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Help with housework and animal care in west of Ireland

Location: Ireland, County Galway, Rathgorgan

Smallholding in semi-rural area, 1 km. from small medieval town. Host is a semi-retired photo journalist who also dabbles in illustrating and music. I share with three animals, a Shetland pony, a donkey and a cat. Some help with housework and animals appreciated. Lots of free time - no money changes hands. Private room, wi-fi, bicycle, etc.

Abbey Hostel - Join us in the Beautiful Genova :)

Location: Italy, Liguria, Città Metropolitana di Genova, Genova

Hello to you all:)

Would you like to help a hostel on one of the more interesting italian cities and enjoy the beach and the mountains surrounding Genova? Abbey hostel located on the edge of the old town line has been open for almost ten years and is very popular and crowded during the summer season.
If you want to be part of our little family we are looking for help!

Llama & Alpaca Sanctuary

Location: United States, Texas, Kerr County, Kerrville

Our farm is a llama refuge located in the hill country of south central Texas northwest of San Antonio. Normal stays are 1 to 3 weeks. The hill country of Texas has four seasons with different activities possible during each season. Our main focus is the care and rescue of llamas and alpacas.
Volunteers help with the compassionate care of animals or the repair or construction of out-buildings or maintenance of facilities and pastures. Time for working is 4 hours/day for 5 days per week but can be adjusted if food is not provided. Your own vehicle is needed for transportation. There are cats and dogs and free-range poultry here so your approved pet would need to be kept in a fenced area or on a leash. Children are not accepted. We provide simple vegetarian ingredients such as grains,... Read more

Come to help me with my gooses, Chichens and cats in fron of the sea

Location: Italy, Puglia, Provincia di Lecce, Marina di Marittima

Hi, Ciao, Priviet, Labas, I am Elios, I am the son of a famous architect and artist who built villas, cottages and renovated trullo pajara in a top of a beautiful bay called Acquaviva (fresh spring water it means). The villa was built 40 years ago so I need somebody whom be able to help me for rebuilding wall, roof and entirely buildings. Don't worry I have a company of professional masters that I used for my project. Your help will be "just" to do some preparation of some mixed of concrete, carry on some stones or bricks for example or make easy job that you can do without touching any kind of dangerous machinery. This could be an experience for you also to have a look how we used to do "muretti a secco" wall made of dried stones. The help that I need is also cleaning and fixing wo... Read more

Volunteer needed in a little BnB well being centre by the beach!

Location: France, Bretagne, Finistère, Camaret-sur-Mer

Hello, we are Frederic and Marianna who run a little Bed and Breakfast and well being centre by a magnificent beach in Brittany. Nature and beautiful views all around us. Great waves for surfing, great paths for hiking or biking. Healthy lifestyle, yoga, spirituality. Family/community atmosphere, sharing and caring!  We have a furry cat Shaman so please beware if you are allergic! In the house there is a ping pong table, sauna, two bikes, some sport equipment. We will be happy to share with you the magic of Presquile de Crozon! Show you the trails, beaches and incredible places. Volunteers  work 4-5 hrs per day, mainly housekeeping: preparing the rooms and bathrooms for the guests ( we have only 4), preparing breakfast, taking care of the house Gardening is also another activity- ... Read more

Big V Sanctuary animal care and rescue

Location: France, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Haute-Vienne, Châteauponsac

We are a four persons family and work and live within a vegan sanctuary for rescued farm and companion animals. we have on average over 140 animals with us at any given time. Our children are 8 & 13 and are homeschooled. 
We expect people to join us that are honest in their approach to life, compassionates in their world views and hard working. Our dream is to move further into the wild and away from population, so a similar passion is open heartedly welcomed. We would hope that you feel part of a team capable of functioning without the incessant needs of high maintenance. 
We welcome hard working, self motivated individuals that can problem solve, and if a task is finished to move onto the next. We cannot make jobs easier, they are what they are, animal care is relen... Read more

Help with daily tasks at our eco-friendly campground

Location: United States, Hawaii, Hawaii County, Pepeekeo

We are currently trying to fill work exchange positions starting in December 2022.

We live off-grid which mean we get most of our power from solar panels so we are providing an eco-friendly place to say.

It is a small family business and we take pride in offering accommodations that are both exceptional and reasonably priced. Everyone should be able to come visit this astonishing island. Hosting work exchange participants provides yet another avenue for people to experience Hawaii, regardless of their income bracket.

Our guests come from every corner of the world and our plac... Read more

Casablanca welcomes you to Morocco

Location: Morocco, Casablanca-Settat, Settat Province, Oulad Ziane

General help around the house as aid and companion 4 hours per day and language exchange if English is not your native language I may be interested in learning some French or Spanish but it does not matter if you do not speak those languages I can help with improving your English may give lesson couple of hours per week if you need it.
No more than three people can stay as friends together prefer females as I am female no alcohol or smoking on the premises outside only.

Stefano guesthouse

Location: Italy, Toscana, Provincia di Lucca, Lucca

It's about cleanig the rooms for the guests that are coming during the season. THey take care, mostly, of cleaning the rooms and making the beds. They can be asked, exeptionally, to do some check ins for the guests. Check the website

Spend Some Time Helping Outdoors on an Island

Location: Canada, British Columbia, Cowichan Valley

We have been developing 5 acres on Salt Spring Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada for the last 10 years. We are building new garden areas and improving those that we started over the decade. A lot of the work will be related to digging new areas, planting, mixing soil, etc. We also have a lot of wood to be chopped using a hydraulic wood chopper as well as stacking this firewood. We eat very healthy with a lot from our gardens. We are mostly vegetarian. We prefer to take in one worker at a time. We can offer you very comfortable accommodations with internet. You will have your own full bathroom and your private space where you can enjoy your breakfast. We will be pleased to eat our main meals together in our home. Of course all of the food is part of what we have to offer for... Read more