Westbank Harvest Orchard & Experiential Community

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Westbank Harvest



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Westbank Harvest Orchard & Experiential Community

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  • DescriptionHello, we are a heritage family farm with just the three of us (father, mother and son) working to handle the property, we grow fruits, veggies, nuts and also have various permaculture projects occurring yearly. We invest our time in permaculture, new energy, philosophy, invention, martial arts, life study and secondary farm products (making juices etc), and have a long-standing tradition of growing naturally and sustainably. We have found it difficult to keep things organized with only our own hands, so we are looking for people who are willing to help in exchange for lodging.

    The exchange would be as follows: We have camping spaces as well as a living suite for 1-3 people. We work 7 days a week, but would only ask for help about 6 days a week. We are happy to provide rides for pickup of volunteers and to drive to stores throughout the week, as well as welcome any volunteers to join us for community and family events, classes, dinners and outings.

    Westbank Harvest – Our Exchange Framework
    Our Exchange Framework - 2020

    Welcome everyone! Here is the outline for our flexible exchange framework for visitors and guest who come to the farm, that we have created with consideration of each person's unique abilities and current life situation. We request a baseline exchange input, while offering as much possible, and to in addition, share as much of our activities, knowledge and experiences as possible. Thank you for your interest. Please ask us anything.

    What We Offer:
Safe & Healthy living spaces, amidst an organic, intentional community of peers.

    What We Ask:
For the respectful adherence to our rules and the cooperation in learning and working together as a community.

    What We Share:
Our space, our creations, our knowledge and ideas, healing energies, tools, libraries, nature, growing, quiet time, exercise etc.
    Week-to-Week Accommodation
    For people wishing to holiday, or simply get a new experience into their lives, and 
who come to dip their toes into what a farm life is like, over a short or semi-extended stay.

    Exchange Per Week: Each Item is Optional and Food is calculated Per Person. Please choose 1 of the 3 following methods of exchange. We are happy to accommodate weekly changes.

    A - Tent Stay:
    B - Trailer Stay:
    C - Room Stay:

    #1 Energy
    A - 15 Hrs/Human
    B - 23 Hrs/Human
    C - 30 Hrs/Human

    A - $12.00/Human
    B - $15.00/Human
    C - $18.00/Human

    #2 Financial
    A - $80.00/Human
    B - $120.00/Human
    C - $180.00/Human

    A - $12.00/Human
    B - $15.00/Human
    C - $18.00/Human

    #3 Combo
    A - $40.00 +
    8 Hrs/Human
    B - $60.00 +
    12 Hrs/Human
    C - $80.00 +
    15 Hrs/Human

    A - $12.00/Human
    B - $15.00/Human
    C - $18.00/Human

    Additional or Stored Vehicles = $15/Week. Additional Power Circuit = $30/Week. Additional storage = $15/Week.

    Per Human,
    Food & Chores:
    1 Hour x 6 Days a Week for Household Chores 
+ $5.00/Meal or Bring Your Own Potluck Dish

    Extra Person/s who share the 
same living space as the First:
    For any of the living spaces, each additional human is an additional ½ the number of Hours + regular food & utilities

    Specific Details and Clarifications - With Caring, Gratitude and Discipline:
    Meals = Lunch and Dinner are served 6 days per week, with Breakfast items available to make your own, as well as, to have an additional snack if needed. Meals are portioned with some extra available for people who need any. Portions reflect the very high quality of the meals. Some periods will be vacation time on the farm, during which, food will be available to be cooked by guests in either their own living space, or else in the shared kitchen. (Kitchenettes and the Shared Kitchen are considered equal value whether sleeping spaces have the former or not.)
    Lodging = Areas available will be discussed and viewed, once settled on - the placement is final unless new circumstances arise, in which case please speak with the leaders who are currently handling living space arrangements
    Cleaning = The Care, Cleaning and Upkeep of Lodging space and cleanliness of the vicinity (around tents) is solely the guests responsibility, including the shared responsibility of cleaning/tidying/organizing the communal areas.
    Parking = Vehicles must be parked as directed at all times and kept safe, locked and closed, especially at night.
    Utilities = All utilities should be used sparingly to consider others and the environment, they are available to everyone.
    Shared Spaces = Will include 1-3+ Washrooms, 2+ showers, Group Kitchen, Living and Dining Room, Picnic & BBQ Area, Outside Porches and Lawns, as well as, the orchard and general gardens, as directed by the owners on a fluid basis. Please keep personal belongings organized. Abandoned, discarded or randomly placed items are considered to be out of order and will be placed in a lost and found area for approx. one week.
    Private Spaces = All other bedrooms, workrooms, workshops, storages, private gardens, owner vehicles, upstairs spaces,
  • LocationCanada, British Columbia, Central Okanagan, West Kelowna

  • Work
  • Type of work Animal care
    Art project
    Babysitting / Childcare
    Charity work
    Cooking / Shopping
    Elderly care
    General maintenance
    Help in the house
    Help with computers / internet
    Help with eco project
    Helping with tourists
    Language practice
  • Hours per day We work 7 days a week, but would only ask for help 6 days a week, for aprox. Based on the exchange structure as written above.
  • Work requirements: We are seeking people who are quiet, thoughtful, intersted in learning and dedicated, organised people.
  • Host's preferences
  • Availability: Send a message to inquire.
  • Duration of stay: We would like to host people for a minimum of 2+ weeks, up to 4+ months or more per year.
  • Maximum number of helpers: 24
  • Last minute requests: Okay
  • Host
  • Languages:English
  • Has pets? Pet’s are encouraged to not be brought, but we can discuss this matter.
  • Smokes at home? No
  • Accommodation: We have camping spaces as well as a living suite for 3+ people. We have cooking facilities and any seasonal farm produce is shared, including stored fruit (10 months of the year). Please read the above meal exchange structure.
  • Additional info
  • No additional info provided