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Live and learn about Earthships, off grid living, gardening.

Location: United States, Colorado, Chaffee County, Hartsel

Done for the 2020 season, start again June 1st, 2021. Help finish an Earthship, near Futurity Colorado. Which is near Buena Vista, Colorado. USA. Tile a Mosaic Earth and Moon, digging a septic tank, food forest, permaculture, laying flagstone, tile, Pavers, aquaponics, food forest, cleaning, organizing, building a BBQ, water filtration system. Working on a permaculture forest, planting non GMO`s food, a chicken coop(earthship cordwood design. Solar oven, propane grill, refrigerator and gas stove on site. Food will be provided. We do community kitchen everyone help with cooking and cleaning. Sleep in the house on futon bed, multiple couches or sleep in a hammock or tent camp during your visit. Materials to bring: Gloves, sunglasses, sun hat. Amenities to bring: great attitude sleeping b... Read more

Up The Creek Backpacker's Lodge

Location: Canada, British Columbia, Sunshine Coast Regional District, Roberts Creek

We are a small backpacker with a 7 bed dorm, and 3 private rooms, shared kitchen, bathrooms, sundeck, hammocks, barbecue, lounge, and wood stove for the winter!

home grown sunflower

Location: Zambia, Southern Province, Livingstone, Livingstone

hello travelers we are a family of two my mother and i Jabez and Cecilia Kasongo we are into gardening and we would like your help with the plants also to share knowledge about agriculture as it will be a critical area of focus in this pandemic to avoid hunger. we live in Zambia-Livingstone the capital tourist city of Zambia boasting of having the Victoria falls one of the eight wonders in the world, travelers find an awesome adventure visiting the falls. we welcome you all to our humble home.

Come and help us in our beautiful gardens and with our rescue animals!

Location: France, Normandie, Orne, Vimoutiers

We have 3 acres of gardens, we grow almost everything ourselves so we need your help! We also have rescue chickens, turkeys, ducks & cats who need daily care & love. We have various old Normandy buildings that we are slowly renovating. My mother is 92 a lovely lady in good health, I use alternative & natural therapies, you can help if you are interested. Volunteers love to spend time with her playing scrabble! We love sharing our lives!

Host on Maui

Location: United States, Hawaii, Honolulu County, Honolulu

I could use help at home. Cleaning. Cooking. Also some business admin. Various daily tasks.

Livskraft (Lifeforce) Retreat Center - DDS Bioelectric Body Treatment, Meditation, Energy Work & Tibetan Buddhism (under construction)

Location: Denmark, Ruds-Vedby

Me and my wife have bought an old country school from 1910. It is a beautiful white house with its own gymnastic hall which will be the heart of the center when it is in use for meditation and so on.

We are also working dedicated to introduce a bran new treatment series (DDS) from China. One of the products is a bioelectric treatment which is combined with herbs in different lotions and oils. A very potent treatment where electricity is running through the treater and into the client! All in all an amazing thing to experience.

For inner work we have gladly taken Tibetan Buddhism into our lives - with fire ceremonies, body work and mantras! Furthermore we have for years been on seminars with the spiritual master Michael Barnett whom is a great inspirator of our lives. Read more

Eden in Season's Garden of Eating

Location: Canada, Ontario, Grey County, Meaford

Existing farm activities continue as we devote additional resources for the house build this year!

The farm was established in 2014. It is 2/3rds forested, and 1/3rd fields.

Learn how permaculture (ecological design) is being incorporated into our farm and house build:

* growing our forest garden (2ac or 0.8ha)

* cultivating shiitake and oyster mushrooms, plant and graft trees (April-May)

* picking berries (July)

* harvesting apples (October)

* all-year: helping at my friend's unique robot mushroom farm, and weeding!

* optimizing our energy, water, and fertility systems
* harvest and table at occasional farmers' markets
* participate in workshops and community projects

I have a permaculture design certificate and specialize... Read more

The Grain Mill

Location: South Africa, Western Cape, South Cape DC

We (Mother and Kids) are a small family project, located in the town of Knysna. Our main source of income is the artisan manufacture of wholesome, organic grain products. In 2014 we decided to leave our home country (Germany) and migrate to South Africa with nothing but an Austrian Mill and a pasta machine. By now we slowly start to be a part of our new home. Living here gives you more freedom, but also greater responsibilities. We never get bored, every day brings new exciting projects, but also new challenges, whether it´s fixing the loo or milking the goats (for the first time). Although we learned to do a lot of things, there are often times where we need some help. We are all multitaskers, in other words, `we do everything`. If don't get tired of work and "adventure", this is the ... Read more

volunteers for Glamping project on Kos

Location: Greece

We are a Australian / Greek family run small camping site ( glamping) on Kos island , Greece . We opened for the first time in July this year and had a very positive experience working with volunteers We are now starting to prepare for the next season ( May to October 2021) and would like to host volunteers again. We have availability over two periods. Pre-opening ( January to April ) During this period the work is for handyperson / gardening / general all rounder During mid March to end of April, is when we will re set up the tents which are now in storage. During this period we will need extra helping hands From May until the end of summer, when we open to guests, the work focus changes towards customer service, hospitality , kitchen help etc We offer accommodation and meals for 25 ho... Read more


Location: Bangladesh, Chittagong Division, Comilla District, Comilla

Hey there, i don’t need you to do much of work, i Just want to interact with travellers around the world and get to know about different cultures.