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Social workers needed at Maragua sub county hospital

Location: Kenya, Nyandarua County

Opportunity Date: On going Contact: Website: Email: Location The volunteering opportunity will be taking place at Maragua level 4 hospital

Surf, urban permaculture & elderly companion

Location: Australia, Western Australia, City of Mandurah, Falcon

If you would like to enjoy a warm summer between the beach and the RAMSAY (environmentally) listed Peel estuary with modern comfort for very little work exchange this might be for you. Spend the mornings before the sea breeze exploring the aqua blue bays and coastal reef areas. Surfing, swimming, snorkelling and fishing are popular here.

Falcon is a suburb of Mandurah situated 80 kms from Perth. Our urban permaculture home is less than 1 km to the beach. The Peel region offers great nature areas short drives away including the Lane Pool reserve in the Dwellingup Forest. (Treetop adventures, Zip lining, river tranquility etc). We are about 2 1/2 - 3 hours drive from Margaret River.

Help us with childcare and learn Italian in Sicily

Location: Italy, Sicilia, Libero consorzio comunale di Ragusa

Hello! We are a family of three living in a village close to Ragusa: I am a 40 years old primary school teacher and teacher of Italian as a second language, my husband and our 8 years old boy who is the main reason why we are here.
Our son is a very energetic boy so, basically, he likes to do many different activities such as playing with Lego bricks (he builds his own world with Lego's), art crafts', board games, he's a good reader but he also enjoys listening to someone who reads for him (Pete the Cat books are his favourites right now!), just like outdoor activities (when the weather is nice) like swimming, playing football and riding his bike. He's very curious and eager to find out the misteries of the world (dinosaurs, minerals and volcanoes and so on!). He can't play any inst... Read more


Location: Portugal, Aveiro, Oliveirinha

Kiwiland "Cidade Silvestre" is a kiwifruit plantation pioneer project, inserted around a family-owned typical portuguese old farmhouse, with old histories and artifacts. Present-day family main jobs belongs to Arquitechture /National Health Service and this project was assumed as a new agricultural challenge. Nearly 3 ha / 4 km of plant-lines and quite near Aveiro city (5 Km south, direction Aveiro-Coimbra highway). With nearly ten years of existence, is a pioneer project in this region and one of the biggest. Every year, in the beginning of November, takes place the "kiwindima" (kiwifruit harvest), a real full-weekend of activity, typical gastronomy and true companionship, space for new friendship/cultural exchange, involving more than 60 men and women, between doctors, farmers, lawyer... Read more

Volunteer Assistance on private Caribbean Island of Belize needed

Location: Belize

We are two girls in need of someone in good physical condition who feels confident living with us and Piggy, a free living, dominant non castrated pig, on a 4 acres small, private, remote island in simple environment. Frugal dealing with resources is required as electricity comes from solar system and drinking and using water from rain water harvest.

Currently we try to prepare the island for the upcoming north fronts and the next season.
This is a project where we could need some "man power". We want to build a seawall out of heavy logs to prevent the erosion of the island caused by north fronts and too high tides at this time of the year.

In your spare time you could watch the stars, sunsets, dolphins and rays, explore the island, go snorkeling or fishing around the i... Read more

Ambelikos Traditional Agrohotel

Location: Cyprus, Limassol, Potamitissa

This is a unique traditional Cypriot hotel located in the eastern mountain range of Troodos. Our hotel offers traditional cuisine and local wines. It is tucked away from the busy tourist areas. Our hotel is the ideal base from which one can visit the mountains and surrounding villages to experience the rural side of Cyprus. Proudly offers offbeat tracks and is a heaven of peace and tranquility.Our guests can visit local wineries, historical churches and monasteries. They can explore the beautiful nature trails. They can just simply switch off and reconnect with nature. The hotel is in close proximity to beautiful Troodos Mountains and picturesque villages i.e. Agros, Omodos, and Kakopetria. We can surely say there is something for everyone.


Location: Puerto Rico, Añasco, Anasco

Our mother/daughter owned business is a HOSTEL which is listed for one-night or more stays by guests. Eventually, a Restaurant and Bar is planned. This is a family-owned business, a mother-daughter adventure!
The weather is beautiful, and the culture is interesting.

We are currently renovating the lower level to open a restaurant/ bar with live music, as well as still making touch-ups and repairs to the hostel, which is OPEN. We want the Hostel to be a happy and enjoyable experience for all our guests, as it has been for us, and YOU!
Recently we bought this old historic building and we have been renovating it, so we would be needing anyone with skills in reconstruction, working with concrete, woodwork, iron, painting and anything else related to renovating an old building... Read more

Help needed with construction and other things in my new house

Location: France, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Landes, Aire-sur-l'Adour

Hello travellers! I have moved to a village which is also an historic monument. It is small, beautiful, but also lively. The house is amazing. The man who was working here had to leave suddenly, and I need someone with construction experience to finish what he was doing: building some walls with doors, making a shower room downstairs, and plastering (rough plastering only). If there's anyone who can do these things I'd be glad to hear from you. Also anyone who can do plumbing and electrical stuff. And I also need help with gardening, maintenance and decoration. And if someone loves cooking and doesn't mind housework, you are very welcome now!

So there are a lot of possibilities. At the moment there are two spare bedrooms, and also a bed on the mezzanine floor and a big attic whic... Read more

Stay in a communal living home and experience life in Las Vegas and beyond with travelers and locals

Location: United States, Nevada, Clark County, Las Vegas

Hello fellow adventurer!

We are a group of friends that do life community style, in the amazing city of LAS VEGAS. We live in a house near the Strip, where we host travelers from all over the world.
We strive to make true meaningful connections with people from all over the world. Our vision is to encourage people to make genuine connections, that last a lifetime. During your stay, you get a taste of the crazy (sitcom-like) lifestyle we live here, make a shit ton of new friends, explore Vegas in the best possible way, and go on epic adventures beyond the city.

As you can imagine, hosting that many people is a lot of work. We could use a couple of hands from like-minded people that fit into our lifestyle, in return for an extended stay (several weeks) and all the experie... Read more

Helping with my son Paolo, 6 years old boy and with light houseworks

Location: Italy, Toscana, Provincia di Massa e Carrara

We are a fun-loving and cheerful family of three: Sara, Umberto and the little six years old Paolo. We live in Massa, a beautiful city on the Tuscany coast and our house is 1,5 kilometers far from the beach. We like good food, good wine and the company of friends. Mom works as a local police with the following shifts: three days in the morning (from 7.30 to 1.30) and 3 days in the afternoon (from 2 to 8) and she loves the pool and seaside. Dad works in Florence at a telephone company (from 8 to 6) and loves everything that is electronic. Massa is a 60000 inhabitants city on a gold sandy beach surrounded by the blue sea and the white marble mountains.