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Finca la Hermosa

Location: Ecuador, Loja

This is a 2 ha permaculture garden, orchard and pasture land within comfortable temperate,dry tropical climate. We have a summer season that is dry from May to October so we grow our fruits and vegetables with irrigation. The "winter" or rainy season starts slowly the end of October, peaking in Jan./Feb. and then tapering off until April.

STEP-UG (Support Transformation Effort Program)

Location: Uganda, Central Region, Nakaseke

Support Transformation Effort Program (STEP-UG) is an organisation established in 2007 and registered by the Government of Uganda in the Ministry of Internal Affairs (NGO Board). It was championed by University students of Kyambogo following the Disaster pandemonium (Landslides) in Bududa District and from then, our membership has grown positively. Currently STEP-UG is actively working in eastern Uganda mainly in Mbale, Namayingo with some presence in Kampala the capital of Uganda. We own 2 offices! one in Mbale town and the other one is a community development center office (CDCO) in Mutumba Sub county in Namayingo District coordinating different community projects and activities. The Mission is" Global partnership for sustainable and realistic development" and the Vision "Reaching ... Read more


Location: Nigeria, Imo, Owerri Municipal, Owerri

I am a traveller who has been travelling and living abroad pretty frequently for over a decade now, who have chosen to host travellers. Over 3 years I engaged on backpacking trips, the last one being a journey around Europe , during which I connected to people and practises guided by sustainable principles by dedicating to volunteer jobs. Inspired by ideas and dreams I shared on the road, I returned to my beloved city, and landed in Owerri ,in Niger Delta region the evergreen beauty of Africa aiming on kicking off a social enviromental project. My goal is to set up an urban agriculture model by implementing a community vegetable garden and supporting family vegetable gardens initiatives, providing food security and life quality to the communities, encouraging culture exchange, languag... Read more

Helpin agroecologic project by the river !!

Location: Spain, Principado de Asturias, Asturias, Castropol

We are a small family of 4. Our children are 6 and 8. We live in a small village by the side of a clean river. There's 3 houses and a building for the wood workshop. We do not have neighbours araund, but there's sheep, donkeys, cats, dogs, chikens, and honey bees and the forest animals of course... the closest village is at 5 km and it s called Pesoz... so we enjoy nice company when is here!! We live very much off grid, there's lot s of chesnut forest araund, heather bushes, and the river. In the old days the land was dedicated to cultivate grapes... they had a nice wine the oldies tell... In the summer it can be very hot here.. We have a big family garden and a wood workshop. This year we strted a project to transform the chesnuts into flour. We also have a litle house that we rent f... Read more

Country life in France

Location: France, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Charente, Parzac

You need to be happy to eat vegetarian food. I like to be around thoughtful, environmentally aware and funny people. I am not religious. I have two bicycles available for your escapades.

Island home

Location: U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, Charlotte Amalie, Charlotte Amalie West

Beautiful home in St Thomas USVI. We have ongoing repairs and post construction cleanup.

Gardening hands-on and cultural exchange and local homestay

Location: Philippines, Caraga, Surigao del Sur, Bislig

I have a 3 square km of land which me and brother jojie build from my father farm we planted during 7 years but typhoon hit our crops so last year we just started from scratch Then we do also renovation rooms for our guest so I need carpenter skills or helpers for this I am Jerome I am.the administration here aND my brother jojie and Rico are my project coordinators The home stay that we made are almost done so it would be nice if somebody can give us hand cleaning rooms Also we need some receptionist for our new build guesthouse somebony can teaches us basic marketing skills to market our guest house to the world Our project also tackles cultural exchange and we encourage diversity to be able to hook up with local people and teach them your language and in exchange we will teach yo... Read more

A Surfer's Paradise

Location: Australia, Queensland, Gold Coast City, Mermaid Waters

I live in a Surfers Paradise :) Heaven on earth :)

I love a fun, social house, with dinner parties and BBQs, going surfing or to the rainforest, going out partying, or just chilling with a book and a coffee. My name is Keith and I'm an engineer, and my housemate is Yasmin, a psychology student. We both get on great, and always up for doing fun stuff. Our ages are mid 20s to mid 30s.

I have a really cool chilled out cat, Jerry, who loves cuddles, and might sleep with you if you like. There's also a stray kitten, Mr Pink, who has been showing up sometimes to share some of Jerry's food.

We live in a resort complex with a beautiful pool, heated jacuzzi, sauna, and gym, and we are 5 mins walk to the beach.

You will be sleeping on a mattress in our lounge room, a... Read more

Be an apprentice to weaver of Ojos de Dios yarn mandalas

Location: Mexico, Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Oaxaca

I'm long term staying in Oaxaca Mexico after a life in USA where I helped spark a renewed interest in an American folk art that was popular in the 1960-70's. Now it is being elevated to new artistic levels, and is largely being spread through a facebook group I started several years ago, Ojos de Dios, yarn mandalas of the world. More than creating Ojos de Dios, I like teaching others, especially as apprentices that want to learn advanced weaving techniques. This could include making of mandala jewelry, although I've barely started on that aspect of mandala weaving myself. See my facebook page as well as the group,

We are a small international, mindfulness, abundance economy based community living close to beautiful lake Tissø in the Danish Sjælland countryside.

Location: Denmark, Kalundborg Municipality, Jerslev Sj

We are a newly formed small international community of friends who share a common passion for abundance economy, permaculture, healing, breathwork, inner transformation, earth activism, skill sharing, yoga and meditation.

We are co-creating a community that is nurturing, supportive and leads from the heart. We are developing our barn into a workshop, course and training open space that overlooks the lake and a field of Icelandic horses.

We have recently made an Earth activist training for 2 weeks and we are preparing for another 2 weeks programme in September.

All delicious vegan meals are provided here and we eat together as a community.

Volunteer accommodation options are a caravan, a shared volunteer bedroom in the house, the barn loft bedroom or campin... Read more