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Garden Tidyup Algarve

Location: Portugal, Faro, Bensafrim

I am looking for help to tidy our large gardens at a traditional older villa a few KM's from Lagos and Praia da Luz.

Up The Creek Backpacker's Lodge

Location: Canada, British Columbia, Sunshine Coast Regional District, Roberts Creek

We are a small backpacker lodge with a 7 bed dorm, and 3 private rooms, shared kitchen, bathrooms, sundeck, hammocks, barbecue, lounge, and wood stove for the winter!

Help with renovation, art, design, marketing, film, conservation.

Location: United Kingdom, England, Torbay

I'm currently renovating a house that is being used as a base for conservation projects in Asia and South America. We are establishing a program in conservation, animal welfare, climate adaptation, low cost eco housing and wildlife protection. So the location of the project is in Devon, we will also be working in other countries a too. The tasks that need to be done are very varied and require various skills. Writing, film making, editing, art, design, painting, tiling, gardening, housekeeping, upcycling of furniture also some construction experience. The animal care is writing based in the Uk.

Help required at stunning Sicilian agriturismo from February to Oct 2022

Location: Italy, Sicily, Province of Agrigento


Help wanted at stunning Sicilian agriturismo. We run a small, picturesque agriturismo in the beautiful Platani valley - 20 mins north of Agrigento and the famous valley of the Temples. We are looking to fill two positions for the 2022 tourism season.

POSITION 1 (unpaid): We need a female who:
- is native or fluent in English (to communicate with guests)
- speaks Italian to a sufficient level (to communicate with us)
- is cheery, sociable and likes meeting people
- is reliable and honest (someone we can entrust to look after the agriturismo while we are busy working on the farm)
- already has a European Passport or long-stay Italian visa (we cannot help the applicant with this)

The successful applicant will be responsible for overseeing the d... Read more

Help save the endangered Skyrian horse

Location: Greece

We are a small non-profit organisation based on the breeding of the endangered (300 worldwide) small-sized Skyrian horse, one of the rarest and most ancient breed of horse in the world. As we receive no help whatsoever from the Greek State or the EU, the whole conservation of the breed depends upon our volunteers' and our own work! The main goal of the organisation is the controlled breeding of the horses so as to avoid in-breeding which within such a small population could have dramatic consequences. The breed has also been the object of several studies in Greece and abroad, particularly to examinate its unique DNA and try to understand where it comes from and why it is so different from other horse breeds on the planet. Another important part of our work is the promotion of the breed ... Read more

Kashtin's Misadventures

Location: Canada, Yukon, Tagish

Experience the mountains and wilderness of Yukon, even parts of Alaska!! From the Midnight Sun in summer to Northern Lights in winter.

Share with me living a rustic wilderness life away from the digital speed of today and if you wish, you can learn the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku. Researchers have found that people who spend time in forests have lower heart rates, lower blood pressure and lower concentration of stress hormones (especially if you shut off your cell phone!)

We breath fresh air and the aromas of the trees, we do wilderness activities and occasionally a roadtrip. You visit my home as a friend and we share Northern living as a group, so no Work Visa is required!

The house is located in a wilderness residential community ... Read more

Revivement Project - Bamboo, Music/VJ/DJ-ing and Recycling

Location: Indonesia, Bali, Kota Denpasar

Hello and welcome to Freyr's Bamboo House/Sky-Kubu in Denpasar, Bali from where we are developing a Life Betterment project for people with disabilities and their families. I am an Australian mother of a twenty year old special needs young woman (Freyr) with Intellectual Disability and Autism-like renegade features ... With a huge affinity for music, rhythm, crazy speeds and pitch, squishing sounds and playing them back again and on repeat until your ears feel like they are melting/bleeding... The aim of our existence is to create an environment where Freyr can be nurtured and encouraged to participate in activities that can help her develop her musical/artistic talents and also life skills and coordination tasks (like eco-bricking, pealing off labels, tearing up plastic and things, wat... Read more

Help on traditional wooden sailing boat

Location: Malaysia, Kedah, Langkawi

Hello, my name is Christoph. I am from Germany and operate a traditional wooden sailing boat here in Langkawi Malaysia.

Langkawi is a well known holiday destination in Malaysia, an archipelago of 99 islands at the edge of the Andaman Sea, 60 SM north of Penang. The island is covered with virgin rainforest, good for trekking, watersport (exept for diving) and bird watching. Eagles and hornbills are abundant and occasionally we see groups of dolphins, even in harbour.

The boat I am running is quite unique as it is a traditional Malay wooden junk schooner of almost 100 feet and the only one of her kind for charter in Malaysia. I had a very very similar boat built in the 80ies and sailed it round the world. This Malaysian boat is built in an archaic technique with wooden dowel... Read more

Motrone - Tuscan Hilltop Village

Location: Italy, Toscana, Provincia di Lucca, Motrone

We live in Motrone a hilltop ancient village in Tuscany it is 8km away (thank goodness) from Civilisation.

Starting and finishing times depending on the seasons, planting and harvesting

For day off we like folk to see the area and they can leave 7:30am on the bus and arrive back Sunday evening and I pick them up from the Railway station, we are a base for visits all over Tuscany.

The help at the moment is watering, weeding,mulching and fertilising and replanting and cutting firewood

We are really looking for those with Building and mechanical experience or those who are used to manual work

The help requires someone who is reasonably fit and highly motivated and prepared to learn skills.

We have a very busy and successful online property hosti... Read more

Kamping Kromidovo-small Eco Campsite and guest house in the far south west of Bulgaria.

Location: Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad Province, Kromidovo

We have various things on the go including developing a permaculture garden,decorating walls with mosaic and paint, making craft beers and organic wines.

Help with eco project, gardening using permaculture principles, general building and maintenance work, managing campsite, cleaning and interacting with guests