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Experience the charm of the desert and staying with my family and helping in Tagounite, Morocco

Location: Morocco, Souss-Massa-Draâ, Province de Ouarzazate

Hello everybody!, My name is abdo . I was a nomad with my parents and siblings moving from pasture to pasture in the vast desert, until we settled in the village of tagounite. The knowledge of the Saharawi has been passed down to me. Attached to this harsh and alluring land, I would love to make your journey a haunting and magic experience. Should you come to Zagora or tagounite and plan to enter the Sahara I live in Tagounite, and my brother and I are rebuilding my family home and converting it to a rural rhiad where people can experience desert life

Play with goats

Location: United States, Minnesota, Renville County, Franklin

Small hobby farm in SW Minnesota

Help Needed at Organic Farm in Northern Spain

Location: Spain, Principado de Asturias, Asturias

Hello, we are not far from the sea or the city centre of Avilés, well connected and beautiful house. Drugs and alcohol free.

PermaTree Tropical Organic Fruit Farm

Location: Ecuador, Provincia de Zamora Chinchipe, Yantzaza

Volunteer at tropical permaculture fruit farm & jungle bamboo reserve at the edge of the Amazonas region, Ecuador.

COMMONSHORE a smallholding enterprise

Location: Ireland, County Sligo, Sligo

Hello, we are a small farm in the northwest of ireland. We speak ENGLISH, GERMAN, POLISH, TURKISH, MANDARIN, CANTONESE, and MALAY. We are 20min. away by car from the next bigger city (SLIGO). We keep chickens, turkeys and also breed pigs and fattening cattle. We grow some vegetables and fruit in 2 big pollytunnels and outside. We eat our own meat and try to live of the land as good as possible. We offer a room, bathroom and a farm-kitchen where we all cook & eat together. If you like cooking, animals, gardening, horses (we have only one but she is lovely), cows and dogs (we have 3 dogs and 5 cats) and also enjoy inspiring conversations with a group of people with a very versatile background you'r the right one for us. If you have any questions, you're welcome to send us your applicati... Read more

Shelter Hostel

Location: Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam, Amsterdam

Are you looking for ways to save money and work in exchange for food and accommodation during your stay in Amsterdam? And do you want to know more about God and Christian faith? Then our cleaner program might be perfect for you! Our Shelter Jordan hostel in Amsterdam offers a cleaner program, which involves: • Free stay (from at least two weeks) up to 28 days in one of our hostels in Amsterdam • 5 hours of cleaning work every day (from 10 am to 3pm, including lunch break with the rest of the staff) • An evening chore once per three days • Time off every afternoon after 3 pm • Training on the job • Free laundry service • Cleaner team meeting every day with Bible reading and prayer (being a Christian is not a requirement for this job in Amsterdam, though we ask you to resp... Read more

Help needed at nature reserve in the heart of Thailand

Location: Thailand, Chang Wat Kanchanaburi, Amphoe Mueang Kanchanaburi, Tambon Ban Tai

The idea first came to two friends. Take privately owned land that was meant for commercial use, and return it to nature, while at the same time making it financially viable to do so, and support a team of people who live on site. Basically protecting nature, while yet ensuring financial sustainability. The result was the OurLand Nature Reserve, thailands first privately owned nature reserve, which was setup in late 2015. Currently a small 4 member team lives on site full time, along with volunteers who come stay for short periods.

The reserve covers an area of about 25 acres and is the last wildlife corridoor in the lower half of the Salakphra Wildlife Sanctuary (Kanchanaburi). Located next to an abandoned housing project, the area serves as a corridoor between the government o... Read more

Help us create a home for well-being, art and nature

Location: United Kingdom, Scotland, Fife

Hi. Thanks for looking at our profile. This is what we are about in a nutshell: We are creating a home for well-being, art and nature. Our lodge is a secluded, easily accessible guest house and retreat space offering bed and breakfast with stunning views of the Scottish countryside in the Kingdom of Fife. We offer a tranquil, relaxing space for those exploring the area, business people who want a more personal experience than a hotel or those just wanting to stay and be nourished in mind, body and soul" - Its a place where you can just "Be". You will be supporting us in making the above guest experience possible. We value authenticity, integrity, honesty and self-awareness. We have put together this outline as a result of our hosting experience so far. We find that it helps to cla... Read more

Help with animal care and housework in west of Ireland

Location: Ireland, County Galway, Galway

Smallholding in semi-rural area, 1 km. from small medieval town. Host is a semi-retired photo journalist who also dabbles in illustrating and music. Five animals, a pony, a donkey and three cats. Some help with housework and animals appreciated. Lots of free time - no money changes hands. Private room, wi-fi, bicycle, etc.

Arizona: Flexible Homestay Opportunity for German or English Speakers

Location: United States, Arizona, Maricopa County, Tempe

This is a great opportunity for a brief and casual "add-on" before, after or between your other volunteering, work-exchange projects or homestays in the U.S. If you are exploring the U.S., or making your way to another assignment, and would like to layover in Arizona, then keep reading! My particular interest is in hosting native or fluent German speakers who would like to help me improve my German (both Hochdeutsch and conversational / idiomatic). I have six semesters of college-level German but need help with my vocabulary. I can help you with your English in exchange if you like. The maximum stay for German speakers is one month. Those who are not German speakers can perform other modest services for me. I have an always-evolving list of household projects around the house -- inclu... Read more