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Single Mom is looking for help with her lovely daughter!

Location: Germany, Berlin, Berlin

Until my daughter goes to kindergarten I need help with babysitting while I work at home. I am a magician and aerialist. Most of the work I have to do now is office work with pen, paper and computer. Despite Covid-19 I am under time pressure and need to get stuff done.

Sustainable living, low impact, low cost

Location: Bulgaria, Gabrovo, Grablevtsi

living a simple life, re purpose and recycle build projects, garden, veg area. Eco building and living as much as possible. Trying to live with as little money as possible, being self sufficient but it is a long term project. Looking for someone interested in longer term type help, who will see the results of their labour, like starting up animals from scratch, reclaiming land for growing crops and fodder, growing our own firewood, building an all seasonal vegetable area etc.

On the way to the Garden of the Heavens

Location: Romania, Județul Dâmbovița, Comuna Voinești, Voineşti

Our Family Garden is close to a very Special Holy Triangle of Monasteries. It is said that Saint Andrew came here first to baptise the people that wanted to be touched by the Holy spirit. The three monasteries forming a perfect triangle between them have Secrets to share to all Travellers. Our house is usually open to Artists. They come to us for Intimacy and Motion. The Mother of the House is a Conscious Dance Teacher and Healer. She loves to write and to paint, she loves animals and plants and she Plays all the time. The Father of the House is a natural builder, loves to work in the garden, loves to build natural ovens for bread and pizza. The Father also is keen on martial arts. They are both artist in different fields, travellers as well and always Singing. The bees and the bird... Read more

Organic Minifarm in the Austrians Alps

Location: Austria, Tirol, Kitzbühel, Sankt Johann in Tirol

Organic Minifarm on the mountain above the village. Ducks, Quails, Cats and a big vegetable garden. In winter, the house is a ski-in ski-out place. --------------------- Accomodation: --------------------- Own room with TV and Internet The village within 10 minutes walk is quite big with a lot of shops and bars. The mountains are perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities, and skiing in winter (in winter we are directly at the skiing slope). --------------------- Work: --------------------- We rent 2 flats with airbnb and need help to clean them maybe 1-2 times a week. Besides fixing up flats, there are many things to do for all kinds of skills and preferences, for example: Take care of ducks, quails and cats, clean holiday flats, cultivate vegetables und construct occasionall... Read more

The Fleet

Location: 0

The Fleet is calling you. The unlimited space of the oceans is waiting. We are creating the Fleet as an independent alternative. A new beginning on the sea. We have and will have nothing on the land. Those with the right spirit are welcome. Don't expect anything easy. It is wisdom and beauty what you get and comfort that you loose. Presently based in West-Africa.

Looking for a skilled person in building/ renovation

Location: New Zealand, Bay Of Plenty, Toatoa

Hi there I am looking for someone to do building jobs around my property, verandahs/fit doors exchange for accommodation & food

Work in a quiet and peaceful garden

Location: Ireland, County Roscommon

My name is Sammie and I live with my mom in a rural area, we have plenty of physical tasks to be done including a large garden that need to get into shape and order with some raised beds, this will provide food for ourselves and volunteers that comes in the next season. Need help for building stone walls and occasionally a bit of fencing too, but the garden is the most important. We've got 3 dogs that stay in the house, 5 cats that stay outside and a some goats that we keep for breeding and for meat, but most of the tasks with the animals is my responsibility. Please, we ask your patience, maturity and understanding because me and my mother are very busy and need to work a lot, so sometimes it may seems lonely but we have bikes to use, and a lot of views around. We will take you, when ... Read more


Location: Taiwan, Tainan City

We have a ruined house that we want to rebuild, located in Tainan, Taiwan, and are looking for a long stay in Tainan (at least 1 month, because we don't want you to be working all the time, but have time to experience Tainan.)/People who like wild camping/ Hiking/biking/creative/artistic/have some house reconstruction skills (e.g. cleaning/painting/filling walls/painting...etc.), because people need to move things, people who are too soft are not suitable, hope it is possible People who adapt to the environment of nature and wilderness, who like to challenge, because there is no water and electricity here, although it is so, but there are homes around here, in fact, there is no need to worry too much, there is a swimming pool nearby. The photos are for your reference. Suggestion: It is ... Read more

Gardening, Hydroponics, General maintenance both inside and out.

Location: France, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Deux-Sèvres, Saint-Germier

Help with building a fish pond, Hydroponics and other projects around our home in rural South West France.
We are in a small hamlet just outside the village of St Germier.
English couple with 1 very spoilt elderly Rough Collie and a young Black dog.

Peaceful location in rural France.

We are looking for flexible helpers, happy to help us with whatever the day demands.

We are creating areas for hydroponics, mostly Kratky method, both indoors and out, this will involve land clearing preparing the hydroponics containers and all other aspects of producing crops this way. This is a new project so we will learn together.

We need help with building a fish pond (digging is done), tree felling, wood cutting, plus help with issues as they occur.

Preferably ... Read more

Barkley House: Accomodation exchange for Yardwork

Location: Australia, New South Wales, Blue Mountains City Council, Katoomba

Hi there, we're looking for travellers who might interested in some free accomodation in the Beautiful Blue Mountains in exchange for some gardening work. We have a spare room in our beautiful 1890's cottage that we are currently setting up as a holiday home. There is lots of work to be done in the yard that we could use a hand with.