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Full board in exchange for help in simple tasks !

Location: France, Normandie, Calvados, Canapville

We are an old couple who need help in : driving, grocery shopping, cleaning, doing the laundry, cooking, gardening. We love wine and French cheese so you will also enjoy these if you like ! We love cooking, baking, talking about any topic. We have built our own house and we can share stories about it if you wish. We have been living in Canada, Austria, Germany and France so we can give you some tips and advice ! We have a huge garden and a vegetable patch in our greenhouse so if you love or are interested in gardening here is the right place ! (We also have tons of books about gardening !) In exchange for your help you will receive full board (you will share the big room and bathroom with the wife). You can also learn German/ English or French here : we have the tv programs in those ... Read more

Japan Cat Network

Location: Japan, Kyoto, Kyoto

We are involved in Animal welfare projects in the Kansai Area, we also help at the local Kindergarten and we rent a few guest houses.

Looking for House sitters on a small farm

Location: Spain, Extremadura, Badajoz, San Vicente de Alcántara

Looking for people to help on a small farm while I am away working in Madrid. Contact me for more details.


Location: Uganda, Central Region, Wakiso, Kampala

We are a Non- Government Organisation that operates country wide in the areas of Empowering the Youth, motivating & teaching the youth Hands on Training activities so as to Fight UN-employment in Uganda and East Africa at large, we are well Registered and always ready for Operation. We act as Hosts for Volunteers who want to come to Uganda, we do process for them their Volunteer Permits from the Institutional Board and have a number of Placements to handle them in all their desired destination of Volunteering Eg: in Infant schools, death and dump Schools, middle class & Secondary schools, Tertiary and University schools, institutes, sports clubs in departments such as: Field Hockey, Boxing, Yoga, Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Volley ball and Netball, Badminton, Chess &Drought, Football, Rugby, ... Read more

Tropical Tz

Location: Tanzania, Arusha Region, Meru

volunteering with us you will have the opportunity to live with a local family and experience the
traditions, language and culture of the country first hand. We will welcome you into our family with
open arms.
As well as having the choice of volunteering at one of the schools/orphanages that we support, we are
building a community center that we would love you to get involved with. This is a unique addition to
the community to support education and at local people in need of support, that is an exciting and <>fulfilling opportunity.

Farm, vet and stables

Location: United Kingdom, Scotland, Scottish Borders

Hi, my name is Colin. I live and work on the familly farm with my wife, Charlotte and two children aged 4 years and 6 months. Along with family life I head up and run both an equine veterinary practice ( and a 400 acre livestock farm.

My wife and I enjoy travelling and immersing ourselves in other cultures which we have found more rewarding when we have been involved in work or charity projects which allow for a deeper involvement with the local community than just being a tourist. We would like to offer this opportunity to others and we know from hosting students it also enriches our environment.

The Farm :
The farm is predominantly grass based and used to rear sheep and cattle. It’s varied topography from flat fields to very steep sided valleys a... Read more

Explore Leipzig

Location: Germany, Sachsen, Leipzig, Leipzig

We are a realtively Hostel directly suited in the City Center of Leipzig. Not only backpackers but also families stay with us. With us you would have the opportunity to work with a really young team, explore Leipzig with its Monuments and lakes and make friends from all over the world. You would help our team around 15 hours a week with cleaning tasks or/ and entertaining our guests on our "Free Dinner Night". But if you have other ideas that would suit us, no problem! We are always open for new stuff! Since we are a member of the Famous Hostels team, we can also offer you staff exchanges with other hostels all over europe. Breakfast would always be free for you and our kitchen is open to use 24/7.

The Magic and Mystery of Yukon

Location: Canada, Yukon, Yukon, Tagish

Usually my homestay is very popular and I am booked full months in advance, but due to the pandemic, I do have openings in August and after November. My September, October and November appear full if the international guests can get here.

Experience the mountains and wilderness of Yukon and parts of Alaska!! From the Midnight Sun in summer to Northern Lights in winter, learn why we call it: Yukon,the Magic and Mystery.

Help me live a rustic wilderness life away from the digital speed of today. We do wilderness adventures, activities and some roadtrips. No Work Visa required!

Although the house is located in a wilderness residential community with cellular service and WiFi, we can shut off cell phones and laptops at home, we can use oil lamps for light and wood st... Read more

The hostel needs help from volunteers. Hostel N1 in Sofia

Location: Bulgaria, Sofia City Province, Sofia

Hey. My name is Alex, I am the hostel manager Hostel N1 in Sofia, the hostel is located in the center of Sofia and close to most of the city's attractions. We need helpers to receive guests, clean out, entertain guests, hold joint events and so on. We provide a bed, a kitchen, basic food, free trips, Wi-Fi, work is 5 hours a day and 2 days off. We also need helpers for slightly heavier work. Clean the attic. The intention is that it will be a kind of relaxation space for all guests. The attic reminds me of my grandfather, very dusty because there has never been anyone in the past thirty years. So you do not mind being able to roll up your sleeves for that specific assignment, send us a message!

Help renovate 85-year old house

Location: Romania, Județul Cluj, Orașul Huedin, Huedin

Renovating an old house is not a straightforward endeavour and I am in desperate need of HELP! The number of qualified workers is very limited in my country at the moment (given that the majority of them currently work in other European states) and the few ones that are left are both overwhelmed with work orders AND very expensive. I'm resorting to this platform in an attempt (and hope) to find people with constructions experience who would appreciate the opportunity to put their skills at work for bringing back to life an old house, made up of all natural materials (walls made up of wood and a sort of cob material, foundation made up of stone) which has been uninhabited for about 35-40 years. Accomodation could be offered either in a tent placed on the property (if you were to find thi... Read more