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The Rowans

Location: United Kingdom, Scotland, Highland Council

A neglected Scottish Croft (small farm) undergoing complete renovation and habitat restoration. Current projects include setting up a solar power system, tree planting, dry stone walling, training a horse to work in harness and working towards making areas wheelchair-accessible. Home to a flock of Shetland sheep, a sheepdog and a riding horse (if you are a rider under 90kg and not a beginner, then riding may be possible). Set right on the coast, but unfortunately not with direct sea access. The nearest town is ten miles away with no convenient public transport, so don't expect night life or takeaway deliveries, but there is plenty of walking in the area. It hardly gets dark in mid summer, and hardly gets light in mid winter. You'll never get bored with the weather, you can see sun, rain... Read more

Help us run a Lodge and get your Beatles on!

Location: United Kingdom, England, Merseyside

We provide accommodation for medical doctors who arrive to take their licensing exams before being admitted to the National Health Service (NHS) to live and work in the UK! We are family run and share our property with these amazing people. Practice your English, meet likeminded people, live the Liverpool lifestyle (home of The Beatles and Liverpool Football Club), learn new hospitality skills (practical and management) and make friends for life! We run similar to a bed and breakfast so we provide breakfast in the mornings and prepare rooms for guests checking into our property. General property upkeep and maintenance along with any DIY skills you might have are helpful but not essential. We offer you Bed and Breakfast accommodation in exchange for 30 hours/ 6 days a week (i.e. 5 hour... Read more

Cultral exchange in the south of France

Location: France, Occitanie, Aude, Carcassonne

We are a couple from Yorkshire who have relocated to Carcassonne, France where we plan to run a small Chambre d'hote and have a separate house where we live with our little daughter, 4 year old Eve who you will meet and no doubt be dragged to the local park to play with. This year we are looking for a couple/individual to stay with us to help with our family etc while we are the running the place; we found last year that the longer folk stayed the better the stay was. It gave more time to explore, get to know us and integrate into the life in France :-) We realise that 1+ months is a longer time than most helper experiences and that is a real commitment so we have changed a few things around to make the stay as good as possible and allow you to really integrate and experience this a... Read more

Our passion is to meet different people around the world and to exchange culture.

Location: Tanzania, Singida Region, Manyoni

I was born on the street by a homeless mother who abandoned me, where I endured not just physical struggle of finding food to eat and a safe space to sleep at night, but also the hopelessness and despair of having neither love or support, without any sense that I mattered to the world.
My life was saved in the year 2000 at age 14 by two community leaders who built a small center, Children for Children’s Future (CCF), where street children were free to come and go to fulfill their physical and psycho-social needs: food, beds, counseling, and educational activities.
Arusha childrencenter takes advantage of their home city of Arusha as a hub of international tourism, and seeks to engage tourists in a meaningful two-way exchange. Tourists are welcome to learn the real stories and l... Read more

Not available for now.i am in Thailand for covid emergency

Location: Italy, Toscana, Provincia di Livorno, Lacona

No available for covid

Come we work together on this beautiful island

Location: Kenya, Homa Bay County

We are a local family in Mfangano Island,Kenya and we are happy to share our home with the world. We welcome solo travelers, couples, families, groups and students from anywhere in the world to come to our door, to stay with us, and dine with us; our hospitality is truly unique.To experience real cultural exchange and much more, come to Mfangano Island and be our guest.We offer out door self interacting enthusiastic environment offering a unique place to stay based on a simple way of living,in close interaction with nature giving full possibility to disconnect from technological distractions and high tempo city lifestyle. We are located somewhere not so far and not so close depending with where you are.Due north,a beautiful mountain range covered by green vegetation that supports Africa... Read more

Warekwa home ground

Location: Kenya, Homa Bay County, Sena Centre

I have a farm that contain bananas and sugarcane,we also have animals that are kept at home


Location: Germany, Brandenburg, Heiligengrabe

Hi I am Franz and we are working at an old water mill with foundations from the 13th century (actual building maybe 16th century) to restore the main house and the outbuildings around it in order to start an ecological community mixed with a hacker space. This place should be a safe and open place: no sexism, no racism, no stereotyping, no preaching.

Helping out at a Horse Trekking Centre

Location: United Kingdom, England, Hertfordshire, Sarratt

Helping with all stable duties, horse handling and riding if possible.

Witewe integrated model farm

Location: Kenya, Homa Bay County

Witewe integrated model farm is a farm that work on breaking the cycles of hunger and poverty by providing small scale farmers with the tools and opportunities to boost their productivity, increase their incomes, and build better lives for themselves and their families through pig farming. Witewe integrated model farm hopes to achieve its mission by increasing the capacity of rural smallholder farmers in intensifying the existing patterns of production and diversifying their farm enterprises to market changes in an attempt to improve efficiency, profitability and income. Witewe integrated model farm also aims at developing farmer’s skills and competencies in business while improving their knowledge, changing their attitudes towards farming as a business and producing for the market.