need an experienced him or her to help us setting up a horse riding facility. So the helper must be experienced in caring after horses and riding. The activity is not set up yet. Our first volounteer will assist in setting up the area, purchasing the horses, transporting them here and getting them ready for offering small hors riding tours on the island

Help with house, kids and garden in a tiny village near Voss in Norway

Location: Norway, Vestland, Voss

I am a busy mother of seven great kids aged 10-34, and work half-time (3 short days) as a special needs and language teacher. We live in a beautiful historic house, in the heart of the tiny village Evanger, just outside Voss in the west of Norway. The house is large, and I have 2-3 guest rooms, plus a café/pub/concert venue which is open weekends all year and more in the summer. The house is old and creaky and charming. It is cold in the wintertime - apart from the living rooms and bathrooms, which we keep warm and cozy. We moved in five years ago, and the house is now a pleasant and comfortable home - but there is still so much to fix and get in order! My main objectives are to create a well-balanced life, a welcoming home, and a beautiful garden. This house has a tiny garden, muc... Read more

Mature Married Couple or 2 Friends* to Help Out at a Gorgeous Estate in Brittany, France —October 1st 2022 to October 31, 2023 for a 4 Week Commitment

Location: France, Brittany, Morbihan, Carentoir

We are an American couple who are blessed to own a beautiful historic estate on 181 acres of fields and forest in Brittany, France. We host Workshops and Holiday Home-Stays on our property in the summer months. We are looking for a mature married couple or 2 friends* to help us out with care-taking, gardening, key holding and help with preparing, greeting, etc. We generally have another couple onsite who will work along side you, and when we can, we are on-site and work along side with everyone and have a lot of fun in the meantime! (Note: ours is not a moneymaking enterprise, we wish we could pay!!!! We take minimal guests, and are just trying to cover some of the costs of taxes and the upkeep of the place so we can hold on to it, and have a good time in the process!!)

*Sorry, b... Read more

Quite and amazing villa looks for volunteer

Location: Turkey, İzmir, Karaburun

Hi we are renting a villa in İzmir Karaburun our place is extremely nice and quite. Usually we have guests in summer and in winter almost no guest during winter and spring you and maybe your partner can stay in our place and do some gardening works we expect you to work 5 hour a day for us %80 gardening %20 some small maintenance&cleaning works. WE are offering you a nice cozy place to stay with unlimited WiFi and 24 hour hot water. clean water and heating. you can have a look for our place on if you are suitable for those works and like quietness this place will attract you very much. we prefer long term stay however after the trial month we can decide together the duration. instagram

Cosmos camp

Location: Egypt, Dahab

Cosmos camp is a nature lodge and art space located in one of the most magical places in the world, Sinai, Egypt The place is a great escape of the city life, specially that it's a preserved park area and located on the Redsea. It was built to be art space and nature lodge and also home for me and whoever come visit it. Join us to creat a better eco tourism.

Excellent opportunity for Educational and cultural Exchange

Location: India, Telangana, Hyderabad, Hyderabad

We are an organization which supports global Universities to develop and keep-up with strategic plans of international student recruitment from South-Asia market. We are providing and opportunity for educational and cultural exchange by promoting the US culture in the universities and colleges in the Hyderabad city of India.

Helping to teach at our learning center

Location: Uganda, Central Region, Wakiso, road

CACI King David Learning center helps to change the lives of children through education in the remote community of Kiwugo Mukono where it’s hard for these children to predict what their future will be, and what their next generation will look like and this alone creates fear in our hearts me and you with this in mind, what if from these children a doctor is made who is likely to care for our old age treatment, or a lawyer rescuing our property and other important society people coming out of these children. However, considering the families where these children come from and surviving on one meal a day due to poverty in the family household these mentioned future expectations will be a dream for these children at the center. And yet any child would deserve a good living life with educ... Read more

We are not currently hosting helpers.

Location: United Kingdom, Scotland, Fife

Hi. Thanks for looking at our profile. We are not currently hosting helpers.

Winter cabin/horse sitter

Location: 0

Stay in a small wilderness cabin, with 30 horses, no internet, cell service, running water. totally isolated cabin by yourself. 30 minute snow machine ride from town, only way to access it.

Saint James Backpackers Hostel

Location: United Kingdom, England, Greater London

We're a busy and friendly hostel based in one of best areas in London (The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea). Make new life-long friends (we have 14 staff live on site!) from all over the world and explore all that London has to offer. We have a big garden with BBQ, outdoor gym, table tennis table, huge UHD TV and all subscriptions (Sky, Netflix, Disney, Amazon).