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Location: Ireland, County Cork, Cork

we are making several kind of cheese and milking cows.You will have breakfast and dinner except on Sundays.

Teachers Needed at Omeida Language College

Location: China, Guangxi Zhuangzuzizhiqu, Guilin Shi

All the details can be found at

Yangshuo is a fairy-tale town nestled between the mountains and its history dates back many years making it filled with traditional culture. When traveling through this town you will see incredible landscapes of the karst-mountains and amazing scenes of the traditional fishermen along the river banks. Even though Yangshuo is a small town in a big natural playground, it still caters abundant nightlife boasting with the popular West street filled with cafe's bars and traditional Chinese shops to meet any and everyone's needs.
Yangshuo is the perfect location not just for anyone that appreciates natural beauty, loves exploring to go on adventures and stepping out of your traditional western life-style, but also as a peaceful work e... Read more

Support to educate our Children for their better future in Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Location: Tanzania, Dar es Salam, Temeke, Dar es Salaam

Our community is situated in South Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Our main goals is to motivate and educate children from low income families to have equal opportunities of getting better education for their future lives

Dar es salaam is the biggest city in Tanzania with the population about 5.5million people . Children and youth are approximately 50% of the population

In most local families there are many children and youth who have no motivation to go to school even their parents have no motivation to take them to school, therefore you will see many children and youth in the street loosing opportunity of get education

One of the main tool is to give them another perspective from volunteers who will help to bring motivation in education to our communty and boost up the ... Read more

Welcome to Paradice

Location: Cambodia, Sihanoukville, Krong Preah Sihanouk, Preah Sihanouk

The Volunteers we are looking on this moment specialy for; -Host for on the boat. Welcome our guest together with our Khmer team. Help with translations and check for safety. -Painter for maintenance and artistic. -Construction worker / Carpenter. -Handyman. Workawayers we are also looking for are; -Yoga teacher. -Gardener. -Entertainer for the evening. Music or Pubquiz etc. -cook for teaching western standards -Teachers english but only for longstay. -medics to give support to bthe locals and our staff and guests. If you like to work for more than five hours a day. For all the postions are also jobs available. You will have to stay for a minimum of three months and have to work in a team of Locals and other workawayers. The salaris are khmer standards.

community project in the middle of Swiss Alps

Location: Switzerland, Schwyz, Schwyz, Arth

**We are full now until the beginning of May. Of course you can still always try to ask for the time before, sometimes people jump off again!**

**We are especially, but not only, looking for people that are able and willing to stay longer (one season or more) and take over some responsibility in the areas of kitchen and/or service/reception. You don't necessarily have to be a professional! For service/reception only people who speak fluently German. Feel free to contact us for further information.**

We are a spiritual community running a hotel/seminar house on the Rigi-mountain in the center of Switzerland near Lucerne. We are located at 1300m above sea level, in a beautiful natural landscape of alpine meadows covered in flowers in the summer and snow in the winter.
The... Read more

Looking for volunteers for language exchange and homestay and different social work projects

Location: India, Gujarat, Rajkot, Rajkot

Hello Volunteer  How do you do? My name is Jay and I am from India. I live in Rajkot city which is in Gujarat state. I studied computer science and social entrepreneurship. I love to innovate and learn things to resolve social issues.  We are looking for volunteers for different social work projects.  We want to build strong peer to peer language learning community in our city. we are looking for volunteers who can practice language speaking skills with other learners and help them to improve their skills.  We also want to make language basics videos with the help of volunteers. which help learners to learn correct pronunciation of different words. In our city lots of people want to learn English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, and more. We are also working ... Read more

Jordan, the village of Wadi Rum

Location: Jordan, Aqaba Governorate, Quairah District

Hello, I am Ali from Wadi Rum, from the Bedouin tribe. As I am a traditional Bedouin camp owner, we offer a unique and exciting way to experience the Wadi Rum desert. Organized trips will give you an opportunity to fully know this scene, the camp site is beautiful at sunset and he can go with us to get to know Wadi Rum. He learns to do tea on fire and cook the Bedouin, and we will sleep in the dreams of him in the village of Rum and in the camp and learn to cook with the Bedouin family and learn many cultures The Bedouins, and they will, in their free time, get to know Wadi Rum by walking and climbing mountains and coming with us on car tours and the camp site is beautiful for Heikeng. And he will enjoy many of us during his presence

Homestay while teaching English for Kids in Binh Duong

Location: Vietnam, Bình Dương, Thành phố Thủ Dầu Một

We are an education project to help the Children study English with Volunteers from many countries. The project is aimed at creating opportunities to learn English with native speaking English teachers for children from single mother families, children from poor families and low paid workers in rural areas of Binh Duong province that are unable to afford for English courses in other English Centers. Through learning English with native speaking teachers, the children will be equipped with English skills that help them to grasp better job opportunities when they become adults. The volunteer always be treated as a member of the family. You will enjoy a welcoming homestay with us. It will be easy for you to understand and learn about Vietnamese people and culture through living with local ... Read more

Finca El Drago

Location: Spain, Catalunya, Tarragona

We are a little olive Finca with around 3 hectares. We are producing ecological. Nothing for sell, only to be self sustinable. We are in our fifties, we are a maried couple science we finished studies and we both have a additional education as physiotherapist. Annette is also a Yoga teacher. Our proyect here is close by the parc natural els ports near Tortosa(12km). It is more a smallholding than a commercial farm. We try to use permaculture ideas to be more sustinaible. We have different types of accomodation. A tiny home, a caravan with outside bathroom and privacy and we have a very nice campsite . The tent is inside a wooden house with a terrace. We offer doing Yoga when Annette is here. We have good h... Read more

Volunteer and live the Magic of Chiloe !

Location: Chile, Los Lagos, Chiloe, Ancud

Hello every one, my name is Claudio and I own this friendly hostel, located in Ancud city in a traditional chilota house in the north gate of magical chiloe island full of tradition and unique mythology.
We try to maintain a very home like feel in our Hostel to make the guests feel comfortable and welcome. We try to arrange various tours with our partners and make the traveller´s stay worth it..