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Volunteer Teaching Portuguese or Korean / Teaching Vocational Skills (agriculture / mechanics / electronics)

Location: Timor-Leste, Dili, Díli

AHHA Education ( is an educational NGO based in 4 countries: Cambodia, East-Timor, Laos, and Japan. Currently, we are looking for volunteers to be based in East-Timor to carry out teaching projects. Our main priority is to LOOK FOR VOLUNTEERS FROM SOUTH-KOREA AND PORTUGUESE SPEAKING COUNTRIES who will be able to teach Korean or Portuguese using our “science of language programs”. Volunteers don’t require any teaching experience or background. WE ARE ALSO LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS from any country who have a background in “agriculture, car or motorcycle mechanics, electronics or any type of vocational skill” and are interested to teach and train others to develop those skills. The volunteer positions mentioned above are only for East-Timor and have a mini... Read more

Far North Outback

Location: Australia, Queensland, Mareeba Shire, Watsonville

Free accommodation and meals in exchange for few hours help a day. Live on beautiful river on the edge of the tropical rainforest see the best of the far north we are conservationists lots of native animals on our property kangaroos wallabies black footed tree rats bandicoots possums bats kookaburras you want to see wildlife this is the place to come our river safe to swim in no crocodiles, don’t get bugs and bitey things too bad as were I am is little drier landscape compared to rainforest.

Convenient stay in Melbourne Subburbia - Noble Park

Location: Australia, Victoria, Greater Dandenong City, Noble Park

i have been on couchsurfing network for years hosting many people.. and i think this HippoHelp network is a great idea. I am flexible with my time (especially during the week days) and love to hang out and make new friends.. In the summer I travel around Victoria and Australia a lot, going on road trips with friends and many music festivals -camping in the bush etc.. I am into music (composing/playing); Alternative health / medicine ; Electronics / Engineering / technology ; Anything weird wacky unusual unexplained strange secret, etc etc...; Business combining most of the above, ;) .. The world is full of amazing things and possibilities and Life can never be dull for the seeker with an open mind. I do not drink or smoke and i prefer vegetarian food but still i m pretty flexible.... Read more

Hyeupjae Guest House

Location: South Korea, Jeju-do, Cheju

WE ARE CURRENTLY UNABLE TO RECEIVE APPLICATIONS DUE TO THE "CORONA STATE" Hello travelers! We are Hyeupjae Guest House situated on the most beautiful beach in Korea, the Hyeupjae Beach, west of Jeju Island in Korea.
We are calling for volunteers who wish to come stay with us and give us a hand in our restaurant (on the basement of our guest house), cleaning, partying with our guests.
We are always hosting young people, with the minimum of six young volunteers always staying with us. Our guest house provides both accommodation and food
so it is very suitable for travelers traveling at a low budget.
You may or may not be the first overseas traveler working here but we definitely expect more to come!
Instead of simply just providing food and accommodation, we also provide ... Read more

Help me to continue an unusual off-grid project that has hosted literally hundreds of travellers for free

Location: Spain, Canarias, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Los Silos

IMPORTANT: HIPPOHELP IS UNUSUABLY SLOW FOR ME, PLEASE INCLUDE AN EMAIL SO I CAN COME BACK TO YOU, OR FIND ME AT HELPX It's twelve years now that I am living in a place in the mountains that can only be reached by foot, doing a curious mix of low tech and primitive life in rather good harmony with the surrounding nature. I am doing a little gardening sometimes, but the most meaningful part of the project seems to be showing what 'harmony with nature' can actually mean, what attitude is good to get there; and to inspire, not by being any preacher, blogger, lecturer, but by sharing my life with others and letting them experience for themselves that this is real, mainly by being one of the most active couchsurfing hosts around.

Being able to continue this project will depend on rec... Read more

Sorry fully booked for 2020

Location: Sweden, Norrbottens län

Sorry fully booked for 2020

welcome travelers

Location: Malaysia, Selangor, Petaling Jaya

Hi call Me Moka i am resident in Malaysia for long time. I have a small business in education services sometime I do by my own network and sometime i do from an office. i would to host a new traveler who come to Malaysia share knowledge and ideas repay accommodation to the traveler. The traveler can enjoy different life style here and peace of mind because the place is interesting for view side and a lot of activities around here

Volunteering and Exploring Uganda

Location: Uganda, Central Region, Mukono, Kalagi

My name is Isaac Ssamba and I am the founder and team leader at SunTrack Adventures and The Beacon of Hope Foundation. If you choose Uganda as your next destination for adventure, I would like to be your personal guide and travel advisor. I was born here and have been a registered guide for the last 10 years. My private and group tours and safaris have been successfully introducing people from all around the world to the wonders and excitement of this beautiful country for many years. I speak good English (and I am learning German) and my tours will show you all the best places to visit both on and off the beaten track. I also organize and arrange volunteer placements for people who are interested in giving back to the communities while on their holiday in Uganda. Programs range fr... Read more

Helping on Scooter Rent!

Location: Indonesia, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Kota Yogyakarta

We're a scooter rent company which have 4 employees. We're opening chance for you to joining our team as volunteer.

prime of life social enterprise looking for volunteer

Location: Vietnam, Hải Dương, Thành phố Hải Dương

Prime of Life Prime of Life is the first social enterprise in Hai Duong Province that operates for non-profit purposes, supporting students who do not have good conditions in urban areas and those who live far from urban areas can approach to a more holistic and equitable Education. Concurrently, POL is operated for the environment, supporting poor farmers in the highland and remote areas to sell eco-friendly products to replace disposable plastic items such as bamboo straws, coconut bowls, plates made from leaf….. What we need: Teaching English at our home, homes or places that are near students' homes, at the school which we link with: • Together with Volunteers and other staff create the most natural environment for learning and speaking English. • joining the picnic with volun... Read more