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GVA Foundation - Africa

Location: Uganda, Central Region, Mukono

We provide long-term sustainable solutions to problems in rural Africa which are mainly caused by poverty. GVA Foundation – Africa designs and conducts programs which contribute to the welfare and social productivity of disadvantaged individuals and communities with an emphasis on children and youth. We address some of the most pervasive problems in rural Africa, including HIV/AIDS, malaria, hunger, education, poverty, access to clean drinking water, and orphaned children. In addition, we focus on empowering the youth of Africa through leadership and skills training. Mission: Providing resources to achieve sustainable development in under-resourced areas through effective community education and development of projects. Vision: Self-sustaining individuals and communities free from... Read more

Pizza Place very close to the beach!

Location: Taiwan, Taitung County

If you like nature, snorkeling, surfing, river tracing, hiking, hot springs, cycling, pizza, drinking craft beer, getting tanned... you must not miss this place in Taitung! Located between the mountains and the ocean with the most beautiful sunrise you’ll ever see in Taiwan plus the moonlight sea (moon river) that appears every summer vacation. Work with us in our pizza place and enjoy all these other things on your free time!

Work Exchange Parking Available on Organic Homestead/Farm!

Location: United States, Maryland, Montgomery County, Damascus

Private wooded area for parking of a van, bus or tiny home on an organic homestead and farm available for anyone willing to help with miscellaneous farm tasks including lifting feed, and helping to move fences, etc. Low-rent fee based on availability and type of agreement! Please see photos of spot located in google drive folder

Help renovating a boat and live in her.

Location: Portugal, Faro, Quelfes

EN/PT Português mais abaixo.... I have a sailboat where I intend to live to the end of my days, traveling the world without need for much money, just using wind as propulsion. .. This was my dream.. Things change. I'm reparing it anyway, but maybe not to living there as I initially planned but I will travel a lot with her. As soon as I get her ready to go. I need help for sanding, painting, fiber repair, electronics, engine repair, cooking, etc. I also need help to have fun :) If you have any technical knowledge in this area, I need you a lot. If you don't, but you want to learn, let's learn together (youtube and people around), but please be advised that this is a very physical job. I'm expecting 4 or 5 working hours, with food that we can cook. We will sleep in the boat that i... Read more

Trinity Yard School

Location: Ghana, Western Region, Ahanta West

Trinity Yard aims to educate and empower the youth of Cape Three Points and Akwidaa in providing fee-free secondary education and career.

Organic farm

Location: Morocco, Casablanca-Settat, Province de Benslimane

If you like organic eras , if you think you can help me to creat a natural water filter and saver to irrigate my threes And more, construction of chicken houses And more , then be my guest, you will enjoy my life style and food ,we are about 45 mns from casablanca air port . Thank u

We're one welcome everyone

Location: Morocco, Marrakech-Safi, El Kelaâ des Sraghna

We're a small family. We speak two languages French and English We're making delicious food.We're making delicious food. Welcome

Learn about self-sufficiency, housebuilding and permaculture projects

Location: Sweden, Kronobergs län, Gösköp

WHO WE ARE We (James and Maiken) bought a 10-ha property in 2017 near Älmhult in Sweden, where we live and work with our two boys, Leonardo (age 4) and Napoleon (age 2). We have a goal of complete self-sufficiency, regarding shelter, food, electricity, heat, water and economy. OUR VISIONS Our main objective is to create a place that is designed to provide for all our basic needs so that we can spend the rest of our lives knowing that there will always be a shelter, there will always be food and water and there will always be a continuous income. We firmly believe that the combination of land, nature, technology and clever solutions can reach that goal. We wish to be able to put this vision into practice without a massive budget, so all activities depend on craftmanship, manpower, tech... Read more

tHe estate at Oruaiti

Location: New Zealand, Northland, Mangonui

A 10 acre olive grove overlooking the Oruaiti River. Peaceful, beautiful countryside resembling the hills of Tuscany.

Permaculture, Carpentry, Free Shop in Thuringia

Location: Germany, Thüringen, Hildburghausen

Hey there! Please contact us: We are looking for helpers for building with wood and building with earth/clay, gardening etc! As well as creative projects like wall paintings, mosaic, .. We have started a communal living project in beautiful Thuringia, Germany and are also open for new flatmates. We like yoga and meditation. We have a free shop with different events here. There's also a big garden with lots of fruits and vegetables that we are working on transitioning towards permaculture and setting up a food forest. This year we have created new beds for more vegetables, we planted potatoes, beans, tomatoes, salad, chickpeas, pumpkin and a lot more. I love exchanging plants and seeds, you can bring something with you if you like. Currently we accept helpers... Read more