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Baho Holdings

Location: Rwanda, Kigali City, Nyarugenge, Kigali

Baho is a Kinyarwanda word that means “live.” I created this business to transform marginalized lives and to celebrate Rwandan spirit, culture, and hope for the future. Baho Holdings envisions a world where everyone feels empowered and has the potential for a meaningful life. Baho Holdings will be a brick and mortar store that will also sell online to international markets. I also plan to open a Baho Fashion, Baho Coffee boutique, Baho Safaris & Tours, and a Baho Foundation that will empower disenfranchised people in my community. These ventures will take time to build, and I plan to finance them through the success of Baho Holdings, as well as other means. About Me My name is Alexis Niyonsaba and I define myself as a feminist. I believe that empowering girls is essential to enabl... Read more

Buckajo Flowers

Location: Australia, New South Wales, Bega Valley Shire Council, Buckajo

We are a family run seasonal local organic flower farm close to Bega on the far south coast of NSW. Its a very beautiful part of the world. We are 20 minutes from Tathra beach. We always have plenty of light farm work to do and interesting projects you can help out with. We eat lots of yummy fresh organic food. We have private rooms for guests, shared bathrooms and kitchen, good wifi. Families and children also welcome.

One bedroom shared bathroom

Location: United States, California, Ventura County, Ojai

We live on a peaceful street in ojai nice Size back yard great garden space offering own private room and outside area for trade Looking for help with house hold chores such as cleaning and dishes meal prep tutoring/ child care for my 4 year old daughter and also have a two year old daughter looking for a female Roomate to help out my fiancé with the kids so they all feel most comfortable


Location: Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Detmold, Petershagen

Help us with the reconstruction/redevelopment of our half-timbered manor, a historical monument of 1835, to create a vivid and peaceful place for a community with social, spiritual and ecological values. As we are still at the beginning, there is a lot of different work to do. At the moment it is just me, my mom is going to move here in some weeks. As soon as there are more rooms finished, we are going to have foster children :-)

Leaning Tree Alpacas & Boer Goats Farm

Location: United States, Washington, Grant County, Moses Lake

We are a small farm located at Soap Lake, Washington State. We raise Boer goats, alpacas, free-range chickens, and a garden. We also care for feral cats; doing our best to have each of them spayed or neutered as they arrive here!
Our farm animals are our top priority, and our volunteers must love and respect animals. We get up with the sun every morning and feed all the animals before coming inside to eat our own hearty breakfast. After breakfast, we go back outside to accomplish any special chores scheduled for for that day cleaning out kidding pens, cleaning and filling water tanks, vaccinating, worming, and trimming goats' feet, weeding the garden, etc... We also almost always have bottle baby goats to feed bottles to 3 times a day. There is always things to do. We ask ea... Read more

Carpenter handyman for Glamping project on Kos

Location: Greece

Handyman / Carpenter for obstacle course on Kos, Greece We are a young family operating a new glamping resort on Kos island This was our first season, (opened on the 1st of July ) we are now planning to shut down by the end of October for winter. When we opened, after the lockdown for corona, we were only partly ready and in the next 6 months we plan to set up 5 more tents and communal bathrooms to complete the campsite. We will have our hands full with the tents and landscaping and need / hope to find an extra helping hand with carpentry experience. A handy man who will help us set up our obstacle course. (attached file) This obstacle course, we believe will provide joy and challenges to our young guests. It will complete our vision of activities we offer. We can provide accommodation ... Read more

Help needed with construction, gardening, cleaning and other things in my new house

Location: France, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Landes, Aire-sur-l'Adour

Hello travellers! I have moved to a village which is also an historic monument. It is small, beautiful, but also lively (when there isn't a pandemic!). The house is amazing, but needs some work done. I need people with construction experience to build a wall, make two doorways in walls, plaster (rough plastering only), do electrical work, and other things. If you can do any of this I'd be glad to hear from you. I also need help with gardening, maintenance and decoration. And if someone loves cooking and doesn't mind housework, you are very welcome! So there are a lot of possibilities. At the moment there are two spare bedrooms, and also a bed on the mezzanine floor and a big attic which is ready to be made into rooms, so in the end there will be five bedrooms. All meals are provided. Th... Read more

Guesthouse and Centre for alternative health in a former shopping centre.

Location: Germany, Sachsen-Anhalt, Schraplau

The Glass-House of Spirits is our new project starting from March 2020. What now is the Glass-House, once used to be a shopping centre. We have renovated this building and turned it into a guesthouse, life school and centre for alternative health. This place still stands in its original structure except that we now have guestrooms behind the large display store windows. We used to own and run the Healingcastle Schochwitz and had a lot of volunteers over the 15 years that helped us maintain our first life school and guesthouse. As we had a great experience working with international volunteers, we decided to continue with such a program. Now we welcome you as a volunteer at The Glass-House. Our newly opened guesthouse is situated in the same beautiful wine and region in Saxony-Anhalt. ... Read more


Location: Tanzania, Arusha Region, Monduli

Organization for Generous Neediest Development(OGND) is a Non – profit organization located in Arusha region, Tanzania dedicated to make sure that the communities are being empowered in attaining self-income generating activities and better health support, education and empowerment.

''We envision local communities to be free from poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and ignorance''

To support the local communities in accessing and acquiring of better education, employment opportunities through education support and empowerment
1.To promote and provide entrepreneurship education to the youth who suffered with unemployment problem
2.To facilitate the provision of reproductive health education to both men and women
3.To empower th... Read more


Location: Greece, Panorama

I am a divorced dad of three wonderful children which I adore and they are my life. Other than that and besides my day job which is beeing a project and desing manager at a swimming pools construction company, I am a painter. I have exhibited in 3 group and 5 personal exhibitions so in my house there is also a small part of it that is my studio. You may see me painting there. My favourite time of the day is when I put on some music, a glass of wine and paint. Always working on my next show. In my house music, wine, art, jokes and friendship is a must. My Instagram page is @yanniskokkinospaintings Also I love cooking so most of the times you will also enjoy something of the local Greek/Mediterranean cuisine. The last two years I am writing a book about human relations and mostly between ... Read more