Waldorf-Montessori-Reggio Kindy in Yokohama

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Waldorf-Montessori-Reggio Kindy in Yokohama

  • Marker details
  • DescriptionHello Travelers! My name is Sybrina (pronounced similar to Sabrina) and I operate a small, home-based, English-immersion international preschool and kindergarten in Yokohama, Japan. I am currently looking for someone who would like to relocate to Japan to teach young children English and is willing to stay for at least one year.

    At my school, we take inspiration from the Montessori method, Reggio-Emilia approach, and a little Waldorf-Steiner, too. As a play-based preschool, we understand that play is the most important work of the child, so in our Morning & Afternoon Work Cycles, children are allowed to play freely in order to learn about taking risks, sharing, role modeling, and resolving conflicts. Imagination is nurtured through storytelling, nursery rhymes, fingerplays and songs. Children can express themselves artistically through drawing, painting, clay modeling, and seasonal crafts. During Morning Circle, children become more confident and comfortable participating in group activities as they sing and move together. Our goal is to evoke a life-long love of learning and maintain school as a place that every child looks forward to coming to every day.

    School is in session September-July, Mon-Fri from 8am-3pm; some children stay until 5pm. We currently have 22 students with varying schedules whose ages range from 1 year old to 5 years old. We require help daily:
    1) at school: taking photos, assisting with art and cooking projects, setting the lunch table, attending school field trips (*only for long-stay helpers), helping to create classroom materials, helping teachers prepare for events, and general childcare which includes: changing diapers/helping children use the bathroom, and playing together with students.
    2) around the house: keeping the premises tidy, and light garden work such as watering the potted plants and trimming the wisteria.

    If you can play a musical instrument, know a yummy recipe, or have some other skill/talent that you can share with the class from time-to-time, that would be amazing! As a school we like to do many art projects (with kids and also for decorating the classrooms), so your creativity will be much appreciated! The school is closed on all Japanese public holidays & weekends, so you will also have the opportunity to travel at these times & do as you like (however, we'd expect you to still help out with gardening/cleaning to keep the exchange fair).

    The school is a private residence located in a quiet suburb of Yokohama city. It is about 30 minutes to either Tokyo (Shibuya Station) or Yokohama city center. The ground floor of the home is used as the main classroom for the youngest class and the rooms upstairs are used for the oldest children's classrooms. My husband works at a company in Yokohama city, and I work as the head teacher of the school. Our daughter attends the school every day...she was the original student! When we're together as a family, we speak English, but Grandma & Grandpa live close by and only speak Japanese. They are very kind-hearted and open-minded, and love to meet people from around the world.

    We have been hosting people from all around the world for 4 years and really enjoy the experience, so we hope to find someone who fits well with our school's educational philosophies and can stay for a long time (the longer, the better & we can provide visa sponsorship as a host/guarantor for a Working Holiday Visa). We look forward to meeting you!
  • LocationJapan, Kanagawa-ken, Yokohama-shi

  • Work
  • Type of work *Are you comfortable around young children?...This is a preschool & kindergarten; you will be around young children everyday, so liking children is a definite must!

    *Can you draw or paint?...There is always some art project going on around here - not just in the classroom with the students - but for the school itself as well, like classroom decor, murals, painting new school signs, etc.

    *Can you sew or are good at handcrafts?...We often make our own thematic classroom materials (see photos below of an example), most things from paper, but also many from fabric or wood.

    *Are you tech-savvy?...At school we use Apple iMac computers for creating everything from classroom materials to new school brochures and flyers. We use professional cameras to take photos of each child's day at school (and then upload them to our private social media).

    *Can you cook/enjoy cooking?...Each month we cook a special dish from around the world with our students! Having lived in Japan for 10 years now, I also know how to make several Japanese meals which I can teach you how to make.

    *Are you a tidy?...Specifically, cleaning help needed can include: vacuuming, washing dishes, and dusting. The room offered to our helper must also always be neat and presentable during school hours.
  • Hours per day *As mentioned above, school is closed during most of August and from December 16th~January 4th. Thank you, but we do not need helpers during these times.* In exchange for room & board, we ask the helper work 4hrs per day, Monday-Friday.
  • Work requirements: We want to host someone who understands that this position is a very serious commitment:
    1) to our family and co-teachers - so that we may be able to offer this great space of learning,
    2) to the students you will be caring for who can become attached to you, and
    3) their families who are entrusting you with their treasures.

    This is not babysitting, rather educating, and many people will be depending on us. Therefore, we need someone who is responsible, respectful, self-sufficient, energetic and curious with a bright personality who adores children and above all can be committed for the time they promise to be with us. Please understand that since this position involves childcare, we ask our potential helpers to provide two character references (from past volunteer work or employers) and talk with us over Skype or facebook video chat.
  • Host's preferences
  • Availability: Send a message to inquire.
  • Duration of stay: As long as possible!
  • Maximum number of helpers: 1
  • Last minute requests: Okay
  • Host
  • Languages:English, Japanese
  • Has pets? Fish
  • Smokes at home? No
  • Accommodation: Accommodation offered is a private room with a closet, an air conditioner/heater (*we appreciate those who can help us conserve energy!*), and a single futon (floor mattress). This room, however, used as the school's Gym & during our Parent & Child class, so we expect that you keep it tidy and school-ready during school hours (Mon~Fri 8am-3pm). We will also provide a high-speed wi-fi internet connection. The school is located in a nice, quiet neighborhood about 15-minutes walk from Aobadai Train station. It takes about 25 minutes on an express train to get to Shibuya, the heart of Tokyo, so this area is very convenient!
  • Additional info
  • Workawayers who stay with us can:
    1) Study Japanese...we are located near an International Lounge (community center) that offers weekly Japanese lessons for any ability level, for ¥300 per month.

    2) Learn how to cook some Japanese meals, and

    3) Learn more about the Montessori and Reggio-Emilia teaching methods (and early childhood education in general) by working together with our experienced staff and our lovely students!

    Volunteers may do anything they like in their time off. We are located close to local transport (bus & train), so it is easy to get around the city for day trips. If you do a little research about the area before arriving, you will find that there is so much to see and enjoy. We are not in Yokohama City central, and not in Tokyo Central, either, but approximately a 30-minute train ride away from each. Please Google search: Jorudan Train Route Finder as that website can help you with your trip planning around Japan. It is also recommended that you install the application Line on your smartphone, bring a pocket-wi-fi and transformer/adaptor with you.