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Summer Tropical in Tomia Island, Wakatobi, Indonesia

Location: Indonesia, South East Sulawesi, Wakatobi Regency

You can call me Al for simpler. I am in a small town, namely Usuku, Tomia Island, Wakatobi Regency, Southeast Sulawesi. Here I am also active in managing a Non Profit Organization that concentrates on empowering and strengthening the capacity of local communities in villages to obtain decent livelihood rights through sustainable management of natural potential. Sikola Kampo (Kampong School) is a non formal educational activity that I founded with friends in 2015. Sikola Kampo was formed for local children and youth to become skilled and can benefit in tourism activities and the basic thing we provide is learning English. This is done because the problem faced by the local people in tourism activities is communication with foreign tourists. So I tried to find volunteer friends who could... Read more

Convenient stay in Melbourne SE and Off-Grid Farm Projects near Maryborough,Vic.

Location: Australia, Victoria, City of Greater Dandenong, Noble Park

i have been on couchsurfing network for years hosting many people.. and i think this HippoHelp network is a great idea.
I am flexible with my time (especially during the week days) and love to hang out and make new friends..
In the summer I travel around Victoria and Australia a lot, going on road trips with friends and many music festivals -camping in the bush etc..
I am into music (composing/playing); Alternative health / medicine ; Electronics / Engineering / technology ; Anything weird wacky unusual unexplained strange secret, etc etc...;
Business combining most of the above, ;) ..
The world is full of amazing things and possibilities and Life can never be dull for the seeker with an open mind.

I do not drink or smoke and i prefer vegetarian food but still... Read more

Spirit Farm

Location: 0

Hello Potential Hippohelpers My name is Konrad and I'm running the Spirit Farm which is mostly a guest house with event's sprinkled in between. It's situated not to far from the lovely town of Selfoss on a property with views that are inspiring. What we do on a daily basis is wake up to a lovely coffee and begin tidying up the house at 11:00 each morning. After about 3 hours the main job is complete and in most cases there is plenty of free time to do the things you are interested in doing. If you want to meditate, roll around on a fluffy carpet, go for walks, work online or just chill you are more than welcome to do so. From time to time we might have some additional small jobs which would include, painting, building, helping out with a sweat lodge etc. But besides that it's quite eas... Read more

Farm to Table English Experience

Location: South Korea, Gimhae

Check out our latest volunteering programs at our website and send your resume to

We strive to be the premier English indoor fruit farm and happiness destination in Korea. South Korea is great for a working holiday. Enjoy scheduled events, random events, bonus trips, great food, great people and strawberries or tomatoes indoors.

We are on the outskirts of Busan, South Korea. We spend our weekends helping and talking to visitors from all over Korea and beyond that want to share strawberries or tomatoes and their culture with you, and vice versa.You will teach them about the fruit and our farm, show them proper picking techniques, then mingle with them as they partake in our enclosed greenhouse environment, a... Read more

Young couple with two daugthers!

Location: Slovenia, Ljubljana

we are looking for some help with cleaning, cooking and babysitting. Ljubljana is a fun city. We offer private room with shared bathroom and kitchen. We are flexible about the start.

Come to sunny Morocco

Location: Poland, Mazowieckie, Warszawa, Warszawa

Hello travellers, my name is hisham, I am moroco and I live in an ancient atmospheric house in the old medina of Marrakech, not more then 10 minutes from the phenomenal place Jema el Fna. I call the house house hisham. With My sister who lives in big house project. so we decided to combine skills and become successful together:-) And we count on you, dear fellow travellers, that you will get enthusiastic for our cross-cultural project and come to live and help us with your experiences and new ideas.

Young couple looking for help setting up our new country home & stable yard!

Location: United Kingdom, England, Somerset

We have just moved into our new home & stable yard in beautiful Somerset, and are looking for workaways to help us get the place tidied up and improved! We have 4 horses, 2 foals and some goats - and the farm needs some maintenance to improve it for the animals. I run my own online based equestrian business from our home - and Dom splits his time working from home and London in finance. We are both young and active - with plenty of interests and hobbys to keep us busy! My father has temporarily based himself with us for the summer to help with all of our projects - he is very skilled in many things and is happy to share his knowledge with our workaways! We have 13 acres of land and have big improvement plans for the stable yard. We are looking for help with general DIY & maintenanc... Read more

Try life on a small peaceful farm near Volyně

Location: Czechia, Jihočeský kraj, Strakonice, Skály

By the way we are making hay these days so it will be great if you could arrive as soon as possible :), we will be so happy when you come and help. Hi, We are a family of four (Frantisek 40, Martina 39, Lilian 14 and Ester 16 years old), living in a small village called Skály (near Strakonice), the nearest town Volyně is 10 km. We live on a large farm, but since we are reconstructing it, we live in three rooms with a bathroom. For the helper(s) we have ready a private little house, which is also in the picture. There is a stone and it is two-storey (about 7m²). Upstairs is a sleeping area, downstairs is a couch that can also be spread out . Clean your teeth, bathe, go to the toilet and the bathroom, all this is possible in our home. We cook meals mostly without meat. We don't have m... Read more

Help rebuilding 600 yrs old farm

Location: France, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Ahetze

Hi there,
I'm Maritxu (to be pronounced "Maleechoo"), 45, from the Basque Country. After 20 years living abroad, I am now back home.
Home is this amazing 600 years old stone farm in the northern Basque Country (7 km from the ocean), a farm where my family has been living for over a century (a detail in its lifetime). I have been working on drawings for the past months and I am now starting the "real" work to make it breathe again: take off concrete and use eco friendly solutions so that it becomes a place where people feel good to be.


Location: Spain, Andalucía, Almería, Carboneras

Spain, Almeria by Cabo de Gata National Park.


Either Spanish or English language preferable although others spoken.

Message for more details and any questions.

Expectation is 2.5 hours per day for accommodation.

We are open to hearing of any skills that you may have and want to offer, particularly relating to language or similar practical skills. However, a wide variety of other skills have been offered. .

The default job is 'maintenance' projects. Also usual household tasks.

It is possible to wash clothes and helpers have their own (twin) room with beds, simple furniture and wifi of course.


Applications welcome regardless of race, sexuality, gender. Couples welcome.