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Convert a bus into a sustainable community kitchen

Location: Canada, British Columbia, Columbia-Shuswap, Golden

I am a seasoned traveller and a trained cook. My project is to turn a short school bus into an off-grid travelling community kitchen, to go from California to South America, stopping and helping at farms along the way and collecting any excess food they may have to make meals for anyone else I meet along the way, because everyone deserves a decent meal. I am about halfway finished with the conversion. The first phase of acquiring the bus and converting it to run of off veggie oil is pretty much complete (I just drove a test run about 600km for $0.54). The second phase, which we are working on now, involves the creation of the kitchen. This will include installation of a solar set-up, a water system, and the design and execution of a stove that runs on veggie oil.

The future of farming: Aquaponics!

Location: Malaysia, Pahang, Bentong

Aquaponics is a combination of AQUAculture (raising fish) and HydroPONICS (growing vegetables without soil – on rafts). Our fish “enrich” the water (yes, that’s fish poop) and after filtering, the water is given to our plants. The plants clean the water for the fish, and the cycle goes on. We cannot be certified organic but we believe that Aquaponics is even better because we don’t rely on certificates to produce healthy food. We can’t use antibiotics or “additives” with our fish because it would negatively impact the plants. We can’t use pesticides and chemicals on our plants because it would kill our fish. The method guarantees that it’s safe (no salmonella and no e.coli either). Day to day activities are focused around the fish (feeding and filter cleaning), and ... Read more

Volunteering at the Thai Horse Farm

Location: Thailand, Chang Wat Chiang Mai, Amphoe San Sai, Tambon Pa Phai

We are currently looking for 2 volunteers. One volunteer will be responsible for the horse care and the other one will support us with our online marketing activities.

The horse care volunteer will be responsible for everything that involves our horses. The marketing volunteer will be responsible for everything regarding our brand awareness and marketing strategy. In exchange you will live with us at our farm where food and accommodation is provided for you. Our farm is only a 30 minutes drive from Chiang Mai, which is a vivid and green city in northern Thailand. Our family will welcome you warmly and soon you will be part of our family!

Full city life and peaceful nature

Location: Germany, Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, Markgröningen

Location: supermarket, restaurants and a small library, sport arenas like soccer and other stuff within 5 Min. walking distance. With Public transport: 10 minutes by bus to Markgröningen; 36 minutes to Ludwigsburg; 52 minutes to Stuttgart downtown; busses go every 30 minutes and are on time 30 minutes driving by car to Stuttgart downtown. I work on the other side of Stuttgart in Vaihingen (= South of Stuttgart), so I can give you early rides as well. (=40 min) If you arrive in the evening / afternoon at Stuttgart Airport I could pick you up, as it is like 10 min. from my work. This area has a rather wide range of possible spare time activities! What would you like to do? (Sports, Culture – there is multitude of museums, small and big castles in relatively short distance, old house... Read more

the brooklyn riviera

Location: United States, New York, Kings County

Looking for a female individual to help with day to day duties at a small hostel


Location: Morocco, Laâyoune-Sakia El Hamra, Laayoune

hello world, first of all my name is Enaama, I am the founder of UASM ( Urban Arts & Similar methods ) as well as I am an artist ( Dancer ) the idea behind this offer is to help for organize events and second share with us your creative ideas ( if you don't mind ) and we'll see if we can make it up or not

Utopia Eco Hotel and Cacao Farms

Location: Guatemala, Alta Verapaz

Utopia Eco Hotel and Cacao Farm is located about 285 Km from Guatemala City. 11 Km from Lanquin and in the Valley of Semuc Champey approx. 3.5 Km from Semuc Champey National Park, one of Guatemala’s hidden treasures. We have about 220 meters of River Frontage along the Cahabón River. Utopia Eco Hotel is where you will be able to do as much or as little as you like. We are a Family Friendly, Dog Friendly Eco Hotel with a vegetarian Restaurant. Situated on the Cahabón River, which is great for tubing or just relaxing on one of the large river rocks or take a short stroll down the path to the big swimming hole. You will find your home away from home nestled amongst exotic flora and fauna with at least 90 different species of birds to watch while your strolling along the many paths tha... Read more

Our place on the edge of the Rainforest!

Location: Australia, New South Wales, Tweed Shire Council, Pumpenbil

We are now booked out until the beginning of February 2019! After that we will need help again. Jo-Ann is still recovering from her broken foot so we really need help around the house, cooking and renovation work. We welcome a couple or two singles to also help with clearing and planting a fairly steep slope of native bush in order to mitigate bush fire vulnerability for the house. We also need clearing of feral plants (lantana, blue top, camphor laurel etc.), road work and rock wall building. We are now also looking for workers with carpentry and home renovation skills. We have lot's of work indoors when it is raining!

Experience Farm Life in Norway!

Location: Norway, Vest-Agder, Farsund

I`m Selma and look for friendly helpers for my little farm. We have Icelandic horses, Boergoats, geese, ducks and chickens, and during spring/summer we hold a couple pigs. Furthermore there is a kitchengarden and a guestroom for travellers. There are huge pastures and forests around the farmhouse
There is one person (me ;-) ) living here steady, childrens are grown/studying.

Help in the three countries region of France, Germany and Switzerland (in Alsace)

Location: France, Grand Est, Haut-Rhin, Saint-Louis

I am rebuilding my house (use to be a wooden hut) with almost no budget and need all the help of people who have experience in any kind of building, construction and maintenance of the house. The perfect helpers are experienced in this field as I don't have much other work to be done like gardening or eco project or children care etc. Very appreciated are all kind of professionals or very experienced people like plumber, carpenter, mason, electrician but also mechanics, practicing engineers, self-made building experts and other experienced or very handy people who have a good experience in building or rebuilding of houses or also people who would like to learn how do this kind of work or would like to help clean up the construction site (its very messy) and for example make good order... Read more