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Location: Ireland, County Galway

I'm looking for an aupair

Digital Detox in the Wilderness

Location: Canada, Yukon, Yukon, Tagish

Come and help me learn Japanese Shinrin-Yoku. Learn how to manage stress, focus on life and detox yourself of modern life. Shinrin-Yoku is simply being in nature, connecting with it through our senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. The name literally mean forest bathing, immersing yourself in the sounds and sights of nature. This forest bathing helps create the environment we need to unwind and slow down. Enter into a deeper relationship with the natural world. What we feel instinctively is scientifically proven. This kind of time in nature is therapeutic. Beyond a reduction in blood pressure and heart rate, trees emit phytoncides, antimicrobial volatile organic compounds that protect them from bacteria, insects and fungi. This immune system in the forest interacts with our... Read more


Location: Italy, Sicilia, Provincia di Enna, Nicosia

This year we're organizing the frist edition of our city's buskers fest. Three days of shows, music, gigs and fun in Sicily, Italy's most beautiful island. Come here and bevome part of this amazing event : help us in exchange of accomodation and enjoy the fest for free! Explore our amazing land, a place where in less than an hour you can go from a carribean the sea to an acrive volcano, to the mountains and wild lands to the biggest touristic cities of the area, with all facilites of the a big city. Become a part of our creative family : art, fun and muisc!

Permaculture Perak at Ladang Teh, deep, deep in the jungle

Location: Malaysia, Perak

We are a non-profit research, education and self-development center which is located at the former tea plantation deep in jungle about 500m above the sea level. We are a living experiment striking for 100% sustainability.

We make it our priority that you will be continuously learning as you go along sharing our knowledge and experience, gaining a closer proximity with wilderness and nature and from one another.

Please be ready to be surrounded by forest and solitude. No civilization. We live as a community and family off the land and work to feed ourselves.

Not suitable for a vegans.

September 6 - 14 & September 27 - October 5 - Art Course in SW France - hospitality help...

Location: France, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Lot-et-Garonne, Sainte-Colombe-de-Villeneuve

We have a fabulous enclave of two letting houses as well as my own converted barn. Tucked away behind electric gates, this is a beautiful secluded property, popular with holiday makers (aimed at families) and guest joining us for our Art & Pilates/Yoga weeks. The property is set in 6.5 arcres, we have beautiful grounds, idyllically set in the rolling Lot & Garonne countryside.
We have a 5 bedroom & a two bedroom gite which share a large heated pool. The gites are let during peak season as holiday lets specifically aimed at families with young children.
We have been running the gites for around 15 years, but 3 years ago extended our offer to include week long Art & Yoga/Pilates courses. 2018 was really great - we started off with a few attendees at the beginning of the year and end... Read more

Help/ Support to educate our children for their better future

Location: Tanzania, Dar es Salam, Temeke, Dar es Salaam

Our community is situated in South Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Our main goals is to motivate and educate children from low income families to have equal opportunities of getting better education for their future lives

Dar es salaam is the biggest city in Tanzania with the population about 5.5million people . Children and youth are approximately 50% of the population

In most local families there are many children and youth who have no motivation to go to school even their parents have no motivation to take them to school, therefore you will see many children and youth in the street loosing opportunity of get education

One of the main tool is to give them another perspective from volunteers who will help to bring motivation in education to our communty and boost up the ... Read more

Dive into the Ghanaian Culture while volunteering for impact.

Location: Ghana, Volta Region, Krachi

Dew Africa Foundation is an organization committed to social change and development through Education, Health, and social intervention programs. Our main aim is to provide worthwhile and meaningful volunteer opportunities in Ghana. Our programs include both short-term (two weeks) and long-term (up to six months) placements in rural Ghana. Our programs are open throughout the year.
We offer meaningful programs in orphanages, healthcare, HIV/AIDS, eco-tourism, teaching in schools, women empowerment, street children, medicine, journalism, disability, and many more.
Come join our meaningful Internship, Adventure Travel, and Volunteer programs and change the way you see the world!
Looking for a unique opportunity to combine your passion for traveling with the chance to support m... Read more

Glocal Nagoya Backpackers Hostel

Location: Japan, Aichi, Toyota

Hello world! We are a fairly new hostel (opened in 2015) in Nagoya, a city in the centre of Japan. Our hostel is on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors and a cafe/bar/restaurant is on the 1st floor. The location is just a 7 minutes walk from Nagoya station. We need helpers working to change bed sheets, pillows and covers and clean the hostel. In exchange, helpers can stay on the 5th floor, a separate area from guests. They will share a room with other helpers (we have separate rooms for male and female). We have three beds in the female room and three beds in the male room. The work is 5 days a week (10:00 am to 2:00 pm), including weekends. After the helper has finished cleaning, a staff meal is provided at the café, with a drink. Our minimum stay is one month, and we can't guarantee co... Read more

Double Rainbow Organic Farm and Retreat

Location: Nepal, Central Development Region, Bagmati, Panauti

Hello everyone!!!!
My name is Shree Krishna Shrestha, I live here at an organic farm with Ganesh, my 96-year-old father who passed away in the most peaceful and bexxautiful way. Sarita, my wife of 48 years and Prakrity (Nature), my 16 year-old daughter.
We started this farm in 1991 with the dream of being organic and self-sustainable. We have long since achieved that dream and now spread our knowledge and love to people all over the world! I have also been a trekking guide for over 25 years and continue to take trekkers to touristic and non-touristic locations (my favorite!). Plus now we have sweat lodge.Everyday, I dedicate myself to practicing yoga, barefoot jungle jogging and/or sacred Chandi chanting every morning and evening, while I am not helping train voluntee... Read more

Volunteer English teacher

Location: Vietnam, Hà Nội, Cầu Giấy

Volunteers and students all live in the same homestay, allowing students to interact with English speakers throughout the day. Students learn a lot outside of the classroom through normal, everyday conversations. These students are very eager to learn English, but also eager to learn about you. Sharing your background, interests, and experiences helps students learn about other cultures and the world around them.
In exchange for teaching, you will be able to discover Vietnam in a truly unique way. You will get free home-cooked meals or will be taken out to local restaurants. Classes are held on weekdays, so you have whole weekends to discover Vietnam. Students are more than happy to show you around the city and share all the amazing things in Hanoi. You may also get to take trips wit... Read more