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Enjoy nature and find a deeper meaning

Location: Germany, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Glewitz

This is a beautiful place nearby the baltic sea in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. In between 20 hectars of park and wood the almost 800 year old castle provides around 30 beds for guests, groups, schoolclasses and families.

In addition we offer a little Café on sundays. Sometimes we offer seminars in healthy living and other themes. We started in 2014 and in the Garden we experiment with ecological agriculture for self-sufficiency. We use permaculture and there is Space to experiment with agriculture and art projects. At the moment we as a family - Jan (*1974), Anna (*1980), Isalie (*2008) and Joshua (*2011) - and at the time two friends run this project with all our heart.

We are looking for helpers as solo, couple or group up to four. You are wellcome to join us un... Read more


Location: Kenya, Homa Bay County, Sena Centre

Hello world there im kenjovesto ongata ,i was brought up In Takawiri village in Mfangano island I m really interested in starting up a feeding program in Takawiri island i have great plans of doing this because of how the children face different challenges in the island already i have already got[ 17] children to start with that program and i still lack funds to run the program successfully , thus we are looking for kind hearted individuals who can help us join us together to help this young ones by preparing food for them and playing with them On the other hand i do organic farming next to the shores of famous fresh water lake victoria .
I have two (2)farms one next to my house and one next to the lake shore just opposite Takawiri Beach Resort.
I am doing organic farming to... Read more


Location: Ireland, County Dublin

We have a micro fuel distribution business and we are working on the renovation of our house and sheds. Demand is extremely variable so the renovation work is undertaken in the intervals when it is particularly quiet.
You need a full clean driving licence, class B, and a good level of English. You need to be able bodied and hardworking. Our ideal helper would have some building or mechanical skills.

Help our community create a co-living project!

Location: Poland, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poznań, Poznań

We live close to the woods in the outskirts of Berlin, there is a garden and some field we use to work. We have our own community and we help each other. We offer to the volunteers the experience to participate and get involved in our projects. Here you will find an international community with open-minded people, we enjoy carrying on our projects together, creativity, warm meetings, music, delicious food and beautiful evenings talking about interesting topics by the fire. We offer free accommodation and meals, and also access to activities we do (lessons, debates, games, etc...) Language exchange is always welcome, as we are international people we have different languages to offer, tell us, what are you learning? We share our life path and knowledge, we have been in many different ... Read more

Come explore Stirling

Location: United Kingdom, Scotland, Stirling

Im a single mum with two kids, 9 and 11. I’m looking for someone who will help me take care of our 4 dogs as well as occasionallty babysit the kids. In addition, the workawayer should be willing to help with some gardening jobs, such as cutting the grass and watering the plants (in the summer only). I’m looking for someone who has experience with large dog breeds as three of my dogs are large. They are quite boisterous and can be a bit overwhelming for someone who isn't used to large dogs. They are not aggressive, just strong, yet they are very affectionate and want to be petted all the time. As I am working full time, I need someone to walk the dogs, help cleaning the garden after them, and feed them as well. The dogs are only staying in the kitchen, so I also expect help with ma... Read more

Mamorwa : sacred Arhuaco land

Location: Colombia, La Guajira, El Molino

Mamorwa is an educational project to learn to live in harmony with the laws of life, initiated by elders of the Arhuaco people. “Mamorwa” in ikʉ can be translated as "the thoughts of Mother" or "the Mother of all thoughts". For the Mamos of Mamorwa, humans and Mother Earth heal when they reunite. Mamorwa is an invitation to encounter Mother Earth, and align to her thoughts. Mamorwa represents the balance and respect of Nature’s laws, of Kunsamʉ. Mamorwa is the choice to follow a gentle mountain path, to be at one with its pure rivers, with the thousand year old trees which have chosen to call it home and the great monkeys who roam in their midst, and offer their song to the piercing echo of dawn. It is an opportunity to find our true Humanity once again, by renewing a deep a... Read more

Wecome to Desina

Location: Serbia, Braničevo District, Desine

Our family lives in the village of Desine on the "Itinerarium Romanum Serbiae" (part of the Route of the Roman Emperors). My name is Miloš (born in 1971) and I am a priest from this village, I also work as a teacher and farmer, my wife's name is Dragana (1973), we have five children. The eldest son (1998) is at home and works in the neighborhood in agriculture, the second son Milan (2000) is studying theology in Belgrade, the third son Stefan (2002) graduated from agricultural school. He is also at home helping out on our ranch and in the neighborhood, working as an excavator. The two youngest daughters go to school. Marija (2004) goes to high school in Veliki Gradište, and Jana (2008) to elementary school in Srednjevo. Grandma Vera (1945) lives on the second floor of the house and mo... Read more

Remote, eco-friendly, off-grid cave house in Andalusia, Spain

Location: Spain, Andalucía, Granada, Venta Micena

Hello Amazing people out-there, Looking between 15 April till 15 June and between 15 August tot 15 November. Or convince us to host you . Hosting from 2 weeks . But ideal looking for long term., longer than two months . In that case , feel free to contact us outside those periods. In that case paid position could be available after that period . DISCONNECT TO RECONNECT: UNPLUG FOR INCREASED HAPPINESS We love , energetic , ADHD , and LGBTIQ+ people . Watch out !!!! This is a remote place. Except of internet and a shepherd , complete off grid and lonely, but a comfy stay . This place isn't a cheap holiday destination. What you see know has cost us (me, my friends, children and workawayers) a very big amount of enthousiasme, time, positive energy, physical energy, injuries, money, ... Read more

Reception & Housekeeping Needed for Summer Pop Up Accommodation

Location: United Kingdom, Scotland, Edinburgh

We're a student accommodation in Edinburgh and we're looking for volunteers to help us with everyday reception tasks like check-in/check-out, communicating with guests, and selling tours. We are looking for applicants who have the right to work in the UK or Ireland.

Gardners Bay

Location: Australia, Tasmania, Huon Valley Council, Gardners Bay

Hello! We are a family living in a beautiful part of Tasmania and we would love to share it with you! There are many natural beauties to discover in the area including the vibrant township of Cygnet. We live in a old farm house surrounded by gardens - and we would like some general help with it. Nothing too strenuous!