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Come and help on our semi-rural casa.

Location: Spain, Región de Murcia, Murcia, Mula

We have lived here for 5 years now and have had 2 hippo helps, which went very well indeed. We just need general help around the place, gardening painting, some building work may be available depending the dates. We have 3 dogs who love people, all three we have rescued since we arrived here. Subject to licence checks we may have a car that you can use to see more of the area, there are also two electric bikes available.

Help our community create a co-living project!

Location: Poland, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poznań County, Poznań

We are a group of family and friends who started together an adventure to create a small local co-living project.
We look after animals in need, we have a big organic garden and we contribute to the local community through charity work and teaching languages.
We have a healthy lifestyle, we practice sport and eat vegetarian. In addition we organize regular lessons and conferences where anyone is welcome to join.

Among other actions, we do humanitarian, social and environmental actions to help whoever is in need.

We look after rescued animals, at the present time our little family is:
6 dogs
4 cats
80 birds
8 chickens
20 fish (aprox)

Our ideas agree with the philosophy of the sex-positive feminism, of course, there is a total respect on the choic... Read more


Location: Tunisia, Sfax, Jebeniana, La Louza

i hope to pratice german with native speaker

Community Arts Team Member

Location: Portugal, Lisboa, Lisboa

CHOCA House is an apartment for art lovers of all levels. CHOCA = Chill Out Community Arts. CHOCA association is a small team of art coordinators where we have art sessions in the main room of a residential apartment. Ideally art sessions have about 4 / 5 participants.

CHOCA also work in schools, libraries etc in Caldas da Rainha.

Art activities include drawing, music and creative writing.

Currently CHOCA isn't very active and needs help with admin - especially social media and to work as a team member to help run more activities

Stay & Support Our Coop Neighborhood in Bend with Garden Projects!

Location: United States, Oregon, Deschutes County, Bend

Welcome to the J-Court Coop! We have 10 acres just north of Bend, Oregon with easy access to the Cascade mountains, Sisters, Redmond airport, and all the amazing recreation that Central Oregon has to offer.

Family Tradition

Location: Montenegro, Opština Danilovgrad, Lalevići

My father Zeljko and my mother Rajka are happy to be your hosts in the village Lalevici, near the small picturesque town – Danilovgrad. They are both economists, an ex entrepreneurs who were engaged in furniture industry for 35 years and are now ready to retire. They have three children and a grandchildren who live in Podgorica - the capital of Montenegro. Zeljko and Rajka want to contunue living an active and dynamic everyday life through the valorization of the place of origin. During his working life, Zeljko has visited numerous European and Middle East countries, familiarized with various cultures and ethnicities and made a lot of friendships abroad. He speaks English, Italian and Russian and Rajka speaks English. Rajka is passionate about healthy nutrition, domestic cousine ... Read more

Hiking Camp with Tour

Location: Jordan, Aqaba Governorate, Quairah District, Wadi Rum Village

Hello! My Name is Enad, I live in Wadi Rum Village. Here you are most welcome to stay. I have my own house where is a separate room for you. I have a camp in the desert where I offer hiking tours for tourist. You can help with tourist, internet, booking, in the camp. Here is a nice spring to visit, horses and camels to ride. Sleep under the stars, meet the locals, eat delicious traditional.

Fridayhappiness Associação - International Community, Farm, Eco-Village and Self-Sustainable Permaculture Project

Location: Portugal, Faro, Odiáxere

We are a cultural and arts community that is working towards being self-sustained. The community is situated in the mountains of Monchique, Portugal surrounded by nature. Our community provides an alternative way of living with permaculture gardens, farm animals, sustainability projects, and arts and cultural workshops. It is a great place to come to meet other like-minded people if you are passionate about sustainability and alternative living. We hold community meetings throughout the week alongside activities and workshops, such as quiz nights, dance nights and yoga classes. If you have something you are passionate about and want to share with others, we would love for you to run a workshop. One of the best things here is the variety of tasks you can do as a volunteer, which gives y... Read more

volenteer with rescue animals

Location: Spain, Andalucía, Almería, El Gor

Hi we are a family run kennels looking after rescue dogs from charities before they find their forever families. we also look after clients dogs when they are away most of these dogs have been rescue dogs also so need special care

We would love to welcome you to our beautiful farm!

Location: South Africa, Free State, Northern Free State, Heilbron

We are a family of four living on our farm. Me (Wilna) turning 60 but the spirit of a 30-year-old, my husband (Wouter) is 68 and is patient and kind. We both still enjoy working hard on our farm. Our son and his wife live on the same property (Fritz and Nicolene). Nicolene works in the town nearby and Fritz mostly runs the day to day operations on the farm. Staying with us travellers will experience what farm life is like in South Africa, you will get some first-hand experience dealing with all kinds of animals. Wilna (an ex-teacher) will also be glad to teach you some Afrikaans, or South African history. We live on a beautiful farm outside a small town called Heilbron, in the Freestate. Where an extra pair of hands is always welcome. On our farm, we love to garden (including our veggi... Read more