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Nursery school playtime in Kyoto-shi, Japan

Location: Japan, Kyoto, Kyoto

URGENT : VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FROM NOW !! Our Kyoto program focuses on community outreach and funding support for our animal shelter in Tokyo. Our volunteers primarily visit the local kindergarten and nursery and help with community cat projects and/or events. Due to the type of work required, we do not require a specific kind of visa (tourist visa holders can apply). VOLUNTEER WORK: The Volunteer work is split into two main functions : animal and school. The priority is given to animal welfare and schools are the secondary activity. ANIMAL: We are NOT a shelter. We often host a few rescued animals waiting to be adopted or take part in rescue or sterilization support activities. We take care of community cats and we make sure they have food and water and a warm place to stay during w... Read more

Farmhouse renovation

Location: Italy, Toscana, Provincia di Pisa

We have restored and renovated an old farmhouse in Tuscany. The house is finished but there is still a lot of work to be done in the grounds. We would welcome any help from fit people who don't mind working outside.


Location: Turkey, Bilecik, Gölpazarı

Permaculture farm


Location: Kenya, Nairobi County, Nairobi

Kenyan who would like to meet new people from around the world

Seithogei Living School

Location: India, Nagaland, Kohima

Seithogei Living School epitomises and redefines Life and the purpose of Living. It is a School of Learning and Sharing Knowledge. Seithogei Living School provides short term and long term courses and information can be avail through

Teaching english for children in village

Location: Vietnam, Phú Yên, Đông Hòa

I have a small kindergarten and English center. My children are from the countryside and they are very cute.

Eclipse Adventure Centre

Location: Ireland, County Kerry

Hi, my name is Sonny and I am the manager of Eclipse Ireland which is an Outdoor Adventure Centre. We are situated on the Ring of Kerry just 15 minutes from Kenmare, Ireland. We have two positions that are open to conscientious workers: 1. Housekeeping in our Holiday homes - this entails stripping and making beds along with turning over the house for new arrivals. Additionally you may be needed to help prepare food for customers and the activity team. 2. Groundskeeper on our large estate - this entails lawnmowing, strimming and the general upkeep of the estate. In return for the work you do here you will have all your meals provided as well as a place to stay. You will also have access to bicycles, kayaks and all the other activities that we offer in your off-time. We can also ... Read more

Community Development Volunteers

Location: Uganda, Central Region

Throughout the year, Abaana Community Outreach Africa (ACO Africa) hosts different volunteers and teams from all over the world to participate in different activities working with vulnerable children, community development, women and girl’s empowerment and human or children’s rights activities. Our volunteers participate in supporting and caring for the poorest and most vulnerable people especially children and women to meet their practical physical and psychological needs through outreaches 1. Volunteers will help in making a difference in the educational, social, physical and personal development of vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people in the rural communities. Volunteers participate in: Assessment of vulnerable children to be enrolled for support and care progra... Read more

TwitchyNoses Dog Rescue & Eco Build Project

Location: Bulgaria, Stara Zagora, Dabovo

There are many projects that I’d like to do - there is a small covered BBQ area I want to re-roof as leaks and build up the sides to make it an enclosed room with windows and doors (maybe reclaimed from an old house we have), there is a whole barn to re-roof if we are brave enough (I have scaffolding). There is another older house I want to enclose the porch on using reclaimed windows, other barns to mend the roofs on and then a whole plot of around 1500sqm with a falling down barn and house, that I want to slowly take down, re-use some of the more stable walls to make lean-to’s and barns. I want to make a larger vegetable area and build other eco-structures from straw, bottles, wood, mud brick (most of the buildings and walls are mud brick). It would be great to find someone(s) int... Read more

Small country Hotel & Hostel

Location: Sweden, Kalmar län

We are a small country Hotel & Hostel on the beautiful island os Öland in Sweden. we ask for help around the house and our animals; our dog and chickens.