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Mountain Forest/Farm with Pedigree Clydesdale/Shire Horses.

Location: Norway, Telemark, Fyresdal kommune

This is a very special remote place in the Telemark mountains of Southern Norge. Eagles live up behind the house and Moose are often in the surrounding forest and fields. The night skies are full of stars and it's a nice area to relax listening to the sounds of nature.

volunteer in teaching basic school, Ghana Africa

Location: Ghana, Ashanti Region, Adansi North, Apitikoko

we are school operating in Fumso in Ashanti region of GHANA since year 2000. We run nursery,primary and junior high school.we have population of 100 students and four full time teachers and 3 part time teachers. I established the school after i completed my university program as a teacher. I did this to help my town in Ashanti Ghana. i have a wife and 2 children.
we are looking for volunteers who will help us in teaching English, math, french, sport ,science, art, computers and others in various classes
we have been hosting international volunteers since 2010.

Help us in our old beautiful countryside B&B near Aarhus, Denmark

Location: Denmark, Hovedgård

Our Bed & Breakfast is situated in an old deanery (approx. 160 years old) in a small village.

I am 58 years old, I live in an apartment at the B&B. My son who is 34 years old lives at the B&B in one of the apartments.
I'm educated as a Nurse and a Psychotherapist MPF, my son is a baker, chef and a full-time techie now.

We are also using the house for other business-related activities, besides the B&B. We run some online activities from here and have clients for psychotherapy and courses for private, companies and government.

The future of farming: Aquaponics!

Location: Malaysia, Pahang, Bentong

Aquaponics is a combination of AQUAculture (raising fish) and HydroPONICS (growing vegetables without soil – on rafts). Our fish “enrich” the water (yes, that’s fish poop) and after filtering, the water is given to our plants. The plants clean the water for the fish, and the cycle goes on. We cannot be certified organic but we believe that Aquaponics is even better because we don’t rely on certificates to produce healthy food. We can’t use antibiotics or “additives” with our fish because it would negatively impact the plants. We can’t use pesticides and chemicals on our plants because it would kill our fish. The method guarantees that it’s safe (no salmonella and no e.coli either). Day to day activities are focused around the fish (feeding and filter cleaning), and ... Read more

Looking for dog lovers to play with dogs in Singapore

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Hello! I'm Loy and we are a family of dog lovers that provide dog boarding services for our local dogs here whose pawrents are busy at work or away. We are looking for people who love dogs, not afraid of them and willing to take care of them during their stay here. We have all types of dog breeds here such as Golden Retrievers, Weimaraner, Toy Poodles, Maltese, Labrador, Beagles, Singapore Special Dogs (Stray dogs that have been adopted by lovely families) etc.

What are our daily work like?
- bringing the dogs to the beach for swimming, looking after them and swimming with them.
- bringing the dogs to dog run parks to run and meet other dogs, running and playing with them, ensuring safety
- walking the pack of dogs
- showering the dogs
- cleaning after their po... Read more

Volunteering at the Thai Horse Farm

Location: Thailand, Chang Wat Chiang Mai, Amphoe San Sai, Tambon Pa Phai

We are currently looking for 2 volunteers. One volunteer will be responsible for the horse care and the other one will support us with our online marketing activities.

The horse care volunteer will be responsible for everything that involves our horses. The marketing volunteer will be responsible for everything regarding our brand awareness and marketing strategy. In exchange you will live with us at our farm where food and accommodation is provided for you. Our farm is only a 30 minutes drive from Chiang Mai, which is a vivid and green city in northern Thailand. Our family will welcome you warmly and soon you will be part of our family!

Full city life and peaceful nature

Location: Germany, Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, Markgröningen

Location: supermarket, restaurants and a small library, sport arenas like soccer and other stuff within 5 Min. walking distance. With Public transport: 10 minutes by bus to Markgröningen; 36 minutes to Ludwigsburg; 52 minutes to Stuttgart downtown; busses go every 30 minutes and are on time 30 minutes driving by car to Stuttgart downtown. I work on the other side of Stuttgart in Vaihingen (= South of Stuttgart), so I can give you early rides as well. (=40 min) If you arrive in the evening / afternoon at Stuttgart Airport I could pick you up, as it is like 10 min. from my work. This area has a rather wide range of possible spare time activities! What would you like to do? (Sports, Culture – there is multitude of museums, small and big castles in relatively short distance, old house... Read more

Sagrema Family in Wakinga Village Mfangano Island In Lake Victoria Kenya

Location: Kenya


Help Children without adequate family care, disadvantaged and less privileged Households, Registered Women and Youths groups, Organic and Permaculture Farmers, Community Health services and Support Forest and Soil conservation in Mfangano Island Kenya.

I'm Samuel Odoyo a teacher by profession, a longtime Educationist now 52-years old, I'm a resident of Mfangano Island in Lake Victoria Kenya and I'm the chairperson of an organization in-charge of needy children’s welfare and education on the four Islands of Mfangano, Takawiri, Remba and Rin... Read more

Volunteer for Education and Environment in Vietnam

Location: Vietnam, Hà Nội, Hai Bà Trưng

We are a non-profit organization established by the youth from different parts of Vietnam. We want to connect with people from all over the world to help people in need. Our program consists of several volunteering projects in Vietnam (at the moment, most of the projects are run in Hanoi- the capital of Vietnam). Our targets are to eradicate poverty, hunger, and illiteracy, to teach English and living skills for the young generation in Vietnam, and to protect the environment, and to help people who need life-long treatment. We believe that our volunteering programs will keep developing and that will bring a lot of benefits to the community and society. We would like to invite you to become a volunteer in our organization and to participate in social work with us to help those in need... Read more

the brooklyn riviera

Location: United States, New York, Kings County

Looking for a female individual to help with day to day duties at a small hostel