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Location: Vietnam, Hà Nội, Đống Đa

Warm greetings to everyone! We are from ITALK CEC based in Hanoi, Vietnam. We are looking for English teacher volunteers for our charity English program. Here are the details of our program: 1. The mission of the program The program has been operated since 2015 and is run all year round. It was founded by an American veteran. He participated in Vietnam war in the past (1969-1975), of course, on the side of the American army. After the war, like other American soldiers, he came back to the USA. When he retired, he decided to come back to Vietnam with the will to do something good for Vietnam in the hope of making it up to the past, and the charity English program was founded. That was the first mission of the program. He ran the program for a few years and now he is expanding it in anoth... Read more

Large Small holding with rental cottages

Location: France, Pays de la Loire, Mayenne, Hambers

Hi We are a English family trying to live the good life on a large smallholding.
With sheep,dairy goats, poultry and a horse. The property consists of 2.2 hectors. Two rental holiday cottages, a barn in need of restoration. A large polly tunnel and other outbuildings. As well as a large 400 year old house that we are now restoring we also have a gypsy caravan. An eco project our son and helpers built that we also use as a holiday let.
We live on the edge of a national park and have wonderful countryside, stunning sites and history all around us.
Allot more information about us and what we are doing can be seen on our face book page


Location: Vietnam, Thanh Hoá, Thành phố Thanh Hoá

My center opens on 5th August 2018. I strongly believe that studying English at the early ages would make children improve their English. This result in my students have not had chances to study, to talk, to practice speaking skill with foreigners although they are really good at grammar. I thought that being born and living in the suburb is really a disadvantage for rural children in comparison to those living in the city. That is why I have decided to create an international community for foreigners in my area by applying to be a host in Workaway. So, coming to my center to help my lovely students to overcome their fear of learning English, so they will achieve their dream of communicating with foreigners fluently and getting a good job in an English speaking environment.
Moreover,... Read more

Come to sunny Morocco

Location: Denmark, Hadsten

Hello travellers, my name is hisham, I am moroco and I live in an ancient atmospheric house in the old medina of Marrakech, not more then 10 minutes from the phenomenal place Jema el Fna. I call the house house hisham. With My sister who lives in big house project. so we decided to combine skills and become successful together:-) And we count on you, dear fellow travellers, that you will get enthusiastic for our cross-cultural project and come to live and help us with your experiences and new ideas.

Camel safari

Location: India, Rajasthan

My name is Yogi, I am from Rajasthan, North of India. I offer a short- or long-term stay opportunity for volunteers at my properties in the beautiful city of Bikaner state of Rajasthan, and or at our camel safari camp in the Thar Desert Bikaner near jaisalmer. Both places are fully run by locals, besides that, we have also started our own travel agency not long ago, we are currently offering tours, tailor made packages, trips, guides / personal tours, I travel with guests as travel budy too and advice for people curious to discover the real India according to their budget.Beside this places we also manage an organization which is working in local villages where we contribute to youth education and basic health and hygiene. We are also supporting other causes including education, persona... Read more

German Family in the center of Galicia

Location: Spain, Galicia, Lugo, Axulfe

We are living in the wonderfull "Heart of Galicia" - the center of the autonomic province of Galicia a province in the north-west of spain, ca. 120 km from the Atlantic ocean in the west and 120 km from the Biskaya (Mar Cantabrico) in the north away. To Portugal is almost about 100 km. To reach us there is in Chantada (10 km) a busstation, in Ourense (ca 40 km) a railwaystation and last not least in Vigo (110 km) and Santiago de Compostela (120 km) are airports. Additional Busstations are in Lalin (50 km), Cea (35 km) and Cambeo (20 km), additional railwaystations are in Santiago de Compostela (120 km) and Lugo (80 km). Taxi here in Spain is not very expensiv for ex. from Chantada to us (10 km) is about 10 Euros. But dont worry from the cities above Chantada, Lalin, Cea, Cambeo, Ourens... Read more

Planet Costa Rica Vegan Organic Farmstay / Animal Rescue and Rehab

Location: Costa Rica, Provincia de Cartago

The property (roughly 3.5 hectares) is covered with many tropical fruit trees, including water apple, mandarin orange, banana (many varieties), guayaba, guanabana, cas, ciamito, lime, coffee and araza. We also put in plant beds with peppers, cilantro, cabbage, tomato, onion, squash, etc. We are 100% organic.

We lead a vegan lifestyle, and those that stay on the farm eat plant-based (no animal products whatsoever). You don't have to be vegan (except when you are on the farm :))

Location: The farm is located in the Talamanca mountain range, roughly half way between the capitol, San Jose, and the Caribbean coast, directly south of the city of Turrialba. From the farm you can see the very active Turrialba volcano! We are on a major bus route with easy access to major bus hubs... Read more

Experience the great outdoors around Kamloops, British Columbia

Location: Canada, British Columbia, Thompson-Nicola, Kamloops

I believe that experiencing the outdoors can be transformative. When you are exposed to the beauty of nature, you begin to love it, then to cherish it. It is then that you begin to want to protect it. I believe that people who love the outdoors are our greatest environmental asset.

My project is bringing as many people with me outside as I can, so we can all get the most out of life as possible. I founded a hiking club to provide new Canadians and visitors to BC the opportunity to experience the outdoors in a safe, supportive environment.

Find out more here:

Volunteering is a big part of my life, from working with organizations that help the disabled, to food security, to helping new Canadians get adjusted. My Golden... Read more

Livskraft (Lifeforce) Retreat Center - Meditation, Energy Work & Tibetan Buddhism (under construction)

Location: Denmark, Ruds-Vedby

Me an my wife have bought an old country school from 1910. It is a beautiful white house with its own gymnastic hall which will be the heart of the center when it is in use for meditation and so on. My energy work is inspired from Michael Barnett and late I have begun working with tibetan mantras, too.

We are also starting up a bran new treatment where we work with electricity running through the person treating and into the person receiving the treatment. We use herbs in oils when we do this and it really is a strong and potent treatment and an amazing thing to experience. It is originated from chinese medicine.

We have two fine, lovely and energetic children - a daughter, Cæcilie, of 5 and a son, Frederik, of 1 years old.

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Help needed to renovate an old house in rural Portugal in exchange for free accommodation and meals

Location: Portugal, Castelo Branco

A semi-retirement/lifestyle change led to our move to Portugal. We have a large old house which we are renovating on a very small budget. It has a small garden with the house, and a further two parcels of land near the house with olive and fruit trees. When we bought the house three and a half years ago it had not been lived in for more than 10 years, and water had been flowing through the house and land. We have stopped the water and cleared the house and the garden and land are no longer a jungle of brambles, but we are only two and so would really like some help to restore this lovely old house to its former glory. We are located in a very beautiful part of Portugal, 19km from Pedrógoã Grande and 30km from Gois, not far from the river Zêzere.