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Old classic house

Location: United States, California, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles

Old house needs repair, and updating. And gardening.


Location: Germany, Baden-Württemberg, Tübingen, Tannheim

Our house in Egelsee was a seminar center for 30 years, which has since moved to Malaga Spain (Finca La Sacristia). Also a well-known and popular place for workaways from all over the world. At the beginning of the corona epidemic, we took over this house and want to continue to run it in the sense of: Vegan diet and ethical lifestyle Spiritual growth and meditation Nonviolent communication and Organic horticulture and perma culture. We are looking for people who want to visit us for a while to share the above ideals with us and to develop them further. We are no longer the youngest, I, Wolfgang von Boyen, am 70 years old. That is why we are looking for a little younger people who want to support us with their youthful strength. In return, we offer good vegan and wholesome food. In add... Read more

SW Wisc Mississippi River Valley

Location: United States, Iowa, Winneshiek County, Decorah

I'm working on trying to save 4 Historic 1880's-1901 buildings- very beautiful area -like the Dordogne, but not cluttered with Castles (see youtube- Mysteries of the Driftless Zone)- upstairs 2br apartment for use plus some food -also have an amazing library & teach classes on European Chocolate. Might want to create a TED/TEDX/Visionaries Summer Camp.

farm life with Horses

Location: Germany, Niedersachsen, Binnen

Dear Hippohelpers, me (Bea, 37 years old) live in a small village in lower saxony, Germany, 6 km from Nienburg/ Weser. it´s located between Hanover and Bremen, in both directions 60 km. You can go easily from our village by bus or bycicle to Nienburg/ Weser and then by train. By car it´s also easy to reach the cities by highway. The village is really near to the famous "Weserradweg" where much tourists love to do a trip. our landscape is fantastic to ride by a horse or bike. I live since 2017 on my new horsefarm with 7 horses (Andalusians, Lusitano, Haflinger, Noriker, Welsh Pony, Shetland Pony) and 2 dogs (Podenco Canario). I have a big house (380 qm) with many guest rooms where you can live in while you are working on my farm and use your own kitchen (or like we usually do, share m... Read more

Fun and friendly stay

Location: 0

We have a large house which needs maintenance and and some renovation. Lots of gardening and painting, cleaning and tidying.

Goat farm

Location: Ireland, County Roscommon

My daughter and I have a few goats we raise for meat and showing. There is lots of fencing and buildind walls and also gardening to be done. It can be a wet area but when sunny is so peaceful. We are 7 miles from town but we can always accommodate lifts if we are going into town.

WindSong Eco-Homestead

Location: United States, Arizona, Cochise County, Douglas

WindSong is 120 acres in Southern Arizona. We're 15 minutes North of Douglas, AZ (and Agua Prieta, MX), 35 minutes East of Bisbee, AZ. This place was first established in the early 80's by a couple who were both mineralogists, one of them world-renowned for his work with the Smithsonian. Today there remains a quarry of colorful and sparkling mineral rocks which they imported for study. The site has multiple living quarters with a maximum capacity of 8-15 people (and space for an additional 15 campers). There are two standard gardens, an aquaponic garden, a small orchard, and an amazing greenhouse which boasts 10+ fruiting citrus trees, mangoes, surinam cherries, sweet potatoes, herbs and flowers. We also have a watch tower, an underground bunker, lots of spots for relaxing in the... Read more

Stay in Miami Artist Studio in exchange for housekeeping, deep cleaning, caretaking, yardwork, errands

Location: United States, Florida, Miami-Dade County, Miami

Roomstay work exchange in Miami artist/technologist studio - cleaning, housekeeping, yardwork, pet care, errands, personal assistant.

Old stone house - Eco village

Location: Spain, Cataluña, Girona, Beuda

Hola, la Alternativa will like to meet you. If you like outdoor work and creative souls, come and join us in our daily life on a mountain in La Garrotxa (Catalunya-Spain). La Alternativa has a nice garden with a small greenhouse, we have 1 old dog that traveled around the globe and another BIG puppy 1 year old, we recently have 2 little cats with the family, and some chickens . This property is a 100 hectares of forest, rivers, sources and grassy land. Very calm space at 15 minutes drive from civilization, surrounded by little mountains and forest, with it's natural water source and little pools going down the river. The daily work consist on maintaining the garden, some construction and repairing the old house and feeding the animals. After that we basically enjoy the nature, a bath on... Read more

La Rosina

Location: Spain, Extremadura, Cáceres, Las Huertas de Cansa

We live in a little paradise: a small river, 2 stone stages for performers outside a hill with beautiful sunset sights, Nilo's rock castle, many wild birds flying around, about 60 olive trees and a little organic garden and medicinal plants.

AnaH is a yoga teacher, bach flower practitioner, masaje therapist and a singer/dancer. So you can share your presence with her regular practice and meditations (normally I practice alone, but you can ask if you want to practice together or atend a class).
Josue is a photographer, master in making mojitos, rebuilder, an eco builder and a great cook. We have Nilo with 15 and Samu with 10 and baby Agata Rosa with 3 year.

Before the baby we made our own bread, soya/grain milk, jams, cakes and pies, nut butters, home made detergents e... Read more